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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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The Giants did it! A trade down with Chicago and land WR Kadarius Toney at 20!
They also received a 5th round pick this year as well as a 1st and 4th next year - its a big haul, and the guys talk Toney, and reset the board for Big Blue on day 2!


mm hmm.
Ah yes.
Friends. It is O. G. P.
One giant podcast on a friday.
Well as always, I'm adam are joined by the healthy, the wealthy and the wise.
Mr Andrew Markowitz.
How are we sir? I mean if the NFL draft could take any longer for the 1st 10 picks, like I could have probably gone shopping and then came back and still would have been on pick number four.
That was excruciating and then add to the point the Giants end up.
You think they're picking at 11? No, no, they continue to move back further.
So guess what? We all have to step just a little bit later last night.
You better believe it.
I had a friendly wager over under, you know, I said, I basically said an hour 15 after the start of the draft.
Like at once the first team was on the clock for the New York giants to pick, I wasn't too far off on the 11th pick around 935 that came up.
But then as we know, the big news was the new york Football Giants traded down from the 11th overall pick with victory lap for yours truly, the Chicago bears.
This is one of the scenarios that we talked about and I thought was really, really a real possibility depending on how the quarterback board kind of, you know, worked itself out.
Certainly there was a shake up, so to speak with Trey Lance going to san Francisco 49 ers that opened things up.
Um, sidebar, Bill Belichick and the patriots just next level mind games.
They do absolutely nothing and still get exactly what they want out of the draft.
But At 11, the giants come up and here's the things that happened around them that I think are worth noting they come up in a spot just before it really, I should say The Philadelphia Eagles make a trade in division with the Dallas Cowboys giving a third round pick to get up to the 10th overall pick to take Devonta Smith real quick.
Let's start right there.
Do you care that that happened? Do you feel like the giants got snake bit and had a, had their, their receiver taken out from underneath them by the eagles? I do.
I think the giants were fully prepared to take Devonta Smith at 11.
Um, and as cir***stance would happen, uh, you know, the Dallas cowboys make a trade with the philadelphia eagles and come up and they take the stand in front of us.
I think there was probably a discussion between Dave Gettleman and the Chicago bears that basically said we're planning on taking Devonta smith here, but if he's not, we're all open for business at this point.
And you know, adam it felt like a roller coaster watching this draft because there was kind of the highs and lows where you kind of see the wide receivers are still on the board.
You think, oh Denver doesn't need a wide receiver at nine and Dallas doesn't need a wide receiver at 10.
You almost assuredly think that you're getting Devonta smith and then things change.
But I will say it went from, you know, heartbreak to excitement at least for me adam when the Giants moved out of the 11 pick.
My only thoughts on, on the scenario there I think listen what you learn and we're going to get into the Giants pick once they trade back to 20 obviously.
But I think what you realize after the first round is the Giants.
Yes, they were commit.
Looks like they were committed to getting a weapon to getting a wide receiver That was the goal.
But what I will say is there is no world where if you heard that the Giants had traded up to nine with the Denver broncos and gave up a third round pick for Devonta smith or if they had done it with the Dallas cowboys and given up a third round pick to make sure that they got Devonta smith, that would not have made me happy.
And it's not, it's not, it's not a referendum on Devonta smith, but you cannot be trading like as good as devante smith. Maybe.
I think it's a mistake if you're philadelphia to be like, we're going to give up draft assets to move up to get this wide receiver.
I just think that the class is too deep at that position and you're really costing yourself a little something extra.
So it may be the case that yes, the Giant would've been happy to take smith, but I don't think that they were, they weren't remotely concerned around the idea what if the eagles want to make a move, right.
I don't think that that played into their mind.
They just said if the eagles want to do something, so be it and then we'll deal with it from there.
And I do think that you're right then, once that happens, and we saw the way that the QB board falls Chicago wants to come up and make a big splash and get and get Justin fields and bring in their new franchise quarterback.
We end up getting from them trading down to 20 picking up 1/5 round pick this year and then also picking up a first round pick and 1/4 round pick in next year's draft.
And Dave Gettleman was was quoted as saying it was really important for us to get a first round pick in next year's draft because of all the weirdness around this year's draft, the uncer*****y around so many prospects and knowing whether or not you've really hit your value mark here.
It was it was a weird off season as, you know, weird season, weird offseason, no combine all of those things.
So I think the Giants got tremendous value in trading down to 20.
Yeah, Jordan Brennan said it best.
He said that uh, picks in next year's draft are considered quote unquote like gold right now.
And the reason why is because this crazy off season shortened seasons for some of the teams in the, in the Big 10 and the pac 12, a lot of people opting out, you just don't know what you're getting some of these guys, it was 18 months since they last, you know, snap the football.
And so everyone's saying you're gonna be able to do a little bit more diligence, you're gonna have way more tape on these guys going into next year.
So I gotta say I was extremely happy with the Hall of the giant scott.
Getting a first round pick is huge.
Getting 1/4 round pick is something that they could potentially, you know, a couple together with something else and move up next year.
But also getting that extra fifth round pick.
We still have to figure out some things along the offensive line, whether we package some pics to move up and and target a guy we want or we we kind of take what we did with Shane, let me last year and take a little bit of a flyer in one of the later rounds.
Yeah, I think it's nice to get that fifth round pick, not having one this year does give you that flexibility.
Maybe move around the board again and I wouldn't be shocked now.
It feels like now we're in the mode of it.
And I even said at the time as I was just rapid fire blasting, who knows, Watery had onto the, onto the twitterverse.
But I said, you know, this does feel like it has a lot of joe judge fingerprints on it, that, that new England mentality right? Where he comes from of, let's let's work the board, let's move around, let's get extra assets, let's prepare for the future and for the present.
So I liked what they did at 20 they come up, you and I are talking or you know, we're thinking quickly pay feels like maybe that's, you know, even when they traded down, I think a lot of people thought, well, is that what you're trying to do, trade back, get extra assets and still land your edge rusher? Ultimately, it's a bit of a shock.
But as I was talking with, with you and obviously pessimistic mike as soon as they took him, I I said, and we'll get into who he is and what he is.
But I said, this makes a ton of sense.
Like we were talking about.
I even thought, well maybe Bateman here at 20 right big guy.
But you understood the model of player that the Giants wanted.
You know, Tony is in the vein of a Devonta smith, he's a playmaker, get him in space.
He's a versatile weapon and he's unlike any weapon that you currently have in that wide receiver room right now as well.
So it's a nice compliment and will give a new wrinkle to that offense with having Kenny Golladay and still shepherd and everybody else Leighton and like, yeah, so when the Giants announced their pick of Canarias Tony, that's where the roller coaster went back down again for me, where we were on and we were on a high picking up another first round pick, which is a great job by gentlemen, first time he's ever traded back in any draft.
Um, but you know, it's a really tough thing at them because we even at 20 we had scenarios where we were looking at trade backs, we looked at guys like quick pay Ojul ari uh, quite a few different edge rushers.
You know, and to be completely honest with you to Darius Tony was never in the discussion at 20, like he was always going to be a second early, second round pick in most mocks And you know, art Stapleton even said it.
He's like I did 100 marks no where no one had to Darius Tony and it just goes to show like if you trust your scouting department, like who are these guys on tv that are basically saying oh this wide receivers better or this one is only worth the 32nd or 33rd pick not the 20th pick.
It's like if you trust your scouting department and you and you see this guy is a need, a lot of people are comparing him because he he went to the university of florida to a guy like Percy Harvin, you can get out in space and be electric.
You know, if if they, if they graded them out that high, you know, I can't hate on it just because I didn't do as much tape on Qatari Sony as I did on guys like were shot. Bateman.
Yeah, I mean that's the difference too.
And again, like, you know, I have that personal affinity for the big receiver.
But one of the things even leading up to this draft that I was hearing from just a lot of different areas was, you know, the, the smaller wide receivers.
Again, this is a part of where the NFL is going, it's not the same way as it used to be, as far as how you can be used and whether or not they can work at different spots on the field and if they're pigeonholed into one area and if you need the bigger boys, whatever and on top of which getting Golladay kind of alleviates it.
I think you are right.
The one thing, so I'm still going to come back to and say, you know, Canarias Tony who has a, an impressive background where he played quarterback.
He also was a running back.
He ac***ulated a lot of yardage in high school.
So he's a dynamic playmaker.
There's one footnote that I want to add to this selection when we're done, but I think, you know, it might be a little pat on my back, but for me, I against, I still come back to You trade down and you get the extra value.
And then I just, I have a hard time seeing wide receiver as being the answer at 20.
Now, some of the things they say about any of these add rushers, including quickly pay just scratching the surface of what it could be.
I love what his character is as a human being, his story is fantastic.
But they said, you know, guys like, oh a this is still a guy that needs work.
A guy like, oh hell are you know, a lot of the edge rusher guys were still project players are still project players and I understand that, right? So you want maybe a polished kind of product and Tony, you can look at Tony and say this is a guy that's gonna plug in to be instant impact for us.
I look at, you know, offensive line and you make those considerations.
So I I still don't love the idea of where you took him.
But the player himself to something that I spoke to in some of our mocks, if you remember 3rd, 4th round talking about running back, maybe third round Kenneth gain well thinking, oh, could that be a really nice deal for us because of his versatility in the backfield as well as as a slot receiver.
I'm not saying to Darius Tony is lining up in the backfield, but the fact that he has that background means now some of those, you know, those jet sweeps around the back, maybe he shifts into the backfield and rotates out to the slot etcetera.
I just think his versatility now makes him multifaceted and how he can be used in the offense and how it can impact.
So you try to look at the guy that's gonna get you tremendous value and you can, I can find it there in Tony.
There is one little other footnote about him, but I'll let, I'll let you get in here.
Well, the one thing I was, I was going to say was I had a little extra motivation in Quito pay coming off the board because I had thrown a shekels down on who will be the Giants first selection.
And to your point, I thought that there was a good chance the Giants were gonna trade back.
So I had placed my, my wages on Micah Parsons and quickly pay, you know, I just didn't see them going with the wide receiver.
Now we'll never fully know.
And let's get woman comes out and says he wanted smith.
But it is interesting because quickly pay.
You talk about how everybody loves him and he seems like a great guy.
It is interesting that there are some whispers about Darius Tony at his with his time in florida off the field.
What type of guy are you getting? Which you know, is kind of the reason why I think they, they shied away from someone like Michael Parsons.
And by the way, is there anything more perfect than Michael Parsons going to Dallas like troubled, arrogant, ****y linebacker? Like it could not be more perfect like matt jones to the patriots and Michael Parsons to the cowboys was easily like, let's just put the exact person that this team would draft in front of them.
The, the most NFL thing that could have happened in the draft.
Now listen, I say this with, with total tongue in cheekiness as soon as Parsons was taken, you know, and you have smith, right? So two possible targets for the Giants stay in the division.
And you know, my buddy, Mike was saying, God, you know, smith is gonna be good.
Now he went to the eagles.
I was like, I go the other way.
I think parson gets suspended within the first two weeks because it's a Dallas cowboy.
It's just the way it goes.
Your earlier linebacker, edge rusher, you play for Dallas.
Obviously it's not gonna work out, but I do.
I wish both of them well in their spots.
I just hope that they don't play well in a very particular two games each and every season, uh, inside of the division.
You mentioned those things, I'll just quickly say here the off the field stuff was, you know, he was, that is uh, Darius Tony detained, not arrested by game Gainesville police for on campus confrontation between players and locals.
He was also, he had a soft, by the way, an air soft gun that looked like an A. R.
15 assault rifle When I scanned this and that's not a great thing.
But when I scanned this yesterday, like the first thing jumped out was a, our assault rifle, you know, and you thought good Lord, but an air rifle essentially, you know, careful, You're, you'll shoot your eye out to give you a little christmas story reference.
I love it.
It's not exactly, you know, that that is completely different than having a full powered assault rifle in the back of your car.
And just to give the quote, unlike the baker situation, as we know, it's the skill and the skill of the person has to add it together.
We fully vetted every player on the board.
We are very comfortable bringing him to New Jersey Giants Coach joe Judge said we are very comfortable adding him to our roster to, to complete pete, Excuse me with the other players on the team.
So from the mouth of joe judge, as we say in joe judge, we trust and and those things look like they were maybe a little bit overblown.
I did all of a sudden go, hey, I thought we just kind of went through this a couple of years ago, buddy.
And, and listen, you know, uh some other, we won't belabor the point there, but one of the other key takeaways I had from last night was when they interviewed Judge Judge and they asked him, um, you know what was going on? You see the cowboys and eagles pull off a trade and joe judges quotas, look trades happen a lot.
Normally it doesn't happen within the division, but hey, look, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
What on earth is joe Judge talking about? Adam? Come on.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend buddy.
This is, this is warfare.
Yes, the Dallas cowboys are my enemy, as are the philadelphia eagles.
So if taking something from another, if, if punishing one of my enemies is rewarding one of my enemies.
Yet still it's a positive for us.
You're in my corner right now.
When I see you on sunday Philly, you are my enemy.
But every other day of the week when it's leading up to play in the Dallas cowboys, I'm in your corner.
Listen buddy, you gotta understand something here, joe judge is he is next level playing three D Chess, he's playing three D chess right now.
He's Matthew Broderick in War Games.
You know what I mean? Go back and check it out kids.
It's a great flick from the 80s.
This guy, the only move, as they say, by the way, I used, I used a couple times last night, but the only, sometimes the only move to make is not to play at all.
And that's what the giants did.
You know, at 11, they waited, they sat in the weeds and then they struck um, as we look over to resetting this board here, I just want to quickly shout out to, over on Youtube, Michael who's tuned in with us on the live broadcast and he said because of the background of Darius Tony, is there scenario, he has backgrounds, A QB.
There's a world where to Darius Tony could take a pitch on an end around from Daniel jones and then find himself lobbying a pass to Daniel jones in the end zone.
Oh man.
I mean he is that type of weapon.
Like he, you know, they also call him the swiss army knife is another term that I saw batted around by a bunch of different people.
Um, that would be actually pretty exciting.
And that's the whole thing is just creating new wrinkles and new dimensions for this offense.
You have to keep people honest, if you can have, you know, an explosive guy out of the backfield that can run jet sweeps, can throw the ball, catch passes, you know, the whole nine yards adam.
The one question that I had for you that maybe it wasn't as surprising for us after we kind of thought about it, but knowing where Sean Slater was there at 11, um, I thought that was one of the only other picks that the Giants would make if they were going to stand pat there.
Are you surprised that, um, You know, the giants traded back out and he went 15 to the chargers? There's a little bit of, I think maybe there was a little bit more smoke around the idea that Slater's automatically a kick into guard guy, right? And then that, I mean that there's different players that have gotten some of that hype far closer to the draft.
Slater had that about him for a very long time.
And for us we look at him and go, hey, if we're talking about kicking into guard, we've got a spot for you friend.
But for other teams, if you evaluate him as a tackle and that, you know, and if the Giants themselves maybe said, listen, this guy, you know, if if we were going to take him he'd be a tackle.
But when we look at our team, we, we love Andrew thomas, we love matt Peart, there's not gonna be an immediate need here unless we move him into guard.
And then I think at that point you're evaluating value at the point that you're selecting at right? Is it worth it to take a guard potentially for us at 11? And, and, and then when we maybe see other prospects as we get into the second round that we think can fill the need on this roster just as well, if not better, maybe based on, on our scheme and what we want to run.
But you know, from where we started with our mock drafts in these conversations, of course, you know, of course I'm surprised and I wasn't surprised by vera tucker go.
I mean honestly by the end of the day I wouldn't be shocked if vera tucker is the more impact player as a pro, even over slater.
Yeah, that's that's an interesting one.
A lot of people have said that about a large fire tucker love that pick.
Um you know, adam at the end of the day there was basically three areas of need and we we talked about mocking the three different positions we thought the Giants were going to address, one was wide receiver, one was offensive line and one was edge rush.
We all thought we were gonna get that edge rusher at 20 and it looks like they addressed the wide receiver position.
Now we're moving into day to where the Giants still have a relatively high pick and can potentially get a first round talent in the second round.
And you know, some of these guys have slipped.
Is there anyone specifically that you're eyeing for the giants at 42 that you be very happy with? Yeah, it's interesting.
So as you know, or if you chose to stay up, if you were able to stay up for the entire first round, frankly with the way with the way that it goes, there were some players that went in the back end of the first round.
So even going all the way up to you say 28 with Peyton Turner, he's a guy that went to the Saints obviously makes sense for them building to replace Cameron Jordan eventually, but he's a big body listed as a defensive end.
But edge rusher has been a label for him as well.
Thought he went a lot earlier than you expected and then in behind it though you get Gregory Rousseau, that was a bit of a surprise how high he went though.
The talent is, there is maybe about the dedication.
Then Jason away goes to the Ravens and then tragically tragically one of our boys joe try on to the, to the Super Bowl champion, defending champion being doing the patriots.
Of course you have the tom Bradys, the Tampa Bay buccaneers.
That was a big run at that position and it makes it very interesting to to take a look at now where the board stands and what the Giants could look to do.
So listen, I'm going off of ESPN is big board now, just as the reference point, when you start to look and say, well, you know where we know we're 10 picks away as the draft will restart tonight at seven o'clock, Maybe there's an opportunity the Giants would try to trade up if they thought one of these players was a specific target.
I think auxiliary comes to mind.
The question now becomes though it came out medical report, knee concerns potentially.
So how far is he going to drop and as he may be, fall into that category of boy guys, we wish we could have looked at more and and seen more closely in the risk reward of taking a player like that.
You know, I don't think even though all the all these guys offensive lineman wise, kevin Jenkins people say, oh, you could, you could go into guard if you wanted to.
Edinburgh is there? He's been given that guard tag with a shorter 32 I think in 3/8 inch arm length.
So maybe he's a guard prospect and then I'll throw in guys like Ronnie Perkins, I think.
Well I had thrown up a list here yesterday for myself.
Jibril cox, I think has to at least be thought about their at 42 potentially.
And then a guy like create Humphries in behind him.
Pure center guard, interior offensive lineman for the Giants as well.
These are, these are some of the names, right? Um, I don't know how far you would go back before you be willing to throw joseph O science to the mix.
I've talked about him a ton.
I love him as a prospect.
I think again, he needs to continue develop his game.
But there are a handful of players.
The question is though, and you saw it in the first round, 10 picks.
I don't have any barometer about who's going to be or not be there now because we saw so many different things happened last night on the start of the draft.
Yeah, it's tough.
There's gonna be a ton of trade in the 1st 10 picks because teams are gonna come up and get the guy that they want and and not worry about things later.
You know, Joseph A size someone that I'm circling for the giants at 42.
But like you said, if someone else likes them, they're going to go up and get him.
Um, you mentioned the offensive line, you know, one other noteworthy name is Wyatt Davis's, um, you know, a potential for the Giants, especially given now, probably a little bit more value looking at at a guard in the second round as opposed to Russians later earlier in the draft.
So, uh, it'll be, it'll be fascinating I think with the second round and third round picks, those are the two positions the Giants have to address.
Um, But I I honestly don't know which way they're going to go with 42.
Well, so here's the thing for me.
You mentioned, I like Wyatt Davis and it's worth noting a guy that I didn't mention was Landon ****erson who also has injury concerns.
I think if you were in on a Wyatt Davis who also has some injury tags to him, then you'd be in on possibly Landon ****erson and I think Landon ****erson would be far and away, the better prospect to go with, at least from what we can gleam And he is right now, the 17th best player available on the board.
The other wrinkle in this.
And then I think the thing to get out on would be, what would you prefer, position wise here for the giants to do at 42.
The thing is though, go back to the top of the draft and who took offensive lineman or not? A team like the Bangles jumps out.
Right? So all of a sudden you think about some of these names you're seeing there, whether it is even a Wyatt Davis, right? Somebody is going to go here earlier now as teams look to get back into what they maybe could have done in the first round, A team like the Jets who got another offensive lineman in the first round after getting their franchise quarterback, they hope now they're going to be in the market for weapons on either side of the ball really.
So all of these things start to, you know, create these different wrinkles now on day two that you really probably couldn't anticipate from day one.
Yeah, there's two things I want to mention here and then we'll, I'll get your take on what position you think the giant should go with and who's your guy that you want to call your shot on Elijah more to to Atwell.
Terrence Marshall, Jr Rondell more.
You know, there's a healthy group of wide receivers here and you can even go down to nico Collins that you mentioned.
I don't think that second round worthy specifically even for the Giants, but this is just a little little footnote around what you could have done possibly as far as where the board was going to be when you came up in the second round.
That being the case, my belief here is that the Giants took the wide receiver because they wanted the weapon obviously.
But as soon as you made that choice and as soon as you didn't take slater, you didn't take very tucker.
That tells me that you're confident in 3/5 of your offensive line at the very least thomas gates and perch.
And once you have 3 50 year line, what you need is serviceable players around them, Shane Lemieux, he maybe that serviceable player, left guard, we still need to fill in need at right guard.
I am comfortable with the Giants not going offensive line here and waiting to see how the board develops into the third round and with 1/5 and fourth round pick maybe moving up, I probably am leaning towards let's get an edge rusher or just playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.
Where do you stand on that and then hit me with with what you think the giant will do at 42.
I think edge rusher is the type of position where the Giants need someone desperately to be able to get to the quarterback because that is one thing the defense is lacking right now.
You know, they've kinda filled a couple holes with, you know, one year deals on some different veterans.
But really the Giants, it's the one glaring need that they have.
You know, we talk about offensive line, they're going to add a guard at some point in this draft.
They, you know, to your point, maybe they do it in the fourth round, maybe they do it in the fifth round, Maybe they bring someone in for competition.
Um, but you know, passing on restaurants later kind of single, you know, signals that they're pretty content with the, the offensive tackle room and they believe in Andrew thomas and they believe in parts development and they believe that, you know, Nate solder is going to be that swing tackle to back both of them up and provide that veteran, you know depth for them.
I edge rusher is at such a premium and it feels like it just kind of falls off when you get to like the 3rd, 4th, 5th round, you're kind of starting a dart.
There are still really high quality guys. You mentioned Ronnie Perkins.
Now, I'm looking at a guy like Josephus, I think, I think that would be a great pick for the Giants.
You get a guy that can rush the quarterback at a position of need when I think it gets a little bit thin after the second round into the third round for edge rushers specifically.
Yeah, I tend to agree.
Listen, as we know, I I've hyped him for a long time, you know, he has the balance of both past and rush grade, as far as what is, what it looks like as a prospect coming out of texas.
They're the only other guy.
I think there's two guys that I would mention here in this worth that maybe would take you away from traditional edge rusher, etcetera.
Um, I wonder if inside linebacker, a guy that would line up with blake Martinez and offer you the compliment I coverage out of that position, a little bit of speed, a little bit of range.
Maybe someone who has the potential to get out on the edge and do a little bit of work here.
Um, you know, on the outside and getting pressure on the quarterback.
One guy that really doesn't fall into that total category would be a player like nick bolton, you know, from a value standpoint, he's a really talented prospect.
I don't know if that's the perfect fit at linebacker.
I think he would be more in the vein of a eventual replacement for blake Martinez, which isn't a terrible thing.
And then you mentioned a guy like Jibril cox, this is a pure athlete.
Sideline to sideline can give you the coverage out of that position.
Do you think he plays about 2 32 32 throwing an extra £5.
10 pounds and all of a sudden you've got a little bit of that bulk to move yourself around.
That's where my instinct, I think goes, my only reservation here is going to be do the Giants Look at the edge rushing room as in totality and say this is just, you know, you didn't take one in the first round of 20 if you didn't have confidence in quitting at 20, I can't say that you're going to have confidence in Joseph Asai at 42.
So the wrinkle in the back of my mind would be the possibility maybe I'm just gonna throw I'll throw it out there and we can get out the door and that might be cornerback.
I'm just you know I'm reading the tea leaves on on what we think about value and everything else.
Um You got a guy like joseph out of Kentucky ST juices.
Another player like these are long lengthy guys that cat versatility inside outside so you can use them in the slot.
Uh You know with all the length that joseph has, they say you can line them up in the slot so you're not gonna take away your big free agency ticket from the outside but versatility and mobility and then building for the future.
So if value makes sense there again Value overall, right value over everything else is what the giants are looking to accomplish here.
Maybe you throw that into the room, but hopefully since we're both leaning that way, joseph O. C. Might be the pick.
I mean there was, there was a little bit of a run on quarterback cornerbacks at the end of the first round.
You get a guy like Greg Newsome, you look at a guy like eric Stokes out of Georgia.
So some of those guys got taken, you know, right at the end of that round.
You know, presumably to get them their 50 year options with these first round draft picks, which is, which is paramount.
Um, usually see joseph Try on, sorry, by the way.
Like that's why I think the bucks took him there.
I think that's probably, you know, 15 picks back as far as value, but he's 20 years old.
You're gonna have a fifth-year option of a guy that will be 25 when you're looking to negotiate a second contract.
I I think for us it's pretty simple.
We both like edge rusher.
We'd be okay with a linebacker.
You would you wouldn't mind a cornerback.
I wouldn't mind it.
Offensive lineman specifically a guard that's kind of where the Giants are going to go.
I'd be shocked if they go at any other position, double up on wide receiver, take a tight end or something like that.
Um But yeah, seven p.
Hopefully it's not about 10 minutes per pick.
And uh we're waiting to get a lot, get started on when the second night kicks off.
So down to seven minutes.
Alright, we're already saving time friends.
It's already quicker than we anticipated.
Um No, you're right.
We'll see how it plays out.
And I think for us at this point it was a shout out to joseph clark for checking in with us on Youtube as well.
This is the reality of of the way the first round played out I think lets us know, don't bother trying to, you know, figure out necessarily where the giants are going to go.
We may have to be a little bit more reactive than you know, predictive in this space and I think it will be interesting to see if some of the offensive line that have been tagged as versatile.
Do you hear rumblings about that for the giants and seeing really how these 1st 10 picks go.
Um, and if I could leave you with this one name, Ronnie Perkins, he is basically the bigger, thicker joseph Ozai, different usage, different functionality.
But if you have any thought that the giants want to replace Dalvin Tomlinson in some capacity, Ronnie Perkins is a guy that can live in a lot of different spots across the line.
That's right.
Friends adam arm wrecked sitting on the fence as he ever has.
We will be back in maybe a bonus episode a little something tomorrow.
Obviously as the draft rolls on here and we'll get into noon on saturday when the final round of the draft will all conclude.
See if the Giants move up the board at all.
Be sure.
Obviously check in with us on social media where I was just rapid firing random thoughts across the world last night.
Until next time though.
Follow us subscribe, enjoy the podcast at one giant podcast hashtag O. G. P.
If you want to use it and now more than ever as Andy Mackel it's would want need and demand that you know, as always let's go big blue.


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