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Find quick answers to frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here or over on our Help Desk, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

  • What is SportsCastr?

    SportsCastr lets you be the color commentator... live!

    Go live and look like a professional sportscaster with tools and features that used to only be available in a studio setting.

    • Broadcast-quality on-air graphics automatically make your stream look like it's on TV
    • Call games and share reactions with real-time scores and play-by-plays added to your live stream
    • Chat with other viewers in real time and follow your favorite personalities
    • Share your broadcasts on social and be the star of your own channel
    • Access game insights that provide cliff-notes on the game you're streaming about
  • How much does SportsCastr cost?

    The SportsCastr website and mobile app are completely free. Enjoy!

  • What platforms does SportsCastr support?

    SportsCastr works on both the web and iOS devices. The web platform is fully responsive and works on phones, tablets and desktop computers. In order to stream live video, users have to be on a desktop computer (Chrome or FireFox recommended) or download the iOS app.

  • How can I stream live video on the web?

    You can stream live video using SportsCastr using your iPhone and most web-browsers, as described below:

    • Both Chrome and FireFox support what is called “WebRTC” technology. If you use one of these browsers, no additional software or plugins are required to stream live video.
    • If you attempt to stream from a browser that does not support WebRTC, SportsCastr will let you know and will prompt you to download Flash.
    • You may still stream live video from all other browsers, including Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari, as long as you have the Flash plugin installed.
  • Can I embed my streams?

    You can embed your streams, or any stream you find on SportsCastr, on any blog or website. To access a stream's embed code, visit the user's channel on a desktop computer. From there, you will be able to access embed code functionality for each stream.

    You can also use the URL https://SportsCastr.com/CHANNELNAME/embedBuilder

  • Can I embed my channel on my website or blog?

    In addition to being able to embed individual streams, you can embed a Channel Widget to any website or blog. This widget will show any live streams currently being aired on the selected channel. You can embed the Channel Widget for your own channel or any channel on SportsCastr.

    You can also use the URL https://SportsCastr.com/CHANNELNAME/embedBuilder

  • What sports or leagues does SportsCastr support?

    SportsCastr lets you add real-time scoreboards to your live-feed from the following leagues:

    You are free to stream about any team or league by clicking "General Sports Talk" while setting up your live stream, but you will not have a score-bug or other advanced-features overlaid on top of your stream.

  • What level of coverage does SportsCastr offer?

    SportsCastr's score bugs update in real-time for 100% of all NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and EPL games. For college basketball and football, the platform covers more than 99% of Division I games. For WNBA, SportsCastr covers all regular-season games.

  • Does SportsCastr support OBS?

    Yes! SportsCastr makes utilizing OBS (for those users who want to use external cameras and microphones, or want to include images and animations in their live streams) very easy. We highly recommended checking out SportsCastr.com/settings/OBS for a complete OBS setup guide and for the optimal recommended settings.

  • Where do I see the game?

    SportsCastr is currently a second-screen experience. This means that it is designed for you to be watching the game on TV or from the sidelines. We are exploring various options for integrating game action directly into SportsCastr.

  • What are FANZ Tokens?

    FANZ (aka FanChain) tokens are blockchain-based tokens that enable us to reward SportCastrs for creating great live streams and for being active, important parts of the SportsCastr community. We build FANZ on the blockchain because the blockchain makes transactions safe, fast and secure, and because it makes it possible to let partner platforms use FANZ to reward their users as well. Soon you will be able to earn FANZ on SportsCastr and use them on partner platforms on a range of perks and offers; and soon you will be able to earn FANZ on partner platforms and then use them on SportsCastr to do all sorts of fun things like unlock enhancements and new features for your live streams, and gain access to premium content and experiences.

    Stay tuned for many updates about FANZ coming soon!

  • How does the monthly leaderboard work?

    The Monthly Leaderboard ranks every SportsCastr user by the number of total views they've accumulated from the beginning of a month to the end of a month. A view is counted each time someone watches a live stream or watches a replay. The prize packages for the Monthly Leaderboard are announced at the beginning of each month. To keep up with prize packages, to read about recent winners, and to stay updated on changes to the Terms of Use (important information to ensure that your live streams don't get disqualified!), Click Here.

  • I have an Android. Can I still use SportsCastr?

    Yes! SportsCastr is available on the web at https://SportsCastr.com. If you are on a desktop/laptop computer, SportsCastr.com will allow you to create live streams, view live streams and replays, discover and follow other SportsCastr, leave comments on replays, and everything else that you can do in the SportsCastr iPhone app. If you are on an Android mobile device, SportsCastr.com will allow to do everything except create a live stream.

    The SportsCastr Android app is expected to be available in 2020, so stay tuned!

  • Can I delete my streams?

    Of course you can. If you create a live stream that you would like to delete, all you need to do is go to your Channel, find the thumbnail of the stream you would like to delete, and click the icon that looks like a trash can.

  • What are virtual gifts and tips?

    While a SportsCastr is live streaming, you can send them a Virtual Gift or Tip. Each Virtual Gift and Tip costs a certain number of TIX, so to send a Virtual Gift or Tip you'll first need to buy a Bundle, Stack, Roll, Bucket, Bag, Wheelbarrow, Boatload, or Truckload of TIX. Once you have TIX, just click on the Virtual Gift or Virtual Tip icon while you are watching a live stream and send your favorite SportsCastr a Foam Finger, or a Bag of Popcorn, or even the coveted Diamond!

  • Can I change my username?

    Yup. First log-in to your SportsCastr account on either the iPhone app or at SportsCastr.com on a desktop/laptop computer, and click on the Settings icon - which looks like a gear. (If you're in the iPhone app you will first need to go to your Profile and then click on the Settings icon.) Once you are in Settings, click on "Edit Profile" and you will be able to change your Username.

    Remember to click "SAVE" at the bottom of the screen!

    NOTE: Usernames cannot exceed 15 characters and may only contain letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and underscores ("_")

  • Does it matter if I sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Email or my Phone Number?

    It makes no difference which method you choose to sign-up with, but keep in mind that you will need to use that same method to log in to your account each time you log in. For instance, if you sign-up by connecting your Facebook account, you will need to log in with that Facebook account each time. And if you sign-up by using your email address or phone number, you will need to enter that same email address or phone number each time you log in, and each time you will receive a new 4-digit code that you will need to enter.

    NOTE: If you go into your Settings and connect your Twitter or Facebook account, this does not affect how you log in to SportsCastr. When you connect Twitter or Facebook from your Settings, you are making it easier to choose to share your SportsCastr live streams and replays to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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