Engage - SportsCastr for Rights Holders

Drive engagement and create meaningful interactions with your audience to keep them coming back for more. By offering multiple commentary choices, live chatting and virtual gifting, SportsCastr makes it possible to activate and engage your audience in ways never before possible.

  • Personalized Commentary

    Viewers can easily channel-surf between a selection of commentators, which may include fans, white-listed commentators, or talent employed by rights holders. These broadcasters can go live remotely from any laptop or iPhone – from anywhere — with one click. Unlike other live video solutions, commentary on SportsCastr is perfectly synced with the game action. Viewers can filter commentary by language, gender, location, or type (e.g., players, coaches, musicians, professional broadcasters).

  • Activate Millions of Fans

    Display a single game or an entire season directly on SportsCastr.com to get in front of millions of engaged fans. Use SportsCastr’s robust CMS to schedule events, connect with your most passionate fans and create a marketing funnel to onboard new subscribers. Events on SportsCastr can be open to the public or placed behind a paywall, fully integrated with your existing OAuth system.

  • Live Chatting

    SportsCastr’s ultra fast and synchronized video delivery unlocks true social interactivity by allowing your viewers to chat with you and others watching in real time. This opens up endless engagement opportunities including Q/A sessions, viewer participation and the ability to respond to feedback instantly.

  • Gamification

    Badges and member-levels reward fan participation and increase engagement. Viewers can purchase branded virtual gifts to gain attention and to climb the fan leaderboard. Leaderboards, member-levels and achievements are all customizable to meet the unique needs of individual rights holders.

  • Loaded With Extras

    SportsCastr provides a turn-key 360° solution that's loaded with enterprise-grade features that make it possible for rights holders to offer unparalleled viewer engagement and increase revenue.

    • complete

      Commentator Whitelisting

      Tap into your own broadcasters, allow any fan to jump-in, or white-list trusted commentators to provide personalized commentary within a brand-safe environment

    • share

      Social Sharing

      Custom social thumbnails, Twitter auto-posting and easy share tools enables rights holders to promote upcoming events while enabling fans and viewers to promote events on their own channels

    • personalize

      Content Moderation

      Human and advanced automated moderation tools keep your brand safe while still enabling fan interaction

    • emote

      Custom Emotes

      Replace SportsCastr’s standard emote set in chat with a custom one to match your brand

    • gift

      Branded Virtual Gifts

      Fully brand the selection of virtual gifts with sponsor or company imagery

    • stats

      Real-Time Analytics

      Monitor live viewers, revenue and other KPIs right within an easy-to-use dashboard

  • The best cast in sports.

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