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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy chop it up on the podcast: Where does the NFC East stand in the power rankings, are the Giants given a fair shake? Andy breaks down the Vegas factor in betting lines on division winners and Adam gets a little bullish off Jabrill Peppers social media spice!


Ah Yes Friends O. G. P.
With myself.
Adam Margaret joined over there are the healthy wealthy and the wives.
Mr Andrew mack.
What's how are we sir? Adam Loki.
May five is one of my favorite days of the year And I know and I think I think I know why because as everybody knows May five is an international holiday.
It's his birthday.
Yes it is my pop's birthday he turns three you know his big rewards.
I'll probably go to the pet store and get him one of those like frozen dog treats.
But more importantly on the walk this morning he got to decide when we turn left and when we turn right.
Big change in how we normally walk but you know leave it to him.
Happy birthday Auto.
Yeah he's born on a day where I get to have tacos and tequila.
So I'm we're all a happy camper today.
Big big life changes are coming for.
Otto used to be nothing but left now.
All of a sudden there's a world of right, it's a lender, you know, he's like turn left, turn, right, couldn't even, I'm not an ambi turner.
Uh we come in of course on a Wednesday and it is cinco de Mayo you're going to be enjoying I know some tacos and tequila today.
Courtney and I are going to be heading out to meet up with a good friend of hers.
I believe you're familiar with Madeline Post will be receiving some company here.
She's back east coast visiting.
We're gonna get together, we're going to have some tacos, we're gonna try to find some to cuba I don't care if you drink in the back alley outside of a liquor store, it's Cinco de Mayo Friends.
And here on the podcast, we're not gonna be running some type of theme around that.
We're gonna be sticking with new york Football Giants news and of course, the way that I think we start to take a look at this is going to be diving in on a little bit the NFL power rankings and just what it might mean for the new york Football Giants following the draft, because I think we anticipated there being a shift there, but Andy has not seen the results, so we're gonna have a little bit of fun and see if he can him down where big blue ranks by NFL standards.
Yeah, I'm excited adam, you know, we've got a little bit of the betting side of it, which gives me what I feel is an upper hand, but who knows if if the power rankings will match up post draft, you know, everyone comes out of out of the draft giving Dave Gettleman and joe judge a huge amount of praise for what they did to fill out this roster.
Let's see if that materializes in terms of where they rank the Giants against other teams, especially the NFC East teams.
And let's start out with a little bit of fun here.
So the power ranking is gonna be the bulk of this show and we're gonna, we're gonna get some pretty, you know, deep dive into to what it may mean for the new york football giants.
But before we do on the lighter side of things, I gotta ask you Andy, do you like a little bit of pepper with your steak? Of course, of course, I'll take a little pepper or a little plot of, you know, a little pepper sauce you need all in because Jabrill peppers, listen, thinking ahead to whether or not he'll get that next big contract from the new york football Giants that's up in the air.
But following the draft, he immediately trolled the philadelphia eagles with a post on social that said the difference between being drafted by the Giants then by the Eagles is clear and it's got Darius Tony in full new york football Giants gear, he's holding up the jersey, he's got the sweatshirt, the hat full, just smile ear to ear on his face.
And then on the other side you've got Devonta smith, he's got the jersey.
He's also just wearing a pair of headphones looking kind of sullen.
Is this what we should expect? I mean are these two receivers? They clearly got the mixed bag of results that you would anticipate on draft night.
Devonta smith looks like he's waiting for his burrito Bowl at Chipotle and he's got his head phones and he doesn't want anyone to talk to him.
Where calderas Tony is sitting there like you said, grinning ear to ear, being like someone asked me a question about how happy I am to be here and you know, I love it, I like the rivalry.
The giants as you can tell, are getting a little bit more confident.
We've been the doormat for quite a few different years in the NFC east.
You can start to see the culture change and you can start to see the team being more confidence, what you're seeing is to Darius Tony and Devonta smith are going to be forever linked together.
And there's going to be comparisons between the two players for as long as they play for the Giants and the eagles respectively.
And that makes sense because the Giants really did want Devonta smith and you know the eagles came up, traded with the cowboys to get him the whole cir***stance and how Devonta smith became an eagle and how to Darius Tony became a giant inner links them.
And I'm guessing That, you know, they're going to be compared to each other for the next 10 years at them, The bigger news for us and obviously what we're gonna spend the bulk of our time on here is the NFL power rankings Andy, let's have some fun here first.
Let's start with this.
Give me the range 1 to 30 to give me the range that the entire NFC East falls within, highest ranked team to lowest ranked team.
What's the top position? Not to go to the team yet, but what is the highest ranked position we find the NFC East and what is the lowest? Ooh, that's a, that's a good one.
that one to me depends on how they feel like a couple of teams addressed things in the draft.
If I had to put numbers on it, I will say that they have A range of 13 2, 27.
Okay, so here's the good news.
27 spot on the nose and maybe we know which team that would be in the east, But we're gonna, we're in for some disappointment here because 13 is about six spots too high coming in the 19th position is the highest ranked team.
Who do you think it is? It's gotta be the Dallas cowboys and it's got to be wrong.
It's the Washington football team coming at 19 and these updated in the last 24 to 36 hours and we're going off of NFL dot com.
So this is what the league feels like is the correct and accurate rankings of all these teams.
And the Washington football team was previously at 18 and dropped a little bit.
So I wonder how, how they're looking at the quarterback position obviously coming in the off season.
But then ultimately who they added in the draft and maybe whether or not by NFL expectations, they should have looked at the quarterback position and maybe said, can we get the young player in here, the heir apparent and allow Fitzpatrick to move it down the line coming in at number two in the division.
I'm going to guess the Dallas Cowboys and what position do they find themselves in those power rankings friend? Well, I had them higher according to everyone else's standards.
You know, I'm pretty far off, but I'm guessing they're going to be 22nd.
They come in at 21.
We, and we'll go ahead and rounded out here by letting you know that the giants are narrowly behind them at 22 and then the Eagles come in at 27.
So to your point, I mean you thought you had, you would have had Dallas up there at 13 just outside the top 12 of the top third of the league essentially.
Are you surprised by that specifically because the Dallas cowboys, you know, Dak Prescott back and the wide receiver group, they have their, they have a veteran offensive line and they addressed some key areas on the defensive side of the ball in the draft that you thought would maybe move that need a little bit higher for them.
I'm actually surprised that the Washington football team is higher than Dallas, but I mean it makes sense.
The Washington defense is really, really stout.
Um, you know, they, they're the ones that I feel like had the biggest question mark at the quarterback position.
They kind of tried to piece mail in kabul it together last year.
Uh, I don't know, I'm not as big on Dallas as other people are, as some of the betting websites would lead you to believe that that they are the favorite in the NFC east.
I just assumed because of the star, they want to move them up a little bit in the power rankings, Be a little bit more provocative.
I mean, Dallas being at 21 is kind of where I feel they are.
I'm just surprised at the power rankings didn't have them at a better position.
You know, comparatively You got to remember the two.
So from a Washington standpoint because you would think that maybe that the Dallas, the Dallas will be a little higher, although reality I guess is they, they have been underachieving team for as good as they have been.
And I wonder if the NFL rankings kind of punished them for that.
Uh they were by the way 22nd and moved up a spot 2 21 the Giants moved up a spot from 23 to 22.
And then for the eagles they actually fell a spot from 26 down to 27.
The one thing I'll say about Washington though, you gotta remember this draft class that they got, you know, it does hinge on what Ryan Fitzpatrick is.
Right, How many games do you get fitz magic for this season? But when you have McLaurin, they signed Curtis Samuel in the off season, they drafted my boy Tommy brown in the draft, like they did stockpile of this offensive side of the bowl and set it up to have some pretty, you know, potentially some good success as long as the line holds up, remember they still have Antonio Gibson at the running back spot. So sneaky.
I, you know, sneaky team, I think the Washington football team, we all assume that because they don't have either one, a young quarterback like the eagles do or a commodity like us as well, right? Or a commodity like Dak Prescott that automatically, you can kind of write them off as being a muddling team.
Just, you know, they're the team that scares me a little bit.
This is not surprising where they have the Giants at 22.
When, when you think about it adam, what pick did the Giants originally have In the 1st round of the NFL Draft? That will be number 11, No 11.
Do you know where the 20 being the 22nd team and the power rankings put you at the 11th worst team? That's what it puts you out.
So like there's no shock or surprise that they put the Giants right there.
What surprises me is that indicating that after this offseason that the Giants have had with the additions of Kenny, Golladay, Kyle, Rudolph, you know, getting Leonard Williams, resigned, grabbing Ojul Ari, you know, going and getting hilarious, Tony, putting all these weapons around Daniel jones having say Qanbar Barkley healthy.
The Giants haven't moved the needle or haven't moved done enough to change where they finished last season.
To me that's shocking, you know, having the cowboys at 21 I get it, they were picking 10th, they kind of moved up, you know, right in front of us to 10, they have Dak Prescott coming back, they addressed some defensive needs on that side of the football.
But really this to me, Kana seems like a little bit of a forest because it's basically saying the Giants finished as the 11th work, you know, worst team last year, we're gonna put him as the 11th worst team to start our power rankings, Like way to go out on a limb and maybe do a little bit of ****ysis on the off season free agent signings and the way the Giants knocked it out of the park in the draft well.
And to be, to be fair to, I think because I I looked at these, I think two days ago and then to today they've even updated since then.
So there was a time when the Giants, I think we're closer, where the eagles are 27th or so as opposed to being up closer to the, you know, hired mid to higher twenties there and I will just out of curiosity Andy or just to let you know maybe When you said 13 for the, for the Dallas Cowboys, the question would become uh, teams like san Francisco 49 ers starting at 12 in the rankings.
Then the cults, the chargers are there though at 14.
That maybe surprises me a little bit.
The dolphins at 15 cardinals at 16 Vikings at 17.
So like those are a couple of the teams, I think to your point and then even the Raiders at 18, there's three teams there and the Raiders, the Vikings and the chargers, because the charges are still a young team, they do have solid weapons, you know, all across the board.
But those are three teams that are a little bit surprising.
It does feel like maybe the NFC east is just kind of getting shoved into this, you know, mid, slightly back into the pack and that's where they just think that division overall is going to be based on last year, but not taking into account what certain teams did or did not have available for them.
If you think about it, philadelphia started Carson Wentz, who was just abysmal last year, like one of the, you know, statistically one of the worst quarterbacks in the league almost ever.
And then you look at the Washington football team, they had four different starting quarterbacks within like the first six weeks of the season.
You know, Dak Prescott goes down with an ankle injury.
And so the only consistent one was Daniel jones who even got banged up and had to miss some time as well.
Like the quarterback position in the NFC east is going to look drastically different this year.
You know, it is kind of listen, it's deserving, I guess to start, you know, the FCS didn't really do themselves any favors.
Dallas defense was like all time historically terrible last year.
I don't know if they fully addressed the needs on how to improve that defense the right way.
Um, but oh, the right way.
Very interesting choice of words from Andy Mackiewicz, they got Parsons, they got your bill cox, but the right way though, you're taking some risks on some, maybe some, you know, guys that aren't quite, maybe not health, maybe not personality fits.
Is that what you're saying? Andy is that, that's a dig at the Dallas cowboys.
Listen, I'll take it, I'll take a dig at Dallas anytime I can, but not, not even, I mean take the risk factor aside, which I think is huge with all of these guys that have all field concerns, which is just so Dallas to, to be able to do this, just take the town, we'll figure it out.
The star all work itself out great fine.
But also like positional e.
They need help in so many different areas.
Cornerback position is the one where like they just need way more talent than they have now.
That's why jaycee horn and Patrick certain being gone at pick number 10 was debilitating for the cowboys.
They, you know, the safety position, they're still, they're still a mess at the safety position.
Like their whole secondary people are gonna throw the ball all over the yard.
I don't know if Parsons and you know, dribble cox, whoever is going to solve that problem.
So for me, like I think Dallas got their defense marginally better, dan Quinn will marginally help them, but they still have the talent, the secondary and I don't think they really did anything in the off season, earned the draft to address that.
So, you know, for me, I'm still not sold on where Dallas is overall shout out to our boy joseph clark on the youtube, watching us live.
And to his point, I like the idea of, you know, 22nd. Okay.
It's a nice floor for the new york football Giants and it's something you can grow from.
Like, don't, don't help us yet.
Don't hype us up too hard yet.
Go and feel free to sleep on us as the season starts and maybe we get to catch a couple of teams by surprise.
Adam we're going to get into some of the betting odds, which I think will show you some of the trends and where things are going.
But let me start you out with with two questions really quick.
We'll see how close closest to the pin you can get before the draft and in the off season.
What was the Giants odds to win the Super Bowl? Do you have any any idea what they were? Oh God.
Austin is the Super Bowl plus When I do this and you know, I know you know, I do this in a wacky.
I always do the plus whatever it is.
So uh, plus 6000.
So it was plus 5000.
It was 50-1 for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.
You have the Giants in the draft.
They address the needs that they do coming out of it updated odds to win the Super Bowl.
Football Giants, what do you haven't met now? Adam 38 - one.
So now they're at 65 to 1.
This is the amount of disrespect that is being labeled on the Giants.
Like Gettleman went out and had a great free agency.
He went out and everyone said, you know, David a trader over here like crushing it for the Giants.
What a steal they got No Joel are they address the address position? And the Giants moved back to 60 5 to 1.
Like I'm glad I haven't put in any of my NFC east bets or my Giants bets yet to win the Super Bowl because the odds are like, are there gonna be 100 to 1 before the season starts? Like, I don't understand how this is all going backwards, but I will take it because it means we will be cashing bigger checks when the giant surprised everyone this year.
Now let's talk about what you said, the Vegas odds within the division because I did throw a couple of shekels down on the Giants someone the division.
I threw it down I think when it was uh, you know, 4.
5 to 1, I also threw it down a little bit earlier when it was like 5.
5 to 1.
But to your point around the, around the power rankings does what we see from a betting standpoint line up with what the power ranking suggests.
It does not.
And I'll explain a little bit more detail why that is.
Um, but just just to run it out there.
The betting favorite in the NFC East is the Dallas cowboys at plus 1 25 which means if you were to put $100 bet on the cowboys, you'd be raking in 100 and 25 bucks coming in.
Second is the Washington football team at plus 2 60.
Um, Third is the Giants at plus 400 philadelphia rounds everything out at plus 4 50.
So any initial thoughts that you have there at him and then I can kind of break down those numbers and, and, and what it means.
Yeah, I mean, again, I think that it would, I think it should in my mind makes sense that Dallas is the top dog in this division, but, and maybe maybe it's not right because that's really a solely predicated on Dak Prescott, right? If you look at all the quarterbacks in addition, you say, well, Dak Prescott is the clear Pro Bowl talent quarterback proven commodity and that's what moves the needle for you.
Why I, I do find it interesting that the Giants are so much closer to the eagles as far as odds to win the division as opposed to being a little bit tighter because to me it should be as much of a toss up for the Giants to be able to take it from the Dallas cowboys as opposed to the Washington football team.
So that, that's the biggest surprise to me.
Like I feel like the Giants should be in line with Washington not falling, you know, not falling towards the back into the pack and basically saying the Giants have better odds to finish last in the division than they do to win the division.
You are spot on.
The first thing that I thought was, wow, the Giants are closer to philadelphia than they are Dallas.
Now, here is the thing that people need to remember and the difference between Vegas odds and what people actually think about those teams.
What Vegas wants to do is get as much even betting and even liability across the board on all of these different bets so that in an ideal world they want it nice and even spread across that 11 team wins, they rake in the other three teams that everybody right.
And then all of a sudden, like if they have it all balanced in terms of uh, You know, there's $10 million 10 million on this, They end up making a profit.
So what Vegas is basically saying is, look, we no doubt Dallas didn't win the division.
We know Dax coming back, we know Washington may even be a better football team, but we're getting so much action on the Dallas cowboys because they have such a big fan following like the new york Yankees or like the Lakers or Celtics that we don't need to give long shot odds on the cowboys to get people to entice them to bet.
Whereas, you know, for the eagles, people are saying, man, Jalen hurts is coming and coming in now.
They lost Carson Wentz, we don't know.
So they jack up the odds two plus 4 50 to say we need more people to be throwing down some action on philadelphia to level the playing field.
We're already getting enough betting from Dallas is basically what they're saying.
Which kind of makes sense to me.
It's it's the yankee factor where it's like people are going to go to Vegas and throw down $500 on the cowboys to win the division.
No matter whether those odds were plus 1 25 or plus 3 50.
Right? All right.
So there's just safeguarding against the idea that no matter what Dallas is going to see the action.
So why over pay for people that think they're gonna win the division? Whereas we get a nice little bang for our buck if you throw down the odds in favor of one of these lesser teams.
And interestingly enough, as I said along the way here, the Giants at one point were the bottom of the division, they were excited to finish last by Vegas odds.
And I, so to your logic, because we've done this before where you kind of, you break it down, understanding and doing more betting that I certainly do.
But to my logic, those terrible odds that they were putting the Giants out for a while was kind of playing with the idea of, oh, you think, oh, you you think the Giants aren't that, you know, they could really be storming the division, whatever we're giving you great odds over here, put your money down friends, even though even if you don't think there's gonna be last or second to last in the division, the odds that they win the division are not in real, in real life, right? Those expectations are lower, then maybe Vegas would have it at, so they're still gonna get great value on those bets as well.
God, Vegas is smart. Yes.
I mean, there are a business making money.
Like think about it.
That's why the Washington football team is ranked higher in the power rankings.
But then Dallas is the betting favorite in Vegas, but just because of the money that's going to be coming in.
So it's one thing that I try to tell everyone about betting football games.
You know, you see a spread and you're like, wow, Vegas thinks X team is going to win by X amount of points and that's not what what betting lines are, which it took me forever to realize this basically Vegas is saying, what's the number? Where we can get both sides saying, we think this is a really good amount of points, right? And then if you can even that out and you take you take the ***ue in between, then Vegas walks away as a happy camper.
That's basically what's happening here with Dallas being the betting favorite.
Yet, power rankings are suggesting that they're not the best team in the division.
I feel like there's been a number of times when I went over the, over the years when we've been talking about something a game obviously and I'll say like, oh my God, I think I killed they're favoured by that much.
And I literally, I had, I said deja vu moment where or its and anti matter what's going, you know? But what, what that is, is Vegas as what Vegas is trying to do here.
And I'm like, yeah, yeah, but they're not that good of the team.
It doesn't, it doesn't add up friend.
I just don't, you know, so it is, it's interesting to, to see these lines and to try to gleam what, where's the reality right? Not just what Vegas wants to make happen, not what the NFL is, putting a power rankings from a pure talent standpoint and then everyone having to play against each other and all those factors that come out of the wash before we do.
I want to move into as we get out the door here, we're going next week, the schedule is gonna get released and I just want to kind of reset the table from an opponent's position here because there are gonna be some interesting now matchups potentially for the Giants along the way, but just real quick in the, in the, in the NFL power rankings.
Uh this is just for fun just to see if Andy's on point.
Give me 1 to 5, Give Me 1-5 Power Rankings in the NFL as it stands right now.
And I will I will give you the hint that there are two NFC teams and three A. F. C.
Teams in the top five.
Okay, so I'm gonna go Tampa Bay.
I'm gonna go Kansas City.
I'm going to go oh three A. F.
C. Teams. Huh? I'm going to go.
Do you want me to give you an order or just I want to order? Oh you want them in order.
O number three.
I'm going to say they have the Green Bay Packers and then four.
I'm going to say they have the Buffalo bills And then five.
So I need one more A.
F. C. Team, interesting.
So you got the Bills, You got the Chiefs, Who else would they have? And then they've got the Cleveland Browns at five.
I gotta sell the Steelers maybe.
I don't know what they got.
Listen, you nailed it one through four, you nailed it bucks.
Chiefs Packers.
I think Packers are the interesting one.
As good as we all know how good they are, but just you know, everything going on there.
Uh fourth is Buffalo Bills.
And then listen, you mentioned the browns there at seventh interestingly enough.
And there's one surprise I think very surprising team listed here right now.
Steelers are 10th.
So you know, because I think that everyone kind of has their down on Ben Roethlisberger coming up.
The list would be the Rams at nine.
The Seahawks at eight.
I mentioned the browns at seven.
Here's a shocking team though.
The new Orleans Saints are still sixth.
I find that to be very surprising given the retirement of drew Brees and the general, you know, you have to wonder even though and that's the Sean Payton impact for sure there and then it the Baltimore Ravens, I mean on a neutral field you're telling me that you would take the Ravens over the browns right now.
Like like that that's what these, those rankings to me that that's nonsensical because we're going to go easy on a neutral field if the Browns were playing the Saints right now with the roster that the browns have, I would take the browns in that game when you don't even know, you don't even know who's starting a quarterback for the States.
Like that is the most shocking like like you know what? Listen the Ravens, they have Lamar Jackson, they had a really up and down season.
I mean I bet on them to win the Super Bowl last year before the season started and they just, I didn't really fully ever get it together and if they met on a neutral field, I mean the browns have everything this year.
So that is surprising to me.
I'm I'm shocked that the Ravens are as high as they are.
And how about this two out of the bottom three teams are the of course dead last 32nd of the jaguars and then 30th or the Bangles, I only bring them up because man young quarterbacks obviously joe burrow coming back from injury.
They drafted, you got Chase, you got you know Jamaar chase, Tamar Chase, you got your car chase there.
Almost want chase Young, I confuse my own brain and then the jaguars, I mean listen they got Trevor Lawrence, they got, you know, I mean they did a lot of things, those are just excited.
Like if you are fans of those franchises be excited.
Well, first of all, because there's only one way to go and that's up.
But because you have a lot of young talents.
So those are teams that I think again, I sometimes young teams that are rebuilding rosters.
They can sometimes catch guys off guard, especially early in the season.
All right.
As I said next week, the schedule will come out.
Let's just get out the door on the idea of recounting the schedule.
What what do you think is going to make success for this team? We can think about projecting next week.
What are going to be a couple of the teams when we talk about who the giants are going to play? We know we got that 17th game now against Miami.
I feel like that's about as bad of a draw as you could get as far as we get the matchup for the extra game on the road.
Remember the Giants are gonna have nine road games and only eight home games.
Just give me, give me a couple of teams outside of the division that that you think it's going to be important when we play those teams throughout the season. Yeah.
So the dolphins is one because their roster is is pretty loaded.
They don't, but they don't know what they're going to be getting from to us.
So I find that one fascinating.
But I'll pivot to two other names.
One is a home game and one's an away game.
The I'll start with the away game, the away game against the Chicago Bears, that game when it gets scheduled.
The timing is going to impact the Giants significantly because think about it one Matt Nagy has a great record Bears head coach in early in the season in september.
He's usually really, really good.
They're going to have a veteran quarterback likely starting in Andy Dalton.
So you're gonna have that if the Giants get them later in the season and you know, the Packers are running away with the division, that means it's Justin fields time, you're going to get a rookie quarterback against what we're hoping is a top five defense in the league.
So you know that game when it's scheduled, if that's weak, too, Not great for the Giants, if that's week 13, I think that actually would help the giants out significantly.
Um, what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, it's, I think we said this last year to write because the Giants play the Bears last year.
Yeah, So I think we had the same conversation about, about wanting it sooner in the season so we could maybe catch the defense off guard.
Now it's the factor of the quarterback position and saying if you see it late enough in the year now they have a little spark From the young QB, they came up with us by the way.
So you know, the results right in front of us are wide receiver that we take a 20 their quarterback, they come to get at 11.
That one makes sense to me.
I think, listen, there's a lot of other teams depending on how things shake out.
You know, one that I'm excited for.
I won't say concerned about when I play them, but I'm excited for games like the Atlanta falcons because that just feels like a firework show kind of game right to it's gonna be too high powered offenses.
We know what we hope our defense is capable of and that could be the kind of game where you go, hey, guess what if all of a sudden we're shutting down a little bit of Julio jones, right? We're taking on the stud tight end that's going to be out there on the field for them as well along with Calvin Ridley.
Like that's an exciting barometer for where the offences.
And I feel like actually I'll say that's a game that I'd probably rather see middle of the season, once the offense has a chance to get its legs underneath them, get new weapons, you know, Stephen Barclay back healthy Golladay Tony, you know, you're, you're bringing a lot of new things here on the offensive side of the bowl and feel like that's going to be the side for the Giants that needs more time to find its rhythm.
So a game like that will be, I think will be exciting test to see how explosive can we be offensively and maybe the other one man.
So there's so many rough games here And it's like, when do you want to, when do you want to play the Super Bowl champions or the Super Bowl runners up? Right.
Is there a good or bad time to play those teams in a season? No, there's not.
And so those two teams I have completely disregarded.
I actually prefer Atlanta later in the year.
Like you don't matter anymore.
They've got, they've got to buy locked up. That's great.
I want Atlanta later in the season.
I want matt Ryan outdoors in the Meadowlands, freezing cold and being like, I don't want to be here.
Um, the game.
So there's 22 home games with one in particular is the Carolina panthers.
The fact that they treated for Sam Donald and, and he's gonna be acclimated.
He's never played with any of these players.
He's got this offseason that's half virtual, half not.
I want Carolina panthers week one so that we can get him, you know, pass rushing right out of the gate, get him seeing ghosts again, you know, in the Meadowlands, there's one other game at him that's going to be interesting and not necessarily when we play them, but we have the denver broncos on our schedule.
And knowing the fact that like they're still all of this swirling with Aaron Rodgers like that game right now we don't even know if it's going to be drew lock or teddy Bridgewater.
You feel decent about that game at home.
They trade for Aaron Rodgers.
We don't have the packers on the schedule this year.
So that would drastically change the outlook of oh game.
We feel like we'll be favored in and can get a win verse maybe where five or six point underdogs with Aaron Rodgers coming to the Meadowlands, you're throwing all the division games.
Obviously the even even the Raiders are one that I think I'd rather play earlier in the year than later because they just strike me as a team that whatever they're going to be, they're going to get better by the end of it, you know, trying to get that defense sorted out.
You always like to play them sooner too.
So listen, we'll be back in of course, next to go back on friday as well.
But next week, when the schedule gets released will start to break it down.
We'll do our all too early record predictions and where we think the Giants can find an advantage over the course of the year out the door.
On this notion though, what makes a successful season for the Giants, you know, two sentences or less? What is the record number 17 games now? Is this, you know, can they go 89 and still feel like they've accomplished something or is the pressure on to be an above 500 team? I think really the goal is for me it's eight wins minimum.
So in eight and 10 season showing progression, moving the team forward.
But really what Marx as a successful season is us finding out that Daniel jones is a top 15 quarterback in the NFL.
If we get, I don't even care about the winds as much as long as we know what we've gotten.
Daniel Jones eight wins and Daniel Jones being the future of the New York Football Giants.
I would check the box and sign up for it.
Now. There you go and listen.
Andy works in sales, not accounting.
8 9 would be the record he'd be looking for there.
We don't know about this 18th game of the season that listen, we don't know where and who knows maybe and he just wants to get another game and at the end of like we need more money pandemics.
We never yet, we never know the NFL and the proverbial spaceballs to the search for more money.
We'll be back in on friday breaking down all the new york.
Football giants, news friends.
This is now even more exciting times of year, right, we get these rookies into the camp, we wanna start seeing what they're gonna be doing.
The schedule predictions never stops.
The NFL truly is a full year round league.
Follow us on social at one giant podcast.
Follow the podcast, leave a glowing review.
Five stars or bust if you so please.
And as one Andrew McA wits would want would need and oh by the way, would demand that, you know, as always let's go Big Blue.
Yeah mm.


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