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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Andy comes in with a heck of NextGen stat on Daniel Jones! What does it mean for the season ahead with all his new shiny toys?
Plus OTA takeaways: Position opportunities, Evan Engram love, battle behind Barkley and the offensive line.


Ah Yes friends.
Welcome into G.
As you know it's me adam.
Warm brecht along with Andy Mackerel.
It's the healthy, wealthy and wise and coming to us from the shadows.
If I can be fair.
How we doing sir? So adam this is the first time I can check all three boxes for you.
So healthy thumb thumb is back to normal.
Got it got it checked out, got it fixed up.
Golf game is going to be strong.
Incidentally the cowboys just hired Ben McAdoo is a consultant.
So if you're if you're wondering where after somebody bottoms out, where do you turn up in Dallas? Yeah I like that.
I mean you know he has a connection to Mike McCarthy from his time back in Green Bay.
Um You know we all wonder now about Ben McAdoo like oh so he had Aaron Rodgers? The offense looked great.
It's like well you know he hasn't been there in quite a while and Aaron Rodgers is mid thirties is having M. V. P. Seasons.
How much of that was Ben McAdoo? Don't know they had one good year with the Giants and then everything imploded.
Sounds like he knows ex's and oh's but not people and that's really the problem.
So if you give him a little lower job just like do the exit of those Big Ben sound plan bedside manner.
Right? You know what I mean? Listen it takes it takes a village, it takes a wealth of interactions and experiences.
We don't dwell on this guy but I think you can make me the offensive coordinator, the Green Bay Packers.
If Aaron Rodgers were to stay and I can lead us all the way to the championship, the NFC championship.
We know they can't quite get done on the new york football.
I take a dig.
Right? Why why do it? The Denver week one on the new york football giants side of things.
O. T. A. S.
Were wrapping themselves up obviously on thursday and there were just a handful of things I thought you know, listen uh you can go into the quotes from joe judge where he just rattles off a lot of those generic things.
Everybody on this podcast loves joe judge, but it was a lot of blah blah blah.
You want guys out there, yada yada yada, good to get the experience etcetera etcetera.
Right? So we blow past a little bit of that.
But I checked in on a great article over on the athletic, as far as listen, free adverti*****t for them, it's well worth the money, dan dugan did a great write up of the O.
A. S. For the new york football giants and he walks through.
So there's the first piece that I'll kind of blow past in terms of guys that didn't show up.
Uh, Ikhwan Barkley didn't expect him to with the injury coming back from that.
But no Kenny Golladay noted areas Tony, newly newly signed john ross or Kyle Rudolph.
He also has injury issues, newly minted Leonard Williams.
So it was a handful of guys and I can go into the linebacking Corps.
I'm not overly worried about that.
Worth mentioning though, that because these guys weren't there, it does afford the opportunity for some other players to get some really, really good reps.
Um, first and foremost, the absence of some of those wide receivers opened it up jones to connect with a couple of guys like, uh, sales coming off of injury, which is the footnote piece.
But then Dante pettis, who they said had a really nice week at O.
Getting some good reps brought in midway through last season.
When you think about him in this hierarchy, obviously at best you probably put them fifth in the wide receiving pecking order.
But it's nice to see that he's going to get an opportunity maybe just to find a rhythm with this team so that he can be at his best when the season gets underway.
Yeah, the first thing is it's nice to see that that joe judge struggles with the dog days of summer and OT is because he just puts out, you know, you know, sometimes we're thinking about what the listeners want to hear.
He's like, I don't really even have good sound bites for you.
So like kudos us for for at least getting some good content out there when joe judges mailing it in during O. T. A.
S during the interviews.
You know, when we talk about the wide receiving corps, what what I, what I think is good is one, there has already been videos that have surfaced of Kenny Golladay working out with daniel jones in the off season in beautiful locations that you and I can only dream of.
So we know that they're already getting a report.
So I'm not really too concerned about those two not being on the same page yet, but I do like the fact that some of these um younger wide receivers guys that are, that are fighting for that final roster spot are getting a chance to see if they have chemistry Mcdonald jones, seeing if they pop seeing if if maybe they deserve it.
You know, we talk about Canarias Tony Tony is going to be there, gallery is going to be their shepherd Slaten.
We know they're going to be on the roster.
When you talk about guys like Pettis and Austin Mack and other guys like these are the reps that are important for them because they only have a finite amount of time to show up or they need to move out either to the practice squatter somewhere else.
Yeah, and that's what's nice because you say about the value, right? Let some of these guys cells, we know a guy like Cody core, right? You're gonna make your your living on the special teams.
But when you get a sample size to get some reps at receiver, it just means that you can put that on tape for the coaches and say, hey, if we need them in a spot, here's where his value lies in terms of being able to be multifaceted depth on the wide receiver position and then value and special teams quickly on the running back side of it.
I thought it was good.
You know, say Kwan Barkley there.
The Giants had just also brought in Armstead, but he was dealing with a little bit of an injury so he didn't come into this camp here.
What was nice to hear is that in between yet? Booker who got all the first team reps over the course of the week, but then Brightwell was ahead of Corey Clement.
So that should be as well.
He should be.
Listen, you're drafting a guy, you're putting capital into him.
Whereas Corey Clement could have signed with any team.
He's a free agent on the street.
The Giants gave him no guaranteed money.
If Corey Clement was above Bright, well we would have a problem right out of the gate.
Like right, well the Giants have invested something.
They said you're our guy, we're gonna put some capital behind you being one of our guys.
So it is encouraging to see that from the start and they're giving him an opportunity to perform.
We talked before about the guys that are coming in, you know, they claim Armstead, they pick up Corey Clement, a couple other guys like Kelvin Benjamin coming into camp, no guaranteed money.
We've talked about this before.
It's a guy you want to see if he still has it.
You know, it's nice to see Bright well getting his opportunity as opposed to bring in a veteran that was just sitting on the street.
Let's see what Brightwell has.
He's got young, fresh legs and may bring a new dimension to this offense.
And by the way, one little footnote about this, I have one more quick couple quick thoughts on Ot is then we're going to get into the bulk of this show, which is going to be focusing on one daniel jones and some stats that your very own.
Andrew Mca was dug up on him.
The interesting thing when you talk about bringing in Armstead bringing inclement, right? Sequin barclays, not gonna play an appreciation at all, no chance booker is going to play in the preseason, but as the safety valve behind sequin Barkley, you're also not going to overtax him.
So the new york football giants need to have enough warm bodies to get through the preseason, especially at the running back position.
So worth remembering that you could see guys getting reps in preseason that won't be on the weak one roster simply because of the health concerns and wanting to mitigate overtaxing a player coming off of an injury like the Ikhwan Barkley.
So quick footnote there other really nice piece out of O T A.
S Is Evan ingram listen, he's on the roster and you know what that means.
If you're a fan of O.
P, it means we are a fan of him.
We wanted to do well.
We put behind all the issues, not a single drop pass for the young man.
How about that? This guy is trying to turn a corner.
I'm proud of him.
I think it's going to translate full positivity trained for me.
Get on board, we're leaving the station Pro Bowl.
Evan Engram, you keep forgetting to just like it's like Sir Nick Faldo.
It's like reading room.
You need to yeah, like Sir paul McCartney. Exactly.
So put put some respect on that man's name adam, I will give you one more.
Oh ta that that I thought was interesting and that was seeing a friendly face that we really have high hopes for this year and that is.
Lorenzo carter was a surprise addition to the O. T. S.
They said he was moving around, he looked pretty good, his body looks like he's in good shape coming off an achilles injury.
We've always thought he could be a key contributor to this defense.
You know, injuries and other things have just kind of left him off to the side.
We kind of forget about him now that we've got a gallery and other people coming into the building.
But it's nice to see a guy that we thought could have a really, you know, interesting role in the Giants being out there trying to be healthy.
And the fact he's out there this early is encouraging as we go towards the preseason.
You know what a fan I am of Lorenzo carter and I really think if he can be healthy and seeing him this early in the offseason is such a positive sign, he can be, he can still be a great component to this defense.
He can still have a long Giants career beyond this final year of his contract.
I love hearing that last note is that on the offensive line and we'll get trust me, I'll talk again extensively about carter along the way On the offensive line side of things.
All 14 members of the offensive line were in attendance for OTAs.
expectations around who could start.
It's just Dan Dugan of the athletic saying if I had to say set it right now, this is what it would look like for me.
He's got Nate solder starting at left tackle.
That's a joke buddy.
Nice try. You fell into the trap. What a sucker.
Uh he has it.
He wrote it up right now.
You need the visual component to see how disappointed that made.
Andy left tackle, he would run it right now from left to right.
You'd be looking at uh, Andrew thomas, Shane, Lemieux, nick Gates, Will Hernandez and matt Perc.
That's how he would see it at this point right now.
And by the way It would make gates and Hernandez the elder statements, the statements of the offensive line at just 25 years old.
This to me is where I probably, if I had to draw up the offensive line week one, this is the best version that I would like to see out there.
It means Will Hernandez has earned himself another chance at a new position.
All the young guys are there and plugged in.
Doesn't mean I was gonna be upset at Fulton or whatever, but this is what I would want to see coming out of the gate.
Well this is the what giant fans hope for lineup right? Like, like as opposed to what will be the best situation for the Giants.
We hope that our young players find their niche is and will Hernandez can move over? We don't want, you know, you know opposite of what Adam thinks.
Adam thinks that Nate solder can be a pro bowl right tackle.
Once again, we, we would, we would like to see what, what matt Peart has on the right hand side.
You know, we bring in Zach Fulton as a guy that's kind of like a swing guy if you immediately bring him in, that means well, Hernandez is pretty much done as a giant, so like the aspirational one is a giant fan is yes, give me all these young guys that are growing together and we have a young line that's going to get better and better.
That would be ideal.
I'm curious to see how that changes over O.
S and even in the preseason when we start seeing actual pass rushers come in, let's circle back on this again, later down the road.
I think the only piece of that is Will Hernandez that I think is the aspirational, you know, best version or the one that fans would love to see because young players, whatever, if you talk about the best chance to have the best offensive line absence of the right guard, maybe it is Fulton or someone else, I still think left to right.
It is all four of those players across the board minus Hernandez because they're young.
They developed last year, they looked like they got better as the year went on.
Anyone else that you put in there, just like last year, the camp Fleming.
If you put in Zach Fulton, there's a ceiling to what that player is and what he can be for you.
If you put in Nate solder, I feel like even pre absence from last season, you know what his ceiling is right now.
Everybody else has upside and that's what this team is going to look like going to this year.
Everybody with upside.
Okay, cut the cut the crap.
I almost, I almost broke the explicit tag on ourselves.
We said though, solid offensive line play, that's what we're looking for.
He was, they were all playing in front of, as you might imagine, one daniel jones and speaking of Daniel jones, let's get into what you were, you were looking into some of these next gen stats and maybe an enormous positive for Daniel jones from last year that can carry over to this year.
So next gen stats and some people may tune out immediately being like, oh, advanced ****ytics, all this different stuff, It's gonna be fun.
No, no, this one, this one is good.
If you're a giant fan, keep tuning in and absorb this and get excited.
So next time stats looked at deep ball passes For all the quarterbacks in 2020 Now Daniel jones by passing yards and touchdowns and all this different stuff In 2020 was bottom five in the league.
So Adam I know we've talked about this pre show just to just to set the table, but if I were to say deep ball passers in 2020 out of all the players in the league, where would Daniel jones rank in the rankings before we had this conversation about this article that came out, where would you put them? Yeah, I think I'm trying to think back because we always try to be honest and transparent on the show.
I think I said something like 13th or something, right? Like I think, you know, I in my mind I thought maybe this is a little bit brighter than what some of the stats suggested, but I couldn't get him into the top 10 or anything like that, right? And I think that's fair, you're like, oh, he's top half, but he's probably not top 10, you know, this is a stat we can draw on as giant fans and when, when the list came out, Aaron Rodgers was number 4th and that's the name that they highlighted and # one on the list was our main man, Daniel jones and this number one of your hearts.
Yeah, number one in deep ball passes.
Now, I think it's important to break down exactly how they did this and what this means. Basically.
They looked at anyone that through over 30 passes.
So you had to be a starter for multiple games And you threw the ball air yards more than 20 yards in the air.
So you actually have to get it down field, not yards after catch or anything like that.
They looked at what is the expected completion percentage for someone, which is taking into a whole host of factors like time that, that the quarterback has to throw pressure, that the quarterback is up against separation that wide receivers can get on the outside and they give that pass and expected completion percentage.
Then they come into something that is called CPO, which is the completion percentage over what is expected.
So how did Daniel jones in those drop back passes do with the pressure that he's facing with the line, doing what it is with guys like golden Tate getting their separation and then how did it actually end up and what played out Daniel jones finished number one in the entire league With a almost 15% higher number on his completion percentage over what the expectations were.
So when in a vacuum, you put any quarterback back there in Daniel Jones exact situation.
Daniel Jones performed higher than every other quarterback in the league in 2020.
And to me that is extremely encouraging.
We talked on the show, you know, earlier this week about completion percentages of different players and different things like that.
And we said, Daniel jones throws a beautiful deep all Dak Prescott does to the other other teams kinda are thinking dunk in a division.
But adam, what are your initial thoughts hearing that Daniel jones is Number one in a passing category In 2020 when he presumed we did not have the best year that he could have had? Well, I'll be honest, my the first thing that came to mind was, so the metrics are off right, Because because it's hard, it's hard to, to draw that type of statistical category in your mind when someone is low and completion percentage or low and yardage, low and touchdowns.
Whatever's categories when you see a guy in the middle or back half of the league statistically, it's almost impossible for you to think they're really good in any particular area underneath that umbrella.
However, going back to last year, you can, you can recall that we always say separation by the wide receivers, right? That was always a big issue.
So you're talking about opportunities where the ball gets batted down maybe or the ball isn't quite brought in because the defender is so close in proximity, the wide receiver, you've got the interceptions when out of the hands of an angry etcetera etcetera.
So it was hard though to even in those moments say, well, okay, the wide receivers and getting great separation, but on every wide receiver does and some quarterbacks can put that ball on a dime in the spot that it needs to be so on the eye test, The throws look really nice.
And also there wasn't a lot of completions.
So, you know, it's a tricky bag to come out and say that was a really good job by Daniel jones.
However, I know we're going to get into the meat of this thing is what was the floor of expectations right behind a developing offensive line, but with wide receivers dropping out of the lineup with no Se**** Barkley.
So what the league anticipated, Daniel jones being capable of doing behind this line was so low compared to other quarterbacks, expectations that you end up being able to far exceed them.
It's still a real positive, but it's all relative to what we thought was possible for this team last year.
Take it with a grain of salt is a positive direction for the Giants at, you know, just to be fair, the quarterback that finished last in this deep ball, you know, over expectation of completion percentage was one Patrick Mahomes.
Right? So no one is saying no one's saying that Patrick Mahomes can't throw a good deep ball.
He's other worldly, if he's not number one in the league, he's one or two depending on how people feel about him as a quarterback.
But what you don't realize is that the Chiefs had a pretty good offensive line, The Chiefs offensive weapons, they potentially have two Hall of Famers in Tyree Kill and Travis Kelsey running routes like that.
And it makes sense to me once I start thinking about exactly how they did this, they're like over 20 yards in the air, like take the offensive line and the separation into account like what, what were these people expected to do? Patrick Mahomes has such a little window because he's so good and they make so many passes and these guys are so open.
Like it's so hard for him to exceed those numbers.
Like it should be a completion, right? You know, for by his standard.
So you can miss one out of 10, that's kind of your window. Mahomes.
So every time the big play gets made by the defense or it's just off the mark etcetera etcetera.
You go, well, that's a negative yeah.
Inside of this metric.
Yes, but not when you're watching the game.
Oh, he just missed a big throw.
You know, a narrow one.
He's gonna go hit seven of them here in a second.
But it hurts his.
As opposed as we say, a daniel jones or you know, I would be interested.
I don't think we even looked at where like, you know where Russell Wilson would fall on this spectrum Because he had a stretch going back to last year and then coming into this past season two years ago and then this one, I think he's in the top 10 somewhere where as his wide receivers developed, right? I'm sure that that helped kind of where his metrics fell for him and put him into a sweeter spot.
Or I guess I should say this accurately.
He probably looked better earlier and came down to earth more as the wide receivers were playing better.
Right? Right, So we also want to finish eighth in this.
So he was top 10.
He we know he throws a beautiful deep ball.
It partially has to do with throwing the beautiful deep ball, but it doesn't because like the reason Patrick Mahomes ends up last, I watched quite a few Chiefs games because I put quite a bit of shekels, as you would like to say down on the Chiefs to win a bunch of games.
So I'm watching Chief games are always in prime time because why would you not have my homes in prime time? But like when he drops back to pass and he has a little bit of time and he throws the ball to Tyreek Hill.
Like a bunch of majority of the time, there's not a guy within five yards of Tyreek Hill, he's wide open.
So the radius that, that Mahomes has to throw the ball to get it to Tyreek Hill, even 20 yards down the field is so enormous that it makes the play look great.
Like Tyreek Hill is explosive enough.
Where if you give Patrick Mahomes that much time, Tyreek Hill can run by anyone and can get open against anyone, if you give that same amount of time to daniel jones and golden Tate is running around the field, you just don't have the same levels of separation.
So when you think about the Giants not being able to block people, not giving daniel jones very much time, the wide receiver is not getting separation, like other people are in the league when he's throwing the default, even with people in his face, everyone's saying well, wow, actually he performed better in that situation than other people would have in that exact situation.
He was number one in the league over was expected over all the quarterbacks in that situation.
Now, while you pull up the number of attempts that let's say the top four guys here in this metric had as their sample size because I think that's relative irrelevant as well to this conversation.
The way that you take this information and spin it forward more positively and, and and he will give you the, the extra little notes here in a second is now you add in a player like Darius Tony in the draft.
Now you add in Kenny Golladay in the off season.
Now you bring back a healthy sterling Shepard.
Now you put Darius Slayton in positions to be taking on the third or maybe fourth best cover corner on the opposition's team.
Now you put say Kwan Barkley in the backfield, which helps Daniel jones in the passing game.
And now you put an offensive line that should be this much further along in their development and playing better football in front of him.
All of those things mean that Daniel jones shouldn't be number one in this category by the end of the upcoming season.
And the interesting thing that I that I think you find the two is, I would say by and large, the bigger the sample size for a stat like this is, the more likely that things are going to come to the middle.
Probably, right? Just opportunities that you're having.
What were the numbers on Daniel jones for his attempts on this? Versus, let's say the two or three guys behind him.
So the qualifications were to have 30 passes Of 20 air yards or more.
And Daniel Jones had 39 completed 19 of 39 for 636 yards, five touchdowns, zero interceptions, 134 passer rating. Amazing.
The guys behind him, Derek Carr finished # two.
He had 52 passes, Kyler Murray just behind him in 3rd and 58 passes.
And just just for edification, Aaron Rodgers finished force with 74 passes.
All the people behind Daniel Jones ended up having far more of a sample size, which is, which is what makes this interesting like chicken or the egg.
Like the deal does not get more of a sample size because he wasn't getting protected, he was just getting sacked more, was it? Because Daniel jones didn't have ball security and he would fumble the ball before he had a chance to throw it downfield.
Those are a couple of different wrinkles that that are a little little tough that, which is why you got to put this all in perspective.
But adam what I will say that is interesting about this is Of all the players in the top 10.
Forget about expected completion percentage completion, like whatever Daniel jones had the highest completion percentage of those past attempts In air yards over 20 yards, he had 48.
7%, so almost 50.
So, so it's interesting because I looked at it, Oh my God, it's a small sample size, it must be the deviation that's really driving this and it's not, it's that Daniel Jones was crazy accurate in those situations, even though the offensive line was terrible.
As an example, Kyler Murray's completion percentage was 39/7.
Well, that's a real jones.
Daniel Jones is 48.
7, so Daniel Jones, more completion percentage on balls thrown 20 yards or more down the field, like, you know, you look at Aaron Rodgers, he's at 41%.
Daniel Jones is 7% more accurate just completing balls.
Forget about the expected, he's still that accurate down the field and that's the important part Out of all this.
Like we talk about the advanced ****ytics of like expected to push the percentage of people with like minds are blown like what are you talking about? It's like, Okay, well let's just let's just go with the most basic stat throwing the ball in the air over 20 yards.
Daniel jones was the most accurate person in the entire league at doing that.
Like think about that stat for a second, when you think about how bad his statistics were and how bad the offense was when he got the opportunity to throw the ball down the field, he was the most accurate passer in the league.
Think about that, let it marinate and tell me that he doesn't have an opportunity to be a good quarterback in this league.
And that's why folks at the end of the day, Daniel Jones being number one in this ranking.
As you said on some of these drop backs and rollouts, If he were to be sacked, if he were to fumble, the expectations were probably more likely that that was going to be the case for him behind the offensive line play.
So it wouldn't hurt his rating as much.
That's the, that's the pull it back to reality a little bit.
But as Andy said, If this guy is completing almost 50% of his balls downfield with a receiving corps that had lost golden Tate for whatever he was going to be or not be and lost, sterling Shepard and didn't have Sequana Barkley boy.
When you bring in the players that they have now expectations have to go through the roof.
That when they look to go downfield, when Daniel jones has time to go downfield, he is going to be able to complete at a high level.
It's just a matter of giving the opportunities.
I want the bigger sample size on the upcoming season because I think he's going to hit more home runs and the more home runs that Daniel jones is hitting is, the better the offenses playing is, the more games that we are winning that after all of those stats, that's the simple math I think Well and at the end of the day, as we talk about all of this, we talked about Patrick Mahomes being last in the league because he has the right set up, he has the right players and he makes the right throws.
I hope that Daniel jones is last in the league this upcoming year because it shows that like hey our offensive line was good, we were expected to complete these passes.
So like things weren't crazy and Daniel jones had to move heaven and earth in order to make a pass downfield.
I am excited about the talent.
We added the consistency of this offensive line, hopefully being a cohesive unit giving Daniel jones more time because this, this stat proves one thing to me and one thing only is that Daniel jones can throw the ball down the field if he's given an opportunity, let's figure out whether it's weapons or protection, how we get more of those involved in the giant offense friends.
There's going to be plenty of more friends, There's gonna be plenty more of this to come in. The upcoming episodes.
Next week we'll touch back into O. T.
A. S. We'll get into the defensive side of the ball.
Who was there or not there? What young players flashed a little bit.
What about all those rookies and young talent at the cornerback, new talent in Adoree Jackson.
How do they flesh themselves out of the O.
S as well? We'll get into news and notes and as you can tell, there's always going to be something to dissect here and something by the way to look back to last season and pull forward and apply to what we think is going to be a more talented roster.
A more consistent roster on a week to week basis.
You can follow us on social media, one giant podcast, download, rate, review, subscribe wherever you get your podcast, Apple Spotify, the odyssey app.
If that's your, that's your jam, feel free to leave a five star review mention buoy and the spirits about the knicks.
It's going to be short lived.
So let's really, let's ride that train all the way to the bottom of the station until next time.
Friends though, as Andy Markowitz would want need and demand that, you know, as always, let's go Big blue.
Thank you.


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