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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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What is the best version on Daniel Jones? Adam offers up a range of stat lines for Andy to choose from. Andy in turn poses a current QB comparison that should get Giants fans excited- can Adam hit the mark, and do the guys have the path for Daniel Jones to be the franchise QB we all want him to be? All on a jam packed New York Football Giants podcast!


Ah Yes.
Friends Welcome back as always to another episode of O. G. P.
On a friday morning where I am adam arm brecht.
And over there is the healthy, the wealthy, the well rested and wise.
Mr Andrew Mca wits adam.
I gotta tell you I had a couple weeks away.
Was down in florida getting some some sun.
Um You know what? I'm a little injured this morning.
I think I got some swimmers ear from jumping around in the ocean and a little bit at the pool.
Uh You know I'm going to play through it.
I was questionable coming in but listen true warriors and True champions know that you've got to come out and perform even on a friday morning edition.
Andrew you know Andrew Mca wits comma warrior I think is the way that usually goes.
That's the way that I've heard it framed before we come in on a friday after Andy got some fun and sun with the family.
Well deserved rest as we say.
And now it is of course we're in the off season.
We're working towards O. T. A.
We're working towards learning some things about not just the returning players, the free agent signings and then of course the rookie draft class as well.
One of the little news and notes that came across the line to is as seems to be the case right.
The uh, the Giants and the New England patriots always have a connection through Bill Belichick now through joe judge and through yet another player.
Adrian Colbert has been signed by the new york Football Giants.
This offseason safety 27 years old.
I mean I think we all have a familiarity with him just from seeing him on the field for New England.
Doesn't surprise you at all that the Giants brought in yet another safety and Adrian Colbert because you, you, you have Mckinney from last year, You have peppers, you have Logan Ryan.
Do you feel like this is another crowded body in the room or veteran player that judge want to take a look at? We remember the rumors about majority possibly this offseason as well.
Yeah, I mean listen, we're at the time of year where you want to bring in as much competition as you possibly can into camp and I think people have some massive Overreactions.
Oh, is this the end of Julian love? Is Xavier Mckinney not looking healthy and like we don't need to read too much into it.
Think about this.
You know, you have the 53 man roster, Maybe it maybe 54 55 Covid, you know, depending they're almost doubling that in terms of the players and bodies that they're bringing into training camp.
So when you think about the depth of the safety position they could bring, You know, 80 more into what the starting roster is going to be to actually bring in some competition.
So, you know, Adrian's another guy who, you know, is kind of bounced around and familiar with the organization.
I'm fine bring him in.
It's the same reason why I'm fine bring in any of these players.
Kelvin Benjamin is fine, Corey clement is fine.
Let's get a bunch of depth.
Maybe even veterans that have been around the league to push some of these younger guys to make sure that that they don't feel like their roster spots are secured.
And it's interesting to think about guys up to 90 players, you know, in camp every single year for NFL teams.
When you cut down to 33 55, you know, all of a sudden the market becomes flooded with hundreds, literally hundreds of players become available over the over a stretch in the off season.
And it's interesting because a player that doesn't fit for the new york Football Giants could be a number two on a depth roster, right? Could be a depth piece somewhere else.
I don't mean, you know, number two wide receiver, but when you talk about your starting linebackers, hey, here's a guy that gets 30 30% of the reps and the Giants are moving on because we have young rookies or young second year players, another team in a deep playoff run championship mentality says Boy, adding a missing component like that is just the extra death we'd like to have going to the regular season.
Yeah, adam.
I think one of the other things that people should know about any of these signs that come after the draft or just around the draft in in the final terms is basically, what does the actual contract look like that the Giants are signing them to like, what is it, A lot of money upfront, is it? What's the dead cap hit if the Giants released them? If there's no dead money for the Giants, it's like a free lotto ticket for them to bring them in and it doesn't count against the cap.
So like keep in mind the types of players that require guaranteed money or the guys like Richard Sherman that are still sitting out there being like, I'm not taking a deal to just come into someone's training camp to be cut.
Like if you want me, you got to make sure that you guarantee me money to come in and then I'm going to be a starter on this team.
Any of these other guys that are signing these contracts.
These are just to see if they can make a roster and if they do, that's when the contract kicks in.
But if you see someone getting signed right now and there's no dead money, if they were to cut them, then that's kind of an indication of where they stack rank on this roster for sure.
But I think it's good.
And we said this before that last year the Giants were signing undrafted rookies to try to replenish the roster.
It's about bringing in some veterans, taking a look at some guys and helping I think to your point, push some of these young players and make sure you get the best out of the, the youth on the team.
Over the course of the training camp in O T A S, we move over to some old line shatter maybe mad hatter, I like rhyme schemes, I want people to know that up front.
We we said this I think last time that we were on one of the last episodes, people came out with the starting rosters and there's a part of me that thinks, oh well if this is what you think the starting roster is going to be, I can understand why you think the Giants aren't gonna be as good this year by you know, some metrics.
Offensive line obviously was a huge topic coming into you through and even after the draft, but there was one report where I think it may have been bleacher report that said predicting the Giants offensive line was starting for the entire team when they got to offensive line.
They have Nate solder starting at left tackle, Andrew thomas, starting at right tackle and part essentially as we would assume being a backup swing tackle in the rotation.
Lemieux at guard by the way, they're still putting gates in there and I'm not sure if they said Hernandez was going to be at right guard or not a bit of a mixed bag on that side.
Just what, what's your general reaction to that? Because I'm not even going to go and I'm not attacking this from a Nate solder standpoint.
I'm just attacking it from a logic standpoint.
I think we'll a lot to unpack here.
I have said on this show before, when we were talking about what we do with the number 11, pick it for Sean slater is their ***** Sewell falls to the Giants at 11.
I could see a world Where Andrew Thomas moves over to the right side.
If you think pencil is the most generational left tackle set it and forget it for 15 years shows that in training camp I would not be opposed to moving.
Andrew thomas.
What I am opposed to is moving.
Andrew thomas for a guy that's been out of the league for over a year who when he was in the league playing for this team, did not perform very well for the Giants, has only gotten older since then and has been had to take a pay cut just to be able to stay on the roster and we want to put him in at left tackle over.
Andrew thomas who developed over the course of the season, looked better in the last five or six games, looked like he was getting his legs literally and figuratively underneath him at that position.
And so to me this makes no sense.
If you go this route, The last thing I will say about why this is nonsensical is because you have Nate solder, he's not the long term option at left tackle.
So you move him over there, You're changing.
Andrew thomas your first round, pick all over the place.
Okay, When Nate solder performs mediocre or less than expected, are we going to shift Andrew thomas back over there in the middle of the season? Are you planning on moving matt peart? And even if there's a world where Nate solder is mediocre, just average left tackle, he's done after this year.
What's, what are we doing at left tackle again? To me, it just raises so many other questions and doesn't solve any of the problems that we really have.
Listen, I couldn't I couldn't frame it any better.
And I think the idea that you maybe you're gonna be in a position where you're gonna put stock into matt peart to replace Nate solder maybe and keep thomas at the right side, you know? But it's like saying, well, if you feel good enough to put matt, Purdon at left tackle, then why isn't he starting at left tackle to begin with or you know, whatever it is, it just seems like to me and we, we know we've, we've been hard on or at least I know I've been hard on Nate solder over the course of the last couple of years, specifically with his play on the field.
But I look at Nate solder in the same way that we look at a Colbert, the same way they look at kelvin Benjamin, the same way that we look at any of these veteran players were bringing in this offseason.
I look at him as a great veteran presence to help push the young players be a source of information for them.
And ultimately though, I think he'll make it through potentially beyond this roster.
He's just a depth, hey, good to have in the locker room kind of guy.
See Adam I go a little bit differently because you know that I, I have not walked the plank as far down on me, so don't write guard again with you.
Well, no, no, not necessarily.
What I'm saying is I said early on in the off season when Nate solder restructured, even before he restructured.
I said there is a world where Nate solder ends up being our right tackle starting the season.
And I do think that that is a possibility.
And I'll tell you why if you start Nate solder and he's struggling a little bit, You can bring in matt Peart who kind of had that same role in in last year's team and you can just say, okay, listen Nate, you're just gonna be a plugging plugging guy when someone gets hurt, you're gonna move across the line.
That's kind of what you're gonna do if you start matt Peart and he struggles early on and you pull the trigger to move to Nate solder in game two or game three.
Like is that the end of matt Peart at that point? Like it's easy to take the veteran who can show kind of the ropes and then you can casually move him out when, when you think it's time and use matt parties.
He grows, I don't think you can do it the other way.
And so for that reason I think there is a window Where solar can be the starter at right tackle in week one.
No, listen, uh that that sound logic to get to that place.
I think for me, I would hope that Matt Peart clearly wins the job in camp and it eliminates that.
And then eight soldiers, the backup swing tackle and you're right.
It's hard to go the other way with it and say, well, it wasn't going so good with Matt per, but we'll send it out with him, we'll bring him back now, we'll switch him. Don't worry.
We have long term.
We think we're, you know, it's the same thing with Will Hernandez, right? You, he was in there.
You gave him the chance when it didn't work out. You went to Lamu.
We all feel like, hey, if you maybe get a chance to battle at right guard and find a new spot for yourself, that's great.
But you lost the role last year and barring a collapse from Lamu, you would think that it's his job to lose at left guard.
Likewise, at right tackle.
I'd like to see matt Peart assert himself in camp enough where you say, hey, he showed it last year, sharing time with Fleming.
Now he's earned that role Nate solder, you're here to be the, just in case.
And by the way, if one of those two players were to get hurt, if one of them got to a place where it was, that's it. It's over.
There's no pressure on Nate solder, you know, best case scenario he comes in, he performs average and we go, oh my God, look, you know, the savior that is Nate soldiers.
So who knows? Maybe he can write a bit of a story for himself.
I'm sure that we're going to hear a lot from thomas and from hurt throughout camp and throughout the season.
What a, what a resource Nate soldier has been.
How much it's helped their game improve over the course of the year.
Keep keep in mind Dave Gettleman, when everyone's like, where was the offensive tackle in around 12 or three? Like where was the guard? Like what's going on? And he's like, well, apparently you guys don't like our offensive lineman as much as we love them and we're like, yeah, Dave, because they struggled last year.
You didn't do anything to improve them.
You got rid of our best guard.
So yes, we may have some concerns.
He's like, you don't see what we see.
I'm like, well, Dave, guess what? We saw it for 16 games and it wasn't great.
Now what I will be saying is you can see matt per and Will Hernandez working out in the off season together.
They are grinding matt Peart looks chiseled.
Will Hernandez was putting up some reps that I didn't even know he had in him and so they are pushing themselves to get better in the off season.
Maybe that's what Gettleman was alluding to.
But sometimes when Gettleman gives those quotes where he's like, you guys don't see what we see it, it's like, yeah, we saw for 16 games, it was the 31st ranked offensive line in the league.
Like what else are we supposed to see? And that's when you talk about right, the thomas Lemieux Gates, Hernandez part line up across the front, just youth all across the board, even some chatter out of camp, around the young man that we got out of.
I think it was out of florida, the young center.
I want to make sure I get that right claire that we brought in after the draft supposedly they like the idea of building him as a potential replacement for nick gates at center.
Should they not be able to bring him back next year? That's for next year.
Other information that I want to get into is of course the season.
Listen, if you know me beyond the Giants podcast, you know that I also cover the nets for locked on nets as we head towards the playoffs, historic season for Kyrie Irving this past year, joining just the ninth player in history to join the 50 49 90 club, 50 from the field, 40 from beyond the arc, 90 From the Free Throw Line.
And it got me thinking, I mean, listen, that's the gold standard, right? But what is the 50 40 90 club for Two Bs? Because before I want to get into Daniel jones and what where we want to set our expectations for him and what expectations we set for him individually and how it correlates to team success.
But what do you, if you had to come with the touchdown interception completion percentage ratio? What do you think would be that equivalent gold standard that we're talking about? You know, that's something that historically has only been done single digit times in the NBA.
Where would you set that bar by NFL standards? Uh, that's that's a great question.
I mean, we're talking about gold standard like you're basically a top five guy at your position in the league, I think, I mean, at minimum You gotta throw for 4000 yards.
I think Toucht to interception.
I think you've got to have a 3-1 touchdown to interception ratio.
So maybe, let's say, I don't know, 36 touchdowns to 12 interceptions.
And I think if you could have a quarterback rating over 100 is that kind of what we're looking at them? Yeah, I think that's that's pretty solid baseline, right? And then if you talk about like the elite of the elite, right, you might be saying 40 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and then completion percentage, let's see a thing.
It's 72% or something, right? Those numbers that when a season like that comes up at the yardage in which I think is, you know, fluctuates these days with the NFL and how open the offenses are.
But by that standard we all step back and go, my God, tom brady drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, right.
This was one of their historic seasons inside of their career.
And that's what got me thinking about Daniel jones.
Because what is the ideal version of our quarterback this year where his individual success equals team success? So I kind of, I came up with, I came up with this touchdown interception completion percentage model and I just wondered if I threw out the idea of this player could go 35, 13 and 65%.
Daniel Jones could go 30 10 and 68%,, Or he could go 25, 8 and 70 completion.
What is, what, what to you inside of there? And listen, you know, this is this is dartboard conversation here, but which one of those do you think correlates to the biggest success for the Giants this season? Yeah, I mean that's uh that's a great multifaceted question at him.
I like the way that you phrase this because there there's a few things that player one do we have a healthy sequin Barkley in the backfield, right? Because if he is healthy and we have a little bit more of a balanced offense, then does Daniel jones have to take as many shots down the field? Do we have to score in bunches? Is this completion percentage get a little bit lower? Um, The second thing is, is our defense still atop 10 defense in the league because if they're going to keep us in games, do we need daniel jones to take chances down the field? We've talked at nauseum about turnovers being the biggest issue with daniel jones.
And if he can eliminate those turnovers, all the advanced metrics talk about his passes downfield are very accurate.
His completion percentage for a rookie was better than josh Allen's was better than Sam Donald's.
Even in the year two, he was better than those.
So when you think about it, I would kind of go with option B the 30 and 10 is the one that I like probably because I said the 3-1 touchdown to interception ratio was was right where I wanted.
I think 30 touchdowns, especially with the extra game this year would be a good stat line for Daniel Jones.
And I think, you know, I looked at like you go to the lowest one and because the completion percentage lowest by, you know, touchdown standards, but 25 8 and 70 and you mentioned Jaquan Barkley, the note that I had right next to it was breakout year for Sequin Barkley, you know, return to form year for Sequana Barkley, where what you get to do is as Daniel jones is say, yes, I have all the weapons I have everything that I want to do, but I get to be highly accurate, right, I get to pick and choose my throws, work through my progressions, find the right read in every single set because Sichuan Barkley is the engine that's moving this offense up and down the field with consistency.
That's exciting.
But I don't know if it, you know, we've seen plenty of teams that have running to actually go for big yardage every single week and they don't necessarily win a lot of games.
So to your point, you know, the middle 30 10 and 68 the completion percentage is high enough there where you feel like he's making the throws that you need to, the turnovers are low enough that you think when he's in the red zone, he's checking those boxes and getting touchdowns, not having turnovers that are costing us a three point game To become a 10 point game, late in the sequence is, the hard part for me is I want to go for the big numbers, right? But I don't think that, I don't think the best version of Daniel Jones is a guy that throws and listen you say 35, you know, that's a big number.
35 and 13.
Like, hey, and I'm even using that 13, the turnover, not just interceptions, right turnover totals.
Let's bring all those numbers down collectively.
But I, I'd be hard pressed to think it's almost funny too, because I'm creating a little bit, I think of of of a difficult narrative, 65 completion percentage, but 35 touchdowns, it means that you're kind of muddling through in between the twenties and then you're getting hyper accurate and successful in the red zone. That's great.
But Daniel jones has shown, right, he still may be coming out of that learning curve where you protect the ball more as you get closer to the red zone.
So adam I've been thinking long and hard about Daniel jones and what he needs to be or what is a good calm for him.
This may sound a little bit far fetched.
Um, but when we look at the stats and, and the breakdown of the stats, not that he needs to be this player, but but he needs to be able to put this type of performance on the field.
Give me the, give me the numbers first of this player.
Don't give me the name yet, right? Because this is how we end up having, you know, do you say the name? Everyone's gonna go crazy.
Okay, so if I told you that Daniel jones would have 3900 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 12 interceptions With a 67 completion percentage, how would you, how would you feel about that? See that? Listen, that that's not, not too far off.
The 25 8 70 line, that's kind of that wheelhouse there.
To me, that's a that's a little bit better than a game manager, right? Because he's mitigating some of those, those risks there, of turnovers.
Uh, I would be excited about that, but you know, in my heart when I like it to be bigger and better. Sure.
But that's a solid season with consistency where a quarterback is controlling and guiding his team on a weekly basis well, so, okay, we're off to a good start.
I feel like those numbers are top half of the league.
If you look at it the way it is, the completion percentage is great.
The yardage is great.
If I told you that this, uh, this particular player had nine fumbles last year, The over under nine fumbles, how would you feel in that regard? Well, because then you're talking about having almost 20 total turnovers.
So if you know now, if there's a, if there's a, if there's a bonus stat that tells me rushing touchdowns are rushing yardage, maybe I take that into account, but nine fumbles is a little dangerous for me.
That's a lot.
That's a fumble every other game, you know, for my quarterback.
And I'd like to see just like you talked about the 3 to 1 ratio, I probably want to see a 3 to 1 ratio games to fumble.
So, you know, 17 games, I want to see those fumbles closer to five and 10.
That is absolutely fair.
I think, um, I'll pause here and ask if you have an idea of who this player is that I'm comparing Daniel jones do God, I'll do that day.
Okay For the, for the listeners.
We did not us, who the player would be.
I said I was going to do some camps and we're gonna figure this out so far.
You have, you have a few key metrics and stats and I feel like you, I've given you interesting enough, I've given you a comp that's kind of in the range of what you said, you'd hope for Daniel jones to be able to have.
So we're circling the wagons.
I'm just curious if you know who the player maybe that I'm comparing him to.
Yeah, I'm just, I'm running through names just to have them, you know, have them in front of me.
Feel like I have an opportunity, like the first one that jumps in mind was like a Ryan Tannehill, you know, it feels like that kind of stats that are maybe underwhelming game to game.
But then by the end of the year a guy like Jared Goff came to mind, oh, you know what, I'll go, I'll go young quarterback.
I don't think this is right though.
I think it's because I don't, I don't think it is.
I'm gonna go young quarterback.
I'm just gonna say, I'm gonna say Kyler Murray, you would be correct.
Is popular? Yes.
I thought it was gonna be, um, I almost thought was gonna be teddy Bridgewater for some reason, like lingering in my mind and I couldn't, Oh wow.
Hey, you pulled yourself from out of the depths there.
You're going Ryan, Tannehill, you're thinking teddy Bridgewater.
If we, if we had some sound effects in the background, we would, we would have a, you know, some fireworks going off.
So the correct answer is Kyler Murray and obviously I buried one of the key stats, which is the Russian piece of things for Kyler Murray.
And you actually alluded to that adam with the fumbles, you're like, well, maybe if he's a guy that gets out there a little bit more and he's multifaceted and the reason why he's a good compass because daniel jones while he is not as explosive and athletic as Kyler Murray, he does have top 5 to 7 quarterback ability in terms of athleticism to get out in the pocket and make plays with his legs.
Kyler Murray had 800 rushing yards last year.
He had 11 touchdowns rushing last year.
So when you think about it, he was multifaceted and he had the dynamic of being both an accurate passer as well as a Russia that added 10 more touchdowns to his touchdown total.
And so that's kind of where you take the tough, you know, fumbles into account.
But kudos to you, adam, what are your thoughts about the comp to Kyler Murray? You know, as the player that is kind of like if he could do that, we would sign up for it.
I'm still basking in my own glory.
Um No, this actually is really good because I I pulled it up while while you were finishing some of those extra stats around him.
In terms of the yardage I pulled up, right? Q. B. R.
69 almost 70 QB.
Are, you know, listen, that's 14th in the league.
And we've kind of said this with consistency, right? Do we think do we think that Daniel jones could be the long term franchise quarterback? Yes, we do.
We think that he's going to go and become a top five quarterback in the NFL this year? Maybe not, You know, Probably not.
But if you can be top half of the league, if you can be closer to 10 than 20, I think that that that is the recipe for success.
When we talk about where, where people have the giants finishing the over under mark, set for the win totals, all that stuff.
It's all predicated on we think that Daniel Jones is going to be, you know, 20th in most categories and muddle his way through the season, and the giants are going to lose some games because of him.
And that's why they're going to finish seven and 10.
That's why they're gonna finish maybe 89 right? But if you give me a Kyler Murray style stat line and I'll even say rushing yards, listen closer to 608 100 fine.
But if you do that for me, then I then when we talked about predict, you know, all too early predictions, then yes, 10 wins. Yes.
You know, maybe 11 wins, right? Because that means that he's protecting the ball.
It also means that he's being dynamic and making some extra plays outside the pocket with his legs at times.
Yeah, I think that's a great cop.
I think it's a great comp ahead of the season and say, hey, this would be a nice standard to set now.
And I probably say again, I still would like less and less running because he's not Kyler Murray.
So a little less rushing yards, a few less fumbles and maybe a couple more passing touchdowns.
Right? If you can give me 28 touchdowns through the air, right? And six or five fumbles for our young QB, then I'm all on board.
I would sign up for it right now.
I think the idea is also, and the reason why I used Kyler Murray.
People might be like, well, he was the number one overall pick, of course, like having a number one quarterback, if that's where he ends up, we'd be in great shape.
But to your point, yeah, he was, Kyler Murray is 14th in Q B R.
I'm not I'm not saying he needs to be tom brady or Aaron Rodgers, I'm saying he needs to get us into the top half.
It's the, it's the progression the defense has had when they were terrible all of a sudden they looked good and last year they were unbelievable.
It's like start progressing and moving it along.
And the perfect example is this uh Daniel Jones is 20th in Qbr, Kyler Murray is 14.
When you look at the players that are around Daniel jones at where he's at, you're talking about mitch stravinsky who is now backing up josh Allen, you have Ben Roethlisberger who the team would have released if they had the opportunity to but his cap, it was too much and Jared Goff who they got rid of and they traded away um and and actually you know traded away first round draft picks to get rid of Jared Goff.
Those are the types of players that are sitting right behind Daniel jones, that is a tough, yeah, like Daniel jones is in front of them, just full disclosure.
When you look at Kyler Murray, the couple players behind him are matt, Stafford, matt Ryan, the player that's right in front of him is Justin Herbert and Deshaun Watson's right there, that is a different level of grouping and it it just feels like a different tier.
And so if we can get Daniel jones to move to that next year, he doesn't have to be Aaron Rodgers, he doesn't have to be Patrick Mahomes, he doesn't have to be with Mark Jackson.
But if he can move into a top half quarterback of the league, look at Kyler Murray's compass as a way for him to get there and with this offense and the weapons that we have returning and what we did in the draft and free agency with Kenny Golladay.
There's no reason to think that Daniel jones can't do it.
Absolutely phenomenal reference points there in and around 20 and and around 14.
Right? Because when you say those guys towards those back end numbers, you go, I don't know if I want that to be my quarterback out there.
And you mentioned the second group we go, yeah, okay, here we go.
I like, I like what I like what I'm seeing there.
And that's the difference between this season for the Giants.
You know, listen, there's gonna be a lot of things to get into.
The receiving corps is gonna be new and dynamic sectors is going to be back, though.
The running back group is going to be better even behind Saskatchewan.
And yet we all know one of the most prevalent themes at the end of the day is going to be the play of our young franchise quarterback.
The way that he goes this year is the way that the team goes and is the way the franchise goes by the way, because if it's a miss, then that means we rip this thing apart and we're all the way back to square one.
If it's a hit suddenly we can start talking about being a consistent playoff contender in the NFC east.
And maybe one of those dark horse threats.
Remember friends once upon a time, a young plucky kid at old Miss came into the room high in the draft class with a lot of expectations on them.
Bit of a dark horse candidate, couple of MVPs later, I think we're all pretty satisfied you can follow us on social media at one giant podcast of course download, rate, review, subscribe, leave a five star rating if you can because it really helps us of course continue to build this uh little empire that we have here and by the way, we've been trying to transition, we're transitioning onto a new platform.
It has not been easy.
So we're still getting episodes out on the old platform, but there was a little bit of a lull there over Andy's vacation that we kind of fought our way through.
So thank you for bearing with us and continue to come back for more episodes.
Big shout out to ricardo over on Youtube for joining us live.
We'll leave you with his thoughts.
Daniel jones has no more excuses and as Andy Mac Os would want need and demand that, you know, as always, let's go, Big Blue.
Thank you.


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Big Blue disrespected in Power Rankings
The PICK is in: Welcome WR Kadarius Toney!
2021 NFL Draft: Gettleman and Judge Edition

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