Monetize - SportsCastr for Rights Holders

SportsCastr comes fully-loaded with enterprise-grade monetization options to drive revenue. These include video ads, pay-per-view & subscriptions, and an all-new virtual economy.

  • Virtual Gifts & Tips

    During live streams, your viewers can show their appreciation and garner attention by sending your broadcasters virtual gift microtransactions. When your viewers send a virtual gift or tip, you’ll earn revenue from each transaction, and earnings are reported daily right in your dashboard.

  • Subscriptions & PPV

    For premium content or special events, SportsCastr supports both pay-per-view and subscriptions. This allows you to charge for access to your streams and can be easily integrated into existing OAuth systems.

  • Video Ads

    SportsCastr automatically includes programmatic video ads on your streams from day one, or use your own ad server to monetize your own inventory. Our flexible ad capabilities allows you to toggle on or off pre-roll, post-roll and in-stream ads on the fly, and earnings are reported daily.

  • On-Air Graphics

    Rights holders are able to enhance their streams with custom on-air graphics that link to sponsors or affiliate programs, such as betting platforms or online shops. Branded native ads and click-throughs are seamlessly overlaid on your streams and can include broadcast-quality motion graphics.

  • Loaded With Extras

    SportsCastr provides a turn-key 360° solution that's loaded with enterprise-grade features that make it possible for rights holders to offer unparalleled viewer engagement and increase revenue.

    • cards

      Data-Driven On-Air Graphics

      From real-time scores to betting odds and polling results, SportsCastr enables rights holders to enhance live streams with dynamic broadcast-quality graphics and actionable overlays

    • emote

      Custom Emotes

      Replace SportsCastr’s standard emote set in chat with a custom one to match your brand

    • gift

      Branded Virtual Gifts

      Fully brand the selection of virtual gifts with sponsor or company imagery

    • profile

      OAuth Integration

      Integrate account creation, sign-on and management with your existing OAuth system

    • choose

      Ad Server Integration

      Utilize your own ad stack and inventory for pre, post and in-stream video ads

    • stats

      Real-Time Analytics

      Monitor live viewers, revenue and other KPIs right within an easy-to-use dashboard

  • The best cast in sports.

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