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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy talk Saquon Barkley as he prepares to return for the upcoming season. Where do we set expectations and how high should his usage rate be? Plus who makes for the best pairing at ILB with Blake Martinez - Newly signed Reggie Ragland, or can Tae Crowder still carve out a role in year two?


Ah Yes.
Friends On a Wednesday morning with midweek mid week midweek production of O. G. P.
Where as always I'm adam marmot joined by the healthy the wealthy and the wise.
Mr Andrew Markowitz I feel like every time you tell people I'm healthy and wealthy I feel like it's somewhat of a lie.
You know yesterday I had to go to urgent care to deal with with the thumb issue.
So I'm playing hurt again at him.
But the show must go on.
Well I can't I can't keep track of all the things that are ailing you.
I thought you were gonna say I feel like every time that I give that introduction it's it's really covering something up.
As you know some type of tragedy is really befalling Andy and we're just holding you up like a puppet on strength.
But the point is as far as the people know you're doing fine I'm sure the thumb is not that big of an issue.
Although incidentally I did want to start here.
Uh, how's your short game Andy, because in the last couple of days tom brady was congratulating Phil ****elson on his big win over the weekend, saying they got to get back out there, they got to find a couple of suckers to get on the links because they lost to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.
And the little friendly wager, Eli Manning got involved in the chatter, he said he's free.
How's your short game? Do you think that you could, could you, with Eli Manning, take on tom brady and Phil ****elson? Well, funnily enough, the reason why I had to go to urgent care yesterday, get my thumb fixed was I was trying to hold the golf club and I realized, wow, my thumb is an intense pain right now.
And I looked down and it was not a very pretty sight.
and I went there and they said it's a good thing that you came in because uh you would have hand issues in about a couple of days.
So the short game question has a short answer.
It's not good right now, but if they give me a week or two, I feel like I could hang with Peyton around the greens for sure.
Alright, good for you man, Listen hell up friend.
And remember it's a looser grip, no matter what you're doing in life, A little bit of a looser grip, they say like a baby bird.
Think about a baby bird in the hands and life is life is much more simple, sweet baby, We're gonna be just fine.
The other side of things is recently also.
Uh, Metlife Stadium is going to be welcoming back in full capacity fans this season.
We weren't sure right, we've seen the NBA playoffs started to get underway, different arenas, even local ones, you know, MsG went 15,000 plus.
Barclay Center went a little over 14.
That's basically the same percentage based on what their capacity is.
Um, and it's all around, you know, full vaccinations and, and the space and the distancing Metlife is an outdoor stadium.
So I think we saw trending positively.
But how does it feel as a season ticket holder? Because last year we had the discussion where you and your family members, relatives at all carry the season tickets said, yeah, we're gonna go ahead and push it off.
We'll come back next year and hopefully things will be better.
This is better.
Well, distance makes the heart grow fonder as well.
So a lot of, a lot of life lessons, I'm feeling good today.
I feel very philosophical.
But listen, you take a year off the Giants, you presumably, uh, are going to be a better team this year.
Having that year away kind of gives a breather and you say, you know what? I'm fired up to be able to go back out into the parking lot, get the tailgate going with the family at about, you know, 9 15, 9 30 in the morning before the game.
We have a lot to talk about, a lot to discuss in the parking lot before the game.
It's mostly like, do you think the Giants are gonna win? And then like six years later it's like, how much are the Giants gonna win by? Right is usually the progression that happens in the parking lot.
I'm fired up.
We talked about it a couple shows ago.
The Giant schedule is great for season ticket holders this year.
A lot of early games at home for the Giants, which is good weather.
It's really tough when a good portion of your home games are late november.
Early december and january because uh it gets cold at the Meadowlands at them.
Oh sir, I've been there and uh I think of like a late October game, which isn't even the worst time of year to go, but like late October early November when it snowed one years against the wash now Washington football team.
And I just remember it was sitting in the end zone, you know, 15 rows back corner of the end zone.
Just beautiful seats.
Absolutely fantastic.
And also the entire time and again the Giants won and won by two scores.
I was just sitting there kind of yes, clutching my hands, the beer had frozen to my skin and being like, this is amazing.
Also if the wind could possibly shift directions and not come down this side of the tunnel that they've created wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
Well, you know, there's a big difference between the september games and the january game.
September, you're looking for sunscreen and you're trying to figure out how many beers you're going to have, you know, in the nice weather.
It's those january games where you're just trying to fill up thermostats with hot chocolate and you're wearing boots and you're putting cardboard underneath your feet at the, at the seats because the concrete is so cold that it actually like permeate the rubber soles of like your timberland boots or whatever boots you're wearing low pro tip.
If you have any of the tickets towards the end of season for the Giants hot chocolate in one of those thermostats and make sure to grab that cardboard, my friend and oddly enough, as we're gonna move on here to some other big news, bigger news will say, um, you know, known Andy for a number of years now, we've created a podcast together, very popular.
Uh, and we've gotten close, get to receive an invite.
But the point is as we think about some other areas of this team and what excites us about the upcoming season.
It makes me, it does make me kind of think and cast your mind back.
If you could to a little dream, we call Sequana Barkley.
It wasn't but 18 months ago, right that this guy was given us 13 games, had a little bit of a ding up, But given us 1000 yards, it wasn't, but a couple of years ago That he was going for 1300 yards plus, giving us 91 receptions.
How do we set our expectations for sequin Barkley? Who is, who appears to be all systems go, he's going to be healthy, is going to be back in the backfield.
Where do we want to set the benchmark for him and expectations coming into this season? Because 261 carries in that rookie year over 16 games, just 217 carries over those 13 games.
And As we know, the measly 19 carries last year over just a couple of games.
But we are excited about the offense.
We do think it's going to be better.
We think the offensive line is going to be better.
What do we think about psycho and Barkley getting back out there on the field? So most people will tell you well, it'll just be good to have him back.
We have to ease him in.
He had a knee injury.
I am not one of those people adam, I am not with the marvels of modern science Guys that have knee injuries.
It is not a very big deal anymore.
They used to say it takes 18 months to fully get over it.
And then they said, well it's actually 12 and now there's like guys that are running on like a stand treadmill like three months after they have these injuries.
Sequin Barkley is one of those guys who is pushing the limits of how early and how quickly he can get back.
There's, there's a few different wrinkles to this one is sequin Barkley is 24 years old, he is the same age as christian Mccaffrey, who most people think by and large is probably the most complete back in the NFL right now.
Um, when you think about what sequin brings, he also was a high draft pick, which you can put that on him, you can put it on Dave Gettleman for drafting or running back so high.
But there are expectations that come with being a top five running back pick.
Guys like Adrian Peterson come to mind where it's like you pick a running back to how you're like, he better be like wearing that gold jacket, right? And like Adrian Peterson is delivered, sequin partly has had those flashes of just absolute brilliance and injuries have kind of zapped a little bit of that mystique in the lore, but don't get it confused.
He is, you know when healthy In my opinion, the best running back in the NFL, he is, he has power, he has speedy s size, he can cut, so my expectations are sky high.
I can go into numbers but I wanted to get your feedback on what I'm saying.
I'm I'm expecting him full go 20-25 touches in week one against the Denver Broncos.
Yeah, I think you know, we talked about this last year with Wayne Goldman and we even said it coming out of the season right? And we thought, well we maybe wayne come back.
He seemed like he finally put it all together.
And then the more that we that we massaged it, we said or it's really that the offensive line for the new york football giants, especially in the run game was really starting to find its rhythm, really starting to get dominant and push some guys around and create some really nice holes.
And one of the things not as a knock on Wayne Goldman, but we said if it had been say Kwan Barkley, the second level burst right to get away from that extra tackler.
Some of those would have been home run hits as opposed to just really nice 10 to 15 yard pickups by Goldman.
So that is the first piece that gets me really excited because yes, Ikhwan Barkley is a powerful runner.
We know that he's got the thighs, we all know the quads.
Uh and he is not a north and south runner, He likes to move, he likes to shift.
But knowing that the offensive line in front of him can open up that first hole.
I think now what I'm gonna be excited to see is sick juan Barkley using the north and south mentality for the first 3 to 5 yards and then allow your natural athleticism to take over, allow your shiftiness, allow the strength of your thighs to bulldoze through those arm tackles, that safety is going to come out of the box and try to put on you and now you're off to the races with a little bit of explosion.
So I'm hoping that now, would you know the fourth year technically it's year number three basically right in your number three of his pro career.
I'm hoping that Barkley is making some small adjustments to his style of play that's going to allow to be even more explosive arguably maybe unless touches because don't forget the group of players that we mentioned last episode in behind him are going to be guys that can do some of the in between the tackles, some of the grunt work and get you out in space.
So it's gonna be interesting to see how he approaches the running piece of it and then the other side of it is the past catching game.
How are they going to incorporate him into this into this offense? From a receiver standpoint, You bring in a guy like Darius Tony, he's going to have some of those end arounds out of the backfield, looks right, get into his hands, let them create.
How much do you anticipate Barkley being involved in the passing game, rookie season, 91 catch style or you know, somewhere maybe closer to the sixties, seventies and putting a far less emphasis on that of his game because of how much talent we now have in the receiving corps.
Yeah, A lot of mouths to feed.
Um, in terms of the baby birds, there, there are, there are guys that are making a lot of money and a lot of guys that were first round picks that all want to show up and show out, right? So for me, I don't think they're going to have to have that heavy reliance on take one in the passing game as much as, as maybe they have before.
It's great to have him as a security blanket, maybe, you know, uh, 23 catches a game, you know, out of the backfield, dump screen passes, you know, get daniel jones out of trouble.
But, but adam, you mentioned something interesting, you said, you know, it's kind of basically your three because he got injured.
Well for the Giants, he's in year four of his rookie contract.
And so the contract doesn't told because you get hurt for a couple games, it's still there.
And so he's gonna be making seven million this year, seven million in the fifth year option.
This is the year where the Giants have to figure out what the heck they're going to do long term.
Like if sequin Barkley gets hurt again early on in the season and isn't out there.
And the best of my ability is availability.
The challenge the Giants have is why are we going to pay sake? We know he's super talented, but he's had a bunch of, you know, leg injuries.
He's going to be 25 presumably 26 years old when it's time to re up his contract.
Are we going to pay this guy $15 million a year? So like he has to really find his groove and find his niche within this loaded Rosser.
He should be the alpha guy and he should be getting 1000 yards.
He should be getting 6 to 700 yards in the passing game.
He needs to have 15 touchdowns for us because if he doesn't have those numbers as amazing as he is, it's tough to justify paying any running back, you know, 10 million plus dollars in this type of NFL well.
And you mentioned Mccaffrey, right? You got the big contract and then suffered a pretty substantial injury and they ended up needing to utilize their backup who was also pretty effective for them.
And it starts to create this dynamic, right? The stronger that a team gets around a given position, you almost go, oh, well we managed to get away.
But the weird thing to me is just quickly on the, on the idea of you say, you know, Mccaffrey got hurt, Barkley gets hurt.
You saw Wayne Goldman have a pretty good little run for the Giants.
But again, the difference is in the key plays in, in the three or four sequences in the game where you need the next level athlete, The Mccaffrey's the randy Mosses of the world, right? Like when you need to go next level on a play, if you don't have it in the tank, you don't have it right.
Sick one Barkley has that skill set in him, as does a lot of players around the NFL and that's why you end up paying them the bigger money.
It's not even for the, that's why I think it's interesting about running backs and position, you know, position list really.
In general, when you talk about paying a particular wide receiver, particular skill, position player in the NFL, you're not, you're not paying for what the stat line is going to be at the end of the year.
Because a lot of guys can get you 1000 plus yards, A lot of guys can get you 500 receiving yards.
You're really, you're paying for the handful of key sequences that make or break a game that's a winner of loss getting into the playoffs, not making the playoffs, getting out of the first round, winning a championship.
Like that's what these players are paid for.
And I, and I do think you're right though, in your number four out of five, when you're paying them a decent amount of money were sake wants to get hurt again this year.
I think obviously they picked up the fifth year option, they would bring him back and they maybe they would bring him back on another contract.
But then I think you're gonna start to hang that over his head, right? Is he a player that can stay healthy for a full 16 games? How would that be taken into account when you try to structure his next contract? And that's the tough part is it's not his ability on the field because when he's on the field, he is a home run hitter.
You know, Wayne Wayne gallman performed admirably in in his stead when when someone was hurt.
You know, He doesn't necessarily have that breakaway breakout ability that sequin does on every single play.
You know, to Wayne Goldman's credit, he broke off a 60 yard run against the Seahawks to basically help the Giants win an upset game in Seattle with Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback.
But those are our the one or two plays that Wayne gallman may have that were bigger, chunkier yards every time sequin Barkley touches the ball, there is a chance that could go for a home run.
Like he's a guy that he's looking to break off multiple 50 plus yard runs in a season.
You hope he has three or four of them, maybe five and gets a few touchdowns out of it.
Uh It's tough because the Giants are loaded, he's coming off an injury.
But I need to see Szechwan get as many touches as he can because I am confident that when the ball is in his hands he can make unbelievable least spectacular things happen.
One of the other things that I want to bring up here too, and obviously you're right, right like you, you want to push him to know that he can do it and you don't want to be terrified by pushing him, you may aggravate something or prevent him from being able to quote do it.
The other thing is that that sets this up nicely this season is bringing in a guy like Devontae Booker regardless of price tag.
We know they went and picked up Corey clement, he'll at least be in camp.
They also went and claimed Armstead is another young, talented running back who's been behind some other players, been a contributor and backfields as well.
When you look at a guy, just interestingly enough, when we talk about training camp and then the young rookie that we got there in Brightwell, it seems interesting just to think about, is a player like Brightwell already on the bubble for this roster.
When you think about the depth behind it, because now you brought a lot of veterans, I mean, you know, we know Booker is not going anywhere if Corey Clement shows that he is capable, that's number three now in the backfield, how deep are you gonna go or is Bright? Well the kind of guy you want to make sure you got into the camp and then you say practice squad for you good sir, and then maybe we'll look to call you up as the year moves along.
Well listen, if you're if you're a late round pick, if your sixth round pick like Gary Brightwell was for the Giants, you know, 6th and 7th round picks, there are chances where they just don't make the roster and they end up on the practice squad.
You know, there jen they're generally a depth piece for your team, You don't expect someone to come in and make the roster or get touches Right away or snaps right away as a 6th or 7th round pick.
So for me, uh yeah, I would say that there's a little bit of a bubble on this roster.
It depends what type of skill set he shows to complement both Booker and Barkley because if Corey Clement looks healthy and he has that versatility to catch the ball in the backfield, he kind of fits the role and has a need, feels the need for the Giants.
So for me, I'm fine with whoever ends up being that running back number three, I wouldn't be upset if Brightwell goes to the practice squad because one of the other guys like Armstead ended up looking amazing in camp, that's only gonna benefit the Giants.
And so listen, however we can complete this running back room.
We know we're going to need that depth because of how injuries happen.
When you give a guy 20 to 25 touches a game, Barkley will miss at least a game or two this year.
You know, we hope that that you know, that's the extent of it.
We need to have guys that are ready to step in and perform and if it's bright, well great, if it's Clement or Armstead or even another guy that that we signed, I think Deon Jackson um was another undrafted free agent that we brought in.
So like bring in this competition, tell me what's running back is the one that performs the best and let's have him on the roster.
And certainly this is a healthier and I just mean in terms of talent is a healthier running back room than the Giants have had in years past.
I want to, I want to get out on this particular topic with a little bit of a prediction for what we expect for for sake one for this season.
But I will also say like my first expectation is play all 16 games.
You said, you know, someone's gonna miss a couple.
I don't want to see miss a couple of games.
I want to see him now if that means that there are a couple of weeks where he gets closer to 15 to 20 touches as opposed to 20 to 25.
So be it.
But I need him available for the home run plays every single week because every game we've gone through this schedule before, right? There's a lot of games, here we go.
That's a bit of a coin flip game could go either way.
You have say Kwan Barkley.
My I assume it lands on heads up giant helmet more often than that lands, you know, tails tails down there.
So, uh, that's something important to me when it comes to seek one Barkley.
I need to see him be healthy because they have 4th and 5th year now and then the new contract.
And you know, the Giants are likely if he has a good year this year, they're likely to come to the table in the off season and try to give the extension prior to that final year of the contract.
From a stat standpoint, you can keep it simple rushing receiving yards from scrimmage.
You want to throw touchdowns in there, but give me the baseline.
Where do you, what do you want to see? Week 7, 12 weeks 17, Week 18 now.
Week 18, The final year, final game of the season.
Where are say Kwan Barkley stats? Yeah, I mean, look, it's pretty cut and dry.
What's your name to it? And he was saying it's pretty cut and dry when we talk about rushing yards.
You know, we all know that 1000 is kind of the benchmark for anyone that's a starting running back in the NFL.
I think for sake want if if he's healthy, it should be a little bit more than it should be 1100 it should be 1200 he should be in the in the top 10 rushing yards.
Now with guys like that arias Tony and you pay book or the money that you do Some of those touches may you know, there may be three or four touches a game that normally would go to Barkley that are going to be spread around.
So I will I will ease back my prediction a little bit and I will say 1000 yards rushing.
I will say on the reception side, I think about 450 yards receiving is probably a good number.
Like will he get to 500 yards um is where my head is at.
And really he should have anywhere between 13 and 15 touchdowns for the Giants this year.
So if you say 15 touchdowns, about 1000 rushing.
450 to 500 receiving sets, 1515 touchdowns.
I'm not against it.
I'll take your touchdown total.
Obviously that's a nice number for Szechwan, but I'm going at least 12 50 from from the back field.
He's got to compete over 1200 yards.
I want to see him closer to 13, 1400 I want, I mean this is an elite back.
He's an elite player.
He's one of the top players in the league in 100% healthy.
So if you tell me that he comes in the season, 100% healthy, then I'm going right back to his rookie year, 1300 yards.
Now in that season, 91 catches for 7 21.
So I want to get you to 12 50 1300 rushing yards.
If you want to bring down receiving yards closer to 500 or so, spread it around a little bit good for you.
But, but this needs to be a statement kind of season from him.
I think 15 touchdowns would be the statement would be the usage.
You want to see it.
Honestly, there's a world will actually say that his touchdown totals maybe being closer to 10 than 15 wouldn't be all that shocking given the other weapons.
But the yardage, the big plays, the home run hits, I want a home run hit every game.
I want a 30 yard, you know, 30 to 40 yard run that breaks one out every single week of the season.
That will pad those stats right up for you and then do those other little things that we know he's capable of.
So the table is set for sake.
One we know he listens to the podcast and obviously he'll be taking notes and and feeling quite disrespected by six by six Barkley by Andy Mca wits And he's just listen, it's blasphemous, maybe 1000 yards. How dare you, sir.
There you listen.
I just think the complementary pieces around.
There's so many weapons.
You just said it at the top of the show.
You may think that they need to kind of restrict a little bit of the touches that that sick one ends up having just to keep him healthier fresh Adam.
It's all about the numbers.
If you do the numbers, you're not that far off if he gets 15 carries In a 17 game season in order to get to you by the way, right? When marijuana grows the forgetting that right extra game, Right? Like I kind of just, you know, as I'm thinking about it now, you know that because of that extra game, it changes what what he needs to average.
So if you, if he gets 15 carries a game, which is probably conservative, you'd like him to have at least 15.
It's a 17 game season.
He needs to average 4.
9 yards a rush in order to get 1250 yards.
So when you do the numbers and you break down the math, you're like, well that's basically Sichuan Barkley in 2018, He went for five yards a carry 2019, he went for 4.
6 and then last year he went for 1.8.
So like He needs to be between 2018, 16 and 20 1961 To be able to get easily, get over 1000 and the closer is to 2018 we're bumping up against that 12, number that you mentioned before.
Yeah, well there you go.
So I guess all we can say is I'm right.
Um, let's go ahead and just get out the door here briefly.
I just want to touch on call to show tease if you like just position battle wise.
And really this is a, this is a one word or close out minute here really, what are your expectations around the inside linebacker position? Reading up a little bit on how a guy like carter Coughlin had been used last year.
He did see time on the inside.
It's one of the things that's being talked about this offseason.
He obviously showed up as a special teamer and contributor there, but they basically had him midway through the season due to injuries start to get reps at the inside from the outside and it was a mixed bag as far as results go, when we talk about devante down is being brought back.
You obviously have Raglin in there, you have take crowder, you want to throw in carter cough and potentially I I tend to think that was out of necessity, not out of design.
Who's your, who's your leader in the clubhouse right now to line up next to blake Martinez? Is it Reggie Ragland done deal or do you think that I'll say a player like take crowder maybe a player in the vein of a carter Coughlin can get, you know, some combination of reps, they're based on what they need down in distance this season.
And we'll just take a brief pause here and let Andy know that his microphone excellent, excellent.
Will say what are your expectations, you know, inside of that? Linebacking corps? Thank you adam.
So, um, basically when, when you look at what all the different roster sites are saying they have Reggie Ragland penciled in as the Giants Starter.
And it makes sense when you think about a guy like Raglan, he's 27 years old.
The front office has familiarity because he was in Detroit.
So we have some different connections of people moving out and around.
So we get a little bit of insight into what's going on there.
Um I think it's his job to lose. He's got the experience.
He he's been in the league for quite a bit.
You've seen flashes.
Devante down started the year as one of our starting linebackers basically.
You have you have someone like carter coffin who just seems to me like his size just fits more on the outside rather than inside.
And then you have even guys like cam brown TJ Bronson like you quite a quite a few different guys that could step in and play.
I do think it's going to be opening camp but at the, at the end of the day I think Reggie Ragland has the inside track to have given his experience and his familiarity with some of the front office for the Giants.
Yeah, I know, I forget the name.
Trent Harris who also played some versatile rolls over four regular season games last year for us.
So yeah, that's my expectations to I think that that's the man you want to have their shout out to joseph Clark who joined us on the livestream today over on Youtube who said if you're good and you ain't got to convince me, joe.
If you could tell me that carter Coughlin can line up at the inside linebacker position, done deal friends.
But he is obviously a little bit on the smaller side and really his biggest issue and and for a lot of these guys, any of these players, it's one of blake Martinez has bigger issues.
It's the coverage piece of it.
That makes it hard to pair certain guys alongside blake Martinez because you want to go to drop back in coverage and that's why a guy like take crowder and it's why some of the more versatile, you know, safety slash linebackers that we have on this roster, depending on how Patrick Graham wants to utilize them, is going to give him the different looks and the different weapons to plug and play.
The only thing that's guaranteed I think is blake Martinez.
I think Reggie Raglan should be the leader in the clubhouse there.
It will be interesting to see is training camp unfolds, right? Usually certain positions.
The ones where you say, oh my goodness, there's going to be a battle here.
Were wondering who's gonna there.
And then all of a sudden Reggie Ragland is getting all the first team reps and you go, oh, so it's Reggie Ragland.
Thanks so much.
We'll see you week one.
So it'll be fun to watch how that plays out at the end of the day.
Friends Andy Mca wits is going to close out with a little bit of a parting thought, Oh, my parting thought was just if you expand it past the inside linebacker position, the linebacking position in general is fascinating for the Giants.
I think the linebacking corps and the offensive line are the two things that throughout training camp are going to be the position battles that you have to watch the most because you could flip a coin and try to predict exactly who's gonna be lined up.
Is Lorenzo carter healthy? Is Nate solder going to start over matt per Zach Fulton locked in at a guard position.
Did will Hernandez lose his spot to Shane Lemieux.
There are so many questions across those two positions that I think, you know, watching in training camp and seeing how this develops.
Those are the two places.
I think you've got to keep an extra focus on stop talking blasphemy about Nate soldiers starting we will be back on friday friends and we'll dive into more of these position battles.
That's what they call the show teas in the business.
We love to do it, but on friday will really start to dive into it a little bit deeper.
Obviously though, man setting the table, one of the best players in the league.
His name is juan Barkley.
He plays for your new york football giants.
You can download, rate, review, subscribe to the podcast, leave of five star review.
If you're so inclined and follow us on social media at one giant podcast until next time, friends and immaculate wants needs and demands that you know, as always let's go big blue.
Right? Mhm.
See so.
Yeah, sure.


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