May 25th, 2018

This latest version of SportsCastr is clean and super user-friendly.

  1. Major upgrade to ensure that every live stream comes through crystal clear, whether you’ve got strong WiFi or poor cell reception
  2. Enhanced and improved MLB score bugs
  3. Browse and view sportscasts without giving camera or microphone permissions
  4. Various UI updates and bug fixes

Read all about how this version of SportsCastr came to fruition in our latest Medium article here.





May 9th, 2018

The SportsCastr Game of the Week is here!

  1. The SportsCastr Community team will select one game each week
  2. Users can go live before, during and after the game
  3. Participants get ranked based on number of live viewers, replays and chat interaction
  4. The top-5 users will receive prizes!

Read the latest Medium article we've written about the Game of the Week here.

April 27th, 2018

Introducing the latest version of SportsCastr:

This lastest version of the app renders SportsCastr more fun, immersive, and accessible than ever before. 

  1. Augmented Reality - masks and filters that you can change during your live stream
  2. Stats Panels - analytics menus that let you see who is tuning is when
  3. Mobile Web Updates - Unified user experience across all platforms - desktop or mobile. Good news for you Android users!

Read about the details and the process on our Medium Publication:

It’s kind of amazing that it’s been almost exactly one year since the Alpha version of SportsCastr was launched in the App Store. We’ve come so far and had so much fun. And there is so much more coming soon!

April 5th, 2018

The latest update ensures the best user experience possible!

  1. Improved caching to quickly navigate between sections
  2. Login to chat directly from live-streams
  3. Various bug fixes and improvements

April 3rd, 2018

Today we’re excited to announce the latest version of SportsCastr!

The new updates make SportsCastr a truly immersive social experience, full of fun social features that make discovery and getting discovered seamless and rewarding. 

  1. Our new Leaderboards include monthly rankings that let SportsCastrs compete against one another in a friendly competition
  2. The new Favorites panel let you see what all of your friends’ latest activity: latest streams, users they’ve followed, streams they’ve viewed
  3. SportsCastrs’ brand new Search functionality makes browsing for Streams, Tags and People as easy is bing-bang-boom

We are thrilled to bring you the latest version of SportsCastr. Our work improving the platform never stops, so be on the lookout for even more updates coming very soon!


March 9th, 2018

A major update to Beta II just hit the store. The new version introduces a new area that makes it easy to keep track of other users you follow, in addition to various bug fixes and improvements.

March 5th, 2018

Corresponding with the huge milestone of nearly 50,000 minutes of live video broadcast on our beta platform, an incremental update hit the Apple iTunes App Store over the weekend. In addition to general optimizations and bug-fixes, the new build features support for the Apple iPhone SE and some nice cosmetic changes like a revamped Login panel. 

February 22nd, 2018

Beta II’s first major update just hit the store and it is packed to the rim with improvements and UX improvements. These include:

  1. New invite friends center: From here, you can automatically sync with your iPhone’s contact list to see who’s already on the platform and easily invite contacts who haven’t joined SportsCastr yet. You can also invite friends via FaceBook, Twitter and email. Whenever possible, your special invite link will include a smart-link that will make your invitees automatically become your friend when they join (coming soon).
  2. New dynamic loading progress bars: Visual indicators now show up as live streams load creating an improved UX.
  3. Full screen intros and outros: Automatically generated full-screen, HD “team vs team” intros and outros are now displayed before game-streams in both vertical and landscape orientations.
  4. Revamped iPhone X improvements to take advantage of the phone’s beautiful high-resolution screen
  5. Various bugfixes including notifications panel enhancements and improved smart-loading of team logos and scorebugs


February 14th, 2018


Beta II introduces core functionality that positions SportsCastr as the ultimate second-screen experience for sports fans.

In addition to a complete rebrand, SportsCastr now features:

  1. The ability to discover content without logging-in or creating an account
  2. “TV-Guide” style navigation to easily see game schedules and scores
  3. A new member directory to discover or search for other like-minded fans
  4. The ability to follow teams, leagues and even individual matches to get notified when someone goes live about a game you’re interested in
  5. A powerful notification panel to keep track of your favorite SportsCastrs
  6. Individual Team, League and Game pages that make it easy to discover the streams you care about
  7. Social profiles with networking features to connect our vibrant community
  8. iPhone X compatibility and much, much more.

January 9th, 2018

Welcome to 2018. We have been working on some major updated behind the scenes and have started to roll them out. These include:

  1. All new logo and branding (we have switched from to simply "SportsCastr" (and have acquired
  2. Massive update to the iOS app including content discovery and search
  3. ... a few surprises. Stay tuned.

November 2nd, 2017

As our embed functionality gains popularity, we added a way for websites and other publications to keep users on their page. Viewers watching an embeded SportsCastr stream can now instantly register to chat, follow and share without ever leaving the site the stream is embedded on. This new flow allows users to register for an account and jump into chat in less than 15 seconds and supports Twitter and FaceBook authentication. 

October 23rd, 2017

We are now available at the URL -- will still redirect to the .com

October 19th, 2017

  1. There's now a low-bandwidth mode that you can toggle on manually. With this mode selected, you will be able to stream video (albeit at reduced quality) from your desktop or laptop. This is especially important for users who have been trying to stream from in-game locations where connectivity is limited. Access this in your Settings when you're logged into your account. Note that this toggle is only relevant on the web - the app automatically used adaptive bit rate technology.
  2. We've added a page talking about how SportsCastr can be used by other publishers.

October 13th, 2017

Some much-requested updates to the web platform this week:

  1. Member Search: You can now easily find your friends and other users by typing in their username or first and last name. This currently only searches members but will be expanded to include tags and streams in the near future.
  2. Universal Member Cards: The Member Cards displayed you see search results have been implimented globally, so you will now see them anywhere there is a list of users (Eg. Following lists).
  3. Header images: You can now add header images to your Channel. If you selected a favorite team or league when you signed up, your header image will automatically be customized to reflect your fandom. Your header images are also used in your Member Card, making them an effective way to add some personality to your account throughout the site. 

October 4th, 2017

SportsCastr 1.4.0 just hit the App store, and it's our most powerful update yet. Enhancements include:

  1. Fully revamped architecture to support iOS 11 and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  2. You asked and we delivered - This version introduces portrait Streaming: You can now stream in both landscape and portrait - perfect for one-hand operation.
  3. All-new and improved interface for viewing and streaming
  4. New notification system notifies you when someone goes live about a game, team or league you're following... and a new settings area to let you control how you want to get notified
  5. When streaming, you can now end your stream with one-swipe or tap the "Stop" icon for the regular confirmation step. 
  6. New custom social share panel to easily share on FaceBook, Twitter, Messages or Email. 
  7. As part of the above new social share tool, we added selectable social share images to make sure you're always sharing the best thumbnail (no more awkward frames with your eyes closed).
  8. We added a “More Menu” that lets you hide the chat; flag broadcasters for review; rotate between front and rear cameras or mute the audio.
  9. With thousands of users now, we added natural scrolling for long lists... this means when you're scrolling through lists of videos or users, you'll have a much smoother experience.
  10. New safeguards in place to let the viewer and broadcaster know when their internet connection drops
  11. Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements
  12. ...And we did all of this while reducing the size of the app significantly to only 87MB!
  13. Download it from iTunes App Store Today!

September 20th, 2017

Some updates around the SportsCastr world:

  1. You can now embed your channel on any blog or website (see the tutorial video here). This is a great tool for publishers. Example: USA Today's MMAJunkie used this tool to cover the MayMac fight.
  2. After each stream, you will now receive an email that includes a link to download your stream, share it, or embed it!
  3. We've introduced a new ultra-low latency player on the web. The new player allows viewers to select video quality (defaults to HD for users with fast internet connections, but viewers have the option of dropping down to a low quality stream if their net can't keep up. With this new player, you no longer need Adobe Flash installed to get 2-3 second latency. 
  4. Trying to figure out how to use an external camera with OBS? We've released a tutorial video showing you how.

August 30th, 2017

We've just put online our "explainer video" - check it out here and share away! 

August 29th, 2017

SportsCastr for iOS 1.3.0 just hit the iTunes store and has some pretty significant ehancements and fixes:

  1. New users are now able to follow teams and leagues to be notified when a broadcaster goes live around a team or league they are following
  2. We are also now suggesting accounts to follow during onboarding. This feature will allow us to promote our top users to everyone who signs up.
  3. Both of these features will be opening up to existing accounts in next build.
  4. We also fixed some critical bugs around Twitter sharing and FaceBook sharing. Both features should be working flawlessly now - give them a try!

August 17th, 2017

We've opened up our OBS feature to the world. This lets you easily use an external HD camera with SportsCastr! Time to look like a pro. Learn how to setup OBS here.

August 10th, 2017

A few major updates to the web platform were launched today:

  1. Download: You can now download your streams, complete with all of SportsCastr's broadcast-quality motion graphics and game stats. Only owners have access to download their videos (your viewers cannot download videos you make). To download a video, simply visit your channel on the web and you'll see a new download icon overlay.
  2. Embed: In addition to being able to download, you can now easily access an embed code for each stream that  you can share on your website, blog or other social platform.
  3. Share: Finally, we added a quick share function that lets you post any stream to social right from the channel view.

These features will be added to the app in an upcoming update. In the mean time, enjoy them on the web!

August 10th, 2017

Ever wanted to pause a broadcast during a commercial break, or to quickly check into another app? SportsCastr 1.2.3 just hit the iTunes store and it supports "background mode." If you hit your iPhone's home button while you're in the middle of live-streaming, your viewers will receive a message letting them know that your broadcast has been paused. Simply return to the app to resume your stream. 

July 10th, 2017

We’re on a mission to make you look like you’re in a studio, regardless of where you are. To that end, today we released automatic into animations. These sub-two-second animations are created on-the-fly based on the game or match you selected to talk about. We’re starting with MLB, but stay tuned for NFL, NBA and more as those seasons kick off. 

June 29th, 2017

New beta is out on the Apple iTunes App Store. Improvements include:

  1. Visual TV-Guide style interface to easily select the game you want to talk about
  2. Real-time preview of what your stream will look like before going live (We call this the "Go Live Studio")
  3. Call WNBA games with built-in WNBA scoreboards and schedules
  4. Improved UI Auto complete tags, toggle between selfie and rear cameras, and more
  5. Various bug fixes and enhancements

June 29th, 2017

Welcome to the SportsCastr.Live change log. We will document updates to the web and app platform here, regardless of how small the change may be.