SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - GIANTS PLANS at 11 AFTER BIG DRAFT PICK TRADES
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy break down the Draft trades between the 49ers, Dolphins and Eagles and how it all impacts the New York Giants at pick 11.

The guys also discuss John Mara's "patience" and the pending announcement for the NFL going to full 17 week season with the Giants possibly having a Dolphins matchup added to the 2021 slate.


Welcome to the one giant podcast.
A SportsCastr featured podcast covering all things New York football giants live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning on SportsCastr bringing balance to the ****ytics and emotions of covering Big Blue.
Here are your hosts, Adam Arm bricks and Andy Mega Wicks.
Ah, yes, friends.
And it is myself.
Adam are back on a Monday morning for another edition of O G p.
Of course, coming to you live on YouTube for our Monday session.
Joined, as always, by the healthy, the wealthy and wise Mr Andrew MacAllister.
How are we, sir? I'm all right.
I'm still licking my wounds from Saturday night.
My beloved Syracuse orange, uh, were defeated by Houston in the sweet 16.
So the Cinderella run is no more.
Can I Let me ask you a question here, because I mean, what an embarrassment.
First and foremost, obviously, we all get that, Um, you know, Listen, should Jim Boeheim be on the hot seat, maybe, you know, do you have concerns when your head coach is bringing in his son? Yeah, of course you do.
It's it's not what you want to see, but on the real side of it, do you? Do you think I don't know? I don't know. I don't know why.
I'm why.
Why put salt in the wounds? It doesn't impact my day at all.
Um, do you think that that Syracuse would have made it as far if you know, like Duke ended up being out of this tournament almost immediately because of covid? Like did Did Syracuse get further then maybe anticipated? If some of the other team you know of all teams have been in the tournament, could they have been bounced out sooner? Yeah.
I mean, this was not This was not one of the best Syracuse teams.
We were just lucky to be in the big the big dance.
Um, listen, I went to it and said, Let's make the tournament win a game in the tournament, they won two games.
It made me happy.
It extended the season.
You had me conjuring up what could be, but they were just not a great team.
This year they have a five star recruit coming next year.
I'm excited about next year, but to your point, yes, I think this wonky season created a bunch of different teams that are that are making it like U C L.
A is in it.
And you scr are now down to the wire.
So, uh, anything can happen in March madness, especially during a pandemic.
So you better believe it, sir. Wow.
Ah, the lights, the rights, That hardwood towards the hoops, the sweet.
I don't know.
It's all good.
It's a lot of fun.
And, uh, we'll see if Andy can can lick close wounds as he moves forward.
Maybe watching some other teams? Certainly not.
Houston is not gonna watch Houston now that they took him out to watch somebody else. Maybe watch them lose.
Maybe that's the dream. Now we're talking New York football giants.
Obviously, that's what we're here for.
And before we get in on.
So we're gonna cover.
Obviously, there was some big movement at the top of the draft.
And what that means for the New York football giants.
Um, there's also a We've been waiting on this for the last couple of seasons.
It's been discussed an adjustment to the schedule for the NFL that will start immediately this season.
And then there's there's some footnotes here that I thought were worth getting into one of the ones that I thought We just start off On the light side.
John Mara again is losing patience.
Stop me.
If you've heard this before, Andy, John Mayer comes out and basically says, Well, you know, we we we've put a lot of good pieces around Daniel Jones this year.
Uh, he was asked, You know, do you believe that Daniel Jones looks like a quarterback who could ultimately win a Super Bowl? Yes, he does.
Mary responded in that regard.
I don't I don't see why not, he said.
If we put the right pieces around him the last three years, four years, maybe seven years, maybe for the last 20 years, John Mara every off season has come out and said, We like what we did and I'm losing patience.
It was.
And what has he become? A bit of a character because it feels like it.
Like five years ago, I used to think of John Mayer as kind of the, you know, the head figure of the New York football Giants organization.
But then through the debacle with Eli Manning and how they handle his retirement, his exit and starting getting benched and all those things.
It seems like the emotions of owning this football team and the investment of it has taken him off track and and maybe hinder the ability of a Dave Gettleman to do the best things for the team and the off season or in a draft class.
Which is Where do you stand on John Mary? Because to me, he's kind of like my funny old grandpa that comes to the party and starts telling you about the way things used to be.
I am all in God is saying, and I can't I can't agree with him anymore.
I should have known.
I can't agree with him anymore, Adam, I If I was, if I was the owner of an NFL team, a blue blood NFL team and I had the worst record over the last three or four years in the entire league, I'd be losing patients to you know, it's okay for the Jaguars to be toiling around and being four and 12 every year.
It's not okay for an institution of blue, but one of the premier teams in the league to be as futile as the Giants have been over the last couple years.
So for me, I'm all in.
And plus John Mayer is 66 years old.
He's getting a little bit up there in age.
He's like, I don't have six years old.
He's 66 years old.
The Maris.
That must be the sun a lot.
But I mean the well tanned, you know, saddlebag from your favorite horse.
I love what John there is saying because he's right.
He's like, Listen, we gave you the franchise quarterback.
We've spent all this money.
Our division isn't that good.
I'm losing patients, like how long is it gonna be until we get back on top and win another division? So for me, I actually love it.
I think it's great.
It shows that this organization doesn't stand for mediocrity like that is the one thing I get from this.
All right, I'll take it.
Listen, go with Andy's perspective that that that that was way more positive and enthusiastic than clearly I was taking it.
I looked at it more as like this is, you know, he's the he's the Charlie Brown.
After Lucy pulls the football.
This is just but with no real it plans to throw some mud and Lucy's eyes, or to get somebody else to hold the football forum.
But the fact that he's only 66 means that we have years to come of these types of statements from John Mary, Listen, I hate to pick on the Jaguars, but shot Khan owns the Jaguars.
He cares more about, like trying to play a game in London.
Then, like winning football games.
They can't fill the stadium, and they have to make tough decisions about blacking out NFL games in Jacksonville.
So you're not gonna have shot can come in and say I'm losing patience with how this team is performing because nobody cares about the Jaguars, at least with the Giants playing in the New York market and being one of the premier teams that's won multiple Super Bowl championships.
I love that we don't stand for the types of things that other teams in the league would, sure, but I'll just say real quick.
You know, Jaguars are on a pretty impressive path here as the draft is about to approach as far as where they're gonna be looking in their outward projections and also never insult a man with a moustache like that.
You're playing a very dangerous game and one you will lose on the other side of things.
The NFL, officially via Adam Schefter, hasn't made it official.
But it is all but official that the NFL season is going to move to 17 games starting this very year.
And with that, Giant could easily get to eight wins.
I mean, come on, how hard could that be? We'll get an extra opportunity to actually swing at it.
One more crack at the bat.
What are your thoughts? As we looked at it, we tried.
We wanted to get a visual up for this one because and maybe I'll try to find it in post um, the the charts and diagram.
And I'm so sad that I didn't get to see it because with a background in graphic design and he and he told me, God, this is a graphic designers wet dream when you have color coded stars and cubes, and if this happens, then draw the arrow.
It was like an IHOP Children's map to treasure.
Apparently that laid out the landscape of Of Who's Going to Play who in this upcoming season for the bonus game It was wonderful because it was just a convoluted way of showing what could have just put one line for each team.
Instead, it's like shaped color coordination.
A f c N F c.
It was brilliant, but essentially, what comes down from from the Week 17 game is that the NFC East will play the A F C East presumably, and the Giants end up drawing the up and coming Miami Dolphins in that week. 17 game.
Um, when you heard that it was the NFC East, you heard that it's presumably going to be the Dolphins was the first thing you thought of.
First thing I thought was Giants are seven and two over the last nine games against the Miami Dolphins, 36 20.
I think Victory led by Eli Manning Last time they saw them.
That's the first.
That's the first thing that you think about right out of the gate.
I thought Meat on the bone.
Chomp, chomp.
I'm not impressed.
I don't care what they're down there doing.
Hiring, firing coaches.
Who knows what's happening around where there, you know, to to, uh, to a to a tie a low, Uh, more like two gonna not be in the league next year.
Now, um, the first thing I thought was It's it's interesting to move to 1/17 game.
This is what players you know, they want to put their.
They were willing to do this if it meant less for the pre season.
You know, we we've talked about how many reps you can put players through and all that stuff.
There's probably a big share for players involved in this as well, just as far as, uh, you know, figuring out the mechanics of getting players to agree to this, and that's that's that's the one side of it.
The other piece, I guess, is adding in the 17th game I For me, the more games you play is the more likely that the better teams make it.
That should write like and I don't do you think, Do you think that's a good or bad thing? Like, do you think that a good team that maybe runs a little clunky for a stretch of this season ends up missing out on an opportunity is deserving of the extra game to figure it out right, we go, Kansas City, right? They were just about to miss the playoffs cause they had a really weird year.
And then they get the extra game and they get in.
Or that this young, plucky, upstart team, like maybe the Jaguars, right? And maybe the Giants this season gets that extra game to go from, just missing it to just making it and I'll follow up with you to Do you think it should be something that maybe they look at having to be in division games? If that, you know, because then it would be a real impact on the division and playing a team that you've now seen twice in the course of the season.
So the first thing that I immediately think about is Oh, well, I like the 16 game season.
It seems nice. It seems perfect.
It's an even number.
I don't know why we could go with an odd number.
It makes no sense to me.
Um And then I realized I'm not a curmudgeon, right? I'm not stuck in the mud, because why do we feel like numbers? Yeah, yeah, exactly.
I'm like, What am I doing? Why? Why do I Why do I care? They're going to give me more football like and and then I think to myself, I'm like, Why do I care about 16? Verse 17 like 16 is one of the most arbitrary numbers to play in terms of how many games are going to play like why? Why 16? Right? It makes no sense.
So 17th game I'm all in.
My biggest concern is probably what the player's associations concern is, and and that's just with injury, right, Like I'm kind of concerned that, you know, uh, market.
It's just another opportunity in a regular season game for a marquee player to get hurt, which could dilute it if they get to the playoffs.
But I guess you're going to face that.
No matter how many games you play in the NFL, those last couple games are going to be a little strange.
Um, but I mean, I'm all in on on on the 17 games themselves.
The other note that I had was, I don't I think we got a pretty good draw, you know, playing against the Dolphins in the NFC East.
Because the Washington football team has to pay the Bills, the Cowboys have to go to New England, presumably and play the Patriots with their whole new revamped team.
And you know, the Eagles are gonna play the Jets, but it looks like the Eagles are in a rebuilding anyway, now.
So for me, I kind of look at the schedule and say this would benefit the Giants out of any NFC East team, I think.
Yeah, right, Like, especially if you think you're a team that is starting to hit its stride like the Giants.
And we could even say in the division, right? Washington might fall into this category to where, Hey, as the year goes along, we think we're going to get better and better as we go along.
So the extra game say any of these teams, You start out two and three, right? Or even three and three, you start at 500.
Okay, you're six games in, but now you have an extra one at the back end to say, Yeah, but look, we went five and two down the stretch and we earned our way into the playoffs, so you know, it's it's unfortunate.
The NFL, unfortunately is a reality is constructed in a way like NBA has now done the playing right, So now you're getting two more seeds on on each conference and they're going to play to see who gets that extra spot into the into the playoff bracket. And that's cool.
But you just can't afford to do things in unique ways for the NFL's.
Either you play another game or you don't because this isn't the thing where you go and then in two days, turn around and we'll start the playoffs and you know we'll ramp up the schedule in some way.
For the most part, the least you're gonna have is from a Sunday to a Thursday, and they usually avoid that for a lot of teams if they can.
So I listen.
I like it. It's more football.
And hopefully from the New York football giants standpoint, what ends up happening if you want to really go positive here, let's hope that the Giants have already locked in a playoff spot.
Whether it's in the wild card right and the extra seat or they've won the division and it's an extra week to rest right.
It's an extra week to get healthy and you don't have anything to play for the Ikhwan Barkley take a seat.
You know, relax.
Let's get you back.
Fully healthy, right? So that would be a nice way to be able to to to look at it from a giant perspective and say This is a nice silver lining for a team that is on the up and come well.
And the interesting thing about the 17th game being against the Dolphins is we don't necessarily know what the finished product of the Dolphins is going to be with the NFL draft coming up.
I mean, Adam, there was some huge moves that were made over the weekend, right? They're kind of the meat of this episode.
There's a lot of, you know, fun stuff with Mera, obviously.
And by the way, if you heard put us on Friday checking on Wednesday's episode, the reason why with the big trade at the top of the draft, we pushed back J.
Stevens and our conversation around some of those Ohio State Buckeyes that we want to keep an eye on the draft so you can find that right here on our feet on Wednesday.
But yes, top of the draft all of a sudden, and you know, we've seen this before in the past movement well ahead of the draft.
But sometimes it's these late last, you know, down to the wire kind of trades instead.
Very active teams here, trying to make their moves and get their quarterbacks is essentially what it comes down to, right? So the Dolphins at the three spot, they go ahead and allow the San Francisco 49 ers to come up.
And this is kind of speculated about Jimmy G.
What's the state of the 49 ers? Are they in win now mode and is Garoppolo the guy to get you over that hump? So they send the 12th overall pick to the Dolphins, and they also give them a first and third round pick in 2022 as well as a first round pick in 2023 to get up to the number three spot.
Let's just start there with the 49 ers.
They go up to the number three spot.
How big of a jump was that for them? Who do you think they're targeting at number three? And do you think that that player is going to be the key to the 40 Niners getting right back to a to a deep playoff run after an injury plagued season.
That was just, I mean about his brutal for any team in the NFL history dealing with that this past season, man.
I mean, if you're Jimmy G, that doesn't that doesn't read very well, right? Like you're like, man, I know that they've been talking about 12,000 quarterbacks this offseason.
Whether it's hey, we could use Sam Donald eventually from the Jets.
Or what's it gonna take to get to Shawn Watson? Or why didn't we get Brady last year like there's just been a constant barrage of of other quarterbacks that potentially the 40 Niners could have? This doesn't read well for Jimmy G, because there is very rare cir***stances ever where someone would give up three first round picks and a third round pick to move up to get like an offensive tackle or a tight end.
Or a wide receiver like you only get that type of hall for a quarterback.
And so all the tea leaves are saying that the 49 ers are going to take a quarterback with this third pick and knowing that the 49 ers are in window mode.
This is a very interesting situation to me.
It shows that, you know, they basically have no dead cap after this year if they move on from Jimmy Garoppolo.
So no matter what, he's not going to be on the roster in about 12 months.
Um, but if they can get the person that they have identified as the player that they're moving up for, I mean, on draft night, Jimmy G could go.
He could get traded to another team, right? So this is This is big for the 49 ers.
They're potentially putting their faith and their potential playoff aspirations in a rookie QB's hands, saying, We think we have the roster.
If healthy, that could beat anyone in the NFC.
Well, that's the footnote there as we move through some of the other dominos that fall off of this is that if you're you know, I am still of the belief, and I know there's been success in starting rookie quarterbacks, and then I think that you're still better off as as close to the pro game as college is starting to get, or as close to the college game as the pros are starting to get a lot of ways in the way that they organize their offense.
I still think the rookie quarterbacks benefit from being behind somebody.
But even though you could say Jimmy Garoppolo, nice veteran quarterback, you could let a guy sit behind him.
I hesitate to think that's the case because the 49 ers are a roster built to win.
Now the only thing I can see is again.
You know, it's funny because it ties into the 49 ers with, uh, Alex Smith years ago, right? So the idea of you get yourself in that you're a good team, You go as long as you can, and then at a certain point you say, Well, it's time to make that move.
We think we have an opportunity by going to a young player and giving ourselves a chance to get over the hump in the playoffs.
Maybe that could play itself out.
It's $26 million. Tap it for Garoppolo.
Technically, the 40 Niners don't have to move him.
I think it just comes down to Is New England interested? Do they want to maybe take a ride and that's by the way Colin Kaepernick is the move that that the 40 Niners made at the time from Alex Smith going to him to try to get that deep playoff run made the Super Bowl came up short.
11 last question for you.
This this is this is wild to think about.
But you know, Jimmy G was in the Super Bowl, you know, 18 months ago, however, last year before Tom Brady wins, right and now you fast forward.
And do you think that that the San Francisco 49 ers looked around and said, We're drawing dead with Jimmy G as our quarterback? We're going up against Russell, Wilson, Matt Stafford and Hari.
Six times they all will be the better quarterbacks in those games against our quarterback.
If we don't do anything and make a move now we're stuck.
It's not.
It's not like, you know, Stafford just came here.
He's gonna be here for a few years.
Kyler just got drafted.
There's a little bit of question mark, but he's still in his prime.
Like if the 40 Niners don't get their quarterback, then I'm wondering if they think we're drawing dead because we're paying Jimmy G 25 million.
Let's get a rookie QB and fill out this roster and see if we can run with it.
Yeah, I'm of two minds about it.
On the one hand, yes, because for everything you said, you look around the division, the competition.
That's going to be there again.
On the other hand, though, this is an older roster for the 49 ers.
They have a lot of defensive talent, obviously, and in a world where they keep Jimmy G and they're just thinking about the future, though, right Garoppolo is not the future.
We're gonna need the rookie quarterback if it comes down to me.
Them saying we really liked say it's Trey Lance, say it's Justin Fields, right? We like one of these quarterbacks.
We want to get them.
This year.
He there. This is our next franchise quarterback.
Then you can kind of separated from what's going to happen in the short term versus the big picture.
That's just saying, This is our franchise guy.
We want to make sure we go get them, so obviously this is going to play itself out very early in training camp and who knows could be another Domino to fall as far as where Garoppolo goes, but it's It's a very interesting set of cir***stances there for them.
The the other piece, right? There's a couple other teams here that we want to get into, uh, the Dolphins, obviously.
And then there's a division opponent that ends up kind of coming out in the wash here, too.
So the Dolphins turn around from the 12.
They get back up to six by sending the 12, the 1 23 and 2022 1st round pick to the Eagles in exchange for that number six pick, as well as the 156th pick in this year's draft.
For me, let's start with the Eagles real quick because I'll cover that.
I'll cover the Dolphins and then another team at the top that I'm curious around for the Eagles.
What did you see from them in this move, where they end up backing out of the top, they fall right in behind the New York football giants? Is this just the full signal of we know we're gonna rebuild? We know we're strapped for cash, and we know we like Jalen hurts like that's also what they're saying because they're going to come completely out of that top range for those elite quarterbacks.
Yeah, that's that's how I'm reading it.
I think they're saying full reboot.
We have so much dead money from Carson Wentz that that's just sitting on our books right now.
We're not going to really be as competitive as we had hoped to be in this upcoming season.
So let's really set ourselves up with assets the following year when we clear up a lot of Carson Wentz's cap money.
We still have Jalen hurts on a rookie deal, and let's give him a full shot to be the quarterback.
And so it is interesting that moving back from 6 to 12 netted them a first round pick.
They're still going to get a premier type of player, but it's not like the Eagles are one player away from from getting to where they need to go.
So I actually like this move for the Eagles, pick up a first round pick, get a starter still at 12, they're gonna be looking at similar players to who the Giants are at 11, um, and give yourself an extra pick.
The following year when you may be able to go out and get some free agents because Carson Wentz is capped, it's gone and you have an extra first round pick to to go do whatever you need to do, get another weapon or a tackle or something like that.
And footnote as well is that the Atlanta Falcons are a team speculated to be willing to move out of the top of the draft as well.
So if you are the Eagles and you look there and you say, Well, maybe one of these quarterbacks falls, there's still a spot ahead of you that a team can get to to go get a quarterback if they so choose.
And that becomes tricky, too.
I think if you sat there and said, Well, maybe, and by the way it speaks what we start at the top.
Is your team ready to bring in a young quarterback? I know you want to get the quarterback, but how far away are you? Even if they don't like, Jalen hurts and you maybe want to get a quarterback.
We're miles away from being ready to compete.
Why put a young QB behind a difficult set of cir***stances so interesting to see how that plays out for them.
In the short and long term, the Dolphins get themselves back up to six, and this is where it makes a ton of sense for them.
I'm not going to get into it.
You can do your own legwork on the on the other side of this.
About Dave Gettleman in the draft when they took sick.
Juan Barkley offers that were on the table.
A lot of comparisons, getting drawn here about the value that the Giants could have gotten in that draft class for the Dolphins.
You dance around the board, you ultimately put yourself back at the sixth spot.
And for me now you can say All right, so this is team surging to the top, to look to get their quarterbacks.
So Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson and maybe it's Trey Lance, maybe even ends up being Justin Fields in spite of falling a little bit now, it means that if you're the Dolphins, you want your car chase.
You could very well be there for you.
You want to you want it to go ahead and take Kyle pits.
He's very well going to be there for you, right? If you want to even secure an offensive line position with Sewell or with Slater, potentially, they're going to be there as well.
Anybody that you want from a non quarterback skill position standpoint is going to be most likely available.
You need a quality player there, and that's that's very interesting to me because it's them saying two things.
One we know we need that weapon and we feel comfortable getting it in two.
We like to, uh, write.
A lot of people on the outside were saying, Oh, how confident could they possibly be in them? They've come out and said out really going back to last year that they liked him, they were confident in and going to Fitzpatrick was just a matter of rookie quarterback ups and downs.
But we believe in them.
This move to me, at least in the short term, is a commitment to that quarterback and saying once we add this weapon here at the top of the draft watch, what he's capable of doing now is this team continues to get better.
I couldn't agree more.
I think this is a sign where if the If the Dolphins wanted to get a particular quarterback and they were sitting at three, they would just do it and they would say, We're not sold on to, uh they are saying we need to give him more weapons, not bringing competition for him to make him better.
And it's a great move.
The Dolphins continue to acquire assets and haven't really had to give up anything for it.
They moved back from 3 to 6, pick up a first round in the third round pick, basically to facilitate all this different movement.
It's a wonderful move for them, and they're still probably going to get the guy that they were targeting at three anyway.
So you know it is a really good move for the Dolphins.
It does set them up nicely to get the player they want now and also get more future assets, Uh, moving forward.
So it's interesting because then moving back up to six identifies that there still is a player that they want, that they know they need to go get.
But it may not be a quarterback 100% now.
The other team here as well talk.
We want to get into obviously, how this impacts the Giants potentially and what they're gonna do.
But the last piece was that the 40 Niners moved up to three and everybody and I said it to you before we started.
Shout out to Chris Carlin of the ESPN Network.
He was the only guy that seemed to stand against a narrative of, Well, if you're the 40 Niners, you obviously went to the Jets and said, We're willing to come up to two.
And maybe it's for Zach Wilson, who seems to be the clear number two quarterback in this draft class now and that if the Jets said no to that, then automatically check the box.
The Jets are gonna take Zach Wilson.
Uh, that may be very likely, but I don't think that's a lock you can.
Just to me.
You still have the Carolina Panthers, who are going to be a QB needy team.
You potentially maybe have a team like Atlanta that could be considering going to quarterback direction.
To all indications are, they're not.
You can even look a little bit further down to the Denver Broncos, who are definitely in the market for a quarterback and what they may want to accomplish in this draft class as well.
So now you say Okay, if you're the 49 ers and this is where it does get interesting.
Overall, you're the 40 Niners.
You came to three.
If you wanted to go to two because you wanted Zach Wilson, then I can say, if you don't get to two for Zach Wilson, why are you going to three then? So you're just settling for one of the other quarterbacks That doesn't seem there, you know? Doesn't seem like smart football to say, Well, I will take any one of them know you probably have your number one target.
So it could one mean that the Jets aren't necessarily taking Zach Wilson at two.
And they're going a different direction completely.
Or that you went to them. They said no.
And now the Jets are still sitting there saying this number two pick for Zach Wilson could still be available for trade is just going to take even more than what the 40 Niners gave to the Dolphins to get up to the number three spot.
I don't think you can automatically check these boxes and it goes back to our philosophical discussion about what it is to be a team that is in rebuild, knowing you need your young quarterback.
But then, right there in front of your face, you see what's happened with Sam.
If you're the Jets, are you in a place now? We're plugging in.
The next young QB is worth it If maybe it's gonna be another two or three years before the team is ready to win around him.
I mean, there's there's a breaking point for the Jets, where if they get offered draft compensation to move out of the number two pick, even if they're in love with Zach Wilson, they'll take it.
And they'll keep Sam Donald right.
Like it's not like if someone called them and said, We'll give you eight first round picks there that convinced that that Zach Wilson is the guy they'd be like, No, we'll take all those pics.
Thank you.
And we can build such a good team around Sam Donald and give him a legitimate shot.
So, you know, I'm not all about the hyperbole of of the Jets are absolutely doing X because because the 40 Niners did, why the other piece of it is the other conclusions that people are drawing to, why the 49 ers are moving up to the three spot and what I've read in multiple places and Twitter loves to do.
This is they were thinking about the rookie quarterback on a team that's ready to win now.
You probably want the most polished, most experienced guy that you could possibly get to to be able to lead the team.
And now the rumors are that the 49 ers maybe moving up for Matt Jones of Alabama, the number three spot.
So like now, here's another crazy rumor that it's like he's the most seasonal, most polished, and that's why they're doing it.
All I will say is, nobody knows who it is that the 49 ers want.
Yet nobody knows definitively that the Jets are taking Zach Wilson.
There's probably a lot more movement that's going to happen, and I think there's going to be more surprises for people coming up, at least for those teams that need a quarterback.
Yeah, specifically, Carolina in Denver still want to see what are their intentions, because you may have to leapfrog somebody, even if it's one another.
Denver to get over top of Carolina.
Get the guy that they're after.
Um, you know that that's a little bit of a taking Mac Jones.
And if you moved up for him, obviously, but very has a has a New York Giants kind of ring to it, right? Taking Daniel Jones at six.
Everyone's like Mac Jones, Clearly not the guy out of this draft class.
He's more of the middle of the first round.
Maybe get a value pick there if you if you're selecting him.
So be very interesting.
If the If the 40 Niners ended up going kind of quote off board here with what some of the top hierarchy of quarterbacks are, then we talk about and interestingly enough, the impact on the New York football Giants with some of this movement the top of the draft, and I'll do a quick little side note here.
We're gonna wrap wrap ourselves up on a Monday morning soon but, uh, the pro day, which, you know, for whatever the projections and all these guys, right.
But Mel Kiper came out and said, pro days mean nothing.
You know, as they say, this guy is thrown against air.
So what are you supposed to glean from it? Nevertheless, though, watching Zach Wilson roll out on the run to his left and throw back across his body, it is an impressive throw, right? He makes that pass on his pro day.
A lot of people around Twitter go Only a handful of dudes Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers that can make a throw like that on the run, going the wrong way across his body 40 yards downfield.
And I I wish I could credit it, and we'll do it. On the next episode.
Someone threw up the tweet with the video of Daniel Jones against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, rolling to his left on the run, throwing back across his body 30 40 yards downfield for a dime of a completion.
And it just listen.
Giants fans that want to believe in Daniel Jones as Andy and I do.
That's just a great way, you know.
It's one.
It's going to suck the air out of some of the, you know, the height bubble that people are pumping up around a pro day pass, and it is also a really nice feather in the cap of of Daniel Jones in a reminder.
This dude can make these throws.
We've just been waiting for time, right? And just like Zach Wilson, you have all the time in the world when you're throwing at a protest.
Well, the most ironic thing about all this is that they also found a clip of Sam Donald against the 49 ers, dodging two tacklers like almost getting murdered in the pocket, rolls out and does the exact same throw that Zach Wilson did.
They're like, Hey, guys, do you want? Do you want a quarterback that can make that throw because you have him on the roster right now? And for Daniel Jones, for San Donald, For any? For any of these guys, right? It's not about being able to make that one throw.
It's every other throw in between the count.
So you know that idea.
I think two is a little bit of like a lot of quarterbacks can make that throw it, that they do a lot of bad things before they make that throw, so you don't get as excited about that.
This is the hype that happens at the pro days, where someone jumps a little higher or throws the ball that you're like, Wow, that's incredible, but it doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, Um, you know, when we talk about what this means for the Giants, I think there's a couple of really key points here.
The first one I wanted to make is a team that's sitting, but that was sitting behind the Giants in the San Francisco 49 ers traded up to the three spots to presumably take a quarterback.
That's great news for the Giants.
That is wonderful news, because what that's starting to show is that people are moving up further and further in the draft to get their franchise quarterbacks.
Which ultimately means that more players that the Giants are interested in are going to be available.
And it creates more options for the Giants.
The Giants aren't in the business of taking a quarterback in this draft.
We want as many quarterbacks to be taken before the Giants make their picket at 11 as humanly possible.
And what this signals to me is it guarantees that the top three picks will basically be a quarterback.
It presumes that four of the top picks will be quarterbacks.
And it may, even if Matt Jones gets thrown into this thing.
There could be up to five quarterbacks taken in the top 10 of this draft, which would be amazing for Giant fans, because then all of a sudden you've got four playmakers that all of a sudden start falling back.
You've got Sur Tane, the cornerback from Alabama.
You've got Slater.
You've got Penny Sewell.
There's a lot more talent that starts to fall back to the Giants at 11.
Yeah, and by the way, if you think about that idea of if, even if Mac Jones is being talked about in that way, so maybe it's a sneaky Hey, this guy is rising, right? So you say five.
Throw in Dallas throwing Carolina.
Even if they don't move up the board, there's still ahead of us.
So if they take quarterbacks as well, you can get into that five teams and maybe, just maybe, if you want to tantalize a little bit with with the Detroit Lions and the consideration of maybe they would be in the market for one, depending on how it plays out.
And then maybe Jared Goff is a you know this could be a one stop shop, flip it and get a little something back for him and move off of him as well.
So there's some teams that could be in the mix there.
Certainly, if that happens now, the most disappointing part for Giants fans has to be that in all of this.
Or at least I would say, for me, the both is playing something for me.
I don't know why.
I don't know why include every single Giants fan in.
This is that Slater is rising up the board to the point where they're saying you could see him go ahead of Sewell because of his position.
Versatility on the offensive line.
Sewell is going to be a stud.
They think he's going to play a tackle.
They know, and that's his position.
Slater can go anywhere, essentially across the line, play tackle, play guard.
They could even even kick into center if you so chose, so his versatility now makes him a very viable option for more teams, as opposed to less what the only difference here is, and somebody had this tweeted this out the other day and it did get me at least thinking.
I said, Listen, if you got to go to Slater, right, and then if it's not gonna be Slater, A lot of people are talking about the defensive players.
I'll go back to it and say, between Phillips and the injury concerns Russo, and whether or not he's going to be versatile enough to utilize a quickie pay is maybe starting to get more and more attraction.
Feel more likely.
All of those guys feel like mid first round picks, 15 to 20 and at 11.
I just don't know if you, you know, if you want to over invest there.
If you feel it's good, you want to do it.
Does it feel more and more likely that it's going to be that Waddle and Smith and and who knows, maybe even pits, though I think it's unlikely that a lot of these offensive weapons are now going to be bunched there.
And, you know, maybe one of those cornerbacks sneaks in and ironically, ends up being the two positions at the Giants went out and addressed in free agency.
Just the options are gonna be limitless, but is it excitingly frustrating? What's going to be there? for the Giants to have to pick her.
Yes, and and I think that there's even a couple more things that I'll say.
I think, um, Parsons, the linebacker from Penn State, is presumably going to be there for the Giants, and he might be the best defensive player in the whole draft.
But you know, the the off the field concerns have been whispered about with him and me after, you know, crucifying Dave Gettleman for for the DeAndre Baker move.
I have to be consistent in what I say.
And I say if there are these red flags and you and you're going to be consistent about all this stuff, we may need to move him off of our board if you think that there could be an issue, So I think he might be the best, best defensive player in the draft.
But do we want to go down that road of investing a first round pick again into someone that we don't know if it is going to always be available to you? Um, I think you're right.
I think what people are realizing is that wide receivers, this is a deep, wide receiver.
Class is the first piece of it.
The second piece is we've talked about all the different tight ends that have been drafted in the first round.
They haven't really worked out wide receiver.
Also, you find a lot of guys in the late first round that drafted like Justin Jefferson, and they come in and they look amazing right away.
You can find value in the mid to late first round, so you don't need to invest a top 10 pick in a wide receiver position.
So it's gonna be really tough for the Giants.
You know, As you said, Adoree Jackson comes in the need for a cornerback.
Not necessarily there you go get Kenny Golladay.
A big number one wide receiver is wide receiver, something that you need in the first round.
I I honestly think it's still offensive tackle if we can get it.
I don't know if anyone ever has been to upset with too many good blockers for guys like Sichuan Barkley and allowing Daniel Jones to have time, so it still isn't a ***y pick.
You know, I said at the beginning, I still think it's offensive line on 11 at him.
It really does need to be.
The question becomes around Vera Tucker and how you feel about some of the guys behind him.
I was big on why Davis, but he does have the knee injury concerns.
Certainly you'll see how teams feel about him and where he comes off the board as well as we get ourselves out the door.
A special shout out to Joseph Clark, who's been since we started really getting consistent on YouTube.
This guy shows up.
He shows up early and often.
We really appreciate it.
He's been on the conversations, and over there, he mentions.
Oh, Gallery is being a potential target for the Giants as well.
If you're going to go that route, you can even go a little bit deeper into the draft class and say Guys like I said Joe, try on in the second round, right? If you like the player, go get them.
There's nothing.
You know, that's all I care about.
Get a quality player, follow us on YouTube, download rate review and subscribe to the podcast.
Wherever you get your podcast needs fulfilled.
We're backing on Wednesday with the Buckeye Preview with J. Stevens.
Until then as Andy MCA wits wants needs and demands that the people know as always.
Let's go Big Blue.
I'm so close on this and we're going to get there.
See you next time.
Friends on O G P Mhm! Yeah! Mhm! Mhm!


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