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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy come in with a discussion around the Offensive Line, the versatility of Matt Peart and Nate Solder and why Giant fans should not be content with some of the positions on this roster. Ultimately Adam can see a path to drafting multiple OL in the first 3 rounds while Andy still sees WR as a viable option at pick 11. It's all on the table in the Friday edition of OGP!


Ah, yes. Friends on a Friday morning.
It is O G p.
Live on YouTube with myself.
Of course, Adam.
Arm wrecked.
And over there, the healthy, wealthy and wise Andy Markowitz, although just qualified as a little bit, you know, wealthy and wise.
Always the case.
But healthy is usually the kind of the outlier.
Sometimes for you, Andy.
You know, I feel like this is a recurring theme.
Either I'm hungover or, um, getting bad reactions from the first vaccine that I got for covid.
No matter what it is, I'm usually, like, debilitated on the Friday morning show.
This happens to be the ladder where, uh, I'm just finally recovering from from getting my most recent shots, so But I'm here.
The dog days of of right before the draft are here for us.
Adam, what are we talking about today? That's the thing, right? We there was so much excitement, So much buzz around free agency.
A lot of the signs of the giants made and some of the big splashes and those were great to cover.
And then to think about how it can impact the draft.
I ran a mock draft behind your back when you were late last night while you were asleep.
Adam are.
Brick was doing mock drafts.
It's a big success and rave reviews from the fans, but But now we are kind of in this little low, and I think it's going to really start to pick up here as April gets underway.
And by the way, it is April now, and we'll start to get those conversations around, you know, prospects that are being brought in and being interviewed, discussed and hearing those little trickle downs of of where teams are starting to think about going specific grounds.
But in the interim, we did hear a couple of things off the top.
The New York Giants.
They went out and they signed another two cornerbacks off the Tennessee Titans.
Young players, Um, when you look at that room because I want to get this out of the way, it's not the biggest story in the world.
I think they have, like eight or nine cornerbacks on the roster now combined with the Dory Jackson, obviously the big name being brought in.
Do you look at that and say, Hey, you got, um, Sam Bill You know, you guys are as low on the totem pole as anybody coming into this off season coming out of the draft, etcetera because, you know, it feels a little bit like volume shooter in terms of how they want to develop the depth.
But we know you're not carrying eight or nine DBS.
You're gonna get yourself down to five at the most.
You would think, given that you also have a lot of depth in the in the secondary, there with peppers and, uh, McKinney.
And, of course, Logan Ryan.
I mean, look, they brought in a couple of younger players from Tennessee.
I don't even know if the contracts are guaranteed.
This feels like you bring in some people to to light a fire and create some competition, which I think is good for the Giants.
We've kinda just said we don't have enough good players at cornerback for quite a while now.
We have nine guys that are all going to compete, and, you know, we know that there's going to be potentially three guys in Adoree Jackson, James Bradberry and Darnay Holmes that are absolutely 100% locked into some kind of contributing role this year.
The other six guys are.
It's going to be a dogfight.
I mean, when you talk about Sam Bill, we don't know what we're getting from Samuel.
He hasn't He hasn't been with the team in over a year, and, you know, even before that injury plagued season, So for for me, I love that we're bringing in more and more competition.
It's been quite a long time since we said, Wow, we have too many players, too much depth at a certain position.
So let's go ahead and get as many players as we can and figure it out later.
He also brought another tight end.
By the way, which I know is Andy Mac, what's his favorite thing to do in, uh, Cole Hike A teeny nice little 26 year old, 6 ft 4, 240 pounder don't know what to don't know what to make out of that.
Just another tight end in the room as well.
Uh, and then it was, of course, cornerback Chris Milton.
They also brought in safety Joshua Kalu as well.
I think you're right, though.
I mean none of these things when it's kind of these footnote pickups here in free agency.
None of these ones are, you know, set off alarm bells as Oh, that must mean X, right? Look at the roster and tell me this guy is here.
This guy is going to be gone.
The only player I think out of that group that it it signals for me, based on what these contracts could look like would be a player like you, Adam, who hadn't, you know, a respectable season for us, but does count for a little over two million on the books this year.
And if it's all, you know, apples to apples.
Hey, this guy is gonna cost me just over one million.
You cost me just over two.
Thanks so much.
We hope you find a nice landing spot is maybe the case there.
Yeah. Yeah.
Them is an interesting case because he did play better the second half of the year.
You saw flashes of what the Denver Broncos drafted in for originally, you know, he was able to not get burned in coverage like he was early on the year.
I thought he was going to be two or three games in and then the Giants were going to cut him.
He ended up playing serviceable towards the back end.
But again, as you said that they could free up almost two million of cap space.
That's cap space that we need because, according to over the cap in other places, the Giants still need to free up some cap room to sign their draft picks that are coming up.
But what's even more interesting, Adam is We talk about pecking order of these players.
We could go out and there could be a veteran that is released from any one of these teams or a veteran free agent that we would sign immediately.
That would push half of this list down, and that person will presumably take a roster spot from us.
Yeah, and I think that's the biggest piece.
But when you see some of the other side and that is the perfect point cause I think that the Giants are still going to be in on veteran talent that gets cut and released from other places based on their based on their draft classes and how they fill out their rosters and based on what their expectations are for their season, right? Bad teams are going to be cutting talent because we're in a we're in a rebuilding.
The Giants are somewhere above, we think, the ba*****t.
But we're, you know, we're not in the We're not the penthouse just yet.
So there's gonna be talent in that range and then really good teams are also going to be saying, Yeah, we're just so over overloaded with talent that we're actually gonna be cutting players.
That would be improvements for other teams around the league.
So stuff to keep on an eye on there for sure will be interesting to see how long it takes as we work our way towards the draft, then coming out of it to see some of those cuts come around the other quick thing.
I want to touch on here because the meat and potatoes of this episode is, of course, going to be the offensive line we can't do.
We cannot do it.
It's it's our it's our thing.
We like the offensive line and there, and there's some real.
I think there's some real meat on that bone to discuss around how how the giant should be approaching the draft and finalizing this offensive line heading into the season.
But Todd McShay came out, and I don't know why I titled this Todd McShay is, you know, mockery.
I mean, I think it's clever, sort of, but it also makes it seem like I'm insulting the man he had his, I think four point oh, mock draft came out, and at 11, he had the Giants trading back with the New England Patriots and then, ultimately taking core Amoah the linebacker, uh, to help fill out this defense, do you think, Do you think that that's a reasonable expectation there and that scenario? It was Justin Fields who's there at 11.
But I just wonder if the Giants are willing to trade down if they wouldn't even maybe be willing to trade further than just 15, right, depending on who else might be interested.
A team like Chicago that may want to come up for a quarterback, you know, trying to think of some other teams there in and around the twenties that might be interested.
How likely do you think it is, even even for the Patriots that they would come up for the quarterback, you know, at that spot and give.
The Giants may be an opportunity to grab a couple extra picks because that's what I ran through in my mock scenario, was a trade down.
And the interesting thing about it was You can do the trade down or not, and still grab significant value of key positions.
Obviously, you get a couple extra players by doing it, but I don't know if it's a necessity for the Giants.
So where do you think they lie in terms of their perspective on those players in that range at 11 and their value versus ones that are closer to the twenties? So there's another piece of this that I think is important to note is the Patriots have the 15th pick.
You would presume that trading up to 11, that pic would have to be included.
And then you wonder to yourself, Well, what is the other capital that the Patriots are going to give the Giants to sweeten the deal? Make sure that the that the Giants get their fair value if you go to Walter football and you use the point system that I think Jimmy Johnson created decades ago, um, basically that pick is worth to hunt.
The swap from 11 to 15 is worth about 200 points in the system, they may say 200 points.
What does that like? Two billion like, What does that even mean? It's the It's the equivalent of the 78th pick in the third round.
So the question that I think I'll turn back to you is if you have a translator or Penny Sewell or one of the wide receivers that you like, or someone that's there at 11 and you trade out to 15.
Are there are any of those players still going to be there for you? And is the trade off from those types of players to the next batch of players worth an additional third round pick? Yeah, that's the It's a fair question and well, I've done a couple of these mocks, and I think even in these scenarios, right, like you say, Slater even Micah Parsons, right? What if he's there? What does he represent to the defensive side of the bowl versus the extra piece that you may be able to get? So whether it's getting another offensive lineman, whether it's being able to bring in maybe a wide receiver weapon a little bit earlier.
The dance that The reason why I wonder if it's worth it is because the dance that you end up doing is saying, Okay, we trade down to 15 and there we take Player X right? And a lot of these scenarios.
You end up to be taking a look at a guy like Vera Tucker because he'll be the next offensive lineman that you might target.
So you take him at 15.
You have these extra picks.
But what you may be end up doing is then packaging and moving up to target another player, and it just it's a weird combination of Well, then who? Who could you have taken? So it could have been Slater at 11, right? Well, you don't take Slater at 11.
You drop back, you know, taking their Tucker.
You think as a way to make a slight drop off there in terms of talent, and now you feel compelled to try to get up and target a guy to get the most value that you possibly can, as opposed to.
If you took Slater at 11, then you maybe just stand pat and feel comfortable not needed two.
You get the extra set really only to help, maybe recoup some of the value that you lost by trading down in the first place.
So it does make my mind.
So we're a little bit, you know, you know, I love a good trade down, but it does make me wonder.
And I think the one instance that I that I did get excited about and unfortunately for for for Joseph Clark, who follows us pretty consistently on YouTube in the last mock not to not to go down the road too much in a trade down.
I ended up there with multiple second round picks and third round picks, and what it was was second in the multiple thirds and Joseph Asai and then also, uh, try on. We're both there.
So I doubled down on this edge rusher role and said, Hey, we're gonna get dynamic and energetic And what have you even in getting both of those players when I went back and watched some tape on them when I went back and reread some of the profiles on them, one player and try on is going to be a little bit more developmental and I knew that many of the year to get there, and that's okay.
And then even just watching the tape on his side, I thought, How you know he's not quite as quick doesn't quite have the hit twitchy nous. Whatever.
So, yeah, I got these two players, but are they as good as maybe getting quickly pay in the first round? Right? Like so volume.
You can't just be a volume shooter.
It has to be that the holes that they plug and the skill set that they have are going to be worse spending then multiple picks on those guys.
Yeah, and that's why I you know, this whole off season, we said, Dave Gettleman has never traded back.
This would be a perfect time for them to trade back trade back trade back.
Now I'm doing a complete 1 80 I'm coming to the point where I'm like, is it worth it to trade back? You know, if we're only getting an additional third round pick from someone like the Patriots and we move back four spots and all of the premier offensive tackles and Parsons is gone, and all the other players that are considered the best player at their at their position.
Is it really worth it? And then and then to your point, Then all of a sudden you get trigger happy and you're like, Man, there's a wide receiver we we really want in the second round.
Let's package our second round pick in our two third round picks and move up and get that guy.
I kind of like the idea of standing Pat taking the best player available at 11 and then figuring out how that shapes the rest of the draft.
And the reason is the Giants set themselves up in free agency to be able to do this.
That's the whole point.
They went out and they got a number one wide receiver in Kenny Golladay.
They have shored up different positions.
Like, you know, cornerback is not that big of a need with the Dory Jackson.
Now we mentioned nine guys on the roster.
The Giants, other than offensive line, don't have a screaming position that they need help.
And so if any of the offensive linemen are there at 11, I think you've got to pull the trigger and then you know that will set up the rest of the draft where you can just take best player available.
And that's where the debate begins.
Now, as we transition to what we said, this is the bulk of the episode.
Here is the offensive line.
It's the debate of how to complete this line, how to construct it.
So let's start at a base line here.
Um, currently on our offensive line, we have Andrew Thomas.
We have Shane Lemieux, we have Nick Gates, we have Hunk.
And then we have perked right.
We don't know what's going to be in there at the right guard position, but that's currently we have.
And then, obviously we burn a couple of veterans that you can plug in at right guard.
Potentially, Obviously, we still have a soldier.
You and I said this before we got started here.
I really the first component to this that dictates some things and me and does make me wonder as far as a trade down scenario would go there.
There is a world where I think it would make sense if a player like Pert, who played over 13 games in college at guard, is maybe a candidate to start at right guard and this.
I hate to do it, but it could be a feather in Andy Mac.
A witch's cap that the world where they have kept Nate soldier could be saying, Hey, he's played tackle.
Obviously, we're putting him over on the right side.
Maybe he can be the bridge to a tackle.
We draft this year and per can kick inside and get a look at guard.
And this would be instead of, say, a will Hernandez, who could become the cap casualty help free up the, You know, the draft class money that we're going to need.
How What would that How would that feel to you? What would that look like to you? And if you had your druthers, would you prefer to have Will Hernandez getting a shot at right guard? Or would you prefer to see Matt per getting that? Look, we're gonna bring Andy back in off of, uh, you real quick.
That would be probably the smart thing to do.
Adam, uh, heard about your thoughts.
You don't wanna overexposure.
Um, well, everyone knows how I feel about Will Hernandez.
So you're saying that name? I just hit the mute button and started cursing and screaming uncontrollably.
Um, I think Hernandez is a backup guard.
Um, he proved through the 1st 68 games of the season, we've talked about how soldier played.
Left tackle Andrew Thomas played left tackle everything. Everyone looked terrible.
The only consistent person there was Will Hernandez.
I think he needs to be a backup guard.
I do like the upside of of Shane Lemieux.
He obviously struggled, Um, in some of the play that he had.
But I'd like to see if he can develop more like Nick Gates has getting some experience to me.
I actually really don't mind the idea of per swing inside.
I mean, like I said, you're you're keeping solder on on a cheap deal.
He has a ton of experience.
You've got to keep him around because this line is so young when you look across the board, you know, after after Nate solder Hernandez, being three years is basically the most experienced guy.
When you think about the starters, um, you know, for me, I like the idea of maybe going inside and competing at guard.
You know, you mentioned that he played it in college.
You know, it's why, in my opinion, if we can get a guy like Slater at 11, it allows the Giants to figure out the right combination at right tackle and not just have to throw people there and say, Good luck.
You know, Let's hope it all works out.
And as it stands right now, Zach Fulton gets earmarked.
The free agent that we brought in to be, you know, he's the veteran 29 year old.
We brought him in.
He would maybe be the guy that plugs in there at the right guard spot, at least at the beginning of the season.
And the only thing that I would say is in regard.
So you mentioned Slater to me from everything that you read.
This is a guy that played tackle, but you want him to kick inside, right? That's what he could be a good tackle and a dominant guard.
Now I do push back on a little bit on the idea that there are certain players that maybe don't have the skills to the size right, the measurables to play on the outside.
If that's the case with Slater, any of these prospects and you say the reason why we say kicking inside to guard to be dominant is because the college level is slightly smaller than the overall size of the game at the NFL level.
Okay, if it's just that you think it's going to take him a little bit longer at tackle to really become dominant, so it's going to take the year and he's gonna have some ups and downs.
Then I don't care, because it's about long term, right? It's all.
I only want to kick him into guard.
If you're saying it could be a so so tackle because he's a little bit undersized, you kick him into guard.
Watch out. This guy is going to be a bulldozer.
So I do wonder how the Giants look at a prospect like that.
Vera Tucker is another one, a little bit further down in the draft in the first round there that also people say, kick him into guard.
But here is so here's my a couple of pieces. One.
Uh, Shane Lemieux were no more committed to him than anything else.
He's 1/5 round pick.
We like what he flashed, just like with just like with part right, he drafted in the third round.
I think if you said coming in what would be the ideal role for for part over the first couple of seasons, backup swing tackle maybe develops into a starter at some point, right? So the fact that he flashed last season and gave us this taste is exciting.
But it also doesn't mean that we should be hot committed on this because I even think, you know, coming into last year when we drafted Andrew Thomas, we were like, Well, that's it.
Check the box.
We, you know, we tracked We fixed the line like we, you know, we get.
We get really excited about that.
And then even for a first round pick.
And by the way, some people asked on Twitter.
If you could go back and redo the number four pick last year, who would you draft? And I immediately said Andrew Thomas, because I still love Andrew Thomas.
I still think he's going to be a phenomenal left tackle and he showed that by the back end of this past season.
But it does take time to develop these guys.
The one world where I think trading down would be possible and where you can go with, say, America, Parsons at 11 and just stand pat with no trade.
Downs is looking into the second round, and you talk about a college that has really produced a lot of stellar offensive lineman in recent memory.
And that's that's That's the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.
And that's of course, Liam Edinburgh.
Now he is listed as a pure offensive tackle.
There is no kick in for him.
You're going to line him up there and even, you know, by all accounts, they say starting left tackle.
Now, do I think that you can switch a guy over the right tackle? Probably, you know, 66305 The guy is a mountain of a man.
I would sit there and maybe say, I'll even I'll even go as far as today because I didn't even say this to you.
In our in our pre conversation, pre recorded conversation, there is a world where I would take Slater and if I could get or in, say, the trade down, if I could trade back and grab an extra pick, I'll take Vera Tucker and I'll plug him in at right guard.
And then if I come up and I think that Edinburgh can really be a stud, I'm going to take them.
So regardless of, you know, regardless of any double downs or anything, even if I take Micah Parsons in the first round when I open the second round, If Liam Edinburgh is there for me, I'm I might take him.
I might take him and I'll say, Okay, listen, if that does that mean that he's gonna switch over right tackle? Great.
That mean that Pert has to try to compete for guard or we are back up swing tackle and maybe soldiers gonna plug in.
Or maybe Fulton the veterans gonna be at right guard, Maybe, but nothing is going to stop me from taking what a lot of people are regarding as a premier offensive talent tackle talent in in Edinburgh who could even rise to the back end of the first round.
But if you're in a world where he falls there, I think the Giants might jump at that because it would be another very dominant offensive tackle to add to the line.
Here's the thing that people keep forgetting the Giants offensive line was dreadful last year, like it was, it was substantively horrible, right? And we think, Okay, well, you know, Nate, soldiers coming back like, What have we done so far this offseason? We have released Kevin Zeitler, who had an average year but was probably our best offensive lineman over the course of the season.
And we have Nate Solder coming back after opting out.
Don't know what we're going to see from him.
We can't just think similarly to last year.
Oh, you just get Andrew Thomas and the offensive line is going to be fine.
You need to start addressing all of these positions and double down and sometimes triple down on making the team better.
If we can get an offensive tackle and a guard within the first two picks and we say, Well, now we don't have to decide between Shane Lemieux and World Hernandez.
Or now we don't have to pray and hope that Nate Solder is going to come back and be a serviceable right tackle, even though he hasn't played that since year one in New England.
Like sign me up for that.
I'm I'm all for just getting the line better and like.
Yes, there are other areas of need around this team.
We talked about defensive end. We need an edge rusher.
We need some kind of player that can get to the quarterback.
But we are investing so much in Daniel Jones success this year.
I am, I am.
I would put all my chips into the middle of the table if you told me we could go guard, tackle with the first two picks and just say we've addressed it.
We now have everything that we need.
Let's figure out who who goes where now.
And by the way, you know a guy like Fulton.
He said he brought him in here.
You go by whatever metric you want.
He's ceiling out at 63 on a Pff.
Right? So that doesn't give you a ton of confidence there.
And then you're talking about having fifth rounders, etcetera.
If I'm sorry, it was caught my eye in the background that when you go over to, uh, ESPN, you look at their depth chart, they have Nate soldiers starting at left tackle with Andrew Thomas backing him up.
I just That's not the case.
Someone might want to update that exactly.
Obviously, I'm pretty disgusted by the idea that that's the way that ESPN wants to present their information.
But I think you're right, and I just it the big step back picture here of as we come into this draft, we know we still want to get an edge rusher, and that's great in the mock that I did by the way, the 26 round picks I took offensive lineman I took developmental guard tackles that were projected to be able to develop into starters may need a nice year, even a little bit more to develop.
But the thinking was it wasn't even about that.
These guys will be a starter one day, sixth round pick It was that our offensive line.
We had backups two years ago.
We had backup starting for us, right? So it's not just who's starting and even last year, shame them. You.
I don't know that he's 100% a starter in this league is 1/5 round pick can be developed, Yes, but I'm not going to lock myself into him.
So bringing in more bodies, bringing more competition and seeing including Nate soldier who I think depending on how camp plays out.
Depending on how the draft goes, he's going to be another cut candidate to free up money because even though they restructured him, he still represents enough money on the books that if you need to create the room, you could I for all of my, you know, negative connotations that have attached to the soldier in his play.
I do like the idea of having the veteran on this team.
I do like having that experience in helping the young players develop, so I'm fine keeping him.
But it will be interesting how that money shakes out, but ultimately, yeah, so that that's why I wanted to bring that up.
About what if it was no trade downs and you go Slater at 11 and Edinburgh at, You know, whatever ends up being 42 right? I don't I first when I thought of that and I was like Maybe wow, that'd be surprising.
And then I took a beat and thought, Yeah, but I'd probably be pretty excited about it, too, right? Well, the the other piece of it, Adam, I feel the same way about wide receiver.
I've kind of done a little bit of a 1 80 on this as well.
We are wide.
Receiving corps was not great last year, like it just wasn't like Golden.
Tate was not good, and Sterling Shepard was somewhat injured.
Darius Slayton had some really good games, and then he would just have games where he would have zero, literally zero catches.
And so, if you said, draft a draft a wide receiver, if there's still one of the big four wide receiver playmakers available at 11, I'm okay with taking, taking one of those wide receivers at 11, people may say, Well, then you gotta push Darius Slayton out of the lineup or it changes How we how we do things fine, like.
We need to just get better across the board.
And, like, if we can find a guy that is a playmaker, that's not a rookie contract that will be here for a few years.
I am fine with that.
No one is safe on this roster.
If we can get better at any position by taking someone and it means we push a guy that we kind of like down the pecking order a little bit, then that's what we have to do.
Well, then, Okay.
Because then we can close out the show disagreeing because I need to get that.
I need to just go through the entire week and not have it be that we don't have a problem with one another.
Um, I I would still strongly push back against it.
So again, in these mock scenarios, the players that I would stay right there, uh, the Kyle pittsy happened, right? Very easy to say that, interestingly enough, I I did have Slater as being like, This is the no nonsense don't mess around.
You don't even listen to anybody.
Maybe there is depending on the scenario where I would allow the tantalizing nature of him to entice someone to come up.
I also don't think that he's going to be there, so it's kind of easy to live in those waters.
Micah Parsons is a guy that I think would be very enticing to a lot of teams, even like the Miami Dolphins, who are gonna be at 18 after they pick at six as well.
You know, a team like that wants to improve the defensive side of the ball.
Maybe you can get a nice amount of of return having a team come up seven picks.
But from the wide receiver perspective, and this is the reason why I pushed back on it is because even if you stood Pat and you made it all the way to the third round, you're still talk.
Like even in the third round.
There's going to be wide receivers that can be dynamic, one of the ones that I ended up looking at, and I wish I I'm gonna lose his name here as we come up.
But, like ST, Surat has fallen oddly right, and he was a little bit higher on draft boards.
Maybe he's a guy that ends up being available there in the third round.
Guys like Tyler von guys like Almond Ross ain't Brown.
There's there's a name that I have very much been excited about and I think could be available all the way into the third round.
And then I'll even go one step further with it and say players that are not why receivers, but our dynamic playmakers like a Kenneth Gain.
Well, because I do agree with you, there's no reason not to bring in more talent.
If you can go and bring in a guy who by all scouting reports, they say this kid could have entered the draft as a slot receiver, that could be his career at the NFL and he would be dynamic.
Instead, he's going to be able to do return game.
He's gonna be able to line up in the slot.
He's also gonna be able to be supplemental in the backfield.
And I like that cause you're checking multiple boxes.
I think you can get away with it.
And most Giants fans are gonna one agree with you.
That wide receiver should be on the table at 11, especially if it's water.
I think a lot of people be excited about that.
Um, so they're going to agree with you in that regard.
And then I think at the very least, they're gonna say, if not the first round, though, you gotta have it on the board in the second round, and there is, and there is a drop off there.
There is a difference between some of that, uh, you know, high end second round talent.
When you're thinking about guys you know Thailand, Wallace or Rondell.
More to two at Well, you know, bait, and it's not gonna be there.
It looks like he had a very solid 40 time at his pro day to kind of solidify that he can be dynamic.
Terrence Marshall is definitely going to get up into that first round.
Now the Ravens have to be a little bit concerned.
He's not just gonna comfortably fall to them there at the back of the first.
I think he's gonna put up a little bit, too.
So there is a drop off, you know that that is clear and understood.
But I think combining it with what you're saying and maybe it's fair because Darius Latin was also 1/5 round pick, so you don't have to be beholden to him.
I maybe would like to see Darius Slayton with Shepherd with Holiday, right, And I feel good about that, along with Evan Ingram fees there and along with obviously Kyle Rudolph as well.
So I maybe I don't want to touch the dynamic that much yet, and I'd be OK with a third round wide receiver supplementing.
But as often happens, I circle myself to at least the idea of, uh and I understand it, I may disagree.
I do understand the logic of it.
Well, because because the other thing I think about in my head is if we draft Slater and to your point, people are talking about moving him inside to guard.
I think to myself, couldn't we just take another dynamic playmaker at 11 and find a guard in the 2nd, 3rd or fourth round? And like with that trade off, what would you rather have? Would you rather have Slater and a later round wide receiver? Or would you rather have a dynamic playmaker and then pick any any guard that's at the top of the list Best player available later on? I think I think the challenge that Adam and I have that's That's kind of a stark difference in all of this is that he feels pretty content with the addition of John Ross.
Being there as well, kind of feels like the wide receiver group is solidified.
I think we have to get better at every single one of these positions.
As we mentioned before, it's really been a challenge for the for the Giants on the outside.
You know, this is a make or break year for Daniel Jones.
They went out and they've gotten Kyle Rudolph.
They went out and got Kenny Golladay.
We should be giving this offense, which scored 17 points a game last year, every opportunity to make big plays and win.
We've gotten a little different on defense.
We certainly haven't filled the holes of Dexter Lawrence leaving the Giants.
Um, so for me, I I think about it.
We have to be able to put up points manufacturer points.
We know in the division.
Dallas is going to be able to score points.
We don't really know what Washington's gonna do.
They have an amazing defence.
We know Philadelphia is kind of in a rebuild mode, so all in all for me, I'm okay with offensive line or wide receiver.
I don't think we should really get too cute with the pick and trade back and then and hope that someone is going to be there.
I personally would stay away from it at 11.
I think that there's depth there at that position.
We'd like to see that opportunity to bring in more talent, but let's not forego making sure we're plugging needs as we look to take them over.
So even if you're comfortable with saying we can move on from Darius Slayton as a starter on this roster, that's okay.
But I don't want it to be move on from him being a starter because you took a player at the first round when maybe you still need to plug a hole on the offensive line.
That is a very much real need for a starter, right? That's the difference here between filling positional needs.
So in a very chaotic way, we wrap up our Friday show, we remind you to follow the podcast.
Obviously, wherever you get those needs fulfilled, you can follow us on social media, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, right here on YouTube.
One giant podcast will be back in on Monday.
We're gonna start to roll out.
Hopefully a couple more people from around the college sports world to break down some of those names and players of note that we want to have in our minds as we approach the draft and over the weekend, maybe another mock draft.
We want to take a look at the possibility of standing pat.
The other day did one more.
We traded down multiple picks.
All of a sudden, the world is our oyster.
What if we're locked into 11? But if there isn't a trade down scenario? And what if we just have to have 56 picks in the draft and say this is all we have to work with? What are we looking to accomplish? And as I always want, need and demand you to know, as always, Let's go Big blue.
Mhm! Yeah, yeah! Mhm! Mhm.
Yeah! See? Mhm.
Yeah! Mhm, yeah.


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