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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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The guys breakdown the First press conference from Dave Gettleman which focused on the Free Agency Class and what it means for the Giants upcoming draft.
Then, Andy asserts the question: Should the Giants be willing to trade up in the draft to get their targeted player? This is consideration of a division opponent sitting ahead and behind Big Blue with Dallas and Philadelphia


And with that friends we welcome you back once again to O. G. P.
It's adam are brecht as always with Andy Mca.
Wits healthy, wealthy wise and streamlined in the morning.
How are you sir? I'm good adam.
New morning routine.
I don't let my 18 month old dictate how I act in the morning.
I set an alarm like an adult.
Now I'm waking up at 6 15 6 30 I'm too cold brew coffee is in already and I am fired up about the draft.
Now here's a guy that's not being impacted by his 18 month old kid and choosing to set his alarm aggressively earlier so that he can prepare for his 18 month old kid.
That's a good combination.
I like your style.
We come in off of the press conference really for the most part focused on free agency.
I was supposed to they still got some you know draft tidbits or possibilities out of them too.
But they're going to come in and talk about the draft down the road as well.
Let's start there.
Dave Gettleman press conference takeaways.
Listen off the bad thing just to move past this because there's some other I think, you know, more interesting notes, the big signings like bringing back Leonard Williams like Kenny Golladay, like adoree Jackson, his general Take away the gentleman was these are, you know, high quality towns that we wanted to get at.
Now he said that the good at great prices, we can debate that, you know, I mean shopping.
Normally when he goes for groceries.
Right, right.
I mean, listen you are you are you in Wegmans, are you in all these are you in whole foods? You know, there's different price points for, depending on what product you're trying to purchase here.
So that being the case, Dave Gettleman has a taste for caviar, we could say and that's why he was willing to pray those price tags, you know, we could start there if you want.
But beyond that, what else did you get out of this? Out of this press conference? Well I think first and foremost the Giants knew that they were going to be aggressive in free agency, which, which is what they were and we'll get into some of that in a minute.
The other piece of it was you know Gettleman and Abrams basically came out and said we wanted to pay for top talent, we went for the best talent that was out there on the board, Kenny Golladay was considered the you know, the best wide receiver that was on the board.
The Giants went up and and paid for the best type of talent adoree Jackson gets on the market, he was the best young free agent corner that hit the market.
The Giants paid up to get him, you know, Leonard Williams, even though he was one of our own was potentially a free agent.
The Giants paid up to get the best young defensive lineman so that the Giants made a conscious decision to say we are going to pay up for Premier players that are going to hit the market, we're not going to over pay for a middle tier type of guy just to fill a roster spot, which which I think is a good approach, like spend the money on high end talent don't just like consistently slightly over pay for a talent that just fills a hole or fills a void.
Even when you think about not even free agency, but when they made the trade for ogletree to bring him in right, you paid a premium and draft assets to bring in a player because you had a whole you had this need and you also kind of knew were over paying for what we're going to get in return.
I think if you are going to invest big dollars in free agency to your point three and you include Leonard Williams and that three really big name players.
We're gonna get into his comments around Kyle Rudolph as well.
Um As opposed to, yeah, we signed six and we looked at other players and free agency but we signed six or seven, you know, C plus B level players and we paid a little bit extra on every single one of them.
It adds up into saying, what about the big name guys? What about the true number one talented wide receivers? So listen, nobody is going to complain about what the Giants and Dave Gettleman didn't free agency overall and before we get to just we'll get to Kyle Rudolph because I thought it was comments are interesting there as well.
But do you want to take, I mean all the time in the world here, you know how long the podcast runs, If you need to apologize to Devontae Booker feel free now, now's the time because I think once, once Dave broke it down for you, you really have a better sense of of the value of this player and why he was so worth that price and free agency.
Yeah, so kudos to Dave Gettleman, he comes out and and one of the first questions asked by the media of course, is essentially why did you ever pay for everybody? Like everyone's raising their hand like he's like, not all at once.
Not at once.
Everyone's raising their handy holiday question was adoree Jackson.
Question anyone willing, Yeah, Daniel jones off season workouts.
No, you want to know why I overpaid at the beginning.
Free agency for a back of running back after I spent the number two pick on the all world, you know, green jacket running back.
Okay, well Dave Gettleman came out and his answer was, Devontae Booker is a three down back so he can he can play every single snap if we need him to.
Its insurance behind sequin Barkley especially knowing to sequin Barkley has had injury history, he wanted to have it back behind.
Sequin Barkley that can fill the void should seek one, not be able to perform, but also complement him whether it's in the past game or the run game and give him give him a spell.
So I will say Dave Gettleman spun that really, really well.
He said you can never have too many good players period at one position period, right? But he didn't say you can never have too many good players at one position even if you overpaid for the backup guy, which I thought was a nice old mission.
But I mean what's Gettleman supposed to say he's not gonna come out and like you know what we significantly overpaid for a backup running back, but that was at the beginning of free agency before I hit it out of the park.
You know, in hindsight being what it is, I might have done it different but but and again, I think that that's like what I do think is accurate about it is wanting to have a three down running back that you can have it all the time.
The question becomes what other three down running backs, veteran running backs, maybe we're going to still be on the market or still are on the market at this very moment.
That being the case though, I stand by you like the guy you wanted, the guy you went and you got, I mean you were aggressive and free agency across the no stops, full, full gas, no stops.
One other note that I took away from it was the Kyle Rudolph conversation.
So they say the media as Dave Gettleman, once you have the issue come up for Kyle Rudolph and you knew he was gonna need surgery, why not go back to the table, Why not try to make it a more team friendly deal? Why not make it more? You know, incentive laden has to meet certain check marks played a certain number of games and get a win basically said and after I think the money man was, you know, explained it, the nuts and bolts of it and then dave kind of lied and said, plus you know, oh, we're classy, You know what I mean? We do it right around here, you guys, you feel me.
And by the way, I like the sentiment of what he's like, I do like what he's saying like, hey, you offered the guy a contract, He cleared the medical and then this came up on the back end of it.
So to try to retroactively save yourself a couple bucks or you know, nickel and dime somebody or take the offer off the table.
No, that wouldn't feel, you know, classy or it wouldn't feel like a handshake agreement that you had had reached.
I also also we think we all agree when the injury news came out about Kyle Rudolph, we all took a pause and was like, or maybe we don't want to sign him.
You know, like, I don't think that that was the make or break, signing, obviously that really moves the needle if he's healthy, we like, we like what he brings to the tight end room, but that was just kind of, I don't know, it's, you know, it's like big d big D power from Dave calendars.
Like we're classy, we don't know what to do.
I, he's sitting in New Jersey, he's sitting by the Meadowlands.
It felt very sopranos s like we keep it in the family here, right.
Like he, he basically, you know, adam, I actually thought this was really smart, so it's a little bit old school mentality of Dave Gettleman.
Like we're blue blood were the new york football giants.
Like this is how we run things here.
But I think what he was doing is, let's say the Kyle Rudolph thing, they could have gone back and maybe applied a little pressure to him and said, hey, come on.
Like, you know, we we've got to restructure this little differently.
There's injury risks here.
One, it potentially makes Kyle Rudolph go look elsewhere to see like, I'm sure someone will, will, will give me the deal that I'm looking for.
That's one the second piece of it is, you know, even if the Giants would have saved half a million dollars or change the structure of the deal, it's signaling to all other free agents that potentially come on the market like we treat people right here, we do the right thing you want to come here because we will honor the things that we say and do when you're looking like other sports and you know, you look at JJ Red****, uh, who was on the new Orleans.
Pelicans got traded to the Mavericks.
He's like, yeah, they told me I wasn't gonna get traded, looked at me in my face and then they just ship me to Dallas like yesterday, right? Like get them and is basically saying, I will always shoot you straight and if you shoot me straight and we're on the same page, like we'll always back you up will always support you. I think it's great.
And it basically signals all free agents, like we're a spot you want to go.
And it is funny too because I want to get into the, some of the draft kind of tidbits out of it and thoughts and rumors that are flying around now is, we're just over a week away.
Um, but, but I think, you know, sometimes it can feel clunky or sometimes it can seem a little odd or humorous that Dave Gettleman has been at the helm for some of the weird times for the Giants.
But one component we've always come back to, this goes to jOHn Mayer as well.
The Giants organization, they're one of the originals.
They, you know, they're the stalwarts there, the blue chip franchise in the NFL and you haven't been able to hang your hat on at the last handful of years, not just because of the record of the performance on the field, but also because of some of the contract things or some of the players you weren't able to attract there.
So it may to your point I take or leave it.
I mostly chuckle And also, I think reestablishing what you want.
The giants organization to be in.
The NFL is important.
It's a culture shift under joe judge primarily and we've seen that and it continues to happen.
So it's a positive thing.
Overall, it's usually just, it's the messenger.
If joe judges said those exact same words, I would be like, oh my God, this Guy pulling on my heart rate, you know, I mean, what do you want me to run Joe? Where's the wall to run through? But Dave Gettleman, I'm just wondering what he was doing at 2:45 PM, possibly.
He was in Florida that did ship him in just to get into this press conference.
All right.
The other thing that I want to get too though is the new york giants coming into the NFL draft.
I was talking to you before we started, I ran a couple of, of mock drafts for Michael who fan over on Youtube, walking through the idea of packaging up to get back into the second round a second time.
Maybe tartar specific player.
I've talked about packaging to get up in the back of the first, trying to make sure that you get offensive line and your edge rusher as you need it.
So condensing those picks and getting as much value as you can out of the draft.
But some rumors, some speculation in this, in this season of smoke suggest the Giants possibly could be looking to trade up Next Thursday.
We'll explain to me what the logic is behind the move like this, given the giants are at 11, who's the target that you're trying to get to, You know, who are you afraid of missing out on And how confident are you in, in selling off more assets and leaving yourself pretty bare for the remainder of the draft? Yeah, so once I heard a little bit of smoke around potentially the Giants trading up, I'm like, oh, this, this actually makes sense and, and I didn't think I was going to say that, but then I started putting some of the pieces together.
One Dave Gettleman has never traded down ever in his eight year career as a GM.
So like he doesn't have a track record of trading down, he has a track record of trading up and identifying a player that he really wants for good or bad sickness or health, death.
Do us part Dave Gettleman loves trading up.
Um you know, that made me start thinking, okay, well if the Giants are trading up, one of the reasons, one of the reasons I'm hearing is because they want to get in front of the Dallas cowboys, there may be a player that could still be on the board at anywhere between six and nine that they don't want a generational type talent to fall to the cowboys in the division makes complete sense to me now, where I'm trying to figure this out is what is the player or players or pool of players that the Giants would be moving up to in order to make this happen? And is it worth the draft capital that you'd be spending on the back end? Yeah.
So the quick first thing that comes to mind here, and I know because you have some things to back up the possible moves to make in that, in that regard, the only guy that I could think about would be would be Kyle pits and he's not going to be there.
Tell me he's the only guy that I look at the top of this draft that I think reasons, you know, whatever reasonably could come, I can't be doing this for a wide receiver because as good as any of these guys might be, they're not generational talents and I don't think I'd be doing it for even for Slater, who I really like and plugs in perfectly for the Giants.
I don't think he's generational worthy that you need to package and get up above the cowboys for.
Maybe the last one would be, you know, I mean, we talk about guys, the giants like Micah Parsons because beyond that, what cornerback, we're not in that market right now, offensive lineman, I mean, Sewell, if you fell there for some reason, but who are the, who are the names that are going to be there? That that that line up with what the Giants would need or want and are being regarded in that way Kyle pits is the only guy that gets talked about, you know, outside of quarterbacks, Trevor Lawrence, he's the only guy that gets talked about it being a generational once in a decade kind of guy to go get.
So I think there's three names that it would make sense for the Giants if they have these players ranked as high as they do potentially on their board.
One is Kyle pits to your point because he's such a dynamic playmaker.
Evan ingram is on his on his fifth year option.
You know, he may not be around long term Kyle pits could be a great replacement piece there.
That's 12 is Penny Sewell where most people think that he is going to the Bengals at five because they keep sending pictures of joe burrows a cl torn like with all the stitching on it, They're like, how about we protect this guy? Like maybe we'll throw a lineman his way, but joe burrow sends back a picture of his buddy Jamaar Chase from college.
Yeah, but nobody protects me better than my boy on the outside.
Right? So the third guy that the Giants could trade up for is Jamaar Chase.
Like it sounds like people are saying that Jamaar Chase is head and shoulders the best wide receiver in this draft.
They're saying he would have been the best wide receiver in last year's draft.
So when you're talking about those three guys are talking about a generational tight end slash playmaker.
We're talking about a wide receiver and we're talking about an offensive tackle.
Now adam I'll give you a couple of different scenarios.
Those are those are three.
I'll uh maybe I'll just talk to you.
Does any of them just like absolutely you're absolutely not.
I don't want to anywhere near this.
Oh no, listen, I'm fine with all of them.
I mean listen, you know a guy like Sewell presents you the question mark of of left tackle because that's where he's gonna, you know, you start thinking about thomas now, you just took him fourth overall, but you have to book and that's great.
The only other thing I think would be to say that the Dallas cowboys, I don't believe at this stage would be in the market for a remark chase.
So if that was the player that was falling, I don't know that you have to get above Dallas to beat them to it.
But no, all those talents are good and and jim are chases the wide receiver that for everything I said, I would jump at the chance to take him in the first round.
Okay, so under these scenarios, let's just say the Giants do trade up because we've been talking about trade down at nauseum at 11.
Let's talk about trade ups.
There's two real areas where teams are waving a flag right now saying I would potentially move out his pick.
We obviously have Atlanta four seems way too far for the Giants to go.
So really it's the dolphins at six and the Carolina Panthers, there's a report out yesterday saying they want out of the eight spot.
They're looking to see if they can acquire assets because they don't need a quarterback anymore because they got Sam Donaldson.
Now they're saying, how can we ac***ulate some of these draft picks knowing that we don't necessarily need that type of player at eight.
Now here is kind of the capital that it would take for the Giants to move from 11 to 6.
It would be the equivalent of a mid to late round second round pick.
So you basically would say the Giants would be giving up Probably there pick number 42 and maybe getting something something back in return because it means a little bit high maybe.
But who knows something? Supply and demand.
I don't know.
But really when you look at it, you know, that would be the type of asset you would have to give up when you, when you want to move from 11 to 8 and take the Carolina panthers pick, get in front of the broncos and the cowboys.
You're talking about a late third round pick is the going rate for moving up three spots in that position, which 76 is a little bit of an early third round pick.
So maybe it could be 1/4 and 1/4 next year or something like that for for the Giants to be able to do it are either of those cost prohibitive.
If the Giants look and they say, okay Kyle Pits is there at 6? We love this guy, is a talent.
Are we willing to give up our second round pick to get pits and then figure it out later? Well what becomes interesting about it is in this little tie back into the press conference, You know, one of the things that get them and talked about was ocean examiners and Lorenzo carter and and being disappointed not in them, but in the injuries that kept him off the field so that their rehabbing, they're coming along and they're excited.
He thinks that they're going to progress and get better and this is all in regards to getting better at the edge.
He thinks that can brown the carter coffin.
These guys are going to get better.
That doesn't mean that this is all in the vein of you're sitting there in the room and you're trying to make this trade up and you want to convince yourself, hey, you're still gonna, you still need edge Russia, that's still a glaring need.
If you're going up to six and giving up the second round pick, you're in a bit of a bind there because you're talking about now we have the third round pick in our fourth round pick at that point, you're probably you double down and you say now we trade up again to go get an edge rusher in the top of the second round somewhere or are offensive lineman that we need and make sure that we're checking a couple of these boxes.
It comes down to how you feel about those two positions and if you think you need to get a high quality talent that would seem a little rich But to eight though, that if you could pull that off for the 11th and 2/4 like you said, right, fourth this year, fourth next year and you want to go get by the way Kyle pits, you know, at eight because he's falling there.
Uh, any of those three guys, honestly, if you really chase would be like the last one just because again, where we are with our wide receiver room, but if you want to make that move up, that doesn't hurt you that much right at 42 you can still get a quality offensive lineman at 76.
You can still get a contributing edge rusher, vice versa run on how you want to.
So there's some value.
There is some real value there.
And if it was for Kyle pits, obviously I think most Giants fans would jump at the opportunity, especially the ones that want a wide receiver in the first round.
Hey, here's your golden ticket.
The guy that everyone agrees is generational.
We're gonna go get him and then build from there.
Yeah, I'm of the same mindset as you where you know, even if it is potentially the third round pick to be able to move up, I would still consider if one of those guys that you've identified is there.
I think that second round pick, if you're going to do this has to be an edge rusher has to be an offensive lineman depending on what player you're targeting with that with that trade up.
But you know when you think about adam, this is a realistic situation for the Giants that they could fall into.
I am extremely confident that four quarterbacks are going to go in the first eight picks.
Like I'm I'm 50 50 on whether five quarterbacks are going to go within the 1st 1st 8 picks.
So even if we say four quarterbacks are going in the first eight picks, that means that between pits Sewell slater Chase, like one of those guys has to be there and some people say that they have slipped ranked as high as usual.
Like one of those guys will be there no matter what if you're saying, you know, Mac jones or whoever is gonna gonna be in the top five picks as well, then you're saying one of those three that I described to you pits chase or Sewell has to be there at eight.
And so this is a realistic expectation for the Giants.
And the reason why I also think that this is interesting is I read some things that are like, oh the Giants have the second least amount of picks um in this draft with six picks, you know? Seattle has three picks because they trade everything for um Jamal Adams.
But the value of the Giants picks is actually like 13th or 14th in terms of the value of the assets that they have.
And we talked about this at length the 53 man roster, like there's not that many holes the Giants have glaring holes in the offensive line and that edge rusher, but outside of that there's not too much room at the end to like ac***ulate a bunch more 6th and 7th round picks because these guys aren't going to make the roster.
So for me, I'm like what if we go up and get the type of generational talent that one of these guys might be for the Giants, Like imagine Sewell falls to eight and the Giants give up a third round pick and now we've got a generational type of tackle to solidify that offensive line.
Like I'd be I'd be high fiving at that point.
The interesting thing about that because that's the only point that I was gonna get to was depending on who it is, right? I mean listen Jamaar chase again, I look at him as a clear cut above these other wide receivers in this class and that's fantastic.
I still again I still stand with the idea of wide receiver in the first round, isn't what you need to be doing here.
Um But if it's Sewell it it does become a little bit delicate, right? You just spent the fourth overall pick last year on what you wanted to be your stud, starting left tackle for your team and now you're gonna go get Sewell who is a starting left tackle for your team Now we talked about it a couple episodes ago.
Could could you have thomas kick over the right tackle and start playing there theoretically.
As I said before, NFL teams just want the book ends, they don't care about if it's left or right, they just want quality at the, at the at the start, at the end of the line.
So if you can accomplish that and it makes sense.
Great and you look at it just last two drafts we took to starting offensive tackles that we believe in that's fine and then you get into maybe per kicking inside to guard.
If that second piece around, Pert was a reality that the Giants could accomplish, then the trade up is even more palatable because what you're saying is in the second round, we're gonna want to go get our our edge rusher and there's going to be good names out there.
Maybe, maybe not going to happen, but maybe away were to slip a little bit.
But joseph assay is certainly a target able guy.
Perkins is there around the top end of that second round as well.
So there's options there and you don't have to worry about offensive line now.
So now when you get into the third round, you know, you can still do something there as well on either side of the ball really and ultimately come to four or five players in the draft class.
Right? That's what we've talked about.
Four or five players, those those marks by the way that I ran trading up into the first back end or up into the second, I got four players in the trade up to the second round because of what it costs to move five in the trip to the first round.
And that, that's about maxed out, You feel good and you feel good about getting high quality players right quality over quantity.
The one thing you know, also your boy try on from Washington may even be there, you love him, he might be in there to be able to address the edge rusher in the second round adam, the thing I keep going back to about this and people are like oh we're stunting that purchase growth, oh Nate soldiers backing them up, we have all these people at these different positions.
No one said anything about Darnay Holmes when we signed Adoree Jackson, right? Like Adoree Jackson is out there, we spent $13 million on them, but we're like, well what about the growth of fourth round pick Darnay Holmes, like we spent draft capital on Darnay, you're supposed to be a cornerback, like why can't we do this, it's like I just want to get better and if that makes our depth significantly stronger, that's what I want.
Darnay Holmes was not necessarily ready yet to be a number two cornerback.
He projects is kind of a slot guy, right? Like we that's what we saw that it was the only difference there being here's your slot cornerback as opposed to your outside cornerback.
Right? That that's that's a slight difference in terms of positional value because these are two different spots.
Again, if his Sewell was a cure right tackle, even even a right tackle, I'd say, you know, worth it to move up for a right tackle of course, is I'm not worried about third round matt peart, into your point about his development, this is about quality, you know, quality of the players that you're getting there on the rosters, the positions are interesting too.
But but your point is well taken in the sense that I want to get better, if there's opportunities to get better, that's the ultimate name of the game.
Now, you know, fans, you and I come into this offseason debating Dave Gettleman is a***en and ability and what has he accomplished it would things like this, depending on who you move forward, who you take, you know, the totality of his time with the new york football Giants, you're gonna look back a lot of draft classes and go, remember we took thomas, we're all really excited, but the next year we took part and that's when we really got excited.
Remember that time when, you know, when we signed this player here, we drafted Darnay Holmes, we thought he was developing nicely, but then we got adoree Jackson.
So, you know, 23 years from now, when you look at these draft classes and that includes ocean examiners, Lorenzo carter.
Right? These are guys that you're gonna look back and say are they here or not here? There could be very hollow draft classes on Dave Gettleman resume and the Giants resume.
Now ultimately the Giants become a good team.
I'm not really concerned about the the way that we got to that point, but it would make the case that much more stronger that yes you may become a better team.
And it took you five years it could have taken you should have taken you three.
Right well.
And I just keep thinking about you have guys like cam Brown and carter Coughlin um that are that are on the roster right now.
And like you said, the roster is gonna gonna kind of thin out towards the back.
If we're in the sixth round we have to sixth round picks.
If we're drafting another linebacker, that means either that linebacker is not going to make the roster or can brown carter Coughlin any of those guys that were picked later aren't making the roster.
You know, when you think about the six picks that we have, I am fairly confident that the Giants will at least allocate three of them to offensive line edge rushed outside linebacker and wide receiver.
Like those are three of the six picks that are going to happen.
So there's not that much more that the Giants are going to do.
It's just the order of how we do this.
And and to me if you address offensive line at the top of the draft and you get a or playmaker like pits or whatever you want to do there, I'm fine with it.
As long as we address those needs And you've identified the player that you think fits those needs the best.
I don't really care.
I mean, I've heard people say drop back from 11 to 20, pick up a second round, pick from the bears, get your edge rusher, their trade back into the first round, get your wide receiver or your offensive lineman and then go, go do it that way.
I'm fine with any of these.
If there's particular players that you've identified that you like.
But man, some of these guys at the top of the draft, you watch Kyle pits highlights, you watch Sewell.
Like It would be nice to get one of these guys at the top and just like premium position, much like Dave Gettleman is free agency situation.
We go pay for the premium players in the premium assets.
We don't over pay for the middle of the road edge rusher that doesn't fit at 11 and I'm loving that strategy yet.
Well, yeah, and by the way, I mean, this is why, you know the trade down because it's like top 10 or 12 talents in this draft or where the premium talent is and you know around 10 or 11 ish is when you start to shift a little bit, there's been a lot of those conversations around the edge rushers and where's their true value? Closer to 20 than to 10.
So when you're at 11, if you, if you think if edge rusher is the first thing on your board, even over offensive line for Dave Gettleman, the Giants, it's hard to take a guy at 11 and not look at those trade down opportunities.
That's why even when you talk about, don't worry about trading down from 11.
Look to come up back into the first round to come up back into the second round and make sure you target some of those high caliber talent that you speak of.
But listen, get show me the Giants fan at the end of the day, show me the Giants fan that on draft night, thursday you hear the Carolina panthers are on the clock and as as you know, Goodell walks to the podium in his ba*****t or wherever he's going to be this year and says there's been a trade, the giants of Trade with the Carolina panthers and select Kyle pits select Penny Sewell.
Even whether you know how I would feel, select your more chase.
There's not a Giants fan that's going to be unhappy with that.
Come on, you got to be fired up.
I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it like Giants walk in, they make the big splurge, they go identify the top town in the draft and they go get them and everyone gets fired up.
Everyone goes nuts.
Dave Gettleman gets carried off on his shoulders, down the jersey turnpike right to death in rush hour.
Uh Yeah, well there you go.
Friends dream a dream, a little dream.
Andy Mca wits has just painted a picture for you about what we could all be envisioning.
Just one week and one day away from today, you can of course follow us on Youtube where we're doing some mock drafts.
I'm sneaking around sneaking out of the podcast studio from Andy to make sure I get those outside of the people.
People want him and I can't, I can't let down the people.
And of course on social media at one giant podcast as well.
Before we go though, no matter what time of year it is, no matter what the Giants may trade for.
Andy Mac OS always wants, always needs demands that, you know, as always adam, let's go Big Blue.
Yes, sir.


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Julio Jones trade, Brandon Jacobs comeback tour, and Kenny Golladay scheme
Kenny Golladay hits the field, Kadarius Toney signs, WR core and CBs get ranked
Daniel Jones Deep Ball Ace
Saquan Barkley's BIG BLUE Return!
How Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shepard and Kadarius Toney stack up among the NFC East WRs
Daniel Jones Ideal Season of Success
Giants Schedule and Mini Camp
Big Blue disrespected in Power Rankings
The PICK is in: Welcome WR Kadarius Toney!
2021 NFL Draft: Gettleman and Judge Edition

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