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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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The Giants get a massive haul of picks while still grabbing a number of exciting prospects. Kadarius Toney, Azeez Ojulari and Aaron Robinson headline a great class of talented rookies to help bring the New York Giants back to the playoffs! Adam looks back at the draft perspective we SHOULD have had, while Andy highlights Urban Myers sadness.


mhm mm.
Uh huh.
Uh Yes.
Friends On a monday morning as I get the frogs out of my throat it is O.
Coming to you live on Youtube As always bringing down the NFL draft that was along with myself out of arm wrecked, joined as always by the healthy, the wealthy and the wise.
Mr Andrew Go with Adam.
It must feel like it's like January three for you where you get through the holiday season and you have your Hanukkah, your Christmas, your new year's, you're partying, you don't have any work to do and then all of a sudden like January three hits you.
Like I have resolutions that I need I need to get back to work.
I need to stop all the libations I've been drinking.
Is that how you feel now that the NFL draft is over? Well let me in on let you know a little secret here France between us.
Don't don't don't share this with anybody.
But uh so you know thursday night, big draft night, obviously the big first round pick and then friday and second in the third round.
Then it gets into the weekend.
So Kourtney and I went up to the cabin that we mentioned a couple times before on the podcast, so we go up there and we have a, just a restful, we just did a day trip, came back the following day on saturday and while we're driving home friends, I say, I say these words, I go, man, you know, like imagine leaving something important at the cabin that you had to go back for because it's about a three hour drive, 3.
5 hour drive from, from where we live.
And she was like, oh my God, that should be so brutal.
So we drive back and we meet up with my dad, we have a nice dinner, we get home 11 3rd 11 45 at night, open up the back seat of the car, pulling bags and I go, hey laptops not here.
And she's like you know you're hilarious, what a jokester you are and I don't know it's not here cigarette, maybe it's at my dad's next morning, wake up 8 45 go to my dad's, it's not there and it's back to the cabin.
I drove over a 36 hour period.
I drove something like 18 hours including a day trip.
That was a 7.
5 straight shot, walked into the cabin, picked up my laptop from the couch, right back into the car and right back down the highway.
Yeah and that's gonna be a tough one.
Like once you grab the laptop you're like oh thank goodness.
But then you got to like literally turn around and get back in the car, what did you do to keep yourself occupied for? You know the six and a seven hour round trip during, during your Yeah, I enjoy music, you know, so the strokes were a big part of my journey.
Uh modest Mouse was a big part of my journey.
Talking to myself was a big part of my journey.
And then also because yes, where the cabin is the radio does fade, there is not going to be ESPN radio at where I'm going.
So I thought a lot about the Giants NFL draft and how I would look back on it when we came right here this morning.
It was almost like you subconsciously left it there so that you can have 3.
5 hours each way to get your mind right.
Um What you think Dave Gettleman did right and wrong in this year's draft just had to digest it all.
I just needed the time alone And by the way, so let's start there.
Obviously we're going to get into all the pics that specifically the players that were drafted by the new york football Giants.
There's some some things that did come to mind over the course of the draft, that that maybe was a dose of reality or reminder about how we should think about the draft specifically around our team in years past.
But what was your overall takeaway, we know, trade downs, multiple trade downs for the Giants in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
They trade up in the third round for a target that they want.
Did you feel like the Giants really came into and out of this draft with a one a plan in mind, a structure of how they wanted to approach things and then check the boxes that they wanted to well, so I think this is the best draft that the Giants have had in over a decade.
I think going into it, there was a lot of concern about was Dave Gettleman gonna get value? Were they going to reach for an edge rusher? Because it was an area of need at 11.
What were, what was going to be the pick, where were they going to take certain players and guess what, all that you read is the planning that joe judge and Dave Gettleman did in terms of scenarios and players that they wanted.
It felt like the Giants weren't rigid in this draft that, you know, overall I give them an a minus is my, my great for them, I want to give them an A plus, but there's kind of two things that are holding me back here at them and I'm sure you're probably thinking the same thing as me.
One is was surprised that we reached as far as we did, um, in round one to get to Darius Tony.
But we can get into some of the affirmations afterwards that we've heard about that pick and number two is we actually didn't draft an offensive lineman during this draft, which absolutely floored me.
If you had given me me a wager on one of my betting sites, if the Giants are going to take an offensive lineman in this draft, I would have lost a significant amount of money.
Well, yeah, yeah.
Listen, I think and so that's funny because we'll get into in a second here.
But overall, I thought it was great.
You know, when you talk about the moves that they made, obviously you get draft assets for next year's draft class, where what the reports are is that it's a very deep draft and that many GMS.
We're coveting the idea of being able to pick up chicks next year and kind of safeguard against an uncertain draft class this season.
Or maybe guys that have some small injury concerns or and not even off the field, but just saying, where's the tape? Right.
Some guys opted out.
Some guys got partial seasons and even guys that came back and played mostly full years.
It's hard to gauge what competition they're playing against and what the true value of some of these guys are.
So I think that there's there's validity in having both the positive general positivity because I think every regard about it was That the giant one fleece, the Chicago bears, like it felt like they got a whole to move down to 20.
So your point about taking the wide receiver there.
That at the time in the moment I maybe thought about quitting quitting pay or maybe one of the offensive lineman or things like that.
But it's hard for me to then hang my hat on that when on the back end of it.
And this isn't just because we didn't take them, but guys like quickly pay even he seemed to fall into this category with away and with some of the other addresses where they good players, but they're not finished products yet.
They're still going to have to work right.
They're still going to have to refine their game a little bit.
So I think that maybe is the difference between seeing value at a position of need like a dress or like offensive lineman versus saying this wide receiver talent is incredibly highly regarded.
We had one I think it was, I don't know if there's Mel Kiper, another scout that said he had heard I was listening to the day to a couple of coverage around it had him as the third best wide receiver behind chase and I think smith maybe.
So he may have even put him ahead of waddle ahead of smith one of the two there.
So even if he was the fourth best, that was very close to those top three guys, I think that that also buoys the value of taking him there at that selection while still getting really good value that point as well.
Yeah, I mean, overall look, you know, I'm starting to warm up to ca Darius Tony as a pick.
I didn't mind taking a wide receiver there.
You and I both probably had Rashad Bateman is a little bit more polished in someone that if we're gonna move up a little bit to get, um we would have been excited excited about it, but when we talk about uh you know, that pick in particular, uh it kind of set the stage for how we were going to draft from there on out.
But like we talked about, I was shocked that that plan ended up not having an offensive lineman in there.
And if you hear some of the quotes about it, you start to understand kind of where the Giants when it wasn't that they were against taking alignment, they just did not see the value at the picks that they were presented.
No, exactly, right.
So, I mean you're talking about again the value, so at 11 you're sitting there and saying even if you like to end up not taking equity pay when they had the chance to, but even if you like them at 11, where is the value there? And then when you get a team like Chicago who wants to come up to target a player, you feel like we now have a chance to again stockpile picks going forward and still give ourselves a great opportunity to get a quality player.
But I will say before we get into specifically the, the picks that they made throughout this draft, there was something as I'm referring to, the philosophical reminder, so when we came into it, there's a couple things that we talked about leading up to the draft, one was offensive line in general.
The, the NFL consensus is if you have three guys that you have 3/5 of your line that you feel you're locked into your a good place, solid guys, then you want to supplement them with two respectable right serviceable, sometimes veterans or sometimes developmental players.
So I took a step back, go back to last year.
The new york Football Giants spent a first a 3rd and 1/5 round pick on the offensive line and they also moved nick Yates into center now.
So you can say, you know, Lamu fifth rounder, okay, you know, there's some questions there, but at the very least you if you're the Giants, your dave Gettleman joe, don't you go? We did it, we did it.
We spent three of our draft picks last year on the offensive line and put Gates in a new position that we liked him at and by the end of the year we really liked what we were seeing across the board from all these players, even from Andrew thomas who struggled early matt, peart flash that Shane Lemieux, we know pass protection, you have to work on that.
But he was a beast in the run game.
And in the footnote to it to me was Wayne Gold.
Remember we were saying God Wayne Goldman's finally putting it together.
Maybe it was just the offensive line was putting it together and Wayne Goldman was reaping that benefit.
So I cast my mind back there and thought, okay, so the Giants are a little bit more bullish on the offensive line then we maybe thought and then you combine it with where they're picking and if the value is correct.
But I I think that the Giants look at and say we feel really good there.
Edge rusher is a little bit different because you see that they take multiple picks basically from the second to fourth round.
So the mid rounds there and they wanted to rebuild that.
They wanted to make that better.
Little surprised about, you know, cornerback and going to those waters, but likewise cast your mind back and think about the hits and misses they've had in the draft at that position.
And you feel like even though we may be this is kind of the one where you go the other way with it.
We were excited about Darnay Holmes, but you know, little flashes, but there's still some question marks there.
So bringing in more value with that position seem to make sense as well.
So just I realized that you really got to go back and not look at it from the outside or what maybe we think they need or want.
I'm sure you're going to see them next year go after an offensive lineman.
You have to apply what happened the year prior.
I think a little bit heavier how they approach the draft because no organization is going to say We spent, all these pics, 80 of them are trash.
You know, your number two, you're not going to have that sense of that draft class.
Yeah, I mean, Dave Gettleman even said it himself.
He said, we like, apparently we like the guys in our building more than other people do and he was referring to his offensive lineman and he said, we've spent draft capital and we're letting these young guys build.
And you know, the problem is as a fan, we saw the offensive line we saw at times it was an absolute mess.
This is such a critical year to figure out what you have with Daniel jones that I don't want it to be that Shane Lemieux or Zach Fulton or you know, uh, Nick Gates looks like a turn style and Daniel jones is spending half the time on his back and we don't know whether or not we have a franchise quarterback.
And so for me, that's, that's the biggest challenge.
If he's saying that the offensive line is middle of the road in the league, which is what we needed to be in order to get a proper evaluation of daniel jones, then I'm fine.
But if the offensive line doesn't perform even with this draft being as great as it was, I'm looking squarely a gentleman again and saying, we all think that it needs help.
You're saying that you don't, you're there every day.
If it's not working midway through the season, How can we from 10 1000 ft away see this? And you can't admit a mistake or understand that it's an area that you need to address.
Yes. No 100%.
And that's why I think we, we hope right, we hope that it does all work out the way that gentleman.
And then I'll say I lean in on joe judge right and say I hope that you have this figure right? Because then it means we are on a very strong path forward.
And by the way and this isn't a good thing.
But stockpiling those picks the way they did does mean that if something doesn't work out a key position, you have multiples in the first and the third in the fifth I think the fourth round next year to be able to move around the board and address those areas of need.
We're going to now move into of course covering the picks that were made here throughout the draft.
A quick footnote that I'll say just to get it out of the way is post draft.
As we know the Giants like to get in there on the undrafted free agents.
They did sign Brett Heggie out of the center out of florida.
They did sign jake Burton, the offensive lineman out of Baylor.
And they also find Raymond johnson the third defensive end out of Georgia southern.
So just to supplement what they've done in this draft class, they did go out and get a couple of offensive lineman that, that they probably feel pretty good about and try to develop this year.
And you can look at a position of need like right guard maybe where it could be veteran in Fulton or just in the background here.
We we did forget, I will acknowledge and there is a correlation here to um, the N. B.
We're obviously cover that.
Um, you know, for the nets, jayson Tatum had Covid 19 early in the season and he's talked about how it really, really dragged him down.
He hasn't been to have the same energy and he's finally gotten back to that place here later in the season.
Will Hernandez also had Covid last year.
So there is some sense here that I at least want to, you know, and we said, right, if it's not working out, this will be the last year for him.
But I'm gonna at least give that opportunity for him to come into the season into training camp and maybe show that he does still have something and now you'll have him there with Fulton.
I think that's probably the safeguard they had by bringing in Fulton.
But maybe Will Hernandez can still be a starter on this line.
That would change our outlook to Adam, I don't know if you have the data, but did Will Hernandez uh contract Covid in like 2018 years.
How long, how long did the residual effects last for? For Will Hernandez? Yeah, he had pre symptoms, is what was the symptoms for? 2.
5 years then? Yeah, yeah, Perfect explains his poorest play for, for his entire Giants career.
But I don't want to get too far off off topic with Will Hernandez because you know, I like going down a spiral with that.
I want to talk about a man, an artist named young joe ca.
What do you have for me? Adam this kid's voice friends, this kid.
Listen, we're talking about Darius Tony and his burgeoning rap career, which he is a fan of.
He does it, you can find them on Youtube.
I think it's actually, it's quite good.
You know, it's very enjoyable.
The sound is lovely and inevitably so on the, on this podcast, just to shout out Tony if you want to come on and talk about exclusively your music, if you'd like to, we'd love to hear about it because we don't look at an NFL players or athletes as guys that can only be doing one specific thing without expanding their vision, possibly anywhere beyond the field or the court, etcetera.
But of course, naturally that comes up after Canarias Tony's drafted.
They say, boy, does this guy have the focus, right? Is he really about football the same way they do this all the time with Damian Lillard? Am I right? Yeah, adam this is my favorite part of this conversation is when they're like, his sole focus isn't on football, they did this, which, you know, Trevor Lawrence at one point, because he was amazing.
But with Darius Tony specifically, they're saying his emerging rap career is really going to impact, you know, his focus on the NFL, you know, he really needs to make football his number one priority.
It's a lot of undertones and insinuations and innuendos when Aaron Rodgers is hosting jeopardy, answering, you know, like asking questions and they said he prepped day and night for it, then after he's done with that, he destroys his front office and basically said, I'm never playing for you again.
And then he flies with all his buddies to the Kentucky Derby and looks like a, like a A guy from true detective out there looking for for his perpetrator, somewhere in the stands.
It's like, like, what are we talking about here? Aaron Rodgers can do whatever he wants, but kid Arias Tony can't have 200 views and and make it make a couple of YouTube videos like this is so nonsensical.
Listen, it's um, I mean, hypocritical comes to mind.
Um there's other things that come to mind when we talk about, if you're, if you're a prominent white athlete versus being a black athlete, apparently it just feels a little bit different when you have other things that you like to do as opposed to the proverbial, shut up and dribble right.
That that moniker seems to attach itself very heavily to to a specific demographic within sports because oh, rap, I couldn't possibly but jeopardy that's the thinking man's activity.
Like that must be totally okay.
And by the way to the overarching of all this stuff is always about talent.
It's always about results, right? If you, if you're really good at what you're doing, Damian Lillard ain't nobody gonna question what you're up to because it's always dame time when you're on the court.
So that, that's always the factor.
And then guys that do nothing at all away from basketball, away from football and are terrible.
Maybe they should do more.
Maybe you should take a parcheesi.
I don't know.
You know, maybe maybe diversify your time would help you.
Maybe will Hernandez would benefit from taking up some outside football activities to help distract his mind a little bit. Exactly.
And you know what? Listen, I'm not going to labor.
The point on Canarias Tony, he is a six ft £193.
They call like a human joystick.
They refer to him as like a Percy Harvin, a guy that can do it all.
He is an athlete.
He played quarterback in high school, broke a ton of different records, um, had offers from all the big sec schools.
He was to rank the 20th best athlete coming out of high school, decided to go to florida.
They've used them all over the field in a variety of ways.
And when you watch this tape, it's just explosive.
He's the type of guy.
It doesn't matter whether he's in the slot or he's in the backfield or putting him in motion like he needs to have 5 to 7 designed plays a game where they try to get the ball to him in space to see what's going to happen because he is that explosive of an athlete.
No completely different and unique than anything that the Giants have had at the receiving position arguably since Odell Beckham Jr right, A guy that you put the ball into his hands and it's just electric.
A lot of people have talked about even the idea of you went from victor Cruz, you drafted sterling Shepard, right? And then you move victor moved away from victor cruz.
Now you have sterling Shepard and you drafted to Darius Tony now you well probably after this season move away from sterling Shepard, right? So continuing to roll over that slot position on the roster.
But this player who, by the way I said slot, but you can put them on the outside, you can put them in the backfield, you can put them, you know, you're gonna be able to move him around the field and you use them in a lot of different ways.
And that's what I think makes it exciting for the Giants in general and then for Daniel jones as well because unique skill set that you're adding to a dynamic receiving room now.
Yeah, the one interesting note is that Darius Tony is one of the older players.
He's 22 years old right now, which is significantly older than some of the other players that are in the draft, like our second round pick.
Um, but overall I liked it.
I mean, how could you be upset when the Giants add a playmaking weapon to the offense that was lacking last year to begin with, You got to be excited that they're giving Daniel jones more weapons.
And honestly, if the offensive line plays the way that joe judge and Dave Gettleman think it's going to cost areas Tony, is that type of piece that could make this offense, you know, roll through the NFC east.
Especially if you think about the running game working the way it did last year, plug in Saint john Barclay instead of Wayne Goldman that already feels like a strength there.
Now you start to get really dynamic.
Now you start to get the guy in space whether it is Tony any of these wide receivers, including Evan ingram at this point, I don't get the space the ball into their hands and that just comes down to again pass protection, Give Daniel jones that little bit of time to find those rats.
And I think again, you know, I don't want to paint a positive picture in an area where I thought the Giants really needed to attack in the draft.
But if they're confident in how this offensive line has been constructed, then I'm really excited to see what this team looks like. Week one.
You mentioned A young player, something that I almost got away from me when we were talking about the draft overall.
We mentioned players like Joe Tryin who ended up going to the buccaneers and he's just 20 years old, right young players that you feel really good about getting because you can continue to develop and evolve them.
Aziz Oh, gallery.
Who we traded down from 42 and got extra picks and still landed.
What most people regard it as a first round town in this draft.
Also just 20 years old had had some of the injury concerns, you know, for himself and you wonder how, how difficult it was to make that selection in there.
I always do find it fascinating as well.
I could have taken him at 28 but if you take a 51 an incredible value, if the injuries are concerns, then they are concerns.
But all things being equal that he is healthy and ready to play for the new york football giants, how do you feel about that selection? The second round? Yeah, I mean his knee got checked out.
Uh, you know, as the social Ari was a guy that was, was one of the names I was bad at about, at the 11th pick.
It was, it was a name that came up.
Uh you know, is it quickly pays a Jalen phillips is you know who is the best edge rusher in this draft? There are projectors that Profootballfocus says the best pass rushing grade of any edge rusher went to is ISo gallery, like he is one of the top pass rushers that was available in this draft.
He had any injury in high school, they were worried about it being an arthritic knee, I think it was James andrews that actually checked him out and said no, good to go nice, perfectly fine, it's healed great.
And so you know, that was a guy that the Giants liked, but they really like the idea of ac***ulating getting assets and ac***ulating value of making the value match up with the pick and that felt really consistent In this draft.
The Giants kept saying, we're not going to just like put a square peg in a round hole and pick a guy 20 picks early just because we like him.
We really need the value to match where we're selecting.
And that's why the Giants did a masterful job in the first two rounds, ac***ulating assets and getting Aziza Gallery with the 50th pick, You know, it's a ***y pick for uh steal of the draft, you know, or best value pick.
You see, you know, uh uh Mel Kiper.
And and those guys are basically saying the steal a draft is Israel's y 50 how could you not be excited at him? Yeah, and I think, you know, again, so it's like tying back into right offensive line players.
I think if Zizou gallery isn't there, if they, you know, they want to trade down and get those picks, they were comfortable enough to trade down from 42 say, let's see where the board is, Ifo gallery isn't there.
I would have been interesting to see where would the Giants have gone by the way.
I think that as we're gonna, we'll move into the round three here and beyond where the Giants go to a position that we maybe didn't necessarily have high on the board.
But if you remember when we talked about it following the first round setting up day two, I said, I said, well, I wonder if if cornerback might be on the radar here.
And I thought maybe in the second round with another possible trade down opportunity, It ends up coming in the 3rd round At 71.
They trade up just half dancing around this draft board friends moving up five picks from 76 to get their target and by the way, they utilize that fifth round pick that they got in the trade down with Chicago to move up.
So you get yourself the extra asset to then be able to go and attack a player that you feel you really want to get.
And that's Erin Robinson, the cornerback.
Obviously surprised, I think, you know, there's no other way to put it surprised that that was the selection of the third round again.
At that point, I was still thinking offensive line might be an option for them.
Um But what what where do you, where did you take that pick? How do you think it fits in? Because when you look at this roster, we know what they did in the off season and then let alone a lot of returning players, a very crowded room now at the cornerback position.
I love the maneuvering that the Giants did.
It wasn't that we just traded all of our picks back, it wasn't that we moved all of our assets, we did a little bit of everything, which shows the Giants were getting creative.
We planned for the future by getting a ton of assets for next year.
But then that fifth round pick that you mentioned from the Bears, we used it to move up five spots to get the guy that we wanted.
They use that asset brilliantly.
Like I thought that was such a great move.
They said that they had erin Robinson in the discussion at 42 he was one of the five guys they were deciding between at 42 that's how high they had him ranked on the board.
Most people said that he was going to be a mid second round, early to mid second round pick and he slips, He keeps flowing down the board and the giant just said there's too much value here for us to pass up.
I love the pick just because I wouldn't have liked certain at in the first round at, at 11 because I would just feel like, you know, the value doesn't match the need, you know, that, that type of thing that we're talking about before, this is a great pick.
Everyone is saying that he's going to be able to come in and compete with Darnay Holmes for a starting spot in week one and that's just gonna make both players better and it's going to make our nickel packages in slot corner that much better.
So for me, I'm excited about it.
We definitely just got better at the cornerback position.
It may also be telling that maybe there's a cornerback Ghana roster that maybe they the art thinking too much about.
Well, it's funny, right? I mean, the first guy that comes to mind or at least because you know, for for me anyway is darn it, Homes just got drafted fourth round selection.
We thought maybe flashed a little bit, but when we know it was a hodgepodge and just trying to make our way through the season last year at the position and and 1/4 round pick isn't somebody that automatically needs to be a starter for you, let alone as a rookie.
So I think Darnay Holmes now gets bumped probably down into that depth role potentially if this young a player can go ahead and call me to camp and take a starting job of course one, Samuel Beale who made that choice to opt out of the uh opt out opt out of the season last year, we know we spent a conditional third round pick on him.
He didn't really pan out now, you know what I mean, technically we're entering year four, but it's really your three.
And what it really is is it's probably, you know, the last the last stand for him.
So I think, you know, this is the other piece because we know we're gonna touch on the on the other picks as well, but they do go into the corner back room again here in the draft.
And I think this is the one position that the Giants that Dave Gettleman, they are, you know, firing bullets.
They're they're taking their shots, right? We know what they did to try to go get the andre baker and that didn't work out compensatory pick on deal.
That doesn't work out.
You trade for Yatim.
That's a nice band aid, but probably not the long term solution.
So this seems like the position, go out and sign a premier player at the position in the off season.
This has been the thorn and Dave Gettleman side and I think he's going to keep trying to get that value.
And to your point, a guy like this falls that you had graded in the second round talent area, that means that maybe we've got now you can make the argument.
We got two first round talents in this draft and a second round talent out of our first three rounds while also ac***ulating draft picks for the future.
Like you can, like how do you even put all that together? It doesn't compute to me.
So whether or not you necessarily like the players, the fact that we got the value, you know, where we did on these players, plus ac***ulating assets.
The first three rounds were an absolute home run.
And to be honest with you adam, Our 4th round pick, I didn't know very much about candidly before the selection, but um, why don't you talk a little bit about Ellerson smith? Yeah.
Honestly, I mean to say that he flashed across the board, you know, in my name when I'm scrolling through and doing the pre draft of, yes, I saw the name, but it wasn't one that I stopped on and it wasn't one that I did a ton of research on.
And yet what we end up getting is a six ft six or maybe even a little bit taller, you know, 66 ft 6.
5 by some measurements, £262 coming into the league.
And, and he's a guy that has all the natural athleticism and agility that you want an edge rusher.
So it's the length I think, you know, I think of him like one of those athletic, you know, natural athletes think of a and I don't mean in comparison in terms of the player and the quality or what expects of them, but a JPP who comes in with natural athleticism and all of the measurables that you want out of the position and all you really need is development has to get a little bit stronger, has to work on some of his techniques.
But I think this is the guy, there's a world that were 34 weeks into the season and you're seeing ose gallery and you're seeing Ellerson griffin and that is the edge rushing group on the field for the new york Football Giants.
There's there's a chance here that the Giants have stolen a starter in the fourth round of the draft.
Yeah, so you talk about the athleticism Adam, he had a 42 vertical jump which puts him in the 99th%ile in terms of athleticism.
His broad jump put him in the 94th%ile.
The guy is a crazy athlete.
His his broad jump was seventh best of anyone in the draft.
So when you think about that, like he's 66 like £250 and he's still doing that with, with his athleticism, it's incredible.
And you know, a lot a lot of people said that he was a standout in some of the different Senior Bowl drill stuff that everybody was doing.
Guy had 14 sacks In, in in 2019 so he can really get after the quarterback.
He is a developmental pro, uh, project Jordan Runnin, I think was the one that that said he could be a better Kyle Kyler Fackrell in his one of the comparisons that he said, but you gotta be excited.
The giants obviously knew that they needed edge rushing.
They got a gallery who was one of their main targets to begin with and then you take a developmental one that has a chance to be great in Alison smith.
So for me, really happy about that pick, I'm excited to see how he comes through in camp.
I'm sure that once, once they get him out there for, you know, rookie days and things like that, he's gonna be maybe the guy that stands out more than anyone else because of that athleticism.
Yeah, flashing right, we're gonna see that in training, you're gonna hear about him in training camp is the natural athleticism.
Hopefully you're not going to hear about it.
And he just sweeps around Andrew thomas and would have gotten to daniel jones in a hurry on that one and he turned matt heard into a turnstile yet again, it's like no, that we don't need that, like that would be bad.
So as we wrap ourselves up here, the Giants did take in the two oh one, they took road Arrius Williams and yes, I jumped past 1 96 and that's because this is my highlight special.
I've talked about different running backs.
You listen, I like, I like me running back and if you're going to take a guy, there's a couple of reasons why I love Gary Brightwell.
I think this was a nice out of Arizona 5 11 almost to 20 so right off the bat and you know what I'm gonna love him is because this dude is the battering ram, he's a bully, bully running back, short running back thing we don't have as a complement to see Kwan Barkley and even booker and the guy.
The thing that I don't want to have to do with consistency is really put his head down and get into the scrum.
Sometimes I want to have that guy that I run into the field to say, yeah, go get me those little short yardage plays for, for ourselves, you know, he doesn't have tremendous speed and he doesn't need tremendous speed.
Arm tackling is not going to be something that brings him down, he's going to fight through those very easily.
And then more importantly, or most importantly, I think to me is that when you go back and look at his collegiate career guy doesn't have a lot of tread on the tires.
This is a guy who only had 89 carries this past season in his sop****re year, only had under 100.
So I like getting a fresh body and I think so often when we talk about drafts and sometimes guys that excite us, like I was excited by Kenneth game, well are excited by Jared patterson.
Well, guess what Jared patterson was exciting and they were running the heck out of him at the college level.
It doesn't mean that it won't be a good pro, but in terms of longevity and getting value out of the player, this is a guy that looks like he's going to fit our specific needs.
And I would assume he has every opportunity to plug himself in as the third running back on the depth chart and going into the season with a very specific role carved out for himself, as long as he shows everything we want through training camp. Yeah.
And the only other footnote I'll add because you wrap that up masterfully is that he played all different aspects of special teams uh in college as well.
And uh I don't know if you know adam but joe judge used to be a special teams coach.
So you know, maybe we'll draw some correlations that not only can he potentially be that third running back in the room with Booker and Barkley, he also provides additional value across the entire, you know, entire team in a in a whole different unit outside of the running back room.
Yes, no 100%.
And that's what we've we've seen this now the last couple of years from the Giants guys in the late round picks show me versatility, show me that you can do different things for this team.
It's why captains at college were finding their way into the Giants roster, especially last year with guys like cam brown and carter Coughlin.
We will of course be back in, this is going to be now.
It ramps up in a different way now we'll get into these players even a little bit more on Wednesday.
We'll take a look at the, at the roster here and say 53, that's all we get.
We only get 53 spots here.
Who are the guys we did this going back a handful of weeks around, where is this roster going to be? And who are the guys on the bubble? There's a couple of names that we mentioned back then that I think are maybe even falling off the bubble as in in the wrong direction.
We can maybe already earmarked some of them to not be a part of this team.
And that's the difficult part guys that we're excited about and want to see do well two years ago, the chance comes and goes just like that.
It is the NFL it happens in a hurry.
But at the end of the day, Friends, this was an exhausting weekend to to try to want to be a part of this track it and be excited about it.
I'm glad that we got through it and I'm incredibly excited about what the Giants put together out of this weekend.
If I can leave giant fans O. G.
Fans feeling good after this podcast, we said we gave him an a for their draft, they traded back.
If you don't know about Darius Tony, get to learn who he is.
He's a crazy athlete.
And if you want to feel good about yourself about that pick, you kind of looked around said who why did they do that? Urban Meyer is the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.
He had the 25th pick.
He said there was one pick in the draft that literally broke his heart and that was the Giants selecting to Darius Tony because he said the guy is a human highlight film and they were going to pick him with the 25th pick.
So feel good.
Giant fans.
We may have gotten Devonta smith taken away from us at 11 but we took to Darius Tony away from the Jacksonville jaguars of 25.
Didn't need him.
Don't want him hope the eagles fall flat on their faces. Anyway.
You can follow us of course at one giant podcast on social media, you can follow the podcast itself, downloaded, rate, review, it lead those five star reviews if you're so inclined, we really appreciate it.
We will be back in, as we say on Wednesday, breaking down the roster, looking ahead to training camp.
This is when it gets even juicier.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.
Now, we're talking about young rookie class and what it means for this team and what the expectations were gonna set for a naturally 17 game season.
Until next time.
Friends as Andy Markowitz would want need and a man that, you know, as always, let's go, Big Blue.
Mhm, mm hmm.
All right.


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