SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - Giants must draft Slater AND Paye in the First Round
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Andy get disgusted by the John Conner signing, the guys cover the Giants short list at 11 and then Adam asserts Big Blue MUST move heaven and earth to have 2 picks in the first round to check multiple boxes with premier talents!


And with that friends as always this time on a Wednesday, we welcome you into the one giant podcast where I am adam are brecht and he is the healthy, the wealthy and the wise.
Mr Andrew Mcafee.
It's how are we sir? I am great.
I'm still disappointed about the masters, lowest television ratings in 27 years when you don't have tiger woods involved, you don't have any of the big name players and somebody has like a five shot lead that is from another country.
You have very few people caring about whether or not to watch it.
Slightly disappointed because it is one of my favorite days of the year.
Master Sunday, sit on the couch, ****tail in hand, buckle up for three or four hours.
It's usually the most riveting thing for me.
Unfortunately was not this year made history.
First player of japanese descent to ever win the Masters.
So it should be a big deal.
This is my problem with golf.
By the way, if you need one singular talents to be the thing that drives the entirety of your sport, you should be a smaller sport.
Well, the best part of it actually was the morning afterwards.
There's pictures of Hideki Matsuyama in the airport of Atlanta by himself.
Flying commercial with the green jacket d****d over his side wearing airpods, waiting to to just like for his boarding, it's like every single person has ever won the Masters like flies private to some island and parties it up.
He's like waiting to do a connecting commercial flight to Chicago with the green jacket over his shoulder.
And that just shows like deserving winner.
That's super humble, like still down to earth.
Congratulations to ****ie Matsuyama.
Um I'll still always love the Masters and another bad look.
Where's Phil, you know, buying a first class ticket for, for the latest green jacket wear.
Why they couldn't take up a collection for the kid after the masters? Good Lord! Let's get into the meat potatoes of this beast here.
Uh last time we were on or I was on flew solo covered some wide receivers for the New York football giants after the first round options that they may want to look at and we're gonna try to do more of that obviously ahead of the draft on 29 April, coming up just a couple weeks away now.
But some news broke here that that ruffled Andy's feathers.
I guess we could say that this came across the wire and it seems like maybe you want to check the receipts on this a little bit because john Connor signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals and this just this just set Andy Mackel it's world of fire because of the contract size the behemoth contract that we gave out as the new york football giants and the bargain bin shopping that the cardinals did for Connors.
Uh this just reopens a little wound that finally just healed, which was the Giants early in free agency.
Before we knew if Leonard Williams was going back, we hear Dalembert Hamilton isn't gonna get resigned.
Our first big free agent splash is signing Devontae Booker to a one year, $2.
75 million deal.
Almost $3 million with some incentives potentially.
And we're wondering why on earth are we paying $3 million to a backup running back? And honestly in his late twenties, Adam likes the signing still to this day, defends it.
But this illustration of James Connor signing this late in the proceedings of free agency for less than half of what the cap it is going to be for Devontae Booker to me just illustrates how poor the move was to be able to signs of anti booker and listen, I'm going to be just as critical about this signing because we're talking about a million and a half dollars here.
Here are there.
Which in the grand scheme of things may seem insignificant, but we lauded and praised the Giants for getting you know, Isaac yet him to bring his cap it down a million a million and a half to free up more space.
So if we're going to laud the Giants and applaud them for making some of these smaller moves and get smart, we have to be critical and objective on the other end, when they make poor signings, When you look at how free agency plays out.
Well, it's funny because it's almost that's almost my explanation why it doesn't matter at all.
The giants made so many other ancillary moves around bringing down contract numbers and making cap room and other spaces that it affords you to at the start of free agency.
Say we really like Devontae Booker, we like the way he fits our system, We like that for a guy who is 29 years old, which isn't the ideal age right for for running backs, obviously as we know, but he's not a guy that has a lot of tread on the tires, so he's a relatively young 29 for the, for the workload that he's had unlike a guy like Connor who went healthy, had been tried to be given the primary role with the Pittsburgh Steelers and consistently suffered injuries and got dinged up.
So I listen, number two, number, you're gonna look at the stats by the way, they're basically exactly the same on average.
So you know, so if you, if you go by that metric, you're going to sit there and say, so why is this a little bit higher? Why are we talking about three million? Why are we talking about closer to 1.
25 or 1.
5 million? But I think the Giants are looking at the durability factor.
I think they're looking at consistency.
The special teams element that they like, that they get from Booker is an extra added bonus as well.
So there's, there's value in there.
They think that the Giants saw and I think Again, you probably 100 you could have waited to see how the market formed around the running back position.
Maybe it's thankfully the Giants accomplished everything they didn't free agency.
So you can look back and say, hey, you jumped out there quick, you brought in this running back just to make sure you had them and the other piece would be, there has to be a reason why Conner signed at this point of the off season for that amount of money with the cardinals, there wasn't a market for him.
So the league agrees that he's not worth any more than that.
I would in another, you know, a parallel universe.
I would have liked to have seen what the market was for Booker.
If he sat out there, would he be in the same spot as Connor was before he signed with Arizona is probably the way you get to the, you know, the root of it. Yeah.
And and listen, I don't mind Devontae Booker, the player, that's the whole point of all this.
Like I'm happy he's a giant.
It just feels like we prematurely spent on a running back when everyone else in the market was basically like, no, we're not going to over pay for running backs because we know they're interchangeable and the prime example is, You know, Devontae booker is going to be 29 years old when he has his first snap for the giants at 29 years old.
He signed the largest salary cap, hit number of anyone his age or older at the running back position.
And that's with the Giants having an all Pro, all world running back starting in front of him.
So you kind of, you kind of scratch your head and then you look at your point, some of the stats James Conner is three or four years younger than Devontae Booker, he has more average yards per carry, he has more catches, so he can catch the ball of the back field, he has more rushing yards and more touchdowns than Devontae Booker and he's four years younger.
So for me it's just an illustration to say, sometimes we get it right, Sometimes we get it wrong, seeing someone like James Conner signed when we know even guys like Levian Bell, Todd gurley, Duke johnson, T.
Yeldon are all still out there and they're gonna sign veteran minimum deals.
It felt like we kind of jumped the gun To to secure a 29 year old backup running back for more than what the veteran minimum was.
Yeah, I do. Also, this is a closing thought.
Wonder how it works inside the room for the Giants now, right? So much of what? Because I feel like it's easy to look at it and go, boy that did Gettleman, he sure loves to pay that money for those veteran running backs, right? And I just wonder now with joe judge and you have Jason Garrett the room when you're having these conversations, what's the consensus? Right? Do they say, hey we want to go get this guy and everyone says yeah.
And they go, what do you think he's worth? They go, yeah, that's that's like it's all relative I suppose.
I didn't really think about the price tag.
You know, I'm just in their shopping, I pick up I pick up a shirt, it's Hawaiian patterned and I go on my merry way.
So yeah, overall obviously not the biggest deal in the world but have some fun here on Wednesday to start things off.
We'll see if Andy can bring himself itself back down to neutral before the season really gets underway.
We move on from there though and kim jones as a really broke some news here.
I don't know if you guys know this, but the Giants would prefer to get a really good player at 11.
That's where they stand.
Uh It's Unbelievable Adam.
It's unbelievable at 11.
They're they're identifying some keep really good players, maybe like top 10 to 12 players in the draft.
Is that what we're going with here in that range? In that range? So kim jones came out and said a specific list of targets we're going to go because I think we actually bounced a little bit different perspectives here listed within that group was oh, gallery, Parsons, slater, certain Waddell and also pay when when you look at that group beyond the initial take of right, Somebody around 11 sounds good.
But do you do you take anything away from that? Because I actually have a couple of different angles here that I think, or at least worth noting both just from a draft overall.
And then specifically for the giants, I have three takeaways from this, which I didn't, I thought I could only get fired up about Devontae Booker, who knew that I was getting uh, you know, fired up two weeks out from the, from the draft on on some reporting of players they might be interested in.
The first thing was, well, yes, obviously the Giants are interested in the top 15 players that are non quarterbacks in this draft.
Like the Giants are not in need of a quarterback.
So four or five of those quarterbacks could go off the board.
So the Giants are interested in all position players between A and Z.
That fall into that top 15.
So yes, I I can understand that.
The second thing that I find fascinated in this whole thing is, um, you know, we're getting to the point during the draft where now you basically have to throw up smoke signals to every other team to indicate that you're in on every single player because you want to make your pick as valuable as possible if people know That you are not in on Patrick's 13 because you have adoree, Jackson, James, Bradberry Darnay Holmes sam bill and you have a bunch of different guys in the secondary that can kind of interchange in this.
Why if someone really thinks that he's a game changing cornerback, wouldn't they just wait to the next team and trade up behind the Giant? So that was my second thought.
And the third thought is like, oh, gallery rising up all these boards is is a really interesting phenomenon, like he was considered a late, like a late first round, early second round pick, like when he stopped touching footballs or putting his fingers down on the ground and tackling people.
And now all of a sudden he's rising up to like The giants could take him at 11.
To me.
I mean I've watched some of his film, I watched his pro day.
To me it's just it's shocking that if the giants aren't trading out of that position that they would go ahead and select someone like Hillary if slater and waddling all these other big time positional players are available at 11.
Yeah, so that that's a couple of interesting things here.
The first thing you say right quality players now inside of the list of names that you see there, I'll get to a gallery in a second.
But the one that I thought was was interesting is listing certain in there now, relatively speaking, right? You say all of a sudden the board falls and everyone else later in Parsons and waddle, they're all gone and certain is there is there a world where the Giants would consider taking them? Well, probably not given the fact that he's an outside cornerback and you just paid $13 million to adoree Jackson.
Like even in the world where you think Adoree Jackson could go in and play slot, I don't think the Giants want to be allocating that type of money to their one outside cornerback in Bradbury and then on the slot with, with Adoree Jackson.
So Putting that name in the mix there to me is a little bit of that.
Like you said, right, smoke signals.
You're gonna put out a lot of different ideas there for the rest of the league.
And this is saying, Hey, if we're here at 11 and our primary targets aren't there, we'd be willing to take certain.
And that means that if you're a team anywhere from 13, 15, 18 that really wants that starting corner, a team like maybe the Miami dolphins that wants to bolster that defensive side of the ball.
You may want to consider coming up to get him before you end up losing adam.
Now I don't know how willing teams are gonna be to come up for that player.
And what does that capital look like? But it is worth noting that you throw that name in there, I think to at least signal and also waddle even for that matter.
I know the Giants fans believe that We should be in on a wide receiver at 11 if possible.
You and I have talked kind of at length around why that would feel like a bit of a misstep.
But putting his name in there and waddle as well means there's a quality player potentially at 11.
So this gets at least teams interested understanding what's available.
Oh, gallery piece to me.
Go, go ahead.
I was just going to talk about the certain piece.
Okay, So I have a problem with some people on social media that come out and say, you know what the Giants reposition, they just have to take the best player available.
Whoever the best player available is on their board is the person they have to take regardless of position.
And that to me is the most ridiculous thing that people ever say.
They say because it makes them seem like it's super smart, like just whatever falls to me I will take.
And it's like, okay, so what if a quarterback it falls to the Giants at 11 and he's the best ranked player on your board? Are you taking a quarterback? What if a running back, not jay Harris is ranked as your 11th best player on the board and he's available? Are you taking the best player available? You'll look like a fool if you do that.
So there has to be a little bit of discretion involved when we're talking about taking the best player available.
The Giants don't need a quarterback right now.
They don't need a running back and they certainly don't need a cornerback when they just paid $30 million dollars to their to outside cornerbacks. Right.
Right. No.
And that's like, you know, and then they'll go, well, no, I mean, you know, at a position of need, but like no, like, you know, you don't get to just say again, it isn't just best player available.
It's the it's the formula that all teams do fit, need and value, right? I mean that that's what we're trying to accomplish here.
And just because even a player like say say a certain just because he is an incredibly talented cornerback, does he fit with our system? And you can argue a player on top of the draft that's going to fit any system? Is it a need where on the hierarchy does he fall? Right.
All these things become factors.
So I think it's it's worth bringing up when people yeah, just go with go with the best available.
Well, guess what, in a lot of the marks that I've run and I have one, you know, up in the background here of this screen at 12.
This is you know, random when I just pulled up Mac jones didn't go high up there to san Francisco and the eagles took them at 12.
That means the Giants could've taken back jones at 11 if they wanted to, The Giants could have taken christian barrymore, the defensive defensive inside the lineman who went 16 to the Arizona cardinals if that was the best player available.
And you go, yeah, not gonna quite get the job done in terms of what we need to accomplish inside of this draft, right? It's like, it's like if I'm going grocery shopping and I have a protein at home, I'm not gonna buy another protein to put on the plate.
Like I need to buy the vegetables on the side or the starts.
Like it doesn't make any sense to me.
It's nonsensical when people say that it's actually one of my pet peeves because people say it to sound super smart, like just take whatever falls to and trust your board.
It's like that's not how it works.
You have needs the Giants address their free agent needs.
Now there are still some glaring holes that we have.
And and that's why seeing someone like a gallery up there, which I wanted to get back to your point.
I know that you have some feelings on it.
It makes sense to see him.
I don't think that the Giants should draft a gallery at 11, but I understand it because it's an area of need for the Giants.
Now when you look at these two players, Parsons and auxiliary Parsons is listed as a linebacker on a lot of big boards because the theory is when you draft him, he's going to start as an inside linebacker on 1st and 2nd downs and then you'll be able to flex them out on third downs onto the edge and get after the quarterback.
But that the best thing he's gonna be suited to do really well first is going to be inside linebacker play, dropping back in coverage.
And that's not a knock on them by the way.
But that is just the way that he gets looked at by scouts flip it.
Okay, Laurie is looked at, this is a dude that has the speed, the quickness around the edge.
He can also stand up and pick up a tight end, going into coverage etcetera.
So, you know, you covered it there in your statement Maybe regardless of 11.
Is there any world where you would take? Oh, gallery straight up over over Parsons based on based on what you're seeing in scouting reports and how he is being talked about because the very least regarding the new york Giants.
Oh, Hillary does seem to be surging up boards off of a quality pro day and people looking at this tape more and more.
He seems to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of being a riser ahead of the draft.
So to answer your question, I need to stay very consistent with how I feel about this.
I would remove Micah Parsons from my board.
Like he, he would not be available to me at 11 because of the concerns that everyone whispers about off the field that they don't necessarily like to talk about.
You know, he had some, you know, there's some things around the hazing at school and some other other issues and then now people are saying that he's, he's got diva tendencies like Odell Beckham and we know how that ended up, you know, for the Giants.
So personally, I wouldn't take Parsons just because I don't want to deal with that headache.
There's plenty of good players in the draft even though he could be an all pro type of player.
I just don't want to deal with it.
What I will say is I actually like quickly pay more than I like.
Oh, gallery.
When you look at some of the different metrics and the position that they could play for the Giants, you know, look at the pro day, you know, quick pay is is 10 to £15 heavier than old Gallery and ran a significantly faster 40 and has freak athleticism to be able to have the size and strength to, to get to the quarterback, you know, make tackles, do everything that he needs.
I love that athleticism.
I I do think Gallery provides, you know, Patrick Graham, a lot of versatility on our defense, which is some kind of the calling card of this defense as you see how we can move pieces around.
But man, quick quick pay to me if we're going to take some kind of linebacker edge rusher, someone, someone to help out in that area is the guy that I would circle, you know, even at 11.
Yeah, I think that's fair and I wonder about how high heel rise as well because he's been living somewhere quickly pay that is inside of the twenties, you know, 20 ish range.
But again, that seems to be predicated on the idea that here's a player who has all the boxes you want to check in terms of skill set and talent and everything else.
And now it's just about can he put it all together? Right? This is all the raw natural.
A friend uh mentioned the idea of like Jason, Pierre paul, right? This is a raw, natural talent and it's just about can he put it together? JPP ended up suffering injuries.
That's that's really what you know, quote unquote derailed and then he got it.
He was able to get back on track obviously and and win another championship with the Tampa Bay buccaneers.
But that's the type of, that's the type of talent that quickly pay is regarded as and to your point.
Uh, it's hard to shift a little bit because when you look at a guy like auxiliary like Parsons even to, and you talk about them getting out on the edge and getting after the quarterback.
It's such a different look than the traditional players that you think about those and in Giants history, right? Think about the Justin tuck's of the world, the Michael stray hands of the world, right? Some of the bigger boys that really have gotten the job for us done in terms of getting after the quarterback.
So it is a bit of a shift.
And I do like quickly pay.
The thing that I wanted to kind of assert here though Is I've gone through these mock drafts a number of times and you say, Okay, you're there at 11 and to your point for both.
I think from a character standpoint, maybe the Giants are gonna want to stay away from Parsons that could open up an opportunity for a trade.
If someone really values him on the defensive side of the ball at the top of the draft, that would be great.
But even if you can't, I think that the giants should be in a world where if slater is there at 11 and I've moved around on this a few times.
But if Slater is there, I like it because now they're a tucker is starting to get those rumblings in the, in the, you know, back into the first round, maybe by mid twenties, he's gonna be gone maybe even a little bit earlier, depending on who pushes the button, went as far as the need.
So I would lock ups later and then if it's me, I personally, I think the Giants should be in consideration To trade back into the first round regardless of if they trade down from 11 or not, there's a world where you could at 11 take a player like Christian slater.
We obviously know he's gonna plug in immediately and be a starter on the offensive line.
You can get yourself back into the 20 kind of range in the first round, taking your 2nd and 3rd round picks probably and getting yourself back up there for a team that's willing to move out.
And to your point about quitting pay or okay, Laurie, I've run the marks were at 20 trading back with the Chicago bears.
You could either take at that zero Gallery or quickly pay and now you're gonna end up finding yourself all the way back at 1 16 in the fourth round by the time you pick again and we can talk about the need wide receiver and what that's gonna look like.
But if it's me, I have two big boxes to check its, my offensive line, the right guard and it's getting after the quarterback.
And if I can move heaven and earth to get myself to top 20 top 25 talents to plug into this roster, I'm really not worried about what else I lose, quote unquote on the back end.
I'll deal with that later.
I'll find other weapons and other things that I need to fill.
These are too talented players that can make big impacts on both sides of the ball from new york.
Uh you know, it's funny adam because I could not agree with you more on your sentiment on this and and there's another wrinkle in the reason why that I feel passionately the way that you do, whether it's to move back up into the first round, you know, late first round or its packaging up some assets to come back into the second round after you make your first two picks, The giants should take some of their assets, whether they trade a little bit back at 11 and ac***ulate picks or not.
They should be thinking, how do we package up some of our later picks and move forward and and the reason why is one consolidation of talent.
But to if you look at the Giants 53 man roster, which we went down in one of our previous episodes, the Giants don't have that many open positions for draft picks.
Like there's there's a there's a world where our 6th and 7th round picks don't make the roster.
So like we're just picking people throwing some darts at the wall and hoping that they stick, I'd much rather consolidate, be able to get some players that can contribute in areas of need.
And I have no problem with the Giants even traded back up into the first time to get a wide receiver.
I know it's not um an area that we need, but if we see Bateman fall or there is Tony fall or someone that they really love that they see long term aspirations around love it.
I think I'm in the same boat as you if Slater is there at 11, I think he's my my pick now to I wouldn't be upset with with waddle if they decided to address by moving back up or early second round some kind of offensive lineman interior linemen.
Um, but I'm with you.
I think they need to take all those pics put them together and be able to move up forward because they just don't need all those draft picks at the end to fill out this roster.
Well, it's interesting too because you mentioned about taking maybe even taking waddle their early right when you start to look through some of these pics and we'll start to wrap up our Wednesday edition here when you start to look at some of these pics.
Um, you really have to consider and I want to address something coming over on our Youtube channel as well because we got Jersey Life 86.
How are you sir batting around some questions for us.
Um, it's interesting to think about offensive line or any anyone interior on the outside.
When I look at it, you can say maybe why Davis in the second round depending on how you feel about the injury.
But for the most part it's slater, it's vera tucker.
I'll throw and create humphreys a little bit further down the draft board but he's a guy that's listed as a center can kick into guard they believe.
So now you're talking about still plugging the need at the guard position.
But beyond that a lot of other guys are coming off A.
Injuries they have, you know, there's there's like a laundry list of things happening at the back end of the first, right into the second where you go, Gosh, I don't know if I want to settle for that.
So to your point right, Maybe I've run some of these two people say they really want, they really want abatement.
Okay, I'll trade down from 11.
Get your ba*****t around 17 or 18 and then I'll jump back in to get vera tucker.
Right? Maybe I do take Waddell and then I'll package everything it takes to go get vera tucker if I need to.
If you're comfortable with a guy like chris Humphries a little bit later.
So you can you can massage those things.
Different ways where I'd be okay taking the wide receiver.
But as we mentioned here, I just want to say that a shout out over on the Youtube where Jersey Life is asking how is wide receivers something that we don't need? And I went in and by the way, because you were mentioning other guys where you could look, if you go and watch the previous video here on the Youtube channel, you'll see.
Diomede Brown is an option.
Almond ross a Brown is an option, Thailand Wallace is an option.
Those are guys that are gonna be available in the second to fourth round range for the Giants.
That I think could be dynamic playmakers.
So it doesn't mean that we don't want to add somebody into the group, but no, in the hierarchy of needs, he falls down, that position has to fall down the list at least a little bit based on what the board tells you.
So when you say, why, why don't we need wide receiver? It's because we have, by the way, Kenny Golladay for, you know, to start off with, even if I've had my frustrations, Evan ingram has been healthy the last couple of years.
It's just about now catching the football.
We know we've taken some flyers like I like Kyle Rudolph Darius Latin is a healthy guy.
You know, we have the collection of talent in the room we added in that we took a flyer on a guy like john ross, I'm comfortable going into the season as constituted.
I'm comfortable drafting a guy in the middle rounds to see if he can push somebody for a starting job.
But uh, you know, unless there's an injury that projects to be a long term one, I don't equate injuries as being, this is a player that's going to get hurt for us, right.
It has to be something you think lingering effects.
You know, sterling Shepard is going to come back healthy, right, Kenny Golladay for all by all accounts is healthy and clears all the medicals coming off that hip.
And I think that people are forgetting the incredible value of sterling Shepard when he plays his purist position at the slot receiver role.
And that, that's, that's always been what influenced my hierarchy of needs for the Giants.
I think sterling Shepard is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL when he's allowed to purely play it and when you have talent on the outside to help open up the middle of the field for him.
Keep in mind, the Giants did sign Kyle Rudolph.
To your point, the Giants did like playing too tight end sets quite a bit.
That's one of Jason Garrett's, uh, you know, favorite things to do, especially when they're running the football.
You have a healthy sequin Barkley back, you're gonna want to run the football, you're going to be a more to tight end sets.
How many four wide receiver sets are we going to get into when you already have the embarrassment of riches? You went out and spent big money on a number one wide receiver, You're already spending $10 million on sterling Shepard to man the slot.
You have Darius Slayton who has shown flashes, you talked about john Brown having the blazing speed.
The Giants also claimed Dante Pettis off of waivers.
They signed um, you know, C.
Board to be able to have some versatility, you know, in the special teams even they have guys like Austin Mack that are Derek Dylan on the practice squad.
The Giants have quite a bit of talent at the wide receiver position.
That's not to say that, I don't think that they could add or supplement to that.
But when you look at how poor we were at rushing the passer last year and that we didn't address it at all and we hope that Lorenzo carter is going to be that guy that, that is an area of need.
You look at the offensive line, we signed Zach Fulton but got rid of Kevin Zeitler, we're bringing back Nate soldier who's been out for a year.
A lot of question marks around whether will Hernandez is even going to be on this roster, There are so many other bigger question marks than wide receiver.
Would I love getting a dynamic player like waddle.
Sure, but do I think that there's two or three different areas of need to take priority over that? Yes.
And that's why If the giants take a wide receiver at one fine, if he falls to them great and they are in love with him.
I wouldn't be upset if they drafted someone in the fourth round that they thought could be a reclamation project.
Maybe, you know, see if they can make the roster.
But you know, edge rusher and offensive line to me are the two if they don't, they don't take two of those in the first three picks, then we're doing something wrong.
And I think there's a clear hierarchy there, you know, I may disagree personally, but if you took waddle at 11, I would get it.
I'd be excited about it. Let's be clear.
If you took, if devante Smith was there at 11, you took them, I would be a little bit frustrated because I think that that would be a mistake just in terms of uh, I understand if you want to go back to what he could have been or should have been or whatever.
But you know, you go back and you watch his tape and it's not even, I get it.
You see the success at the college level.
That guy is rail thin, he has the frame, he has my frame and that is not the kind of NFL football frame you want to have and I would have if you want to have injury concerns.
That's the guy that screams potential injury concerns as well.
And it's why in the second round of player like Miami Brown, stocky, well built wide receiver would be a really great option for the Giants.
I don't want to get totally derailed just into that category, but just to kind of to to put a cap on this idea of it in the, you know, if you think about that idea of taking slater and then trading back up to get an auxiliary or equity pay, then you wouldn't be picking again until the fourth round 1 16 and 1 64 because of what you got there.
And that's where you can, if you like a wide receiver, go after and get them.
Like I said, there's a handful of really talented guys that would be the perfect player to groom in behind sterling shepard be a weapon.
A lot of these guys are good at taking the ball out of the backfield, running the sweeps, working bubble screens, so versatility there as well.
And then there's a couple other things you say about getting after the quarterback.
I think that there needs to be a world if you're the new york football giants that in those middle rounds, even after, even after say taking a little go quickly pay right? Even if you go with quitting because he's a pure edge guy that you're gonna be really excited about what he can to get after the quarterback, then you should think about J stevens mentioned this player to us Justin Hilliard the linebacker out of Ohio State.
He would plug in really nicely as an inside linebacker to supplement with blake Martinez.
The other name that I've been throwing out there too as well.
And maybe this will put some starch in your bloomers there Andy that after everything with Devontae Booker um there's a player in jaret patterson has been getting a lot of buzz out of Buffalo and I don't know how high he's gonna rise because the target needs to be in the right spot.
This isn't hey in the third round I want to take a running back.
But if you can get them in some of these scenarios where you're swapping some pics 1 64 if you can pull the trigger on a jaret patterson, his tape looks very strong to be a supplement back up to say Guan Barkley and could be a guy that could be there for a number of years.
Does things really well, both in the backfield traditionally as a running back and then out catching passes as well.
So I I just think that there's a way to build this up.
And you mentioned it earlier, we said this previously, the Giants only have, you know, they have a very specific collection of very desperate needs.
As long as you check those, I'm not worried about the rest of it.
So even in some of these mocks, I know, I think you've mentioned about maybe taking a look at a tight end at some point right back end of the sixth round picks think about a guy like john bates out of Boise state, think about robert jones out of middle Tennessee for a tackle, prospect of swing tackle project.
Those are the kind of guys you're gonna look at though, that can develop into and start to carve out a role for themselves.
We don't have 1/5 round pick, we're not going to move around the board that much there everything that we do in the first round to the third round, like that's what you're going to be graded on.
Everything else you're gonna hope for.
Maybe we hit a Slaten right? Maybe we find another diamond in the rough later in the draft.
The Giants have to do everything within their power to check the two most important boxes and we'll keep saying this over and over again.
I know people disagree with us, it's offensive line and its edge rusher that those are the two absolutes.
In the first two rounds of the new york Football Giants wide receiver is not an absolute, I get that you want to have one? I get that, I would like to have one.
It's not an absolute and that's the difference here, check the two boxes you have to check and then if something comes fantastic.
And you know what I'll finish up with is I've been seeing some mock drafts where they, you know, people don't realize that the Giants just don't have like they don't, there's certain positions that they just don't need players.
Like I saw some someone mark and I'm not going to name names, but someone had a safety drafted in the third round by the Giants.
And I'm thinking to myself like safety is one of the places where we absolutely don't need anyone.
Like how many a few things we can say, we don't need that, Like we don't need it.
Even if he's like the best player available thing on your board, it's like we don't need that.
We don't we might not even have a roster spot.
And also if we like that person that much and we carry them, then we're depleting another area where we just can't carry a player on our 53 man roster.
It's the same thing with, you know what we talked about defensive tackle, like we're pretty set right now in our defensive tackle room with what we have and so seeing a defensive tackle drafted in the second or the third round, you're like, what, where are they going to go? What are they going to do? There are areas of need.
The Giants have specific holes that you know, that they're going to have to fill.
One is clearly on the offensive line, one is clearly in the linebacking room.
They may have a wide receiver spot.
And then other than that there's maybe a couple of guys that that are going to struggle to be able to make the roster if you draft them in the sixth or seventh round. Yeah.
And that's it.
I mean listen, we're closing in on a couple of weeks away.
As I said on friday, I'm gonna grab another position.
We'll run some things on Youtube highlights, some mid round picks.
If we assume offensive line, if we assume edge rusher and then even the versions where we do think wide receiver, I'll label out all the possibilities that Giants can do from the first round into the fourth round to make sure that we solidify the roster at all the key positions and head into this year, feeling as confident as we possibly can.
Even with Devontae, Booker just earning a brutal paycheck when Andy had to when Andy had to cut that check.
You should have seen the look on his face when he put in those zeros after that three.
He just he said oh 30,000 right That that's what we're signing.
Oh no no sorry 300,000.
Of course that makes $3 million.
I can't, I can't believe you're still standing. It's incredible.
You can follow us on social media one giant podcast obviously on Youtube where we're live streaming two, sometimes even three days a week.
I'm doing those mock tracks on the side over there as well.
Hashtag O. G. P.
Get after us.
We want to hear from you Jersey life, appreciate you getting on the conversation.
Keep coming back man.
We like the chatter until next time is an immaculate wants needs and demands that you know, as always let's go Big blue.
See Yeah.


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