SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - Julio Jones trade, Brandon Jacobs comeback tour, and Kenny Golladay scheme
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam talks the impact of Julio Jones trade to Tennessee on the WR group rankings, if 39 year old Brandon Jacobs can make a comeback at DE and the new wrinkles around Kenny Golladay and his usage in the offense.


Ah Yes.
Friends and it is adam are indirect on on monday as can you into O. G. P.
Live on Youtube and of course coming to you in the podcast landscape wherever you're picking us up, Flying solo just to give you a update here to kick off the week.
Obviously we had week number two of O. T. A.
Wrap up. We touched on it at the end of last week.
Some things that we were taking away from it as rookies signed.
They get into camp expectations around different player personnel groups and will certainly check in on some of those again here as the off season continues to move along.
But there are a few things that I think we're we're checking, checking uh into here as we work our way through the offseason.
A former player, former new york football giant makes a little bit of news and then we also want to take a look back at NFL news around the wide receiver position Julio jones.
Obviously making a new home now in Tennessee.
What does that mean to that wide receiver group ratings that we talked about on our previous episode and breaking down the Giants being number 11th overall.
And how does that shift things? How dangerous does Tennessee become? And how do you evaluate veteran wide receiver talent versus the young upside specifically around what Tennessee is doing here? You lose a player like Davis, you bring in Julio jones.
Where are they on the rising and falling? Obviously, uh, the latter being never being at the height of a Julio jones.
But you wonder what's the potential upside there.
So as we dive into that, we'll also talk about the new york Football Giants, top wide receiver and Kenny Golladay and what might be in store for him inside of the new york Giants system.
So we'll start with the fun, the fun one first.
Sometimes you say comeback player of the year, I'm going to go with comeback player of the decade.
Were this to come to pass former new york Football Giants great running back, amassed over 5000 career rushing yards with Big Blue, obviously contributor in winning super bowls for the new york football giants.
That's Brandon Jacobs, He made the news and commenting.
So just in his time away from the game, he's been coaching youth football.
He's been teaching and preaching how you can accomplish anything you want, put your mind to it and you can achieve your goals.
So that's the reason why his agent has been reaching out to some teams, looking for an opportunity to get him into a training camp on a potential come back.
Now, the easy thing to be here, this is more the lighter side of new york Football Giants News would be to say, What do we think? Uh now almost 39 year old running back is going to have left in the tank.
There's very few players that come back at the running back position at this stage of their career.
Very few players that make it this far in their career as a running back, maybe outside of a guy like Frank Gore who seems to be immortal in that regard.
But Brendan Jacobs is talking about coming back on the defensive side of the bowl at the defensive end position when he retired from the league.
Just to give you some context.
He was 64 to 64 as an NFL running back.
So certainly the measurables would tell you that he be capable of, of, of being an impact player on that side.
But that would also tell me that he's going to Be in the form of a 23 24 25 year old, a 30 year old, a 35 year old, not A nearly 40 year old and certainly someone who put a lot of wear and tear on his body, playing at the running back position.
He's confident the quotes that he put in around.
There's a couple, there's a couple of layers to this, the, the NFL layer he said I've been feeling since I've been done that I still have something left in the tank.
I think defensive end is something that I should have been playing to begin with, but I was real stubborn when it came down to moving to that position.
Jacob said, I feel like I can do that, I feel like I can play, not even just this season, but another three or four years at that position.
Okay, so that's that's the first piece of it.
And he goes on to say no disrespect to guys playing in the NFL but he thinks that he's a beast, thinks that he could take players on fun.
But I think the real truth of this, the big takeaway and this is a real positive, quoting Jacobs here again, I'm a high school football coach and I run a youth program, believing in yourself and never saying I can't that's part of the reason for this whole thing to motivate the kids around me, Jacob said so the way that he sees in the way these kids speak about him is to say coach Jacobs went back and he played and coach Jacobs is doing good and coach Brandon taught us, uh taught us and coached us and continues to coach us.
I want to go do what coach Brendan did, I'm going to believe in myself, like coach Brendan did.
That's my whole reason for any of this.
So I think from that standpoint it's an awesome story.
This is just a former new york football giants who sees himself may be in a position to be able to continue to inspire young kids to say, listen, there's never a point when you give up on the dream, Jacobs already achieved that dream had success at the highest level and then retired and is now helping youth football.
That's fantastic.
But I think that the lessons can still be instilled in these kids when you say if it doesn't happen right away for you or if maybe it never happens, all the drive and the focus and the training and the work ethic and that and that drive for that passion is all going to continue to carry over to different areas of your life.
We always talk about how sports impacts beyond the field, learning about some of those tools that you can apply to, anything that you're going to do beyond the sport.
And it's a very rarefied air of players that end up going from high school to college and then ultimately the NFL, so I think this is still a really nice learning lesson you can pass on to these kids.
Do I see Brendan Jacobs catching on? Maybe not, but he does most likely not, but he does go on to say he's just looking, doesn't know how it's going through his agent, but he just looking to get into a camp and if he can get into a camp and show maybe makes the first cut, maybe he doesn't, maybe makes a second cut, maybe he doesn't.
This is all in the vein of continuing to inspire these young kids and if in some world he catches on with somebody and even makes it through the first round of cuts or something, even if it just shows a spark will obviously be talking about it on here and there will be a fun little story line to carry throughout the offseason.
But beyond that, even if he never gets back onto an NFL field, we still love Brandon Jacobs, we still love what he was with Ahmad Bradshaw and on what he brought to Big Blue over the course of the years.
Moving beyond that though, the other big real NFL news that came out obviously was that Julio jones officially moves on from Atlanta traded to the Tennessee titans to join a J brown there and to play with Ryan Tannehill and try to create a new tandem, a new dynamic duo.
We know that Cordy Davis moved on to the Jets in the off season.
And the question really here becomes to me, Corey Davis has never, has never been, what Julio jones has been in his career that much is an obvious statement.
We don't have to go much beyond it, but at this, at this stage of their respective careers, where's the bigger value? One player, you're signing out of free agency, you're bringing him in to be a part of a receiving corps and you want to see him maybe start to really hit the prime, whatever the peak of his career is going to be the next couple of seasons or where you think you're gonna get the best out of him for Julio jones, there's a little bit of chicken or the egg because I saw some things over on social media talking about that, Matt Ryan doesn't get as much as respect as he does at the quarterback position.
That As Julio Jones has gotten a little bit older, 32 going to be 33 years old.
That he started to slow down a little bit, started to have some, those wear and tear some nagging injuries certainly.
And that Matt Ryan has maybe elevated his game the way that Julio Jones elevated Matt Ryan early in his career.
I think that at this point, as long as he can stay healthy, what you're going to get this upcoming season for the Tennessee titans should be nothing short of spectacular.
I think that Julio jones right now at this point of his career, if healthy is still a far better receiver than Corey Davis is.
He's far more dynamic obviously of a weapon.
He's still an elite number one receiver, even if it's only for one more year before the bottom really falls out as it happens with receivers As it happened, by the way.
Remember Roddy White for the Atlanta Falcons, they was processed where one year he was the man and then he was gone, right and he never got back to that knowledge, he moved on and then showed something somewhere else.
I think Julio jones still has more than enough left in the tank and then more specifically inside of this Tennessee titans offense who also lost geno smith in the off season along with Davis.
But now you add in Julio jones with Brown, these are two big boys, two guys going to stretch the field, two guys, they're going to get it at the highest point going to get those contested balls and all of this.
You know, the subplot is forcing those defenses to stay off the line of scrimmage and allowing yourself to work through that running game.
Right? I mean, Henry is still the engine that's going to move this offense and it it really was, I think crucial for the Tennessee titans to find a way to still manufacture that type of threat out of the receiving corps.
So you always leave these channels and lanes open now with bringing in Julio jones, you're going to have this dynamic 12 combination, you're gonna start to put the pressure on defense is to say, where are you sending the help? How are you providing the extra body in the box to go up against that run game.
And if not all of a sudden those lanes open up, Henry gets the second level with relative ease or you worry about shutting down the run game and now you're leaving yourself in single coverage man to man on the outside.
It's going to be a challenge.
The curious thing for me is, you know, if they choose what will Tennessee when they go out of the field, what will oppositions look to say? Let's go ahead and give it everything.
We got to stop Henry and see if Tannehill can find his receivers can get these, these options with consistency.
Always try to give some of that safety help maybe over the top.
Pick your poison mentality, sure.
But I still think it is shut down the running game and live with the results in a lot of ways because as we know as new york Football Giants fans got Bradbury and he's certainly helped elevate that secondary.
But you're gonna have to deal with options 123 tight end position.
There's always gonna be these, these multiple facets to an offense that you have to look at defending and you are living with the results right, shutting a wide receiver down to number one.
If you shut them down 30% of the time in a game, that's a big success rate.
You're just trying to avoid the home run plays.
So I wonder if a lot of defenses will look to bubble those secondary, not get beat over the top with big explosive plays in the receiving game and then make sure you're always pouring in your highest level of focus into the running game.
But either way you slice it, it makes it incredibly dynamic.
And one of the things that I wanted to look back at when we talked about that wide receiving corps.
Now, all of a sudden remember coming into this year.
Well that's what we were talking about.
This is now in this particular one, is going off to pro football focus.
So as we come back into it, we're gonna be talking about Dallas cowboys are listed up there at # one in this one.
Tampa Bay, # two, Atlanta was # three.
Obviously in some regards, they're going to have to take a step back when you're losing Julio jones.
Then we talk about the new Orleans saints and the dynamic combinations that are michael thomas.
You know, you think about who is going to be behind them.
They had emmanuel Sanders, but you wonder what's going to happen there.
Buffalo bills have been dynamic.
The Kansas city chiefs, Detroit lions, Arizona cardinals.
As we continue to work our way down this list, we want to get to where are the Tennessee titans? The Tennessee titans? As I keep scrolling.
They're gonna come up as the 16th team here.
Okay, so they were in a season coming into last year's where they were coming into last season with a J.
Brown and then Corey Davis, you have to think like for Like one out, one in that's got to elevate, you may be over the top of, by the way, this was the Houston Texans of old that didn't have the proper lost, DeAndre Hopkins yet.
He had gone to Arizona, all those things.
But you're going to get you into the mix here I think, and we'll try to see if we can come with another comp that really elevates the range that we're talking about here, As far as where these teams are entering this 2021 season.
We have up here real quick when we talk about just elite talent, wide receiver individuals, not the receiving cores overall.
Where do we end up having Julio Jones listed his 5th on the Atlanta falcons.
Listen at sixth was a J.
Brown of the Tennessee titans.
So if you're talking about coming into this year with two of the top 10 potential wide receivers and you can argue where they go in the shuffle and who could come up into that hierarchy? That's fine.
But as you start to go down the list here and we think about who else is around a guy like Justin jefferson out there in Minnesota.
Maybe he's gonna take that next big leap Calvin Ridley in Atlanta.
Does he suffer a little bit losing Julio jones? You'd assume that he would and I don't want to get down to is here Mari Cooper at 14? Metcalf at 15 Alan for the chargers at 16.
But when do we finally get down to Kenny Golladay 19th Overall for the New York Football Giants.
Gotta Like That. Corey Davis at 20.
So there you go, right, we're talking about A.
Brown being a top 10 receiver in the league.
Now adding you would think a top 10 talents still at this point of his career in lieu of a Top 20 kind of player in Corey Davis.
So that that change, that shift is going to make Tennessee a more dynamic team, no doubt about that.
And it's gonna be interesting to see how it pays off.
We won't know regular season is gonna be one thing we won't know until playoff time and getting over some of those humps.
And then looking at big matchup, especially in the A.
Like with the Kansas City Chiefs, you need to have the firepower, excuse me to go toe to toe with them down after down series after series and try to get yourself into a deeper playoff run because with Ryan Tannehill you feel like that window is a little bit smaller than some of these other teams.
Obviously on the homes.
You talk about some of the other young guys out there, like Herbert for the Chargers, you've got young quarterbacks that are on the rise allen for the Bills, right? Cannon Hill, a few years older.
So that window, I think it's worth over investing taking the shot right now.
Thinking of a real chance here.
Maybe to be a surprise and a team that could get all the way to a Super Bowl next season.
Get into an A.
C. Championship matchup and see what happens.
That's what I think Tennessee is willing to invest here last but not least as we move our way through some of the news and notes around the league, Kenny garden, Kenny Golladay obviously got into camp this past week and what we're really curious to see here.
I want to get a couple of quotes as we talk about what the new york football giants could look to do.
And this is joe judge and how he envisions using Kenny Golladay and talking about a mix of what he did in Detroit.
When you add new players to the roster, this is joe judge speaking through free agency or the draft, you're going to try to build in different things that fit to their strengths.
Obviously there's going to be an element of what he did so well in Detroit that will try to incorporate and let him play to his strengths and then we'll try to find things that fit us that he hasn't done in the past and make sure that we fit them in as we go.
He went on to add everyone saw on tape.
This guy has been a physical player for years.
He's made a lot of tough catches.
A lot of big plays with the ball in his hands.
Running. He brings a physical toughness.
That's something we saw on tape and we want to build on that and that strength whenever or whatever we can do within our offense.
So the things you take away their is contested catches. Yes.
But I think when you talk about adding in a guy like Darius Tony and then you already have a player like Darius Slayton and then we know the veteran sterling shepard.
The goal here to me for the new york Football Giants is going to be to say every time that we line up, you're not going to know is shepherd Tony Slaten Golladay anger, are they running the deep routes or are they going to be running underneath? Is Canarias Tony taking an end around sweep or are they running a bubble screen to Kenny Golladay? I, I think what the giants and what joe judge are looking on the offensive side of the ball is that Kenny Golladay for all of his size can also be a player that ball in his hands can be a creative after the catch dynamic weapon as well.
So if you think about it in that regard, Evan ingram theoretically on paper should be able to get the ball in his hands and be dynamic after the catch sterling.
Shepard is shown especially out of the slot, get it into his hands quickly, let him work after the catch.
And even a player like Darius Slayton who I think you know again, skill set, expectation wise, you're gonna bring him back down to earth.
But there is that world where Slaten can be dynamic after the catch.
So on a given down and distance, if you're running a four wide receivers set, especially you could be talking about having all four of your top receivers gallery, shepherd, Tony and Slaten and not knowing which dynamic route combinations you're going to run with them.
Likewise, when you get an ingram into that mix or even when it's Kyle Rudolph, especially down in the red zone, talk about being able to spread guys out and offer the ability and opportunity for Daniel jones to say if we get enough space and distance here will underneath routes for a shepherd for a Tony are going to be very nice and easy to work with.
If I end up getting single coverage though I can look to the outside and even though slate is not the biggest player in the world, he certainly has shown a physical presence in the ability go attack that ball.
So now he's a red zone option.
Obviously Kenny Golladay is, and then you add into the mix that you can bring in a guy like Kyle Rudolph and use his incredible percentage catch rate to try to accomplish the goal that the Giant has struggled to do and that's converting red zone opportunities in the red zone touchdowns and specifically off arm of daniel jones.
And that's the thing that we're, I don't think we're gonna know until we see it.
Offensive line is a curiosity, right? And a footnote by the way inside of all this is over the course of the second week of O. T A. S.
Will Hernandez lined up starting right guard, there were running the sets where it was thomas Lemieux Gates, Hernandez and Pert.
This is the line that I talked about all summer long that this would be the most ideal version for the new york football giants.
I think if Fulton ended up starting at right guard it would be what it is.
But in a world where Hernandez just need to take a step back to retool himself a little bit and then in that absence, Lamu emerged and showed that he's capable of being a starting caliber left for you.
If Hernandez can re find a new identity for himself at right guard, that's the dream scenario he would become along with Gates, The two oldest at 25, years old on the offensive line with those other three young players complimenting them.
That's the ideal scenario.
So now though, when you expand it out to the wide receiving corps and we talk about how dynamic can all these things be.
Can you develop all these options and route tree combinations for Golladay and all these other players? Certainly as long as that offensive line does the work up front.
The other footnote as we wrap this one up and get ourselves out the door and a shadow over to ricardo, joining us in on the livestream.
Many thanks ricardo, We've been away for a couple days on Youtube but happy that when we come back, so do you um, to tie this back in though, when you talk about Tennessee and adding in a veteran like Julio jones and then we think about just the overall wide receiving corps.
The Giants were there at 11th when we, we reviewed this last week, certainly Tennessee is jumping up those charts from wherever they had previously been ranked, but it's the unknown right now.
For Tennessee, it's the known commodities.
You have Brown, now you add jones, you have Henry in the backfield.
All known things that you can say check, check, check.
This is what we're going to get on the flip side of it for the Giants.
It's well slight question mark coming off of injury maybe for Kenny Golladay, but even if you move beyond the injury piece of it, okay, rookie qataris Tony, he arguably could become the most important wide receiver on this offense by the time it's all said and done, he could be Minnesota Vikings, Justin jefferson type of player for us.
So if in week 1, 2 and three, you start to see things clicking for Ka Darius.
Well then all of a sudden this wide receiving corps just elevates automatically and everybody is going to benefit off of his quality of play.
If it takes him some time to come along, which is fine, it's not going to be something is going to make or break how we judge him.
But if it takes him the first half of the season, 3/4 of the year to really find his rhythm, find out how they want to use them.
If the offensive line is still working out some kinks.
Well now, all of a sudden everything else trickles down from there because now there's, I'm sure on sterling Shepard to be consistently slot and being the threat there.
Now you're a little bit less diverse because you can't move into the outside.
You can't necessarily pull Kenny Golladay into the slot position to get a more favorable matchup.
So that, that I think is the difference when we talk about where we rank these water receiving course and going back to the conversation Andy and I had last week, it's hard for me to over invest in where they rank them because go back to last year when coming in this season.
They said, well if golden Tate and sterling Shepard and Evan angry, you talked about all these guys and Slaten okay, there was a little bit of overhype on that machine, right? And as the season moved along and we know everything that went on with, with golden Tate etcetera.
But as that season moved along, I think you took a step back and he said, yes, offensive line play.
But even beyond that, for me, at least we saw the redundancy in terms of positions and the skill sets of these different players on the roster and the development of the 55th round draft pick like Darius Slayton and all this.
It was a big wake up moments ago.
We weren't that dynamic.
Now if you had a healthy Sequana Barkley, that could have looked different.
But we, we were banking on reliability and consistency from a tight end.
That hadn't shown that to this point of his career and may still not fingers crossed, no drops training camp come up.
But now you do feel like you have a more quantifiable weapon in Kenny holiday.
This is unique since Odell Beckham Jr have not had this caliber of player that has the ceiling that he has.
If that box gets checked and sterling, Shepard is healthy.
Those are the first two things.
If those for this season, if those two boxes get checked, then Canarias Tony gets to flourish in any number of ways.
If Shepard struggles from a health standpoint and Tony has to elevate or Slaton has to be relied on more or the defenses get to start to come that box and really hone in on site Kwan Barkley things.
A little fragmented.
It starts to be harder to run this offense and I'll leave you with the idea here as we wrap up this episode here on a monday.
One of the things we'll go ahead and at the end of the day, as we like to say, one of the things that it's going to be interesting to see is the, the opinion that the fan base develops about Kenny Golladay based on the offensive line play and the play of Daniel jones.
So many of these things and we've talked about are the Giants being disrespected.
I think it's legitimate.
I think from the inside we look and say, look at the talent, give us health watch out.
But as we mentioned before too, is Daniel jones about to take a josh allen type leap forward or is it going to be marginal improvement? It's a swan Barkley to come back and be the exact same player that he once was.
We think so we don't know for sure.
is Kenny Golladay, 100% of the player that he was prior to injury last year, hips are tricky, tricky injury, especially for the bigger receiver.
We think we hope we want right there.
There's a lot of questions.
There's enough questions to say until week one until week two until week three until you see the consistency from so many different ended players and also units offensive line.
I can't over invest in what this season can look like.
It doesn't mean that it's any less exciting.
It doesn't mean that I'm not, I'm not going to be waiting with bated breath for this season to kick off, but at the end of the day, I do need to see all of these things click and in a lot of regards, it does sit there under center with Daniel jones.
We mentioned the deep throw accuracy, the potential for that to be a dynamic element and the end of the, at the end of the day statement I wanted to make was we, we beat up maybe Jason Garrett a little bit last year.
We talked about it was the offense dynamic enough and I think it's easy off of his time in Dallas to say, look at all the offensive weapons they had, look how they weren't able to achieve.
They were always very talented teams last year.
Unlike years in Dallas, I think Jason Garrett does deserve some level of Wiggle room, some level of adjustment.
Right? You're number one with Daniel jones with a young rebuilding offensive line.
Now you're number two dynamic weapons added in, I think.
Now we'll see what this offense could have looked like last year if you had total health, even with a slightly less talented wide receiving corps.
Now you have all the weapons, you have the versatility of those weapons.
It's just about going out and executing.
It will be interesting to say.
I'll be very curious if we re evaluate where these wide receiver groups are, maybe four games a quarter of the way through the year and that's how you'll know the trajectory of this new york Football Giants team.
Even if we say their number 11 right now, bye week four, They gotta be top 10.
That's this team making the playoffs.
That's this team winning this division.
If they're right around 11 or 12 still.
Okay, let's see at mid point of the season then we're going to keep checking in on, on where these wide receivers are and where the development is.
Not only the rookie Tony but even a player like Darius Slaten, even a veteran as Andy would tell you pro bowler Evan ingram, is he consistent now in the season? Is the pressure off of him with all these other random or do we still see the same errors in the same mistakes? The same mental lapses because he's still an important piece for as long as he's a part of, we'll be back in on Wednesday.
We'll break down any news and notes around the new york.
Football giants will start to look at some other position groups that we talked about, what the expectations are going to be, how we become more dynamic and of course updates on Brendan Jacobs, big Return to the NFL 39 year old defensive end.
We shall see until next time.
Friends as Andy Mca wits would want would need and frankly will demand that, you know, let's as always go Big Blue.
Hey guys, good because you just go with chad ram, just go with him for now because I'm going to figure this out, you know?


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