SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - Value at WR: Dyami Brown, Tylan Wallace and Aman-Ra St.Brown
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam comes in and breaks down three WR prospects for The New York Football Giants! Rounds 2-4 and bring another great talent into the receiver room for Daniel Jones. This in response to rumors the Giants may "love" DeVonte Smith at 11.
He also discusses reactions to the Adoree Jackson and Kenny Golladay signings from around the league, giving context to value and need in Free Agency for NFL GM's


Mhm Yeah, yeah.
And with that friends are welcome you back in on a monday morning to the one giant podcast where I am of course your host adam are Brick flying Solo today.
No, Andy Mca wits.
We both actually took our friday show off, had a nice extended weekend Andy a trip with his family to one place me with mine to another.
And ultimately just a little bit of reprieve from covering the Giants and if you follow me in other places covering the nets as well before from the new york football giants perspective, we get back into this lead up just over two weeks, it's the 12th, so we're only another 17 days, 2.
5 weeks away from the big draft day.
That's going to be taking place in Cleveland this year where of course we know the new york Football giants have a lot on their mind.
There's been some speculation, we're going to get into it here around who maybe now is being regarded as a fit for the new york football giants at number 11.
Whether or not the signing of Kenny Golladay is enough.
And this has been a topic that we've had before to sway Giants fans, Giants, Brass, dave Gettleman, right joe judge even john mara Away from the need for a wide receiver and potentially pushing that Button there at 11.
But before we do that, because I'm going to get into basically the breakdown here, a couple of quotes around the adoree, Jackson.
Jackson signing both from Mera and then from some, the executives regarding the contract that was given out to him.
So we're gonna look at that for a minute.
Then we're going to switch over, talk about the Giants perspective at 11 and some of the latest news around who they may be interested in.
And then finally, though not to gild the lily as we like to say here going to give you three wide receiver prospects.
If you've been following the Mox, some of them, at least one of them is going to be familiar because I've selected him for the Giants before.
But really three wide receivers that I think fits specific needs going to in the show notes after.
If you're on Youtube provide you with the links to the, to the highlights that I was using here so that those channels get their due credit and set up the explanation, the information.
The belief that the Giants going with a wide receiver is something that they can do in this draft, but don't necessarily need to do early on.
But before we do, I want to take a look at the adoree Jackson signing so recently and I'll get this pulled up here.
There was some speculation around, you know, go back to when the, when the signing comes in, it's a pretty big contract for a player who we think has played Well.
Obviously the pro football focus grade suggests that he's been a successful corner, obviously dealt with some injuries last year.
But when we talk about the signing itself first, we'll hear from john mara, it wasn't necessarily the plan coming in.
Speaking about free agency and who the Giants wanted to target.
We knew we had some room to operate with, we knew we had some needs.
We wanted to see who was going to be available.
If the right opportunity presented itself, then we'll spend the money. If not.
The one thing we said at the beginning of the process is we're not going to spend just for the sake of spending, it has to be the right opportunity.
It has to be the right individuals.
So, you know, it's interesting because we talk about Dorey Jackson, we talk about Kenny Golladay as well as the two big signings in the free agency class for the new york Football Giants.
Both of them at least came in with some level of you want to call it off the field concerns.
You can label it that way.
We know Kenny Golladay and Adoree Jackson really as well, right.
He comes back from his injury at the end of the year.
But the speculation is he could have been back sooner and that's a team in the Tennessee titans who we're certainly hoping to make a nice playoff run for themselves in kenya holidays case, no playoff runs for the Detroit lions, he gets injured and doesn't come back.
And the speculation is he very well could have.
So throughout the interview process before giving out these contracts, we know the Giants wanted to see where these guys were at on both of those fronts, mary goes on to say, I think in all cases they were the right individual.
So it made it much easier, much easier decision to give the okay to go ahead and spend the money.
But I can't say we came in expecting to spend $100 million or whatever the figure it was.
I say it every year, just make sure it's the right guy, it's the right individual.
It's the right fit their healthy and we can manage the cap situation going forward.
And I think we'll be able to do all of those things.
So, you know, the key takeaway there in that last quote is healthy, right? So I, you know, I think we put this in the hierarchy and you can go back to last year's draft when the Giants take a player like DeAndre baker, the off the field issues rear their head.
And, and, and I debated this somewhat, um, passionately on both sides.
Right at the time about how can you track the player like that or in that situation moved back into the first trying to take a player that has some level of flags on his resume and not to to re treaded.
But it wasn't that level of red flag, right? This was about his on the field a***en his willingness to learn his dedication to the game, just as big a red flag as from a football standpoint.
But then there's the personal side of it.
So the fact that mayor mentions obviously the right players that make it worth it.
So that means you feel comfortable with, about the character piece of it.
And we've, we've heard the interviews from Jackson, from gallery on that front and then it's the health peace.
So both these players come in, they both clear the medical.
So you have to at least if you trust the Giants organization and the medical staff feel good that these players are going to be healthy and available for you throughout the remainder of this season, throughout the remainder of their contracts as well.
So those two boxes get checked and you're happy with that.
However, the other side of it is as we have Mike Sando of the Athletic reported that the Jackson signing was regarded as inexcusable, questionable and ridiculous by some executives around the league adoree.
Jackson deal was inexcusable, one executive said and then they went and jeopardize their future cap by by converting guys to get all these deals done.
The potential for disaster is high.
That's the first quote from another executive.
Another one went on to say what they pay was ridiculous to me, but who they got wasn't a problem.
They had trouble getting receivers to go there.
So Golladay.
So the holiday deal is kind of what happens.
I don't know how they got Adoree.
Jackson to 13 million.
Adoree is talented but he has been hurt a lot.
So they're talking about both gala day and Adoree Jackson, the holiday cir***stance, You're really saying you want the big receiver, you want to secure him.
And we, we talked about this at the time of that signing.
Right? If you think about the idea that maybe Holiday would have preferred to reset the market, go back out there next year and test those waters.
So you know, we say we like how he responds to questions regarding the giants, the culture, the desire to be here and all those things.
And also the money was the ultimate bottom line for him as far as signing a multi year deal versus going back out and trying to get a big contract next season.
Like we're probably going to see out there in Chicago with a guy like Alan Robinson, right? He gets franchise tagged at some point.
He's going to look to really cash in and that contract will probably exceed what gala they got from the new york Football Giants regardless of what the years are average annual.
But the injury concerns around story Jackson again, you know, we talked about this in free agency when you look at the grades for players and really the idea of when you have a number one, like we do in Bradbury, what's the next component you want to have a stable number two and behind them.
So it becomes interesting when you think about a player like that and you say, you know what, what are the expectations for this player playing across the side of the field now? He wasn't a true number one in Tennessee either.
But you saw the dynamic there if health yes, big ass trick there obviously.
But I don't want to say that sometimes other executives right, following big signings, put out the smoke of boy, that's a lot of money to spend on that player because maybe they were there at 12.
5 million average annual salary and adoree Jackson didn't want to go there, right.
Or they were hoping that the market wouldn't be found for him and they can maybe get them on a steel contract.
Maybe a Tennessee titans executive.
That's not to say that the Giants didn't spend big money.
We were all a little bit surprised at the number that Adoree Jackson received.
But given his age, given his talent, If big if capital I f if he can stay, stay healthy and stay on the field, then you've gotten an incredibly talented player and I think that you'll see he's worth that money, brief pause your over on the live.
What up joseph Clark.
Good morning to you sir.
Thank you for checking in with us on our Youtube live stream as always.
So that that's the big first piece for me as you work your way through another one.
Let's take a look here.
We just want, I want to cover a couple of these quotes quickly before we move off into some other bigger issues because hey, Adoree Jackson is on our team and we're excited about him.
But going into free agency and executive said the cap was lower and a lot of teams did not have much ammo.
The longer you waited, the bigger the bargains were going to be Dori Jackson was late in the process.
He should have been a bargain and he wasn't, that was questionable.
So we're hitting some of these tenants and that's probably fair.
Right? You can, you can make the, the assertion that, you know, for example, when you think about griffin from Seattle and then going down to Jacksonville, right, He signs a big deal.
I think about 15 million average on that contract.
And it makes sense because it's early in the process and you're looking to secure that player.
So that's exciting.
But putting out a big dollar number like that is because you don't want to risk other teams getting involved, other teams putting in their offers for the Giants.
By the time this, this comes up, it was almost kind of like adoree Jackson was waiting at the market, not unlike Kenny Golladay, right? Waiting for all these other wide receiver dominoes to fall seemed to be predicated on what was Golladay going to do.
And then ultimately it's another big number for the new york football giants.
And I think if you want to put this into a context that maybe, well, if it's palatable or not, the Giants wanted to be a better team this year, needed to be a better team this year for daniel jones sake and for the franchises sake.
If you listen to john morrow right talking about losing patients.
And we chuckled about that as far as he's lost patients a number of years and sometimes he's been the reason that he should be losing patients because the choices that he's made.
But if you're losing patients and you want to start to win, then yes, maybe you need to offer those big contract.
And it's a two way street in the sense that you give out that money to secure that player and you also by giving the contract, let them know what the expectations are coming in again.
You want to call that a little bit of fluff.
You certainly can.
But the Giants got to really talented free agents.
And now the question becomes, are they going to perform? Are they going to be the impact players that you expect from them? We're banking that they are.
And that's all that we're really concerned about.
It turned out to work.
The numbers don't matter if it turns out that Kenny Golladay gets hurt or that adoree Jackson is not a true number two cornerback or suffers injuries as well.
Then the numbers are going to be a little bit difficult to swallow but the Giants had the money to spend.
Remember they wanted to go get flooded the linebacker position, They took a run at him.
16 million ended up being too rich.
So all of a sudden you were able to look in other areas and decide.
One of the things I think we covered on this is that when you go back to that moment, if you wanted Leonard Floyd then I probably spend whatever it takes to get him and I live with the fallout of that.
No, adoree Jackson.
Would it have meant possibly know Kenny Golladay got him down to 4.
5 million on the cap It.
So that situation I think came down to the Giants are willing to spend big money as long as the cap hit numbers can be laid out correctly and Floyd didn't fall into that category.
goes back on a big contract and one that had balanced upfront money across the board.
So that's the way that I think it works out there.
We'll take a brief pause from the podcast itself and get a look over here at joseph Clark who didn't have a problem with the signing.
They believe in them, they're not worried about resigning after this year.
It's not like it's a five year contract. 100.
There you go. 100%.
So Jackson on that three year deal and listened technically it seems like every three year deal is a two year deal, but he's also the age range to I think remember you're talking about a guy in Bradbury who was incredible last year and is also 29 30 you know, we know how cornerback start to drop off.
So this is safeguarding that if it works out with Adoree Jackson, he can become the next number one.
And even if he doesn't, he can still be there for another three year contracts.
You can bring in maybe through the draft, if not this year, next year or look to free agency another couple of seasons and bolster that unit as well.
So the only thing last footnote that I'll say on it is you don't typically see this much money locked into your cornerback position, right? You want the true elite number one and then you want a quality player at that second spot.
But given how poor that play was or at least how inconsistent it was last year across from Bradbury, it makes sense that the Giants wanted to pull the trigger and just get somebody in there.
We now turn our attention over to the other news.
The 17 days away news that is the NFL draft on 29 April rumor and speculation now that some people are saying the Giants may be very close to full bloom.
Love on Devante smith, that you know that he's a fit.
He's dynamic all those things that we've heard that the Jaylen waddle is a Perfect fit for the New York.
Football Giants at 11.
We've heard that adding a wide receiver doesn't preclude them from adding another one early in the NFL draft.
You heard mary say, and there's a quote out there from him that getting Kenny Golladay certainly changes when they need to go get another wide receiver, but not that they're done getting wide receivers.
But again, I keep coming back to this when we're going to get into these, these mock draft scenarios that we've talked about in some of the opportunities.
I think the Giants have and that's really what this bulk this episode is going to be about is three wide receivers that aren't going to get their names called in the first round.
That I think could be incredibly valuable additions to the new york.
Football Giants.
Merah stated that getting Kenny Golladay doesn't stop us from getting other wide receiver, but it can stop us from spending it in the first round.
And when you think about still needing offensive line and you think about the leading edge rusher, you can think about even needing linebacker depending on how you perceive take crowder or that collection of players alongside blake Martinez or the long term building after blake Martinez contract.
Will he come back on a second contract? Depends probably on what the price point ends up looking like.
So again, there's a short in the long term view about building out this roster.
When you think about Devante smith.
Again, to me it's all relative because I had this conversation with pessimistic mike and I've had this conversation dozens of times with him.
He loves Jaylen waddle and in more recent times, you know, especially after the holiday signing, he's backed away from just the need for a wide receiver there, everyone starts to really love this idea of trading back and still getting value.
Even if the Giants trade back in the first round, I still wouldn't go for a wide receiver.
The guy that that I really did love and I've talked about is Bateman, Rashad Bateman and he had a good pro day 40 time obviously is projected to be a number one starter, big time playmaker at the NFL level.
But again, one of the interesting things, I had a conversation with Peter Tchaikovsky who does some work on the lockdown network and he was talking about from the first round to the second round, the hit percentages on some of these positions.
So a couple of interesting points that he brought up, I think it's worth passing along to contextualized the need at wide receiver.
If you're taking an edge rusher outside, basically the top 50, it's a crap shoot, there's no guarantee you don't know what it's gonna be.
You should think about it, about throwing a dart blindfolded at the board.
So if you're the New York Football Giants and you do pick at 42 in the second round and obviously you have a high first round draft pick, you better dedicate what you have to a position of need early in this draft now. Likewise.
Or I guess on the other end of the spectrum really for offensive line play, The hit rate in the first round is something around 62 High in the first round of the draft.
But in the second round it's 42 success rate.
Almost one for two.
So the hit rate is significantly stronger going into the second round of the offensive line position, then at the address position.
So now you start to bring out those hierarchies.
And we talked a little bit, this is office off to the side of an N.
B. A. conversation that I was really having with him.
But we also talked a little bit about the value of wide receiver and when is the right time, the wrong time and when you sit there and put your hierarchy.
It's just, it depends on where you are as a franchise and what you're looking to accomplish and how competitive you think you can be, where the need bases obviously.
But it's really hard by his, by Peter Bukowski's account and buy my own assertion over the last what month and a half of doing the podcast here that it's hard to say we need offensive line, edge rusher and wide receiver and wide receiver has the ability to push itself to the top of that list.
It just is, especially after signing Kenny Golladay.
Go tell me that we signed player X on the offensive line in the off season or the kevin Zeitler was still on this team and starting at right guard for us this year.
Yeah, that's going to shuffle the way I look at the board.
But even in that case then I start to look over the edge rusher and say, who is the best value? How do we get the impact player? Should it be McKay Parsons? Is he gonna have to play on the inside first and then be able to kick to the outside eventually on third downs short term, long term.
And what's the talent pool behind him? And when can we, when can we expect that threshold to drop off? And we're seeing now, by the way, guys like, okay, Laurie guys like no way guys like try on that we've mentioned, right, joe, joseph try on.
These guys are all starting to come up that board a little bit.
So you know that delineation of where that talent threshold falls as you get into the second round, You're starting to see that open up a little bit and every player that gets put into the top 50 or so.
Those are the guys that you can have a little bit more confidence in based on what scouts are saying.
Whereas guys that are in that 60 or 70 range, you can say this could be a potential hit or miss opportunity and then let by and large.
But that's what the draft is.
I don't buy into the idea that that Devante smith is somehow a big target for the Giant 11 or a dynamic, really great strong fit.
However you want to look at it.
I really don't see that necessarily being the case.
I think we're now into the stage where some of this stuff is going to be about how do you signal two people, two teams that maybe you're willing to take a wide receiver, right? I'm willing to, if I'm the Giants, I'm Dave Gettleman, I'm willing to take anybody.
I'll take Parsons, I'll take slater, I'll take pits.
Obviously I'll take a Jalen waddle, I'll take Devante smith.
If these guys are there, I'll take a quickie pay, I'll take an ocean.
You know, I'm willing to do anything at 11, Which probably also means that I'm willing to trade back from 11.
So even though we've talked about it before and what is the likelihood that that Dave Gettleman would trade down? I at least think.
But the Giants want to present it as though it could be a possibility so that then they can feel the offers and a difference between whether you agree or disagree with the elements selection of say Kwan Barkley at number two overall where you have quarterbacks on the board or you have real value for teams looking to move up for a quarterback prospect.
Potentially There's a difference there between a lack of flexibility in moving down versus a willingness to move down at 11.
You can go from 11 back to 15, you can go as far back to maybe 20 there with Chicago.
You still want to keep yourself up in that range and say, we, we are still going to find ourselves a quality player.
If the Giants had, uh, you know, Slater Parsons, Ojul our equity pay.
Uh, you know, you don't even Kyle pits, maybe falls there a smith, a waddle, you're going to have still vera tucker who's maybe more of a mid twenties away.
All of these guys, a couple cornerbacks could fall into that range as well.
Maybe another offensive lineman, depending on how you, you build out your board, you can sit there and say trading back three picks, four picks, five picks.
We're still going to get one of the top three or four players on our board overall.
And what do we gain from that? We've kind of walked down this road before a little bit, but it's worth reiterating because just because it hasn't happened under Dave Gettleman doesn't mean that it can't happen.
So it does bear repeating and just putting that out there as far as what to expect or the potential to anticipate.
I don't anticipate the Giants going to wide receiver.
That's just me.
I the the best scenario for someone who wants a wide receiver is the Giants trading down if you want them in the first round Because taking a wide receiver 11 to me is wasting the value of that selection for positional need and value of where you are on the board.
But we'll see, people could say the same thing at two when you when you selected Szechwan Barkley.
So the case can be made right if Dave Gettleman, if the Giants like somebody, they're not going to worry about leaning into selecting a player like that.
Now let's turn the page and let's take a look at three wide receivers to me and I'm going to cover a spectrum here before I pull up.
I've got a handful of highlights to run just while we're here talking, as I said, I'll put the, uh, the respective feeds into the show notes here so that those guys get the credit that they deserve putting together these compilations on Youtube for everyone really to soak in.
But here's the interesting thing that I want to talk about.
So the three guys we're going to bring up are all second to maybe, you know, second to third depending on where they fall.
And that's kind of where I want to start with this Thailand Wallace, uh, Miami Brown, who I've mocked to the Giants before.
I'm in Ross and Brown.
These are three guys that I like.
I have a couple other bigger bodied receivers that I'm interested in as well in the later rounds like a T. J.
Although some off the field issues, some dedication to football concerns.
Maybe move him in or out of their uh, and there's some other bigger, bigger body fell as well, like Warren Jackson, a little bit lean, maybe he just falls into the Mac category for us where you're taking a look at a guy that potentially could or could not.
But the interesting thing developed that is, but the interesting thing to me is go around ESPN's big board for example, Thailand Wallace 10th overall, wide receiver available.
Diomede Brown 15th and Almond ross Ain't Brown the 19th available.
If you go over to pro football.
Focus is big board, you've got Thailand Wallace there and I just want to make sure we don't miss them.
So I almost another wrong order over there.
Diomede Brown is the 46th ranked overall prospect overall, not just a wide receiver overall prospect on the board, Thailand Wallace the 81st overall prospect of the wide receiver position.
And Almond Almond ross ain't Brown is the 104th.
So you know, you flip flop those two guys, they're obviously in that regard and if I come back over just real quick, I want to see if it gives me the overall grades here.
So 70th for Thailand Wallace on ESPN the 10th overall, but his 70th overall on their board.
Diomede Brown is going to come in at 100 then a player like Almond ross and Brown comes at 1 32.
So the quick broad stroke thing we can say here is in a year when we all agree that the draft class has a lot of depth at the, at the position, ESPN seems to be shuffling these guys down a little bit deeper in the draft.
Now the flip flop between 30 pick selection gap between Miami Brown and Thailand Wallace and that's saying Thailand Wallace is 30 picks ahead of Diomede Brown on ESPN's big board where just in terms of overall prospect, You're gonna have Thailand wallets at 81 and again, nearly what 35 picks ahead of him is where dynamic brown falls.
So it's a little confusing just in terms of where you expect these guys to go and then really a player like I'm and Ross and Brown, it's not crazy to think one oh 4 to 1 32 You're basically saying, you know, 15-2020 selection movement on a player that's just purely predicated on who else gets taken and when the value meets for a particular team to say, hey, this is the guy we want to get there right.
What are we talking about? The end of the third round into some compensatory picks versus mid to maybe mid to late fourth round selection for, um, and ross and brown.
So between these three players were covering everything depending on which board you want to use everything from top of the, uh, let's say mid, mid second round all the way to the back end of the fourth round.
The other thing that I want to take a quick look at two obviously because I've used it a lot over the last couple of years and that is profoundly sorry, walter football.
Excuse me.
And where they have these players And this is just going to give you a general swath of the rains.
They think these players can go so around projection and then their overall ranking at the position.
We don't find ourselves talking about one of these two players.
Three players, excuse me, until we get down to.
As I continue to scroll.
Diomede Brown 13th overall prospect at the wide receiver position on walter football, second to fourth round grade.
So within that though you'd say, well 2 to 4.
Yeah, that falls right in the wheelhouse of what we're seeing between a couple of these other sites as far as where the big boards have them.
The interesting thing though, is Thailand Wallace a couple positions behind him.
Maybe even a little bit attention depending on the graph goes third to fourth round though, so he doesn't get that possible second round tag.
So if you want to start to blend these together, you today seems like consensus would be Miami Brown has real second round value for a lot of teams on a lot of big boards, Thailand Wallace is probably right there.
You want to take him at the top certainly.
And then if we look to find where Almond ross and Brown falls, this by walter football standards, you're getting there and that 3 to 5 round.
So he's, We'll be back in.
And if he were to fall possibly, I think you could find yourself getting a steal their 18th overall on the board.
So let's get a look at Miami Brown.
I'm gonna go ahead and get his tape rolling in the background.
And one of the interesting things is when I was coming up and taking a look at his tape, I was surprised by, and hopefully this is running pretty clean for you.
His average average yards 18 little or 18.
So he's a big, you know, dynamic, you think deep, right, big play opportunity.
But as you work through some of these, some of these highlights here, you're saying he's catching them on 10-12 yard routes.
What I love about him is that he's, listen, he's not a huge player by any stretch of the imagination.
Great little slant route from the outside.
Look at the dynamic burst after the catch, right, running away from defenders.
I like Miami Brown a lot because you're talking about a player that even, you know, 61 basically £200 you can throw in a little bit of weight there as well.
I think that he is a guy that's going to have versatility inside outside and you know, a little bit of that twitchy nous that we like to see in some of our wide receivers.
I just think that he's a compact, well built wide receiver.
Sometimes you worry about the smaller guys, great shiny off the line there as well.
And that's something that we think about when we talk about prospects, especially if you get in the first round, are they going to be able to get off the line? Have good release, tight coverage, strong goes up, makes the catch looks very fluid doing it.
These are the things that we want to see from a playmaker like this and this goes into what we're gonna talk about here.
Are these next two receivers as well.
I want wide receivers that have the ability to potentially shuffle up in our death chart behind holiday and behind Darius Slayton and yes, as sad as it may be in replacement of a sterling shepard.
So the fact that Miami Brown can work inside or outside is certainly something that we can get excited about because it means that in the short term he can come on the field when any receiver might need a breather and still create a dynamic offense.
As we say, the ideal role through a draft.
The draft network a profile on him, top three receiver that plays both from the slot and out wide.
So I like, I like his fit into the Giants.
And I also like just the way that he's constructed a stout, well built, strong compact that's going to go to hold up to some of those crossing round some of those difficult challenges at the line of scrimmage, hand checking, etcetera.
So I'm a fan of him obviously and I do put him at the top, I put him over Thailand Wallace right now.
You've seen him on a lot of these boards.
You follow my mocks.
I drafted him in the second now for the Giants a couple of times saying, hey, fans want the Giants do need another weapon that, that I can see.
But it's not something I'm going to look at the first round for the next player.
We're gonna go ahead and get up here is going to be I mean ross same crown.
So we're actually gonna dive back to what would be the deeper one.
And the reason why I want to go to him next is because again, this is another wide receiver when you talk about the Measurables 611 95 right in that same type of range.
But for my money considered to be a prominent wide receiver for a number of offences actually, by the way, was looking at von footage from USC and also was seeing on Monroe ST Brown and what basically happened with consistency is even on catches for vaughan.
I was seeing what I.
Monroe ST Brown was doing this one right over the top, a little bit of burst to blow over the coverage there and you can say not exactly the best coverage I've ever seen in the world by the defense here, but another drop opportunity, this one against Notre dame, boom, look how he extends those hands out and plucks that ball out of the air going into the end zone. Right.
So a great set of hands here gets overtopped quickly and then one hand reach out, bring it into the chest and finish the catch through the end zone.
That's a contested ball right there, up over the top, d****d on by the, by the cornerback and still manages to show the concentration.
I'm in Rhode.
Saint Brown goes up and makes the play despite only being 61 So the difference between being a red zone target or a guy who can get contested catches based on size, which is a natural gift that some players are afforded as opposed to what I'm ross and Brown does dynamic playmaker, right? I would consider him to be a steel if you could get him in the fourth round.
If you had to spend in the third round to get him, I'd be perfectly happy with that based on what you took ahead of them in the two rounds prior.
So this is why a player like Almond Ross ain't Brown falling, quote unquote being in that third to five range should really get fans excited because it means there is tremendous value.
There is playmaker ability and it's just a matter of checking the right boxes and rounds one and two so that when you get to around three, you can afford to pull the trigger Some great bounce off plays there as well by almond ross Ain't Brown here, sweep across again, gets away from from a tackler in the backfield.
Hand checks away two more, works his way up the sideline, gets the first down and more dynamic, quick shifty player that I really enjoy watching on tape.
And I think again, he's going to align, he lined out there at wide receiver but has the ability to be used in a number of different ways by the new york football giants offense.
If Jason Garrett is going to choose to be a dynamic, versatile offense when he gets into it last one, before we get out the door here and that is going to be Thailand Wallace.
Here it is.
Again, we're talking about players out in space.
So you're noticing a theme here.
And if you've watched some of the mock drafts that I've done where I've said, a guy like Kenneth game was exciting.
It's basically the reverse of that.
When we look at a couple of these wide receivers, Kenneth game, well are running back by trade, but has been scouted to say he can get out there in the slot receiver role.
Likewise for these guys, they have opportunities to line up in different positions, including the back field or in little bubble screen sets and give them a real opportunity to get out there in space and use some of the dynamic playmaking ability.
This is again, if we go into the measurables for Thailand Wallace 5-11-1-93, the smallest of the prospects that I'm putting out there for you today.
He goes up and high points.
That ball over top of the defender, secures the catch and completes it all the way through for a touchdown last won't take a look at real quicker, just over the top under thrown ball.
So he waits back adjust to the past, brings it in bodies off and is capable of taking into the house on the back end.
The show from the other angle here that's slowing up, using body control, using placement to give yourself the space, knowing that you have your eyes back on the ball while the DB is caught, tracking you and trying to react to the place that you're making contested catch.
Over two defenders there down the right sideline, great inside out juke before he gives himself just enough space and again, high points.
The football attacks it at its highest point to bring it down for a touchdown.
This is a guy who is capable of getting that ball at its highest point adjusting to the catch from the quarterback, but then also getting his foot down on the ground after the reception and taking himself up field with great quickness, with great urgency.
That's what I really liked about him as well.
The bottom line about all three of these wide receivers, as we said anywhere from the second, maybe into the fifth.
If you get lucky, I think I'm in Roxanne Brown, you're going to see somebody come up for him certainly.
But these are three wide receivers that if you want value and you want short and long term value, you can take one of these guys.
Doesn't have to be a first rounder.
Doesn't have to be the flashy name, like a bottle, like a Devante smith.
And I'm not saying that any one of these three is the equivalent of Devante smith, but they can all develop and have a similar impact within a well developed offense that highlights utilizes and create space for weapons like these to accentuate what they do best and last but not least on Thailand Wallace when we talk about him, he's a guy that's projected to be a starting Z receiver, so the most role specific player and that's why I do take a look and say if you asked me to put these guys in a hierarchy, I would say Diaby Brown, Almond ross Ain't Brown and then Thailand Wallace, there's some other guys that come in the later rounds.
If you know, and you've been following a couple of my drafts here.
You may have seen me talk about a player like Jalen Darden who comes out of north texas and certainly isn't going to get nearly the same highlights because of the school that he's coming out of.
But another twitchy twitchy player, only 59 only 100 and £75.
I've protected him a couple of times saying, Hey, 3rd, 4th round, he would be someone if he falls there.
That I think would be a little bit of a steel and a gem in the draft as well.
The bottom line with all of this, the new york Football Giants have options at wide receiver.
They don't need to be committed at 11.
Signing Golladay should adjust the way that you evaluate the wide receiver class and how you look and say tremendous depth.
Let's not push the panic button if we think that we need it.
And as I said, time and again, the only player that you considered in that wide receiver category that is Kyle pits.
If Kyle pitfalls that are left in the new york football giants sprint to the podium and draft him, I'm going to be as excited as anybody to get him because he is now being regarded as a generational talent, not a tight end, not a wide receiver, just up your weapon that you are going to fall in love with and supposed to be basically all the things that we thought Evan ingram could have been at the time with, not nearly as high a benchmark as what Kyle Pits is now being regarding to this draft, that's why we don't think he'll be there for us at 11, but you never know, it depends on how Jaylen waddle and devante smith.
Do they get taken ahead of Kyle pits? Do other teams have different needs that you want to fulfill? Three prospects to keep an eye on here? I will try to come back in later today, breakdown another mock draft as things continue to develop and swirl in these big board shift a little bit.
Let's just keep refining and trying to figure out the right combination that gives us the highest value for the new york football giants That includes Trading back from 11 packaging picks back up into the first round and even in the third round of 76 It's been a lot of scenarios were tremendous value comes for the giants by trading back 7-10 selections and picking up future picks.
That's been something else that I started to think about now too.
In these mock drafts, how do we continue to supplemental shells for not just this year and this roster, but also next year and how we want to build for the future.
You can of course follow the podcast, the one giant podcast wherever you get your podcast needs fulfilled.
If you're enjoying the podcast, head over to Itunes, leave a five star review, leave a comment comment here on Youtube as well.
Obviously we appreciate the support that we've been seeing here as we start to ramp up our coverage on the Youtube channel and of course, all the way through here now, 17 days away.
This is what we're going to start to do a lot more of heading in, giving you a sample size of wide receivers that could look good for the new york football giants beyond the first round.
What about edge rushers? We highlight the top of the show.
1st, 2nd round, that's the target area here.
So let's go ahead and see how many possible players could we feel very comfortable about drafting whether in the first or second round.
Andy Mca wits will be back in on Wednesday will break down some additional positions, will highlight any news and notes around the new york football giants.
And as he that is an immaculate would want need and demand the, you know, as always, let's go, Big Blue.


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