SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - 2021 NFL Draft: Gettleman and Judge Edition
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy run one final mock, doing their best to make the picks the believe The New York Football Giants have there eye on. Micah Parson, Jalen Waddle and DeVonta Smith are all possible first round targets, but what possible pivots might they need to make should 1-10 not go their way?


Ah yes, frank Wednesday.
It's only one giant podcast coming to you live consistently with regularity on Youtube where I'm Adam martin bregman over there.
I'm joined by you have a healthy, wealthy and wise, Mr Andrew Mca wits.
Adam is going to be 84 degrees in the Meadowlands right by Giant Stadium today.
Perfect time for me to go out and hit the links to calm the nerves before tomorrow night, which is your super bowl, your christmas or Kwanza.
We are almost, we're about what, 36 hours away from knowing who the Giants will be taking at 11 or somewhere in the first round.
That is correct sir, because as we know and we come in off of our Wednesday show, we're all just quickly say, um you know, things get off the rails in a hurry there.
I'm not disgusted by the draft that I put out, but I think that the delicate balance of running something live and feeling like, I don't remember this being a part of the plan when I walked in the door.
So as we work through today's mock draft that we're gonna be doing basically from the perspective of the Giants, right? Let's say that's Dave Gettleman sitting across from me and I represent the young, vibrant, energetic joe judge.
Um but you mentioned they're heating up heating up at just the right time.
Friends as the draft approaches, things start to get a little bit ****y before we dive in.
Same type of format that we did on monday for our individual ideas around the draft.
But we're going to take this a little bit, a little bit bigger picture here, a little bit broader.
We're not gonna necessarily be held to the draft board.
We want to give you a sense of where the giants could go, where we think their mentality is going to be, especially in the first round.
And then really the 2nd and 3rd as well.
The key areas where we really think the Giants are going to address all the big needs or they're going to have some issues before we do that.
There is some big news around the top of the draft that involves the Atlanta falcons.
There's been speculation on what they want to do with the number four spot.
And now you're hearing that they would be willing to are interested in fielding offers potentially on 1 32 year old high caliber talent Julio jones.
What's your, what's your stance on the Julio? Yeah, So I think this makes a ton of sense for the Atlanta falcons.
I think people have a problem with when you, when you say you're trading a really good player, people like why would you do that? And, and you know, the patriots, I've always been great about trading people away a year or two before that, you really start seeing a decline and they, and they recoup a bunch of assets.
Now, one of the interesting things that people keep talking about Is that if Julio Jones gets traded after June one, His $23 million and a half-dollar cap hit 15 million of that comes off the books for this year.
So, So it's it's it's it's a it's a crazy number of people are saying.
So nothing will really happen with Julio on draft night because you got to wait till June one, nothing will be official.
And adam I'm not understanding why people are saying this.
It makes zero sense from the Falcons perspective to push 15 million of Julio Jones cap it into the next year.
Remember the Atlanta falcons are basically starting over, right? They hired a new GM in terry fontinot, right? He got hired in january.
Why is he going to continue to punt other people's mistakes and kick the can down the road when he could just trade Julio jones on draft night and say, look, I traded him, we're taking a $23 million hit next year when we have cap space and we're going to be a better team.
We're going to be able to compete more and guess what that draft pick that I got will now be able to, you know, be leveraged next season when we have cap space to sign other people. Oh, 100%.
I think it makes all the sense in the world.
I don't think though that the Atlanta Falcons are starting over there.
I think what the Atlanta falcons are doing is remember they have Calvin Ridley.
I think that this is, they still believe that matt Ryan has a few good years left in the tank but that Julio jones at 32 years old is far closer to the end in the beginning and there's been behind the scenes right? He pushed to get become among the highest paid wide receivers a couple of years ago.
That's where you ended up with this big cap number coming into this upcoming season.
So I think they look at it as remember Kyle pits has been attached to them there at the fourth spot overall, if we can move off of Julio jones or at least have the premise right? We know we're gonna move him in the offseason, save it at a more reduced cap hit and then we'll go ahead and replace him with a talented player.
Like a Kyle pits, you still have Calvin Ridley, you still have a dynamic offense, right? So I think that the Atlanta falcons are still gonna look to be competitive here because I don't think what you're gonna see is then go say quarterback at the fourth overall and really look to move the needle here, right? Because otherwise different from Julio jones, you would have moved matt Ryan, you would've been gone already, you would have already moved off of him and established you're going for the young quarterback.
Let this GM get rid of all the mistakes that were made previously.
The idea that he's just going to move money and screw himself over when he can really make decisions.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Yeah, well, yeah, so that we we won't we won't debate the idea around how much money is worth to have on your books, how much dead cap money be worth it.
And what would it free up for you now this season in the middle of the summer to maybe go out and make some other moves.
But either way, I think we will see Julio jones going somewhere sometime relatively soon and some team, maybe the Jacksonville jaguars are going to get an incredible opportunity to bring in a high, talented player that still has obviously big upside.
I think the little thing to keep in the back of your mind is Julio jones has been injured, obviously Nagging small injuries with consistency and you wonder about that as he gets to 32 33.
Okay, like we said, it's a giant podcast.
We go ahead and kick this thing off though.
We did our monday monday mock draft.
We took a look at what we maybe would want to do and like I said, ultimately what you're gonna get from us before the draft kicks off tomorrow is a collection of players that we think will be good fits throughout the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th round, maybe even some late round guys, two names to keep your eyes on.
We did, you know carter Coughlin and Xavier Mckinney.
Those are two names that I gave you last year.
Now Xavier Mckinney was an easy one to give, but I thought the Giants would get him if he fell and then likewise with the carter Coughlin.
So there's some sleeper picks out there that we've been able to provide for you.
We now come into this mock draft though saying we are, there's Dave Gettleman, look you've been wearing, I feel like that's a nice little kind of a Dave Gettleman type of stu got on there for the Youtube viewer and, and then you have joe judge, obviously casual man of the people casual, right ready to jump on the ball and get hosed down.
We're gonna jump into this draft here and at the first overall pick.
So we run these simulators.
I think let's start here.
My belief is that the Giants legitimately are looking at, I think one of two positions at the top of the draft.
First and foremost, it goes away from what maybe you and I philosophically think.
And that is either wide receiver.
You've heard the rumors, Joe judge could very well loved Devonta Smith or an edge rusher slash will throw linebacker because there's one clear name that stands out there at the 11th overall pick As you get the ball rolling here and you come up on 11, just just flush out your thoughts around it and where you think as Dave Gettleman, the giants are going to go.
Yeah, so as Dave Gettleman and that's the interesting thing about this.
We, we had talked on our monday's show about what we want the Giants to do if I'm Dave Gettleman and I'm sitting there at 11, I'm thinking to myself, okay, I drafted Andrew thomas number four overall last year.
He showed some promise, uh you know, matt perp, we mid round pick, making sure that he gets up to speed, You know, he's working hard in the offseason, I'm excited about that.
We just got Nate solder back on, on a lower, lower cap deal.
What good veterans, swing tackle presence, you know, I side, Zach Fulton as a stopgap at guard, I still have Shane Lemieux and Will Hernandez, who was a second round pick, I'm feeling like my line is starting to come together and they just need a little bit more time and I don't want to really put too many assets towards the line.
So I, I don't think Dave Gettleman is necessarily thinking that tackle makes the most sense just based on where he's invested his money.
And then secondly, you know, Dave Gettleman is probably sitting there saying, people said we weren't explosive enough on the outside.
I went out and got the best wide receiver in on the entire market in Kenny Golladay, I, we needed more speed, I went out and I got john ross, we needed, we needed some more pass pass catchers.
I went out and got Kyle Rudolph, we have solidified this offense with sequel, Barkley coming back, healthy sterling, Shepard and Evan ingram Dari slated on the outside.
I have done what I need to do to make this offense sing.
And so really, I think Gettleman is looking and saying, I think we still can improve on the defensive side of the ball.
And so at the 11th pick, my belief is that if Michael Parsons is there, the Giants are going to take him his versatility inside to play next to blake Martinez is unbelievable.
He is. He's a guy that's all over the field.
He can get outside and he can find ways to get to the quarterback no matter where you put him, you know, in that linebacking position.
And that's the type of toy that Patrick Graham would love to be able to deploy on that defense.
You know, the one knocking is the oilfield stuff with Parsons and that's why I've removed him from my board on what I want the Giants to do.
But when a town like this comes along and you have Patrick Graham screaming, we don't have ed rush, we need linebacking help.
What can you do for me, joe judge this is the decision I think the Giants go with And it's interesting because There's no no knock on and off the field stuff.
If you feel comfortable with where he's at from a character standpoint for Parsons, then obviously he's incredibly talented player.
You go watch the tape, it's not just that, you know, you say he's gonna need to develop on the outside as far as his edge rushing technique, but you've seen him in the in the run support and the blitzing from the linebacker spot on the inside as the Giants would have him in the 34.
He's a hell of a player, right? There's no two ways to slice it.
And I think you mentioned a couple of good things there, which is what what Dave Gettleman accomplished in the off season and how, how he perceives it right? If if I'm now, if I'm saying from joe judges mindset though, you know, one of the pieces you mentioned on the offer us in Austin side, but defensively adoree Jackson, right? So you've, you've gone out and you've made yourself better and you know, significantly better at the cornerback spot.
The other rumor that we have heard is what if a certain falls there, right? What if certain is available at 11, would that push the Giants and a conversation that I did start to have and maybe that Patrick Graham would be having with joe judge and with the academy would be, hey, I know that we're paying 13 million a year to Adoree Jackson.
But if I told you, then we can draft the future stud outside corner for our team that in two years from now when Bradbury and Adoree Jackson might be off the books, we're gonna be ready to roll right over and get, you know, get our next big wave on the outside an area.
But by the way up until Bradbury, we, we were just throwing stuff at the wall.
Right generous Jenkins was the last guy that had any real stability for us and everything else has just been hit or miss.
And we know the struggles going back to get them in and coming up to get a guy like DeAndre baker.
So I do wonder if that would play a factor here, if a guy like Patrick's or Tan were available.
The other pieces that you talk about the wide receiver.
And the question really becomes too in joe judge's mind, am I building for just right now this moment or for the big picture? And how do I feel about a player like sterling Shepard? And even if I love sterling Shepard, is he gonna be here long term.
Is Darius Slayton 1/5 round gem that we got really excited about what is his ceiling because you can make the case that we're only one year away from the Giants having Kenny Golladay then some other things, right.
We're the only a year away from Evan ingram moving on in free agency.
So it creates a real concern.
I think if I, maybe if I may be joe judge saying I want to make sure that I have bullets in the chamber down the road here to make sure that we're still gonna be high powered and not just this year, but two and three years down the road.
So you went with Micah Parsons? I think it makes a lot of sense for me right now.
I look at the draft board Parsons is there, I'm going to say that the character piece plays a big factor, if not in Dave Gettleman is mind who was willing to come up for a guy like DeAndre baker who had, as we had, we had talked about right red flags potentially joe judge, you know, is not down with it.
He's not down with the character flaws.
So Parsons is there, if we agree that offensive line, at least at this point of the draft is not as big a concern for the giants as maybe it was for us, certain is available.
I'm not going to take him here because I think you have the logic of saying, hey, if you've already accomplished what you did in the off season, it has to have some weeks, you have to have some impact.
But there is a team that I think would love to come up and get them and that's the Arizona cardinals here.
So if I don't believe that the character flaws potentially around Parsons, the Arizona cardinals who would be desperate for a cornerback, who are in win now mode, they go ahead and offer me the 16th and 49th pick, I pull that trigger and I moved myself down a little bit into the draft and then when I come back up at 16, guess what, I've got everything I could want their christian Darius off, I want to go that route, Rashad Bateman is on the line there or I could even go into the edge Russian class now it's about value for me and I want to make sure we move, start to move into the second round here, but now it's about value for me and what I can accomplish over this round and then I have to think ahead to the second round and what I'm going to get there in that regard.
I I think yeah, now I'm the Giants here now they're tucker's available personally that actually traded down and I could also go get a guy like very tucker and plug that would feel pretty good at that moment.
By the way, thank you for saying something there because I feel like for a stretch here, I basically turned this into a solo solo podcast rant.
So after the trade down in its 16 as Dave Gettleman as joe judge, I look at and I say quickly pays their he's an edge rushing talent, 16th pick overall.
I don't want to risk anything happening behind me here as we've seen guys like us, I are starting to move up some draft boards, we don't know what's going to be available at that second round.
And even though I made a trade down and I could start to dance around the board again, it always takes a partner to get those things done right.
So I get the edge rusher.
I address that need.
And I moved myself into the second round.
Yeah, I said it from the beginning that I thought quickly pay was was the best edge rusher in this draft more than a gallery and others.
Um I like that.
I I would be very happy if the Giants were to be able to address the edge rushing position early and also ac***ulate more picks to be able to move around the board, let the chessboard so to speak.
And so adam I'm all for that type of move.
I'd be happy if the Giants went that way.
Yeah, I think it works for them.
And it addresses again one of the two big needs and we talk about now, we talk about the board in the second round, you've gone with it.
We both gone with defensive playmakers and theoretically Parsons will be a contributor off that edge as he goes forward in his career.
So now second round comes up now, I'm gonna do a little bit of work here in the background to move up from a position in the draft and try to simplify things a little bit.
But you come up at 42.
Where does your mind go now as Dave Gettleman looking to build out this roster, you said, hey, why I did the offensive line work.
And by the way, there is this perspective around the NFL that if you think you have three solid lineman, all you need is two guys to fill in around them. Right.
And I wonder if the Giants right now maybe do feel that way where you're saying, hey, if I believe in toss gates and pert, That's three out of five baby.
So I don't necessarily need to, to reach for any of these talents.
But are you influenced by what you're seeing on the board? 42 Yeah.
So when I think about what's available around the 42nd pick, um there's, there's two places that really come to mind me as Dave Gettleman.
I've talked about how I've addressed the offensive line, I talked about how I've addressed wide receiver, but also when we think about what the needs are now, Micah Parsons has kind of solidified the linebacking portion of things.
He gives us a little bit of pass rushing.
I feel like I've done pretty good.
Uh you know, on this defense, you look at our secondary, it looks great, we've brought back Leonard Williams.
So our, our defensive front looks good.
I feel like we have the right pieces there now.
I know you can never have too many pass rushers and and guys like Perkins are sitting there and I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants even doubled down on a situation like that.
But really I think Dave Gettleman can go back and say okay if we do look at the offensive line, maybe it's not tackle that that I'm really interested and maybe it is the guard position that is more important.
I didn't waste another first round pick on an offensive tackle or an interior linemen.
I was able to get to our defense and pass rushing help and some linebacking help.
So you look at Zach Fulton, he's kind of a journeyman, he's been around, bounced around a little bit.
The Giants only gave him I believe, a one year deal you have Will Hernandez that's coming up towards the end of his contract.
He might even be released as well as a poor man's can Fleming.
I mean it's a perspective, right? Right.
And the only other guard we really think about is Shane Lemieux who is 1/5 round pick.
So I could see a scenario where the Giants are planning for now and the future where you look at someone like Wyatt Davis, um you know guard, He's big strong out of, out of Ohio state, his past blocking metrics according to everyone is off the charts.
You watch him, he was great, he was hobbled by some injuries, which is a concern for an offensive lineman.
But man, you bring him into that room and you have him compete, he could be a starting guard week one for the Giants and if you're Dave Gettleman you're saying I really like pert, I really like thomas I drafted them both.
I have soldiers, my swing tackle, I inherited, you know, all this different stuff.
I try to cobble together my guard positions, putting Wyatt Davis there along that offensive line and he's basically crafted every single one of those positions with guys.
He's brought it.
Yeah, no, I like that a lot.
And listen, um, the injury concerns around Davis certainly or something that are going to permeate, you know, throughout the draft, there's a lot of guys like this that get tagged with his ****erson is a guy who maybe would be going higher and, and everyone is basically saying, yeah, first round talent if not for right.
And when something in some cases you got guys that have had multiple a cl tears or Ozel Gallery, there's been some rumors that maybe has some knee concerns and I've heard a lot of fans say, great, maybe you'll follow us then in the second round.
And I'm like, okay, I don't care when we take him, if he's got an injury concerns, his injuries don't get less by, by what round you take him in.
So I think there's a lot of boxes to check here.
So to, to um, to let you know what I ended up doing in the background.
So I'm gonna stay at 42 49 but I've cleared up another area because I'm gonna go ahead and try to really attack this draft and let me be clear to about the idea of trading down.
I think this, this would be the joe judge push for me, right.
The new England patriots in him that says, hey, you gotta be willing to move around the board.
You've got to be willing to take what's there for you and try to create the best collection of talent.
So in the background here you can say I did this whenever in the course of the draft, I took 76 and 116 and I package that up with the Pittsburgh Steelers to get myself to 55.
So now I'm 40 to 49 55 coming out of the first round.
We went ahead and said, we, we we like what we want to do here defensively, we know we need to get after the quarterback, we get quickly pay.
Now it comes back to me is joe judge saying, but I told you though, I was really in love with a player like Devonta Smith now, he wasn't there for us.
But I do like the idea of getting a dynamic wide receiver and making sure we have the next big, great player to pair with holiday in the short term and build around in the long term.
So when I come up at 42, because I have a little bit of this flexibility, I'm gonna go ahead and take a look down the board here at the wide receiver class.
And I'm also going to take a look at the position that you drafted linebacker to see what might be available.
Diomede Brown north Carolina, I've said this before.
So personally, I can see how it aligns for a selection here.
But even for the Giants, if they're saying they want to add dynamic playmakers, this is a great spot to do it in because after Diomede Brown you start to get into third rounds and some of those other names, I've thrown out like almond ross and Brown Thailand Wallace.
Those guys are going someplace a little bit ahead of it.
So I think there's real value here.
This is a guy that can do outside inside work.
I think that he would make a lot of sense.
I pull the trigger on him at 42 then I'll say well line up my 55th with your 76th Andy and they're at 49.
This is where I look over at that defense and I say I got my edge rusher.
But who am I pairing for coverage purposes in the middle of the field alongside of blake Martinez.
And who am I thinking? I can build around going forward.
Drew blue cox out of LSU.
Great opportunity to take a dynamic coverage.
Athletic sideline to sideline linebacker that basically directly in polar opposites complements what Blake Martinez is right, a little stiffer downhill supports in the run game.
So, real opportunity here for me to get your real ****s.
And before I make that selection, as we've talked about just building these out around 42 let's say in general, these are the names that I think are worth keeping an eye on.
You know, you, you talk about taking an offensive lineman, taking a guard there as you did with Wyatt.
Davis, talk about maybe an inside linebacker depending on what the first round is done.
Gabriel cox does jump out.
You mentioned Ronnie Perkins, I I think listen, he's got great grades as far as run and pass defense.
You wonder about flexibility across the scheme, certainly.
But these are the kind of, you know, liam Edinburgh is maybe a name that jumps out to some people as well.
As far as being an option.
There's been some talk now with his shorter arms size that he would be a candidate candidates kicking two guard.
But as we talked about last episode, right, everybody's candidate to kick inside.
Like, hey, maybe you'll go inside, you go inside, let's all go inside, you know? So it's almost like they're getting caught up in the in the covid 19 protocols, Let's just all go inside, you know, let's all go inside and we'll have a good time.
So, but these are I think the collection of names that giants fans should be familiar with there at the top of the second round, because no matter what happens in the first, there is there is nice value pieces here may be short of me saying they got to go sai right.
If I hadn't gone quickly pay, maybe he's on my board, but he's been going early even into the upper forties now.
And you look back to monday, joseph a size is a guy that I saw that was on my board and I was absolutely ecstatic to get him, especially because I went tackle first addressing the offensive line and then getting an edge rusher um, in the second round was huge.
Now I like that pick.
The diameter Brown pick is great.
I think we both know that the Giants are going to take a wide receiver in this draft.
If they don't, I'd be stunned.
And my whole thing thinking of this is if you take like 1/5 or sixth or even like 1/7 round flyer on, on a wide receiver, the chances of him making the roster aren't even that great just with the depth that we have.
So if you're going to invest a pick in a wide receiver, make it count, Make it be a guy that is a top 10 wide receiver, top 15 wide receiver.
So someone, you know, as explosive as Miami Brown is something I like and that brings me to my third round pick, which has josh palmer on the board, which gets me very excited but already took him.
And that's what, you know, it's the Christina Aguilera, what a girl wants, what a girl needs.
I want josh palmer.
Dave Gettleman on the other hand, says, you know what I like, Those big bodied, strong ride receivers, they're like Hog molly's on the outside, they run people over.
I'm really excited about those types of people going in the third round, I believe if available, the new york Giants will be selecting Nico Collins wide receiver out of the University of Michigan.
And this is the exact type of player you want.
He has tremendous upside.
He can potentially start in force that packages tomorrow.
He has the ability to overtake Darius Latent or you know, sterling Shepard moves on in a year and become one of those wide receivers in a three wide receiver set.
This to me, would would be a home run hitting situation for Dave Gettleman if he walks away with Micah Parsons, Wyatt Davis at guard and then hits on a, on a wide receiver in the third round with tremendous upside adam.
And I love it.
By the way, I think, you know, he's been a guy that's fluctuated a little bit.
He does, he is gonna need, they say a little time to refine himself and that's all right because you have this, this talent ahead of them.
And I think in both instances Diomede Brown the second round or even Nico Collins, the things that you probably want to start thinking about if you're Giants fans and it isn't just because it's a personal piece Evan ingram becomes more and more disposable.
Maybe not, you know, in the short term, but you start to think about if it's Miami Brown, okay, you're gonna want to get some four wide receiver sets out there, right? You're gonna wanna start to get dynamic like there's a world where they start moving towards 11 personnel where the too tight end sets don't matter as much and if you're only gonna have one tight end, it's probably gonna be a guy like Kyle Rudolph who is known to be a solid blocker, hold up for the run game as things get spread out, gets Ikhwan Barkley off on the edge and still be serviceable in the past catching game.
So don't be surprised if if one of these things works in tandem as I come up on 76 I will say you can, you know, I had 42 49 there, you can go ahead and encompass these any way you want.
If you wanted me to put the Dave Gettleman spin on it.
The Giants take quickly paid 11 and they don't trade back at all.
They want the edge rusher, that's the desire.
They're not worried about, you know, oh he's 10, he's 10 slots down on the draft board.
Okay, that's fine.
They take they take him there and they only take a player like Miami Brown and they don't get the chance to get cox. That'd be fine.
But I made, I made that move and allow me to come up the board a little bit and I can even still make the case that regardless of a trade down, I can package 76 and I can package 116 and that can allow me to get myself back into kind of a sweet spot here where as I scroll down the list, I come across.
So we looked at defense getting the edge rusher, we talked about another weapon, Let's get more dynamic for Daniel jones and his pivotal third year.
But then we do look back at the offensive line just like you did earlier at that 42nd pick with Wyatt Davis and you say, well what's the long term here? What's gonna happen with a player like nick Gates? Is he definitely coming back and fifth round pick Shane Lemieux talented but didn't necessarily, doesn't necessarily mean we're locked into him just like Darius later on the offensive side.
That's where I see chris Humphries out of Oklahoma.
This is a guy that is believed to be able to do everything on the inside guard or center and basically you set it up so that you walk in the door and you say, hey, create Humphries if you win out at center, if we looks like you just the natural stud there, which are all indications, hey, guess what? Gates kick on over, give us a year at guard because ultimately as much as we have like gates, he may not be here again.
This may not be second contract land for him and if he plays well at right guard, maybe he will be back as our starting right guard now, right? So you start to flush it out and solidify it.
And I then I do think I can live in the world where offensive line does take a bit of a back seat and I think it's realistic to say maybe we're gonna end up if you go weapons on defense and offensive, you know, that's your value, that's your importance.
You may have to push this back a little bit and that's where moving up the board to make sure you get a guy like create Humphries who can go anywhere from 50 to 65 kind of range.
You're gonna be just outside of that if you stay Pat at 76.
So I make that move up the board, sacrifice my fourth rounder and then get itself myself equality, starting interior linemen.
The more I'm seeing this, the more I don't think they're going to go with Russian slater, which, you know, it's starting to make me think whether or not, you know, taking a tackle that early again for the second time is the right thing, but I'm sticking with it.
That's what I want, that's what I need.
But here we are.
Listen, I think there's a lot of, and there's a lot of ways to finesse the board.
So we round things out in the later rounds, I'm going to look at a tight end, like john bates, I'm gonna look at a tackle like robert jones, I've done that a lot of times and I think that that would make sense for the Giants as well to build and prepare for the absence of evidence from next year and to have a backup swing tackle once Nate solder is gone from this roster, but other guys, I think to think about their and you can, I, I know you still have your fourth round pick if you want to throw it out. There.
There are a handful of guys that I started to look at specifically talk about balancing it, right? So if I'm joe judge and I really do love Devonta smith and he's there for me now.
I don't know what's going to happen at the edge rush class, there at the top of the second round, there are players like Patrick johnson out of Tulane, he went 69th in this draft to the Bangles.
I think he's a really, he's a really good guy to consider 2 55 is gonna be able to play at that.
Edge rusher we mentioned Cameron sample before, also from Tulane and then there's even another player that I want to make sure ah Odenigbo, I believe out of Vanderbilt things how to pronounce his last name.
Another edge rusher has some injury concerns, but these are guys into that 3rd and 4th round that I think depending on how the first two went, you might just fire so in your case right, say it ended up being a combination where it was, you take Parsons and then you take Wyatt Davis will you still may want to have an edge rusher right? 3rd and 4th round, you can fire a couple shots at that position and say no, is he equity pay talent? Obviously not.
But can we manufacture it knowing that we have talent like Leonard Williams and like Dexter Lawrence, I think you create the collective, right? Yeah.
And that's the one name that I think I want to make sure that everyone highlights is Patrick jones.
Um, the edge rusher out of the University of Pittsburgh.
Now the one knock on him.
He's been falling down draft boards.
They say that he fits perfectly in a 43 as opposed to a 34 This the guy that has amazing power and speed and strength, we're going to be kind of an amorphous 34 defense with how we move our linebackers around anyway.
Taking a late 4th, 5th, even sixth round, depending on how far he actually falls in this draft.
I think that would be a great addition to the room and creates just another compliment to blake Martinez and Parsons or other people that we've drafted.
So be on the lookout.
Patrick jones I think is a great pick.
I wouldn't be surprised to see him creep into the third round, but if he's there on the fourth of the fifth, I think that's the type of guy the Giants could take a flyer on to your point with that crushers.
The only thing that I really want to just continue to flush out here from that standpoint is because a guy like Cameron sample or a guy like Odenigbo out of uh, out of Vanderbilt.
These are both going to be players that are big there to 75 to 80 the versatility piece on them.
So when Andy says something like, well, these are some guys that might best be suited for 43 work if in the case of the camera samples specifically because I've liked him for a while now you can put his hand in the dirt in a three technique, he can stand up on the outside, he can rush on the interior.
So the way I look at him as kind of, hey Patrick Graham, you want to flip over to that 43 and go alignment and go ahead and give yourself a real opportunity to stuff the run up right? Or and to get after the quarterback.
Well now, you could be looking at Leonard Williams and Cameron sample on the outside, move inside, Dexter Lawrence, bring in Player X as we know with the collection of guys that are kind of looking at here in the depth chart room and you kind of roll from there.
Right? So there's versatility and we've seen these guys, if you go watch tape on them, they are quick like they play later than 2 75 to 80.
They are in the vein of a Leonard Williams though, nobody has that kind of real free combination of, of not just quickness for his size, but the length that Leonard Williams provides you is also what makes them so effective.
So there are gonna be options like that as the draft moves along, What we end up coming away with is going to be equity pay.
Miami Brown, jibril cox creed Humphries, john bates and robert jones.
Now I can tell you with confidence that don't give me Gabriel cox, I'm still going to be happy that I got quickly pay and that feels like I've added to the defensive room.
You can tell me that it's cost me those picks to get up to go, get creed Humphries to make sure I got an offensive lineman that works fine for me as well.
The back end thing.
So we mentioned this there earlier about wide receiver and what that could look like for the Giants and how could impact and Evan ingram maybe even a Darius laden.
But I'll say it again.
I think that the Giants take a wide receiver early second round, even third round like Andy did with Nico Collins.
I think the phone starts to ring and I think you start to field offers on Evan engram and if you can get 1/4 round pick for him in this year's draft or maybe even next year's draft and maybe you elevate the value of that selection by pushing it back a year.
I think that they would do that.
I think you'd be happy to still have Kyle Rudolph, caden smith and to Ulloa then at the back end of the draft, if you can get a guy like john Bates who is a solid blocker, also athletic enough to get out in the past game, great.
Bring them in, learn how to develop behind Kyle Rudolph for a year and you can be the heir apparent in that position for us.
So this is again, how do you roll this thing over and create value throughout it? You know, I think and he did the right some some really smart things here in taking a guy like Wyatt Davis, someone that we've shied away from because of injury and maybe my board fell, you know, closer to what I mean.
And and from a Giants perspective, the john bates, robert jones, right, robert jones, I can say the Giants could, you should keep your eye on for him, john bates, maybe that isn't going to be what they do, but it's come in somewhat close to alignment and I just think positional value, that's what it really comes down to and the first two picks and quit paying Miami Brown.
Those are the ones that get the best draft grade overall for me.
So listen, we work our way through it.
We try to bring as much value out of this draft and it will be interesting to see what are the new york Football Giants feel at 11.
I the one wrinkle, we said they traded back there when they had the opportunity with the Arizona cardinals, there is some level of thinking That the New York Football Giants could be there at 11 and certain could be there and they would, they would be legitimately considering it friday morning.
What's gonna be really nice by the way is obviously we'll get the first round pick from the Giants so then we can go ahead and reset that draft board and start to look about day two and say now what do the Giants want to accomplish in rounds two and three based on what they did at the 11th overall pick? So that's gonna be a really fun friday show.
I'm excited about that.
It has been weird.
I said this to my buddy, everyone seems to be suffering draft, you know, draft fatigue prospect.
So what could be all the scenarios and I think the lack of the combine, that's what's really brutalized this to me because The combine gives you another sample size on players that you start to debate and shift and move them.
And even though it may seem incidental, just getting the footage, we all get to watch the combine on the NFL network.
You get to see you to see run rich run as he does his 40 time and all that good stuff.
Uh, when you don't have that now, everything just feels like remember those talking points that we came out of the college season with, that's still what I'm massaging here and I'm telling you that I went back and I watched tape and this is what I thought, right.
And it just becomes somewhat cycling over over this run here.
So the lack of the, of the true combine and having to go off a pro days, which were being dismissed by so many people as saying, you can't trust the 40 times from pro days.
You know, it's ok, but there really is controlled conditions.
This is what you want them in that Indianapolis out there with the colts and saying Lucas oil stadium and saying, hey, like you're in here, everyone has the exact same playing field and we're gonna run you through all these reps and you're gonna be together and there is a little bit more of a heightened stage there.
You don't have your hometown receivers, you don't have your, you know, your home stadium from your college days.
So you are thrust into a little bit more pressure scenario where you feel like it's ratcheted up and, and all eyes are on you.
So losing that seems to have diminished it.
Um, and, and it's just, it's, it's been weird.
I'll put it that way.
We will, as we say, be back in at least on friday morning, breaking down with the Giants, do tomorrow night and possibly even live.
So be sure to check up on social media, file the podcast wherever you get it, leave a five star review if you're so inclined.
It really does help us as we try to move up the boards and just continue to establish ourselves.
We love doing the work and we hope that you guys are enjoying it as well on social media also just real quickly here on instagram, we're going to lay out.
I said what we did on monday, what we did today, but basically a collection of names for and from Andy and myself, 2 to 3 in the first round, second round, third round, fourth round, you're gonna end up with, you know, 89 10 guys across those 1st 34 rounds.
The guys that we think here's names to know right here's names that we think could align with the Giants, could be nice value picks for them and just like last season were trying to hang our hat, I I went deep for carter Coughlin last year.
I'm gonna try to live in that fourth round and maybe find that feel of the draft with the new york Football Giants and the fans get excited about bringing in and as Andy Mackiewicz would want need and demand that, you know, let's kill Big Blue.


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