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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy take center stage, controlling the board for the New York Giants! Who addressed the needs for the 2021 season better? And was Adam able to dance around the board to accumulate more talent? It's all covered in the second to last mock draft before Thursday's big kickoff from Cleveland!


Yeah, yeah.
Ah yes.
Friends officially on a monday.
Welcome you in your brain and the shine after a long three days Andy we're back for draft week.
I'm ADam are correct.
And that is the healthy, wealthy and wise Andrew Mca wits.
This might be adam Rx favorite week of the year.
Not only does he love the NFL draft, but he loves nothing more than mocking the NFL draft and maybe some mocked trades.
I mean this is really like his super bowl.
His christmas Adam, how pumped are you for this week? Nothing.
It goes on after thursday in the weekend.
Will ever reach the expectations that I've set for myself, for the season, for the team, for the, for the world really.
You may find out if you check the Youtube channel, there's 16,000 mock tracks between now and thursday, but today we come in specifically to do our mock draft and we said last week when we were on the show that we wanted to do two things this week.
So today it's going to be what we think the new york Football Giants should do in the upcoming draft.
On Wednesday, we're going to go through what we think they will do in the draft.
So obviously the rumors and speculation around maybe even trade ups as we touched on at one point, trade down possibilities for a guy in Dave Gettleman who has never done that in his, in his career.
All of those kind of things will factor in more heavily on Wednesdays mock, But today it's about Andy Mac, what's in the big chair or myself and trying to decide how do we best construct the best possible team for the new york Football Giants? Yeah, and I'm excited about this.
I think um you know, when we watch a lot of other people do mock drafts, they just, in their mind take what they want and they assume that that's going to be closest to the pin for the Giants, You know how Dave Gettleman thinking is going to be drastically different um than how we are, but it's gonna be great to find out how the roster ends up being constructed.
At the end of the day, I might look around and say, well adam you making that decision in round one around to really impacted everything else.
I kind of like how the board set up for you a little bit more than me.
So this is going to be really good.
And then I think on Wednesday show, as you mentioned, we're going to talk more what we think the Giants are going to do, Like get into Dave Gettleman head, He said, you know, it's an urban myth, I don't trade back, but we all know Dave Gettleman probably will not trade back.
So are you excited adam, are you ready for this? What's the format? How are we going to do this? I am, I'm excited.
I'm ready to roll.
We're basically going to ourselves to about two minutes for each selection.
Will be able to bat around our thinking around each pick.
If we choose to make trade downs, we can, we can even walk through some possible offers that maybe came in the door.
But this basically is going to be 11, 40 to 76 1, 16, 1 96 and two oh one.
We're gonna run through the first four rounds in more detail.
The back end, we're going to give you kind of the reference points of positions or guys you may want to keep your eyes on and we'll probably post up something official on social media that says, hey, these are locking targets at these spots.
Were using the Pro football Focus draft simulator and we're doing this in real time.
We're going to hit the ground running here.
I'm gonna give you first serve on it, you're gonna be up on the board Andrew mcafee, It's at 11 where the new york football giants going.
Andy Markowitz, Gm the, you know, looking at the board, no huge surprises.
Um, you know, all three of the big wide receivers are off the board and chase smith, um, and waddle, You know, pits is obviously off the board, *****, Sewell's off the board.
Um, what's interesting in this, in this mock draft is that Kyle pits actually dropped to 10 to Dallas, which we know jerry would, would just die a happy man if you can get Kyle pits at 10.
Um, you know, what it means for me at 11 is the big wide receivers are off the board, so there's a little bit of a dip off, you know, there's no edge rusher or outside linebacker that I'm looking at.
You know, Micah, Parsons is sitting there at nine, but adam I have to be consistent.
There's a lot of off field and maturity issues with Parsons that makes me just want to stay away.
I don't want to get, I don't want to deal with that headache again.
So really what that leads me to is seeing Russian slater is still on the board and sitting here and saying, you know, guard might be a little bit more of an issue for me than tackle.
But the good news is, response letter has the ability to play both potentially and depending on how our line shakes out, adding response later to this room and pushing back down on the guard spot or on the tackle spot and getting him to start with our first round draft pick.
Andrew thomas last year Is an opportunity I can't pass up.
So I would take response later with the 11th pick and I like it.
Listen, I think that it's a sound move, right? You and I have talked about it back and forth, what it would mean for the new york football giants to lock up, quote unquote the offensive line position will need that they have and make it feel like it's a a feasible reality to go into this season feeling confident at that every offensive line position.
I mean, it's something that we haven't been able to say in a long time for the new york football Giants.
So obviously I think that would be a very nice move for Big Blue now on the other side of it, as we said, coming into it, we talk about what we think maybe gentlemen will or will not do by the way.
Likewise in this simulation, Kyle pits there at 10 and just for reference, all of the top five quarterbacks have gone by the time we get to our selection at 11, which I think rings pretty true by the way.
You know, if you, if you, if you think about the way, a lot of these guys are being discussed, including trey Lance moving up or a Justin fields now getting a little bit more buzz even with the san Francisco 49 ers at three, Somebody's going to come up if anybody wants him like Mac Jones, even he may be the guy that should be furthest out of it.
I still think someone's going to come up and get him or like in my simulation, it's just the Denver Broncos sitting pat and ending up getting a quality uh, QB for themselves at the 9th overall selection.
The problem here for me now is in the vein of what I would do.
I'd be looking to trade down.
I think the new york football giants are in a spot here where offensive line is obviously a big need and we've discussed that and I think we're sean slater is a fantastic selection.
But when you consider the idea that edge rusher is as paramount as any spot on this team, I tried to, I tried to trade just to be clear I wanted to trade.
I feel that some phone calls, I looked for some opportunities.
The Arizona Cardinals were one of those teams that want to come up from 16 because right now on the board they have the options of a mecca Parsons, right? Even got a teams like uh, the Chicago bears may want to come up just to secure their player in Rashad Bateman, even though that seems like that'd be way too rich for my blood.
There, you sound like Dave Gettleman.
He's like, you know how many phone calls I've had, where I kind of had a trade altogether and then it didn't work out.
So I had to take a player like that is what Adam is dealing with.
You are getting Gettleman as we like, we like to say, as a matter of fact, you are now, here's the problem and this is, and this is maybe to get a woman's point, you can trot, you can want to trade down, but it takes two to tango.
So I try, I fielded calls from the Arizona Cardinals.
I fielded calls from even the chargers because I would have been willing to trade down a couple of spots and still get the guy that I was after.
If it's me, This may be the un***y thing, Rashad slater is there, he solves the need, he's plug and play at the guard position.
And because we're unable to have a trade back here, it means that we're going to be all the way there 42 with other needs on our board.
So we have to be willing to take best player available plug our needs.
Slater's been there consistently over the past month at the top of the draft.
So It is going to be Russian slater for me as well at the tackle position and we'll move our way towards the top of the second round in 42 before you before you go in on your selection.
Andy this is the concern though, right.
Like the balance of this is a little bit tricky because I think you and I would both agree if it was possible for us to just even with a trade downs or not be picking it, say 15 or 16 and if slater was their great but Vera Tucker would be just as well for us, right.
I think you'd prefer to be getting any of these picks a few spots back and maybe having some extra assets.
Yeah, that's the tough part.
Especially, um, the way the draft has played out so far in our simulations, adam all three of the wide receivers are off the board for me.
And it sounds like they obviously work for you.
If if one of them was on the board, does that change anything from how you're thinking or the fact that Slater's there and you can't trade back, is he the guy that you're taking regardless of who else is on the board? Yeah.
Without the ability to trade back, I stayed pretty locked into Slater.
And I think on Wednesday, the discussion around if a wide receiver was there, how that impact Dave Gettleman is thinking, I think that's the big question that's going to be interesting to watch on thursday.
And and that's kind of how I feel like I could see things changing.
I wouldn't be upset getting a top three wide receiver because I do think that there's a drop off there, you know, when we talk about talent, but I'm happy with Russians later, like I said, can play guard or tackle really makes me feel more comfortable with my offensive line.
We've invested heavily over the last two years and now I'm moving into the second round And I have the 42nd pick Adam.
and so when I run this, I looked down and there's quite a few different players available.
Um you look at some of the different guys like Elijah more that have gone recently at wide receiver, there's a couple of different tackles like Alex leatherwood that go right before me.
I don't need a running back.
So you know, nah, jay Harris going to the broncos is not really that big of a deal, but really I have one glaring need after taking Russian slater and that is some kind of situational pass rusher outside linebacker, edge rusher.
Um you know, because I didn't address it in the first round because I didn't see value in going up and getting in a gallery or you know, too much risk with Jalen phillips, I'm now sitting here kind of having to to draft for need more than just best player available.
Um and as I look at it, there's one guy that's on the board that sticks out, maybe it's a little bit rich to be able to get him, but that's joseph, a sigh out of texas.
Um you know, the fact that he's here for me in the second round, he's got really good size at 64 he's explosive, he can get to the quarterback, um excited about it.
He seems like a great prospect for me on how I'm constructing this roster during draft day and in my first two picks, I've addressed the offensive line, I've addressed the pass rushing, um you know, situation that we kind of have right now and I'm actually feeling good after the first two picks.
I'd say if this is the way that the Giants, you know, end up having this fallout, obviously I'm the picker, so I'm feeling pretty excited about where we're at.
What are your thoughts so far? I like it.
No, listen, I'll tell you why I like that because on my board joseph Ozai goes 38 to the Cincinnati Bangles.
So you know, this is the interesting thing when we and why I'm looking for those trade downs at 11 if I can, because when you don't do it, once the run on edge rusher starts, it may not stop.
So the debate starts to come up I think is there a point or is there a mindset here from new york football giants that if we can't move out of 11, we have to think about edge rusher as early as that may feel.
So as I get into the second round, a guy like Jason away fell just outside at 34.
He went to the Jets playing the same stadium as us As I said, Oh, side goes there at at 38 and then even if 41 Nick Bolton out of Missouri went to the Detroit Lions.
So now let's see this is why it's a difficult draft because now as I look at the board, there's a lot of players that we're not going to be getting into.
Like another tackle, a walker.
Little uh, Kevin Jenkins has fallen on my board.
I'd be surprised if that was the case on case on draft night and then you get into some more traditional inside linebackers or even wide receivers.
Dia me Brown is out there on the board obviously as well if it's me and this is the way the board falls right now.
I want edge rusher and I need an edge rusher either.
I'm gonna reach down the board slightly and go for a little bit more of a guy that's gonna be time to develop but currently has the exact skill set that the Giants need as far as getting after the quarterback on the edge or I do what I think a lot of Giants fans would like, which is maybe take a wide receiver here, right, go with the dynamic playmaker like Diomede Brown who have talked about before and really been a fan of, but I'm going to stick to what I think it is offensive line, edge rusher and then it's kind of opened up to wide receiver etcetera.
And because of that, seeing Ronnie Perkins flash here.
Edge rusher Oklahoma, this is a guy that came out with a grade plus 90 and run and pass defense grades.
So just like joseph aside by the way, who has past and run defense grades in plus 80 close to 84 85 Ronnie Perkins is the guy for me.
He falls here 43rd overall rank on the board.
And that my friend is who the new york Football Giants draft in the second round of my mock draft.
Ronnie Perkins edge rusher out of Oklahoma.
You know, it is interesting because you look back at what happened in mind and where Ronnie Perkins was, he was there available for me on the board.
He actually went 49th to the Arizona Cardinals who needed some help there.
Um, like you said, it is interesting you think you have the exact prospect that you want the Giants to draft and then all of a sudden they get taken 10 picks earlier and you need to be able to to go with the flow and adapt in some of these certain situations.
You know, I thought going into this, that one of those three wide receivers is going to be available in the first round.
They weren't makes the decision a little bit easier, But for sean slater is gone and there's not a run on quarterbacks all of a sudden I'm in a whole different ballgame and that's really what these GMS are facing every time they go into this, you really don't know.
And then, you know, the variables just continue to get exponentially larger and larger as you get into the 2nd and 3rd round, You know, I would say.
And this one I got fortunate that, you know, joseph size is there for me.
Um, but certainly, you know, we're both thinking along the same lines, were thinking, got to shore up the offensive line, got to shore up as rush at almost any cost.
And I think, and I think to your point personally Asai is is behind Perkins on most draft boards by a handful of spots.
But I like him better.
I like him.
It was a better fit for the new york football giants.
So in that situation where they're both there, I think you made the right call going with Josephus.
I I'm kind of not it's not defaulting because as I read the grades there right Perkins quality player.
But I just think fitting the specific needs in a little bit of versatility, a little more versatile potentially coming in the door in Oc.
We move now onto round three and pick 76 for the new york football giants.
Andy Markowitz has taken me Sean slater at 11.
He came back with joseph O. C.
Out of texas at 42 now on the board at 76.
I know Andy for a fact that you're looking at the wide receiver group and why is that adam? Because if because Jalen Waddell was there at 11, you would have drafted him.
So I know, I know that you are on board with you know, on the same page with wanting to get a quality wide receiver talent and not wanting to get too far into the weeds here in the draft and making sure you feel like you've targeted a player that you like and want to go get. Yeah.
And there's a couple of different reasons why you know at this pick right now, I am looking at what is available at the wide receiver position.
One is, you know, sterling Shepard, you know, has been injured quite a bit.
Um you know, the cap hit in releasing sterling Shepard after this upcoming season drops like $2 million.
So if the Giants wanted to move on from shepherd at any point they could, they went and got, they went out and address, you know, the number one wide receiver in Kenny Golladay, we're still trying to figure out what we have in Darius Slayton.
He has shown flashes, he has shown the ability to get down the field, but also, you know, when he's matched up against a number one type corner, there are games where he will go catch lists, which is really, really tough to rely on, especially when you're thinking about the progression of daniel jones.
So with all that said, you know, we got a guy like john ross in the building.
Um, you know, we have some depth at the position, especially guys on our practice squad.
I still want to add to the room adam and I want to add in the third round to your point because once we start getting to the 5th, 6th, 7th round, like I don't even know if these guys are going to make the roster, We already have a ton of those like you know, throw throw you a lotto ticket, throw a dart at the board and hope you hit guys right, can I can I'm going to ring the bell here and I'm going to announce your pick for you.
This is we don't know what, we don't know each other selections.
We don't know the draft board but watch this.
And with the 76th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, Andy Mca witt's new york Football Giants select josh palmer, wide receiver out of Tennessee.
That would be correct adam.
That would be correct.
It was you know, looking at my board, it was down between two guys.
I really like a lot josh Palmer and Nico Collins are still both there for me.
I think to be honest with you, I think Nico Collins has a little bit more upside but kind of what the giants need, josh Palmer fits it a little bit better.
He's you know, josh palmer seems like a joe judge kind of guy like get in there, work hard, do my job from, you know, I don't know adam it's a match made in heaven.
I've talked about josh Palmer on this show at you know, at least four or five different times.
I really like him as a prospect.
Getting him in the third round.
I have addressed all three of the needs that I've wanted to going in and I feel like I got top players at each of the positions.
I getting response later in getting joseph aside and getting josh palmer, I would write the ticket for this right now.
You have to feel pretty good about what you've done.
I come up here on my side of things and to give you a sense of it, right.
One of the players, because I'm not against taking wide receivers, there's been mocks where I've gone with Miami Brown in the second round because I think he's such a well built, reliable, both deep and intermediate target for the new york football giants potentially.
But obviously you got to make sure you're checking off the boxes of needs.
But other players that I've mentioned, like I'm in raw ST brown, he went 71 to the Denver broncos, other guys I think I've mentioned like Wallace, he goes even earlier up at 62 the new Orleans Saints.
So some of my kind of 2nd 3rd even into the fourth round targets have already gotten away from me here at this point of the draft, which makes it a little bit more interesting player like Palmer is there for me if I want, I don't evaluate him as highly maybe as you do.
So I I don't I don't know what the value would be there if he's there in the, if I find him there in the fourth round, which would I think would be a drop for him that I'd be excited to take them.
It's hard for me to come up in this particular spot and get overly excited about taking a wide receiver that I think no matter who you take is going to be a little bit of a stretch at this point or a little bit of a reach.
Is there any other position? Yeah.
Is there any other position if you feel like wide receiver is is going to be a stretch and you'll look to see if you get value later.
What's the other position that comes to your mind now that you've addressed offensive line and edge rush? Is it doubling down on one of those positions? Is there another area where you think we could fill the gaps at them? Yeah.
So you know, I I know that people have talked about cornerback being a possibility as far as again, same thing you're speaking about the wide receiver position building for the long term future here.
I you know, there are a couple of options on the board right now.
A Calvin joseph out of Kentucky I think will be a really nice has good length, nice, nice guy that you can bring into the room and develop behind some of these guys.
Um if you wanted to go, some people have said defensive lineman might be an option here to like a Milton Williams out of Louisiana tech.
Like, you know, you can think about these, but third round feels like just a bit too far, just a bit too early.
Excuse me for some of these, like let's develop for the future here and I'm not even necessarily putting josh palmer in that category, but I just think there's still guys that can plug in to be contributors, what I'm going to with what I'm going to go for here because at the top of my board, Jabril cox, l S U is still there.
So you talk about other areas.
Well now I could be looking at a guy on the inside to pair with blake Martinez and be the future of that position.
I'm gonna take a little bit of, I want to take a little bit of a risk here and just see if I might be able to get myself a little bit of extra value because as it stands right now I'm comfortable with, but don't love what's happened in the draft so far as far as getting real and true value out of this draft for myself.
So I look across the room, I get a phone call from the Chicago bears.
They want to come up a handful of spots from 83 to 76.
I'm gonna try to execute a trade with them which gets accepted.
Now we can debate about whether or not I got enough value etcetera To come up to 76.
I got there 83rd pick, I also got 164 and a future fourth round selection from them.
So that's what's nice here.
So now at this spot where I feel like there's, there's more than enough talent and I think a lot of people would say Jibril Cox is probably the easy answer there.
You got to go do it.
I have now given myself an extra pick to work with here though, so that affords me the ability to look at the board and find the best available player that's going to help this team overall.
I'm in between two guys here now, Cameron sample edge rusher out of Tulane, he's a guy that's going to be more in the Leonard Williams mold, sliding in around across the three frontier or a surprise selection Andy Mca wits and I'm actually gonna think, I think I'm going to go with that surprise here And this is going to probably blow it.
That's gonna blow your socks off here Andrew Macallister.
You're not you're not gonna see this one coming.
I've given myself an extra pick as I said at 164, so In the 3rd round at 83 I'm actually going to go with the Notre dame product.
Tommy tremble tight end.
He has one of the best run blocking grades out of college, of the tight end position.
He's also capable of going out in routes and catching the football.
And I think when you look at this roster and we talk about Evan ingram and his deficiencies and where he may end up in the spectrum of this team and Kyle Rudolph and where he is in his career and maybe the relative disappointment of Ato Ulloa and caden smith not being a blocking tight end.
I think this is the pseudo way that you continue to bolster the protection for Daniel Jones and the ability for sequin Barkley to have one of the biggest seasons while also building that tight end position for the future.
So I go with Tommy tremble at 83.
That's an interesting one because when you listen to some of, you know, Dave Gettleman, uh press conferences and different things, it doesn't seem like they're really thinking about the tight end position after going out and getting Kyle Rudolph.
It seems like it's, it's a position of strength for us at this moment.
But you know, having, having, having ingram on the last year of his deal and not necessarily sure where he's going to be uh, is a little bit tricky.
So I don't, I don't mind the pick, I'd be okay developing that talent there.
Um, but, but I think you were kind of in an interesting spot where you just didn't see value in some of the other positions.
And Cameron sample would have been an option.
I think for me, I really like him a lot there.
But my thinking on this is big picture now, caden smith Koloa, you guys very well not be here by the start of the season.
This can be an Evan ingram Kyle Rudolph and now Tommy tremble room where I can put Kyle Rudolph and tremble on each line together when I want to run to tight end sets and really be a power as far as being the option of in the respective teams will have to pay run versus pass.
And you've, you've balanced things out pretty well so far during the draft.
I still think, um, you know, depending on how you view wide receiver, it's probably still an area that you need.
Um, but, but I, I don't mind it.
I mean you're, you're taking talent, you were able to trade back and ac***ulate some pics.
Um, we know that that might be a challenge for for Gettleman, but I like the ac***ulation of assets um that you're working with.
Yeah, for you, it's on to the fourth round selection, right? 1 16 on the board.
You've gone with your offensive lineman, you've gotten your edge rusher, you've gotten your wide receiver again.
I like to use my instincts here I think Andy is going to try to supplement the defensive side of the ball.
Maybe with another linebacker.
It's tough Adam because in these mocks sometimes guys fall to you and it just seems pretty unfair.
You know, Jim and Davis of the linebacker out of Kentucky is his average draft position has been 94.
He is going through a massive slide on my board right now.
He is mr do it all.
You know, inside linebacker can run sideline to sideline.
I don't know, adam, you tell me, it seems pretty criminal that he is still on my board and available.
Um, if he was there in a situation like this, I would love to pair him inside with blake Martinez and feel like I've solidified the, you know, The 3, 4 outside line and inside linebacking positions, but it could be a little bit of a challenge to see him drop this far when some people are saying he's like a fringe, you know, probably a second round pick, maybe, yeah, ranked 41st overall on the board.
And then, like you said, getting drafted closer to 100 he's on my board as well.
I think the thing that we're, that's getting missed here in this simulation and in general is that he's been rising like his draft stock has been rising.
So I feel, I feel like it's more likely that someone maybe grabs him Even if he slips from the back of the second to the third round.
But I'm not I'm not going to stop you from doing it.
He's there on the board for you if you want to go with him because it's the value, I'm not gonna knock you.
And I would understand it obviously because I'm assuming if you look through your board a little bit, there's not a lot of other linebackers that jump out at you right now in this moment, this spot before you start really kind of working your way down into the hundreds in the 120s of prospect rankings.
And and that's the problem, right? We have a bunch of inside linebackers that may be able to play some of these positions already that are kind of those dark throws that we talked about.
You you have your take crowder's and campgrounds that that play along the offensive, you know, the the linebacking positions.
If I if I wait any longer to get another linebacker, it's them competing and it's a bunch of 6th and 7th round guys competing for a starting spot.
If I take a guy like Davis right now, I know that, you know, he's a guy that could be going in the second or third round and I'm getting him, you know, at value in the in the hundreds right now.
So with my pick, I'm gonna lock that in and take Jim and Davis At 116, probably the steal of the draft every single year, somebody falls right, a prospect slips.
And and if you're a team that's looking at a player like Davis and you end up taking, you know, jibril cox the round before you take drill cox in the second or third round, all of a sudden your your need hierarchy shift, so you're not looking at Davis anymore, right? And it's going to end up coming down to a team that maybe has that need And didn't realize that he was going to be available for you and then it becomes a steel so I can't knock you taking them.
It'll be interesting to see there's always someone, maybe it will be Davis that falls.
I'd be surprised only because his stock has seemingly been rising as we move towards the draft on Thursday.
I'm a bit 116 now for myself and just like you Davis is there, I'll go a different direction for sake of argument here, but I can make the choice of do I want to supplement what I've done on the defensive side of the ball? I've now gotten myself a tight end in the third round.
I again, I think a quality pick, but I have pushed off that need at wide receiver.
So the real question becomes, what am I more concerned about improving here? The offense or the defensive side of the ball at this stage? When I look out across the landscape of it, I'm either going to be going with a wide receiver here if I can find the right talent or I'd even be willing to supplement my offensive line play as well.
I kicked myself down here a little bit.
two options come to mind for me.
You have of course wide receivers that we've talked about by the way.
Your josh palmer is still here at 1 16 for me.
I've also highlighted.
I know and I, and listen, that's maybe one of the un really, I'd say unrealistic, right? But it depends on when these wide receiver runs happen.
Another guy that's there for me is Jalen Darden out of north texas who have highlighted before smaller school but has all that twitchy show, you know, tight space kind of work from a wide receiver that you may be like.
But as I work down the board, I'm going to go again short term, long term here and maybe safeguard against against any potential issues that we could run into across the offensive line.
A player like robert Hainsey out of Notre dame.
He's a player that, that is projected to be a convert over to center.
He gets an incredibly high draft grade of 89.
9 and six coming off of his last season.
So it feels like in the short term you're going to get what competition potentially at a guard role and he plays a tackle at college.
But guard competition potentially for a Russian slater Hernandez, if he's still there, we know that we know that Lemieux is going to be there as well.
So let's mix it up here, I want the best possible line to get formed and then in the long term I have someone that could move to another position, maybe even compete for backup swing tackle role behind Pert and behind thomas.
I like the value for him here.
I'm gonna go ahead and pull the trigger at 1 16 and I feel comfortable taking robert Haynes out of Notre dame because I have that extra pick that I grabbed with that small trade down in the third round.
Now with Hainsey, you know, a lot of people are saying he could kick even further inside.
Um, you know, talk to me about how that impact nick gates or or anything else in your mind, is there, is it just positional depth along the line? Could be a swing tackle of the future or is it someone that could give competition to two gates? And I like where do you, where would you see that type of fit for the Giants? Yes, So here's the interesting thing and I, you know, I've been pretty, pretty consistent around, I like wanting to have consistency in front of Daniel jones, right? So that be nick gates and year number two at center.
But we know that he's played at guard, we know he's played all the way out to tackle.
So now when I walk into this room, I say, well Slater is going to be earmarked for a starting job.
But does Shane Lemieux have, does he locked into being the starting left guard is 1/5 round selection.
You played admirably but struggled mightily in pass protection.
So now when I go into training camp, I'm gonna have Hanzee, nick Gates, Russian Slater and even Shane Lemieux and say I want the best three guard center guard.
And however that shakes out is going to be perfectly fine by me.
And I could see a world where if Hainsey came into camp and looked strong at center, let's say now I can move gates to a left guard role and have a Gates Hainsey and slater combination across the front and then allow a guy like Lem you to be my backup across those three positions, three positions on the inside of the line throughout the season.
So depth and strength I think is what I'm building with a value picking the fourth round.
I mean, I like it adam I think we, you know, we've addressed to the Russian slater situation in the first round, but I don't think the Giants are just going to add one offensive lineman in this draft.
So like clearly there's gonna be another one.
It's just a matter of when and if, you know, when does the positional needs start to start to factor in for them? Yeah, exactly.
And now, by the way, so just quickly here because we're not gonna go into deep detail with our 1 96 and two oh ones.
I'll let Andy I'm gonna scan over because I have that extra pick at 1 64 from the trade with the Chicago bears.
I'm gonna let Andy just break down what you what you're positions or any names you might have on your mind for later in the draft.
The sixth round picks, developmental prospects.
Where do you think the Giants will look to address some needs there? Yeah, So there's two things.
One is depending on how they see slater fitting in on that offensive line.
I do think that they need to still grab another guard or a tackle to try to come in and compete for a roster spot.
Um, you know, when we're getting into the two hundreds, it's getting a little further down the list.
So, uh, I think that's one area that the Giants are going to go, but there's, there's clearly another area that the Giants are going to draft a player in at some point and that is the running back position.
So while they have all pro, all worlds take juan Barkley, they wildly overpaid for the man booker.
Um, to be their running back number two, they really do need an influx of talent.
Um and potentially a prospect that can come in situationally do some things to the Giants.
When I look at someone in particular atom, I think uh puka Williams Jr out of Kansas is a guy that has electric speed, can take the top off of a defense.
And that's kind of what I'm thinking that we would need to supplement, you know, both Booker and Barclay.
Barclay is great and it is electric, Booker can play all three downs, so there's not really a specific area of need that the Giants yet running back, I think a guy with elite speed and breakaway speed and get him the ball in his hands situationally could be another asset for the Giants.
Yeah, I like that.
I think it makes sense and that that feels as much a build for the short and the long term, right, Another dynamic playmaker out of the backfield and then again, you know, his book are going to be here on multiple contracts, of course not.
So you know, locking in who's gonna be behind sackman Barkley after losing wayne gallman this past off season, signed with the san Francisco 49 is the tip of the hat to him.
I think you're right.
Remember the guy, the guy like platz gummer in the, in the pipeline coming over from europe, a player that I've liked is Jared patterson out of Buffalo and by the way, at my 1 64 he's off the board now.
So this draft today has gone completely differently than I've taken it.
Almost every other mock draft simulation, the Slater piece is still there, but the next three selections that I've made are not ones that I have made in most of my mocks.
So now at 1 60 for just around things out, um, I'm looking at who's available and what are some of the, some of the potential fits to help supplement what we've done so far.
Wide receiver is still a need here for me.
Obviously this is a familiar name that's Jalen Darden north texas, wide receiver, smaller school, you have to wonder about the competition level that he's played against.
But the big benefit is that this is a kid that displays everything on tape that you want.
Small space, twitchy nous, great going over the middle of the field, can get them out in space, use them out of those out of the backfield routes, bubble screens to the wide receiver.
I think it's a value selection.
I think it gives us a guy to develop maybe as a replacement potentially for sterling Shepard.
And while Giants fans may think it's far too late, The wide receiver class is deep and you can find talent all the way into the 4th and 5th round.
Yeah, I mean when you're getting back here and you're looking at the 55th round guys, you're looking for guys to fill out roster spots.
Not necessarily be a week one starter for, for teams, You know, look at Shane Lemieux, he was, you know, 1/5 round pick and came in halfway through the year and started to get some, some reps when Hernandez struggled.
So you look at someone like this who can fill in, we know one of the wide receivers is going to be injured at some point on our team and you just figure out where all these different guys are gonna fall.
You have a guy like john ross or Dari Slaten, you're not, not 100% sure what you're gonna get from them.
You know, gala Day was injured for a good portion of the year last year, adding wide receiver depth is one of the reasons why I took palmer as early as I did.
So I like this pick, I think a little bit of the unknown at the smaller school to your point.
Um, we hope it doesn't end up translating to something like ramses Barden where you know, came in, didn't know too much.
And then the film look better than the play on the field.
But when you're, when you're drafting down the board this far, you trust your scouting departments and you really hope that you can hit a home run with one of these guys 100% man.
So I'll let you just in case you haven't run through and just, you know, make those selections of those back end picks and then to close this out before we get out the door and we'll be right back in on Wednesday doing it from the new york football giants perspective remember I wanted to trade down in this draft, it was difficult for me to find the right partner who could do it.
So I fell into the Dave Gettleman trap and then at 1 96 and two oh one, its edge rusher shaka Tony.
So I'm doubling down on getting after the quarterback.
I really like him.
If you were to fall there, they'll be absolutely phenomenal selection.
Keep his name on your mind for the Giants in the later rounds.
And then I get that running back elijah Mitchell out of Louisiana to help out in the running back room.
But once I close this out, an overall draft grade of an A for the new york Football Giants as I feel like I've addressed the areas of need and with some late round picks, given some really good depth boost to key positions on this roster.
Yeah, adam and they grade you up pretty well and you got to be pretty excited if you walk away addressing all the positions that you did there.
Um I said from the start that we need to draft the running back at some point.
So puka Williams, JR is there for me and then at 201 I want to add another guard to the mix.
As I said before, I don't think we are drafting just one offensive lineman and tristan Hoagie of BYU was there as a guy that, you know, projects as a pure guard can fight for reps with Hernandez, Shane, Lemieux and Zach Fulton and overall I end up getting a grade of a minus, so I'm pretty happy.
But I mean adam, Adam ends up scoring out a little bit better, moving and shaking around the board and addressing different needs.
We try to work the board as much as we can, but no, listen, that's what it comes down to though again.
And this is almost a good example of it because I've talked so much about giants should trade down, get value, trade down, get value, then it's draft day and nobody is willing to, you know, I don't have the trade partner, I'm not getting the value back and it speaks to what Gettleman said about, yeah, you want to trade down, that's awesome.
But you don't want to feel like you're getting you're getting ripped off, you want to feel like you're getting the value.
So being forced to make these kind of pics, I, I think changed my approach to the draft.
I still managed to find a little bit of value in that third round trading down slightly and that made it feasible to take some different positions that I normally would.
This is gonna be a lot of fun when we come back in on Wednesday.
It's going to be about from the new york Football giants perspective.
And I I will guarantee you for a fact neither one of us Is going to be making the same two first round selections.
I really do not think it's going to be the case because it's based on what I think the New York football giants want to accomplish and how their hierarchy goes.
You mentioned at the top Andy, what if a wide receivers there at 11? I think that throws a big wrinkle and if he's not positional value.
I think the Giants are looking at this draft class in this draft board a little bit differently than maybe you and I think they should be.
And that's why we wanted to separate these two because when you do one mock draft you're like, oh is that what the Giants need? Is it what you want them to do? Is that what's in gentleman's head? I think this is a better way to show we would build out the roster this way start we'll both start with offensive tackle, work our way through edge rusher and so on and so forth.
I don't know if that's going to be what Dave Gettleman has in mind.
There's also some different reports are coming out this week.
Like there will be that Gettleman, like certain players and joe judge likes other players.
So it's going to be interesting.
And neither of those players that I'm mentioning that the rumors are around are ones that Adam and I drafted.
So you know, you know that there's gonna be some, some unique picks going in here, especially in the first couple of rounds with some hot names coming off the board.
You better believe it, be sure to follow us of course on Youtube where we Broadcasted this live, follow the podcast wherever you get your needs fulfilled.
Follow us on social media at one giant podcast.
We will post up on our instagram account, the full draft profiles that we each went with, the grades that came along with it and maybe even some supplemental information about these guys Wednesday, the new york football giants, Dave Gettleman slash joe judge edition of the 2021 draft.
Thank you for checking in with us in a dandy Markowitz would want and demand that, you know, as always, let's go Big Blue.


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