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Broadcasting with obs


Step 1: Turn On OBS in Your Settings

Make sure you are logged into your SportsCastr account. Go to your settings page on a desktop or laptop and turn "ENABLE OBS” on. This will allow you to choose OBS as your video source when you create your next stream.


Step 2: Setup your stream

Click the "Go Live” button as you usually would to start a live stream. With OBS turned on, you do not need to use the same computer as you are broadcasting from, or have a webcam attached to your computer. If you do not have a camera attached to your computer, you will see a popup confirming that you are required to use an external camera.


Step 3: Turn on OBS

Click the OBS icon to tell SportsCastr to expect this broadcast to come from a different source than an attached webcam.

If no camera was detected, this will be defaulted to on.


Step 4: Your Broadcast OBS Settings

After clicking "START BROADCAST" you will be given your settings to enter into OBS. Once your stream has started, you will be given a link to the stream so you can watch it if you desire.


Step 5: Enter in Stream Settings and Start Streaming

Using the settings provided, set your server and stream key in your OBS Settings -> Stream. For your stream type, choose "Custom Streaming Service".

Once set, start your stream! When you are finished, stop the stream in OBS and SportsCastr will automatically detect the end of your stream.

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