SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - 53 Man Roster: Who is at risk of losing their job through the Draft?
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy update Saquon Barkley's recovery, and then dive in on the 53 man roster ahead of the draft. Andy is all but done with Will Hernandez, while Adam sadly sees Oshane Ximinez as a potential cut casualty should the Giants find new blood in the draft. It all raises the question: how many spots to the Giants really have open to fill in the 2021 NFL Draft?


Yeah, yes, Mhm.
And with that friends, as always, welcome you to the one giant podcast on a Monday morning ish, depending, you know, Listen, for all you know, it could have been morning when we recorded this.
Unless you join us on YouTube where we're live and it's in fact the afternoon.
That's because yours truly has technical issues left, right and center around the Internet.
But we made it.
We're doing the darn thing.
I'm Adam, are incorrect.
Joined, as always, by the healthy, the wealthy and wise.
Mr Andrew Markowitz.
Adam, you could have just told our listeners that you were in Hawaii and so you were really far behind.
And then they would also be extremely jealous of what your view could be outside of your place.
Right now, we're a family here.
The one giant podcast is a tight knit group.
We don't we don't deal in lies dealing rumors and speculations.
Although we will speculate a little bit momentarily around the New York football Giants roster as we work our way into April, the draft is up ahead a quick little footnote in general about about the YouTube channel because we're getting a ton of good feedback from everybody.
A lot of comments, a lot of questions, a lot of, you know, suggestions around what the Giants could or should or need to do.
Um, so we're gonna be doing I did one mock draft last week.
I'm going to do another one and kind of pick and pull from some of what the fans are saying.
And if you want Rashad bait and maybe to still be a target in a trade down scenario, I'll go ahead and execute that idea and then build the draft out from there.
So we're gonna have a lot of fun with that.
Keep your eyes open for it.
In the meantime, though, we kick it off by saying, You know, we've been focusing so much on what the Giants are going to do, obviously the free agency class and how that impacts the draft and what the Giants do from there in the background, though quietly, we do keep getting little drips and drabs on social media from one say Kwan Barkley, the most recent one is him, with his daughter in his backyard, is working some of the drills doing some of that tension the weighted kind of run their off the fence.
I am concerned his daughter has been getting out to very early leads on him.
He actually insulted, I think, in the last one backing almost running it back, rewinding herself alongside her father before burning them once again.
Is this excite you at all? Just move the needle for you Because I feel like if this was another team, another player, we we might gloss over it and just say, Yeah, yeah, yeah, great.
Like, you know, call me when you're on the field playing meaningful football.
But does this impress you? Does this excite you around ST Quan Barkley? He is our most explosive player.
He is the guy that could change the game with one touch of the football.
We need him on the field in order to be successful.
You saw Wayne Gallman filled in and, uh was serviceable, um, in places like Iran, Barkley.
But it just took a dimension away from the team knowing that you didn't have a home run hitter back there that you got a plan for for every single game.
You know, I got to say in that video he is looking fit as well, Like those those quads.
Even with that that knee injury, those quads didn't didn't miss too many quad days, I'll tell you that.
So you know, for Giant Fancy, it's encouraging to see him back out there, even if he's just doing some casual jogging running, you start to understand and remember.
Oh, that's right.
Like Citron, Barkley is like all pro all world talent in his position.
Yeah, listen, anything that we see that shows him doing any type of movement or successful, you know, he could have been walking to the mailbox and I probably would have found a way to get a little bit excited about it.
But, I mean, listen, all the reports were is that he is going to be ready for training camp and he is going to be back.
So this isn't really is not breaking news.
But I do think there's a difference between expectations vs than what we see actually occurring.
So all these little things are just another needle pointing in the right direction for him.
The other piece of it is it's better than seeing him on crutches or in a cast or going to the reconstructive knee surgeon like there's there's a million different things we could see and said We're seeing him get in shape.
We're getting excited.
All things are going according to plan in terms of his recovery Exactly.
And that's all we want to know on track for a healthy and powerful return for sake one.
The other thing is because we kind of expected this really coming out of the big free agency burst.
And now there's this low ahead of the draft.
We've seen some local pro days.
There's some things to get excited about their, um, some players in the draft that maybe did themselves some favors.
It's a little bit weird, too, because there isn't gonna be obviously the combine this year.
So you end up with these pro days where you're really talking about, um, you know, can the 40 times really be indicative of what the true 40 time is right yet to kind of give this second and a half maybe range for some of these guys, which is a little bit interesting.
But in this downtime, there's an article that came out on NJ dot com from Rosenblatt that we want to touch on before we do, we'll kind of set the table for ourselves with our own expectations around the roster and even include.
We know the draft is gonna come up here.
We know the positions of need, but where are there going to be Roster spots that are fill a bill and how is it going to affect some of the other guys on there? And one of the things that it got me thinking about was when we look at that this roster, who are you? 100% locked on and who is a guy that we might like or might be excited about? But it's also malleable.
Could also be whoops today that you just got bumped because the draft fell a certain way for us and we brought in another talented player in a position on either side of the ball.
When we go through, I mean, listen, we could do the easy ones like, Are you all in or out on Daniel Jones? Listen, we're all in on him.
I'm gonna answer for Andy here, but then you do get into some other positions like wide receiver and like tight end where, depending on what happens at the end of the month, you could feel differently about them.
I'll leave it open to you to say, Is there a position that you think really speaks to this? Because I think there's to me.
There's two clear cut spots on 11 position group on each side of the bowl that could be very heavily impacted, and individual players could be hit depending what the Giants do at the end of the month in the draft.
Yeah, so I'll start on the on the all outside Adam.
And it will come as no surprise to anyone that's listened to the show that I have a specific person in mind for my all out and that is Will Hernandez.
Um, you know, I look at the offensive line and I look at the names and I look what the Giants have done.
You bring in Zach Fulton.
You drafted Shane last year.
You're presumably going to take either an offensive linemen.
You know, someone like Christian Slater who could could potentially play guard, even if you do.
And and this is a question I have for you, Adam.
He costs just over two almost $3 million on the salary cap, but we could save two point $12.
2 million in CAT money by releasing Will Hernandez before the start of the season.
Answer me this question, Adam.
If we drafted a guard, an offensive lineman in the the fourth round, most already have more confidence that he can step in and potentially be a contributor more than Will Hernandez would be next year on this team.
And if that's the case, why are we keeping a guy like him when we have Shane Lemieux and we have Zach Fulton and we are going to go ahead and make moves to draft somebody else? Yes, what's interesting about it? Because going back to last year, you know, it's a couple of things.
It's not just that you lost kind of your starting role to a young draft pick.
Okay, that can happen, But it's also the coming into the year.
There's some questions about you, and if you were gonna take that next big step forward, it's a double down.
When the guy that beats you out and starts taking your reps was 1/5 round pick because it feels like, Hey, by the way, you were a high second round pick for us and you haven't quite come along.
It's also a bit of a knock that when you start getting the rotation working, your seemingly left mostly out of that rotation, even though they're like, everybody's gonna get parts going to get a look and Thomas, he's coming out.
He's struggling Lamu, and you still have a guy that you end up moving off of this offseason in Zeiler.
And theoretically, you would have said, Hey, maybe we want to give a little sample size here of Hernandez on that side of more substantial sample size to know if we can get away with it.
Then you talk about bringing a guy like Fulton, right? So now you've layered the depth chart with with some of these complementary pieces, the Camp Fleming's of the world like we had last year.
You've done the same thing here, some guard positions, Nate soldiers coming back and it feels very similar to Yatim in the idea that if you wanted to go to Will Hernandez and say, Hey, buddy, it's time to cut this thing down to a veteran minimum situation so that you can secure yourself a roster spot, going to training camp and see what happens.
Otherwise, you're very much on the chopping block if we need to create room, whether four draft picks or for potential cuts from other teams around the league.
So, yeah, I I would not, um, yeah, I can be all out on him, you know what I mean? I feel I feel like it's easy to pull the trigger on that now.
Would my preference be that I see the Giants get somebody the draft That excites me for the offensive line, even as a developmental draft piece? Of course.
But there's nothing that's gonna I'm not going to turn around outside of maybe reflecting on what it is to spend a top second round draft pick on a guard and Adam not work out, not get a second contract.
But other than that, I'm fine to move off well, and the other thing is, you know, you talk about Zach Fulton.
He had a better pro football focus rating and he was available and we got him for for next to nothing, right like that.
There are replacement level guards that are better than Will Hernandez that you could be pulling in that don't have a job right now.
So knowing that and knowing the Giants can save money, I've seen enough of her Hernandez at the Guard position to know that like there are valuable guys that could replace him in the fifth round, like Shane Lemieux of a draft or still available in free agency because the salary cap has come down so much.
So for me, it's really a no brainer.
I've kind of seen enough of Hernandez, and when you look at a 53 man roster, there's all kidding aside.
There's a finite amount of spots for offensive linemen to be able to contribute.
I don't I don't see where will Hernandez fits into this, especially with, you know, the suggestions of Maybe that per could play guard.
Maybe we drafts later.
Maybe we take another guard later, like there's so many other options that I'm like, Yes, that that sounds good.
Like give me that one instead of seeing another year of Hernandez struggling.
And that's what's interesting, too, because you mentioned you have a veteran guy.
Once you get the young player, it's like having Thomas, or like having you get excited about those guys.
Everything else you want on the line, it's just I want guys that are there just in case that they can learn from a little bit.
But I want all the young players working and playing.
So Hernandez, you being a young guy, that's a backup.
That doesn't really, really tantalize the fan base.
It certainly doesn't do much for me if I were going to throw out for me a guy that I'm a fan of it.
And it's a position group that I really like, what they did in last year's draft, especially but two players that that got injured last year and we didn't really get that big sample size to see how they were going to sell, especially underneath Patrick Graham.
That was Lorenzo Carter and, of course, Ocean Exhibit.
It's now me personally, I think the little flash that we saw from Lorenzo Carter the start of the year, that's all I needed to know.
As long as he can come back healthy.
I think that he's gonna fit beautifully as a complimentary piece there for Patrick Graham and I think it does offer a little bit of flexibility as far as when you wanna attack certain needs in the draft.
The other player, though in an ocean examiners.
I think that it was critical for him to have been there last year and to have been giving you quality reps and to be showing what his value can be because you're not far away based on where he was draft coming out.
If you pick up another guy in the in the third or fourth round in the draft and he comes in flashes during training camp, as you say finite roster spots right then it becomes about special teams contributions.
And if you can plug in there, then you can keep yourself on on the roster.
Certainly, but I do think that there is a world where weather through the draft or even through cuts, you know from other teams because we've already seen the Giants.
When you look at their depth chart now in that group just to remind everybody they brought in odenigbo right, they have Ryan Anderson there.
They brought back to Monte down, so we don't really touch on this.
A lot of no fans were kind of what are you doing? Bringing this guy back? He's just a backup Now.
He's not a starter for us anymore.
He's not playing significant webs.
He's a special teamer and a backup, but he is in that group.
Take Crowder's in that group, so it's Carter Coughlin, right? Brunson's gonna be there, Can Brown is going to be there.
And Carter, Coughlin and Can Brown have both already showed that they can do things for you on the special teams? And so you know, if you're going to kick out a young player to the curb, it's more likely Ocean examiners than it is to be Carter Coughlin.
Or can Brown more recent draft picks, draft picks that Joe Judge had an influence on selecting and guys you have control of for another couple of years? So he might be the guy that I'm all out on, not for personal, for personal reasons, but just because the math maybe doesn't afford you the ability to be in Yeah, you kind of feel like Lorenzo Carter has a little bit more upside, and you feel like you've seen enough from him to be like man.
If you could just stay on the field.
He can be a starter in this league, right? Like that's That's the feeling that I think giant fans has.
He flashes at times, but he can't stay healthy.
Yeah, I examine as it's just been, it's been a wild journey for him, and we haven't been able to really see the same type of flashes that we have from Carter.
It is going to be interesting to see what they do.
You know, when you look at that 53 man roster and you look at the linebacking positions, there are only a certain amount with all the people like you mentioned, we drafted so many late round guys last year.
That filled the purpose and filled a void on a really good defense.
And so when we're talking about needing some different things, you know through the draft, if you add one linebacker that's pushing out one of those linebackers that either Joe Judge drafted or one of these guys that was a potential starter for a couple of games last year like Devante Downs, for instance, So you know 53 when you start really thinking about the depth that we're starting to have at each of these positions.
It means that a guy that you've seen start games or play significant snaps for the Giants is not going to be on this roster come August, September, Week one of the NFL season.
And that's what brings us into it, as we said at the top of the show, right? So this was Zach Rosenblatt for NJ dot com.
He comes out with, you know, an early 53 man roster projection.
Initially, I thought, Good Lord, buddy, we gotta wait for the draft to happen, right? I mean, there's clearly going to be more guys in here that we need to deal with, but I thought he did a nice job by indicating by position groups where he has a rookie slot occupied.
So he's saying, Yes, we know the draft is gonna come up, and we know that we're going to have certain needs.
So I'm gonna account for maybe well, at this point, right, you're gonna have, uh, six total selections there with a double up in the in the sixth round.
So you're going to have those picks to to fill in here on the roster.
So who are some guys that are naturally going to fall off the board.
Obviously, Daniel Jones, Mike Glennon.
That's pretty much it. The Giants.
Historically, I've always been a team that only likes to carry two quarterbacks on the active roster.
So certainly you could find someone down in on the practice squad that could rotate in at some point when you get into running back room.
This is the first spot where you here, rookie, get mentioned.
Sequana Barkley Davonte Don t Booker.
Excuse me then he then he has a road you spot occupied.
You add l A penny into there.
Do you think you know, it seems reasonable that the Giants will at least look at that position.
And if not in the draft, remember, I'm not putting anything on to this guy's name.
Remember Platz? Gummer was taken in that international window last year, and now he could have an opportunity to come into camp and compete.
Maybe for a spot.
Eli Penny is a name that I hold their though When you when you do to protect the 53 man roster, Do you think that Penny still has a role on this team? Is it develops? Yeah, I do I just think I think Garrett and team like him.
I see him sticking around because he does provide, Um, what say Kwan Barkley is gonna need when he's healthy and that's blocking that helps open up holes and fill fill spaces for us.
So I do see a role for him.
I absolutely think we need to draft a rookie.
Um, get somebody on a cheap contract.
You know, we talked to, uh, you know, the Buckeye.
We did the whole Buckeye draft and, yeah, J.
Stevens And we came up with Trey Sermon as a perfect type of player.
Mid round, maybe 3rd, 4th, 5th round pick that could come in and and play for the Giants, get significant stamps, keeps the salary cap low and has young, fresh legs.
That type of thing for me absolutely seems to work.
You know, there's still a ton of guys like even Todd Gurley is just sitting out there right now so you can always get older veteran running backs.
You know, we did it with Alfred Morris and, uh, you know about the Freeman last year.
I like investing in a young asset that we can keep around for a couple of years, and someone like Trey Sermon fits the role perfectly.
And, by the way, the even Rosenblatt mentions here.
Maybe there's an opportunity that Wayne Goldman makes his way back onto this roster as things shake out because he's currently sitting out there in free agency familiarity.
Maybe the number is the right piece and you, Adam into that room.
We look over to the wide receiver group now, and you talk about obviously Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, John Ross and then you have Dante Pettis listed there.
CJ Board was brought back on this, uh, this offseason as well in free agency.
But then there's the collection of guys that doesn't mention here.
I understand why he also he's a spot for a rookie here.
But when you think about that, that wide receiver group overall remembering all of those guys, the young players that are potentially going to be on the practice squad do any of those names from last year Do they register with you coming into this season as saying, Maybe they could be pushing for a roster spot or as we did last year and everyone knows, listen to the podcast that I like to see the young guys get an opportunity, right? I lean into that pretty hard.
Do you think that those guys, though, are just? Hey, yeah, you're going to compete.
But really, there's not an active roster spot for you in this training camp, and maybe CJ board pushing Pettis is the big piece here, depending on what happens in the draft and what level right where you maybe end up taking another wide receiver weapon would dictate who could be bumped from this group.
Yeah, I think it's no secret that the Giants still want to take a wide receiver in this draft, which will fill that last spot.
As you mentioned, it's also about the number.
It's a numbers game.
You need to have some cheap assets on this roster to make the math work for the salary cap, also there under team control for a couple of years at that at that number.
So you have to presume the Giants are going to go out and get a wide receiver in this draft.
It's tough because I liked in small doses what I saw from Austin Mack and I think he's going to have an opportunity to to try to make the roster.
It's going to be an uphill climb because they did invest, you know, a waiver claiming into Dante Pettis, who was, you know, a first round draft pick.
At one point, they did bring back C J board.
They liked what he provided to the team.
So you know Austin back in order to make this roster right at, you know, in Week one is really going to have to show up and show out in training camp.
But more importantly, we know within the first 2 to 3 weeks players are going to get injured.
You look at Tae Kwon Barkley went down, Sterling Shepard went down.
Plenty of players are going down, especially at the wide receiver position.
These guys can move off the practice squad very quickly if they don't get scooped up by another team.
Now we have seen in the tight end group here that and we heard someone on one of the fans on on YouTube asked this question or really made a statement of offensive line.
Obviously we have to add to a second, but then also tight end is still they still think that the Giants should be looking at tight end in the draft.
We all know I could have gone all out on Evan Ingram.
I didn't go that way because because, first of all, because I said it too many times.
So we try to move past that.
If you're gonna be part of the roster, I'm gonna want him to do well.
I'm gonna hope for the best.
Even when you look inside that group, though, you talk about having players, obviously behind Evan Ingram and then behind Rudolph, who's going to deal with with an injury and some foot surgery into this offseason, then Kaden Smith and Toya Loa.
If it's me, I don't.
And neither did Rosenblatt here.
I don't put I don't put a rookie spot here for a draft pick, and that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.
And obviously, that might change how things look.
The potential trade of an Evan Ingram, but shy of Kyle pits.
Somehow, you know, we'll say miraculously falling to 11.
I really don't see the Giants looking into this draft class for a tight end.
I think they'll stand pat with the four, their complementary in their roles.
And there's even probably a world where Tokelo could get bumped down to the practice squad if you needed to make some space for someone.
I don't see a need to really touch in on this.
Yeah, I think the tight end position is pretty secure.
I don't I don't think anything's going to happen unless, as you as you mentioned, unless there's a draft night trade of of Evan Ingram, we're pretty much set Were you know, we don't need more than four tight ends.
We don't even know how many they're going to potentially have as as active on game day to begin with.
So for tight end sounds about right, I don't know if Eric Tomlinson signed with anyone else, but you have, like guys like that that could always be a practice squad player that we could pull up.
That will do the job of any late round, tight end graphic that you would take in a crowded room already.
Now here's one thing is we look into the offensive line here and we want to try to move through a pace.
Friends, we have some other thoughts we want to share with. You are you.
Would you be surprised by the fact there's a rookie spot obviously occupied here in the draft for an offensive lineman, Thomas Lemieux, Gates, Fulton hurt solder Hernandez Still there, Jonathan Harrison and then the potential for a rookie to be added in.
What I do find interesting is, especially if the Giants end up holding in the later rounds and that those 26 round picks that they have, that's where I think there's some real opportunity to take a developmental swing tackle or in an inside offensive lineman that will potentially bump Hernandez.
You think that we all agree at least one is coming to us in the draft, but you think it be really easy to bump to two and just say, Yeah, this is this is Will Hernandez.
This is us saying Thank you so much because you do want to get younger, have controllable players and developmental pieces that fit the new system.
As I look more and more at this roster and the depth chart that we have, I have a proclamation that is going to happen on draft night and it's because of how crowded I see our entire roster being in terms of depth and everything else.
Uh, Adam, we have six picks.
I don't know how to sixth round.
Guys are going to make this roster.
I just I just don't I don't think we have enough spots open for for guys to be able to do that.
And because of this, I would put a very large amount of money that Dave Gettleman is going to package up different picks to move up and identify and go get a specific guy.
Now, I don't know if that's going to be second round.
I don't know if it's gonna be third round.
It could be even.
Hey, we'll take our 26 round picks putting together get us into the fourth round or something like that.
But we just have too much depth.
We can't just go ahead and draft six guys when we don't have six roster spots available for these people.
Yeah, it's interesting you bring that up because again, packaging sixth round picks makes a lot of sense.
I wouldn't even even if the Giants don't package, I could see them just trading out of those right? You're at the back end of the draft.
You've done your work and rounds one through four.
We don't have 1/5 round pick.
Okay, who wants to come knocking? We're fine to take flyers.
And to your point, we've also brought in some extra veteran pieces here in free agency.
Just depth pieces along the roster.
Unless someone really stood out to you.
You mentioned about maybe packaging the sixth day of the fourth.
I was even gonna I was gonna ask.
Do you think it be possible for the not possible? It is anything's possible.
But do you think it's likely the Giants might say, even our 26 and our fourth round pick to get high up into the third round somewhere? If they say, Listen, you know, we'd love to have is four players in the first three rounds.
Wipe your hands.
Thanks so much because we're only looking to add these key couple of pieces or would that be maybe a little too rich to to make that kind of move? And what's the balance? Because, like you said six roster spots.
So it's four players.
Okay, Would you like to have five players? You know, it's like, what, What is the right recipe there when you move up the board packaging three picks to get up to one or just two and then you essentially trading two picks to get one higher valued player well, and this is the reason why I don't see the Giants trading back in round one because then we're ac***ulating more assets, a k a.
More picks in this draft.
But like okay, so then we get a 2nd and 1/5 round pick to move back a few spots.
It's like, Do we even have enough roster positions to be able to get all these guys? I think it's highly doubtful that we trade back, then package all those assets to move back up again.
It seems like a lot of movement just for the sake of movement.
If you like a guy where you're sitting, just go take him knowing that you have the roster spot.
I don't know if I necessarily have the answer yet.
In terms of how many picks I think I think six, I don't see there a way that six players in this draft are going to make the Giants roster, so I would say it's got to be at least four I think five is probably going to be the right number.
But again at all, I think some of the key critical pieces of this are going to be.
What does Sam Buell show you? Right? Because we don't know if he's going to be a guy that's definitely going to be on this roster.
Is Will Hernandez gonna be around or is he going to be a cap casualty right there? There's two potential spots that we could open up for people to make this roster.
I think probably five is going to be the number of what the Giants do.
I don't see it end up being six, though, when it's funny, too, because just to rattle off because we're gonna lump as far as this article that we saw in NJ dot com and then also just overall, I think it's actually a very interesting point.
Gets made here on the defensive side of the ball.
But you mentioned Sam Bill, Remember, we're talking about Bradbury, Darnay Home Sam Bill, Jaren Williams uh Montri Hard Ege, Julian Love, Jabrill Peppers, Logan Ryan, Xavier McKinney, Joshua Kalu still listed there as well, along with the Dory Jackson and then Isaac yet, Um oh, yes.
And also Ryan Lewis.
There's about 12 guys currently in the secondary group.
Now we can go through very quickly.
And no, as when you as when you look over on Rosenblat's article here, right, we understand that from the defensive back room.
Well, you know you're going to have Bradbury Jackson homes.
Those guys are automatic.
You know that Logan, Ryan Peppers and David McKinney, and even maybe Julian Love.
I think I put him as kind of my fringe guy about something.
Could impact his role here because he's kind of in between a little bit of safety, a little bit of cornerback and has struggled to give you consistency of either one.
But that's seven players right there.
So we're already already get a pretty packed house there, and then you want to go into the draft.
And what I found interesting was when you go through defensively, the defensive line outside linebacker, inside linebacker and the cornerback and safety position Rosenblatt only list one spot as being a draft pick opportunity at the cornerback position now, now just on its own.
I think that makes all the sense in the world for for you just highlight.
Is Sam deal going to show us something? Even adding Adoree Jackson, you're still saying, we just have question marks behind him? What is yet I'm going to look like he takes the reduction doesn't not a price tag that makes you think this guy is locked into a roster spot and even if he is, could be a special teamer and bump down the list a little bit.
So he you know, he earmarks one draft pick, essentially on the entire defensive side of the ball.
I can agree with it on the safety end of it.
I can.
Then when you go through inside and outside linebacker, you know Martinez, take Crowder, Ragland and Devante Downs.
Now, when I read that group, I think that that's when it's worthy of a draft selection.
Possibly if the right player falls, they're in the right round.
Obviously, you know, Parsons is the big one on everyone's lips, but when you do, look at the defensive line and the outside linebacker edge rusher Group Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence, Austin Johnson, Shelton, BJ Hill odenigbo like they did this collection for replacement when losing Dalvin Tomlinson And then we said Carter examined as Coughlin, Ryan Anderson can Brown and I do apologize.
That's just the other spot outside linebacker, obviously.
Edge rusher, where he says draft pick could be used here.
Do any of those positions.
Do you think, as we mentioned the ocean exhibits before? Okay, rookie, that could replace him.
Is there any other spot there that you think should be earmarked for that? To your point of And where are we taking away from? Well, so I'm talking with you over the weekend, and even this morning, I kept saying, man, we lost Dalvin Tomlinson.
He was such a heart and soul of the team.
Uh, you know, maybe the Giants are going to go back in the draft and address, uh, you know, the defensive tackle position, and then you kind of were like, I don't know about that.
And then as I look at the depth that we have there, I'm like, how many more guys can we have on the line like you just named all the players that we have there? You know, we went out and get Danny Shelton.
We have Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams.
You know, we do have B.
Hill and Austin Johnson.
Like we we already have all the guys that we're gonna have.
Are we gonna bring another guy in in on the defensive line? Okay, great.
If we do, that's one less spot that we have for our secondary to be able to handle.
So, like, I don't see any movement there.
But to be honest with you, the one area that I do think that we're going to need someone is the outside linebacker position.
I we desperately need some edge rush help.
We need some pass rushing.
And if that means that one of those linebackers is going to be a casualty and not make the roster as a result of us going and getting someone that can play the outside linebacker in a 34 then we have to make that decision.
Yeah, some push is going to come to shove here a little bit at some point along the way, and I think again it's gonna be dictated by as my example, right examine.
As do I think he could make that I think will be on the roster.
Yeah, probably.
But if the giants end up finding the right piece and rounds one or two.
Then all of a sudden he becomes a name to keep an eye on as you get into training camp.
If he doesn't get touched until the third or fourth round for a positional need, then maybe his roster spot is a little bit safer because you're not gonna get obviously the same quality of player in those middle rounds, which, by the way, brings us to what we're going to close out this episode with.
And that's the discussion around.
We we talked so much as we said, I've done some mock drafts going to do some more.
We've really as we should spend a lot of energy on the 11th pick, even the second round pick there.
And what is the best combination? Is it edge rusher? First is an offensive lineman.
How do we want to get there? And you started thinking about it.
What was one of the players? What's one of the names before we rush out the door here that you think the Giants fans should be having on their lips as a potential mid round target? Yeah, so one that I that I think is interesting because we've talked at nauseum about 11.
There's literally only five guys the Giants could draft at 11, and I think we've we've kind of gone around in circles on that.
So now we have to think about the other positions of need.
I just mentioned that I think the Giants are going to add an impact outside linebacker, and one of the guys that I think will be interesting for Giant fans to get to know is a guy by the name of Patrick Jones.
The second he was defensive end for the Pittsburgh Panthers, Um, he flashed on tape.
When I watched him, he was the captain of the defense.
He really he had both the ability to get around the edge of different tackles in college.
And there's a couple where he just absolutely dismantles and bulrushes some of these different tackles.
So he's playing with huge size, which I think is important for the Giants.
I really like him as someone maybe in the 3rd 4th round that the Giants could look at it would be a great weapon for the Giants to be able to add to their defense in a in a position that they desperately need some help with and listen for me.
I won't believe it.
It's good.
This is what we need to do is keep an eye on some of these later around guys that could have being impact for the Giants.
I I've said this before, I said In the mock draft, there's a cornerback, Wild goose that could be a 3rd 4th round target.
Keep his name on your mind because it's a fun thing to have on your mind.
And then also I know maybe banging this drum hard here, and he's a name that people are aware of.
But Kenneth gain well, the running back out of Memphis.
It just makes a ton of sense.
He can do the things in the backfield.
They say that he could have come into this draft as a just a slot wide receiver.
That could be all he is at the NFL level.
So how nice would it be to have that extra weapon that's versatile and a lot of different facets? And back up a lot of different areas across this team, so two names to keep your eye on.
If you're interested in more draft coverage.
I'm gonna come back in.
Maybe later today, if not tomorrow.
Run another mock scenario, as we said, picking up on some of what the fans have asked for or think the Giants should be doing and maybe highlight why that helps or hurts as you walk through the later stage of the draft, if you're gonna dip my toe in the water, What Andy said, Let's take those six round picks and rush ourselves up the board and get quality, not quantity in this draft, as we believe were very close with the pieces we've added, right? Isn't it great when you do mock drafts, which are already fake, and then you throw fake trades into the mock draft just to make it even more authentic? Adam.
It's the best buddy.
Nobody stirs the pot like yours truly.
Listen, you can as we know, we came in late here on a Monday, but you can follow the podcast, obviously, follow us on YouTube.
We're doing it live Monday and Friday morning for sure, sometimes even in the middle of the week.
Give us those five star reviews.
If you don't mind, leave a comment.
Tell your friends YouTube following has been fantastic and growing very quickly.
We love the interaction.
We try to answer as much as we can as quickly as we can.
So keep firing.
Keep enjoying the content.
We love it.
And as anti Markowitz would want, need and demand that you know, as always, Let's go Big blue.
See? Mhm.
Yeah! Yes, yeah.


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