SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - How Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shepard and Kadarius Toney stack up among the NFC East WRs
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy are back to talk Wide Receivers! Who are the tallest, fastest, and most reliable receiving cores in the NFC East? The guys break down some numbers while discussing where the stats will stack up among the Giants bevy of offensive weapons.


Ah yes.
Friends as always I am adam arm joint are the healthy, the wealthy and maybe slightly sad after a knicks loss on a sunday Andy Markowitz.
Yeah, tough, tough loss for the next, last night.
The big takeaway the garden was rocking.
It's great to see fans back in stands adam, you saw it, you know with the PGA championship Phil ****elson winning the crowd surrounding the green, it feels like sports are getting back to normal, which is a good sign for this upcoming NFL season and a good sign in new york for the new york Football Giants.
Yeah, you better believe it man, you can clearly tell from from the next game.
I mean obviously you know hungry fan base but they were loud, they were vocal, you know obviously Annette's guy for as uh disparaging as it can be around the fan base and how active they are.
Barclays center sounded good for Barclays center for the percentage of fans they let it in.
But I mean the Msg was absolutely going insane.
I mean, from from starting from the, from the tip off, every single shot, every single place.
So it was really cool, really exciting, A shame that the knicks were unable to get to win, but should make for an exciting series.
Nonetheless, on the giant side, as you said, it will be nice for the football to have fans in the stands and obviously will be outdoors.
So you'd like to assume with some level of cer*****y that by september outdoor stadiums be full capacity and it'll be as normal as we've had things being a couple of years.
The uh I was gonna say the thing that that I think is most noteworthy is I think football has the biggest need for having fans in the stands of any of the sports you look at.
You know, the N.
Players are on display there and and it's a little bit more of an intimate setting so you can really see the stars shine the NFL with the helmets on and not being able to see things like you need that crowd noise, you need that for for as physical as that game can get.
So I'm just thinking about how you know, it looked great for for the knicks and msg with all the fans there, it's gonna be even better for the Giants to be able to have fans in the stands rooting them on.
Yeah, I hope that I hope that we see that level of energy.
Giants were passionate fan base obviously.
But come out of that same type week one against Denver, right? Let's really hear the stadium shaking to its core, possibly to its foundation because we can always build a new one if anybody wanted a better looking city.
And that's, that's neither here nor there though.
We come in because last time we talked about Daniel jones, What we expect for him.
How does he have a great season that will lead to the Giants having a great season.
And obviously we talked about touchdowns, interceptions, completion percentage.
And it got me thinking about the receiving court for the Giants and then around the division as a whole, there was a fun article on fan sided that went through the tallest, the fastest and then the surest hands within the division.
So before we get into the surest hands of it all, let's just see if Andy Mca wits has, has a beat on this, who's the tallest receiving corps in the division, tallest receiving corps would be the Dallas Cowboys.
Fantastic sir, averaging 73.
8 inches in height.
They've got obviously a collection of players there when you talk about cooper.
Uh they also have farrow Co, who stands at six ft four there oddly enough for the Giants who come in.
I wanna make sure I get it right.
Second tallest in the division is Kenny Golladay.
And yet they are the third tallest in the division, behind the Washington football team, but slightly ahead of the philadelphia eagles.
So obviously you can draw a direct correlation between height and the ability to win championships.
The second piece that they talked about, we'll touch on briefly is speed.
Who's the fastest team in the division, fastest team in the division I'm going with is the new york football giants.
You are correct once again, sir.
And obviously it's partially because they added in uh, you know, a player like hilarious Tony in the draft, but also added a player like john ross in free agency.
So 4 to 2 40 time for ross leads.
Yes, exactly.
A little bit of, I think when you hear, when you hear that kind of number come out and then you get guys the closest one of the divisions Curtis Samuel with Washington at 431 by the way and then McLaurin at 435 So even though the Giants may be the fastest in the division when you're adding in a guy like john Ross who may not see necessarily the biggest share and then you hear Washington, those are the, those are the number one and number two receivers right there that are going to be bringing that type of speed.
So certainly as we said before, Washington is gonna present challenges and speed is going to be a part of it on the offensive side of the ball for them.
Yeah, I mean for sure the whole john ross thing is is really interesting because he is like a track guy.
We don't know how much he's going to get on the field, but you add him and you add Tony and and the room becomes a lightning fast for the Giants.
So now we get to really, this is the, the meat that was the potatoes, that was the party with the meat of it though is catch percentages and what we can expect from the new york football giants.
Because as we said, we all know going back to the past couple of years, you can talk about Evan ingram and his issues catching the football and by the way, one of the guys that actually was more sure handed for the new york football giants in recent memory was golden Tate.
He is no longer on the roster.
So when you think about surest hands in the division, who tops this list for you? Surest hands.
I would go with the Washington football team Once again.
Good sir at 66% and again.
So the interesting thing is on their careers like McLaurin is a 64 Curtis.
Samuel is 63%.
But what's interesting about them is if you go back and take a look at the last couple of years, sorry, last season alone when you end up getting and I'll pull these numbers up for everybody on YouTube.
So Washington has has a player like Samuel who came off a 79% catch percentage last year.
I mean that was other world due to me and I think our our school bars a little bit off here as I was listening.
Got it.
And ward first there that should go underneath philadelphia's tag 71 67%.
There's some high percentages there within the division when you get down to the Giants.
So we made the most notable.
This is going off of last year's top 100 catch percentages.
So what's interesting is that Washington actually gives you three because they're gonna give you Samuel, they're also going to give you uh excuse me, the running Gibson.
Thank you. Andy.
Um he's gonna be coming out the back field well.
And that made it notable to me because when you look at the Giants, Shepherd gave you 73%.
I went back to 2019 for Sichuan Barkley, 71% for him.
Most running backs bubble up near 80%.
When we talk about catch percentages overall.
What do you think about the Giants receiving corps? The improvements we think we've made even with a guy like Kyle Rudolph at the tight end position.
But food for thought Kenny Golladay is a 58% career catch percentage.
So you know, he's a big play guy, we love him.
He's going to be a big target when it comes to the red zone.
Also though, have the Giants really safeguarded that concern around daniel jones and making sure who he's throwing two is going to be sure handed and reliable.
Well, the one thing I think that's noteworthy about this exercise is think about the type of throwers that you also have throwing the ball and the types of throws that they can make.
You look at what was happening with Curtis Samuel who was in Carolina, he had teddy Bridgewater throwing them.
The ball wasn't really moving the ball down the field that much.
You look at the Washington football team in general, you had Dwayne Haskins for a couple of cup of coffee and then you have Alex smith doing checkdown dump dump plays.
And so it's no secret that they would end up being higher up in terms of the catch percentages.
The bottom two teams are Dallas and the new york Football Giants.
Oh, Dallas just signed their franchise quarterback for $40 million a year.
He can get the ball down the field and he can, he can stretch defences.
Well, you know, I think this uh, I'm not too concerned about the catch percentages if it means that the giants are taking more shots down the field, looking to be more explosive.
I think we're going to get a mixed bag knowing that Kenny Golladay is averaging 15/15 yards a catch.
He is the big play guy that's gonna just bringing its fair share of incompletions, but with a healthy sequin Barkley with a healthy sterling Shepard and now bringing to Darius Tony into the mix, trying to get him some of those short gadget plays.
I think the percentages are going to kind of even themselves out for the new york Football Giants.
Yeah, that's interesting.
Right? I mean, you know, for whatever It's worth sterling shepherds, the only receiver on the Giants roster right now, it's a career catch percentage over 60 at 67%.
But you know, but to your point.
even when you go back, like, you know, recent history bias, when you talk about a guy like Samuel, well 79%.
That's obviously to your point skewed by the type of skiing that's being run there.
Likewise for the eagles, what's interesting for them, for me, for them is that they're the lowest in the division in terms of catch percentage, but it's also based off of like Greg Ward led the eagles With a catch percentage of 68 Starter.
Jalen Reagor has an average of 57%.
So I think I'm gonna wrap it back around to the Giants.
But it does become interesting to think about.
It's like when you're a team that's trying to scheme to get the ball in the hand into the hands of your playmakers in sure methods, right? And Ray, a guy like Reagor first round pick and I'll compare it to Tony, right? Reagor came in last year, I don't care who was the quarterback there, He was dropping a lot of balls if you're the Giants and Canarias, Tony comes in and he's a 50 50 catch guy, you know, percent chance.
That's gonna be a problem.
So I think you're right right.
The way in which you get the ball into the playmaker's hands is going to impact these percentages and skew the numbers one way or the other.
But if you are the Giants wide receiving corps, when those big plays are there and this is the the Evan ingram, right conundrum of boy, this guy makes some crazy catches.
But when you just need to catch a 12 yard pass over the middle for first down, he seemingly can't make that happen.
Yeah, well, touching back on the eagles for one second, it's no surprise that there as low as they are because we talk about how the quarterback impacts these cats percentages.
Carson Wentz had his worst season ever, literally his worst season ever.
57% completion percentage Toucht to interception ratio was about even, you know, 16 touchdowns to 15 interceptions.
And then he gets benched for Jalen hurts who goes out there and lights it up with a 52% completion percentage.
So he was obsessively worse than Carson Wentz.
So you look at someone like the Eagles, of course the wide receivers, catch rates are going to struggle because both of their quarterbacks were wildly inaccurate.
What what I think is more noteworthy for the Giants is Daniel jones does throw a good deep ball.
He does have the ability to stretch the ball down the field if given a little bit of time by the offensive line.
Um, um, but it will be interesting to see the balance.
I think you're going to see stark differences between someone like Kenny, Golladay and ka Darius Tony in terms of their catch percentages because you're asking them to do two completely different things.
One guy is getting the ball as soon as the play, as soon as physically possible, get him out into space and see what happens.
The other guy wants to get down the field.
Maybe he's not gonna make the play every time.
But that one big play goes in the end zone for six points.
No. And that's the difference.
Right? When you see a number like 58% for gala bingo boy, has he got a case of the drop sees? Well, there's a far cry difference between jump ball opportunities, contested catch opportunities versus a lot of slot receivers or guys out of the backfield.
It's wide running backs have such a high catch percentage in general because they're just leaking out of the backfield and saying put in the old breadbasket friend and I'll go ahead and treat it like an extended running play.
So 100% these numbers are, I think, you know, as I said at the top, this is fun to discuss.
And also I don't put much stock in it beyond hey, when I need the play, are you making the play now? The one guy that, that also is carried over and that I mentioned Sequana Barkley doesn't have the greatest catch percentage before we can get into him a little bit.
But I kind of want to set the table here for this season.
You know, what is success then for for this receiving corps for the new york football giants.
What does the year need to look like for Kenny, Golladay, for sterling Shepard.
And you know, I mean, listen, this is hard to kind of cast a narrow net because everyone is important.
You know, obviously holiday is obviously shepherd is obviously Slaton is still going to be important cause he's going to seem really friendly matchups.
But Canarias Tony is going to be the versatile gadget, do it all player.
He's going to be important and then say Guan Barkley as well.
So you know, pick your poison.
Where do you want to start with? How do we set the benchmark for What will be a good season for these players individually? Yeah, so on the individual piece, I think the easiest one and the first one that you can say is Kenny Golladay has to have over 1000 yards receiving.
There's no, there's no if ands or buts you don't pay a number one wide receiver $20 million a year to get you 600 yards.
Like he has to come out and be a true number one wide receiver.
He, he's been able to show when he's healthy in Detroit, that he has the ability to put up 1000 yards, 1200 yards.
You know, you can get creeping up into the top 10 of the league.
So for me, it's a simple one, starting with him saying you paid him the big money.
He's the big free agent that we pulled in.
He has to lead this team and receiving yards if he doesn't, something went wrong.
Yeah, you would assume so.
You know, oddly Enough, and I'll save an interesting wrinkle on that front as we get closer to the season because we always do like to do some of our predictions.
Maybe some are dark horse candidates to have big years.
But I do think you're right when you talk about a guy in outside of last year where he was injured, 2017, slow season start there obviously as well, only started five games, but over the last two years prior to the injury went for 1000 yards, went for 1200 yards.
Right? That's the biggest thing to me.
I think for him, I will just say catch, sorry, yardage isn't nearly as big, maybe for me as touchdown catches, right? You know, you can paint a picture where I'd be shocked if you went for 900 yards or something, but if you went for 900 yards that 12 touchdown catches, right, I would say, okay, so the other guys are doing some of the legwork and you're finishing the drives off for us.
You know, that's what we want to see here.
You're drawing the coverage and shepherd Tony.
These other players are really making the ball move, but it'll be interesting to see how he gets utilized and how this offense really maximizes his value with that size and then listen strength and even a little bit of speed.
Like I think he's deceptively has a deceptive speed there.
Especially, we talk about a player that can run rats, not just on the outside, but also over the middle of the field shepherd.
Then a guy that's in that 6 52 8 50 ish, kind of range.
You know, player 60 plus is catches, where does he need to get to for you to feel like, hey, we check this box with him.
So I'm going to talk about the wide receiving corps and that pass catchers as a whole in going, yeah, the do it in our head as giant fans.
We kind of sit here and we say, okay, this guy needs to get this many yards.
This guy has to get that many yards.
The Giants are loaded this year.
And when you start trying to figure out the numbers like you all of a sudden, if you're saying okay, you know, Kenny Golladay is good for about 1000 sterling.
Shepard is good for 600 you know, which is on the lower end of what has been averaging, you know, 67 800 as you go down the list and you say, okay, well how much is slightly gonna have, how much is Tony's gonna have, how much is ingram gonna have? How much is Rudolph? How much is sick one out of the bark out of the backfield? Gonna get all of a sudden like, yeah, you like that.
Um when you add it up and you get the calculator out and you start putting all these numbers in, it says that daniel jones gonna have over 4000 yards because like it's impossible if these guys stay healthy.
That I mean, even even if Rudolph only catches a couple of balls, you can probably slayed him in for 303 100 receiving yards, right? Like that doesn't seem to be too far fetched in a in a 17 game season.
You're talking about what 20 yards a game for for Rudolph like that, that's achievable.
You know, Evan ingram, if you knock, you know, put him down for what, 450 500 yards, like all of a sudden you just put these all together and you're saying Daniel Jones is gonna throw for over 4000 yards, which I don't know if we were just to say in a vacuum, do you think Daniel Jones gonna throw for that? You'd probably say no, I don't know if you will.
Yeah, it's interesting because even if I was trying to do those numbers in my head a little bit, like say throw holiday, even if you took Evan ingram Rudolph and say Kwan Barkley, right? Let's just say, and I'm sending a very low bar of okay, maybe 1200 yards for those three players combined, Right? And you like, and you take the over more often than not on it, You throw another 1500 between Shepherd and Slaten alone And right there you're at 38, yards and then Canarias Tony and what she might be able to do for you.
It's yeah, it's interesting to look at look at it that way and say boy, and this brings us back to our last episode, right? You know, and and having this discussion around why are the Giants win total so low and why did Peter King come out and rank them 20th in the NFL overall? You know, you say, listen, why, why the disrespect? It all comes down to daniel jones, right? When, when you talk about these weapons around him, it seems like, you know, the worst quarterbacks could get these guys to 607 100 yards in a season, right? Darius Slayton on a team where shepherd was hurt and wasn't on the field a lot where Evan ingram was struggling mightily where the offensive line was young and still developing last year, Slaton still had a very respectable statistical season.
Excuse me.
So it's hard to see how these guys are going to somehow regress inside of this system with now two new additional, more dynamic weapons on the roster.
And that's what I keep going back to and we keep talking about, you know, the last two years Darius Slayton had somewhere between 740 Argentine 7400.
97 51 so he's good for 700 now.
I think that'll come down quite a bit knowing that his role is going to change with Kenny Golladay being on the outside as opposed to golden Tate this year.
Um, but I mean even if you, if you, if you slate Darius Slayton down 4, 500 yards, like you start chunking it away and you think to yourself, man, like it's gonna be tough for this wide receiving corps to not get Daniel jones above 3500 yards and you know, injuries happen and that will be a huge factor in this.
Golladay has had injury history, you know, sterling shepard injury history, See, Kwan Barkley missed him almost the whole entire year last year.
So you know, in a vacuum, these guys over unders would, would lead you to say daniel jones gonna have 4000 yards, but one or two of them is going to get, you know, inexplicably hurt and going to be missing some time, interestingly enough, I would I I think the shepherd pieces interesting, right? We we know that it's, you know, last year, what's it gonna look like the contract numbers? Where does he fit into this with Tony and with Holiday in the short and long term? I wonder if one of two things either early in this season, we see the establishment of Slaten still even with Holiday there and then Tony emerging and and shepherd kind of gets shuffled back a little bit just because there's only so many balls to go around or that he establishes himself and shows enough early that maybe there's there's value there as you work your way towards the trade deadline.
You know, it's all gonna it's all gonna come down to how do these other boxes check off the slate and look even more dynamic now that you've had a Holiday does Tony hit the ground running.
When you think about a player like jefferson from last year, it took four or five weeks to really click it in and then all of a sudden watch out, right.
He was phenomenal for the Minnesota Vikings.
So if you start to see that from the young players, Ben Shepard does become somewhat expendable piece and I wonder, I wonder how it impacts his rep in the time that he's going to see on the field.
What I keep going back to.
As I look at this receiving corps, you say, success is what it's not about the individual.
I, I keep going back to the idea of it's just the collective group as a whole.
And To your point, if if Golladay gets 900 yards, I I still think that that's preposterous for someone making $20 million giants going to be in a four wide receiver set for sure.
No, listen, it's going to be interesting to see how these, all these weapons getting utilized and we'll dive into it.
But this is this to me is, you know, I don't want to call it the dog days, right is going to training camp and we're waiting to hear who's bubbled up and become better, right? Who's taking over a role, who's claiming this right guard starting position for the Giants on the offensive line.
That could play a huge factor in how we predict a wide receivers and what they're capable of doing or what Daniel jones is capable of.
But I think it is worth kind of speculating on it because you do want to have an idea in your mind, week one against Denver, I want to have a sense of what I want to see from the bevy of weapons at the new york.
Football giants have for Daniel jones now.
And oddly enough, we'll get into this next time because we had a little bit of a hiccup on the front end starting off this episode.
But what do we expect for sequin Barkley this year? I think that that's that's the big show teas and you know, and we can even, I think to the way that you've done in this episode, I think we can kind of bring it to the running back group as a whole, right there once upon a time when it was only say Kwan Barkley, we thought, well we obviously need to have him run for 1500 to 2000 yards.
Also love to see him catch 600 yards out of the backfield to now we've kind of balanced out this running group a little bit more where we can say who specialized in certain roles, where can we utilize them? And how does it allow Sichuan Barkley to be in less usage, more effective? Right.
I mean, that that has to be the goal when you're talking about a running back coming off a major injury and one that you just picked up the fifth year option on.
So that will be something that we can dive into closing thoughts Andy before we get out the door.
No, I just, you know, the one thing I find fascinating about the wide receiver room and just pass catchers as a whole is we have to bona fide starting tight ends for bona fide starting wide receivers.
Those numbers don't necessarily add up to all of them being on the field at the same time.
I'm really curious to see how the Giants deploy a guy like Darius Tony or when they decide to go to to tight end sets with Rudolph and ingram the Giants for the first time in a while have so much talent on offense that opposing teams are going to have challenges like we are predicting who's gonna be the one that leads the team in receiving.
How are they going to line up? Where are people going to be? I mean Tony could be in the backfield with Barkley.
So for me it's interesting, we're going to have to dive in a little bit more on the sequel Barkley pieces you mentioned, but the pass catchers as a whole is a fascinating group this year for the giants rep percentages.
Right? I never thought we were talking about that.
How many snaps are these guys going to get that? That's where we'll be in the weeds as we push our way towards the season.
You can of course follow us on social media at one giant podcast.
You can rate review, subscribe to the podcast.
We ever get it by stars.
Tell us how much, you know, and he looks like a young George Clooney on the Youtube because I love a lot throughout his day to day life.
But you know, spread the love, We really appreciate it as we continue to build this monster that is the O. G.
Until next time is Andy Markowitz wants needs and demands that you know, as always let's go big blue.


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