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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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We were told this would not happen, and yet Leonard Williams receives the franchise tag from the Giants. The guys talk about the potential ramifications of this move, and how the Giants will approach the March 17th start date of the new league year. There were also names who did not get tagged that could be of interest to Big Blue. Kenny Golladay and Matt Judon for starters.
Could the Giants pursue either of these players? How does the tag impact Free Agency and what could it mean for the draft? It is a face paced sub-thirty minute Tuesday podcast that you can't miss!


And with that friends, we come to you as always on a Tuesday afternoon for the one giant podcast.
No, it's a unique set of cir***stances, and we're gonna get into why, along with myself as always, joining me is the healthy, wealthy and wise.
Mr Andy Mac wins.
It is franchise tag day.
Come on, now, friends, everybody knows you get excited for this.
As you know, normally we come in on a Monday, but but it made sense to push it back here because there's gonna be some news and notes.
We thought coming out.
Everybody gets excited about finding out where players are gonna land.
Are we keeping? Are we losing? Who might we be able to acquire? And obviously, the Giants apply the franchise tag to Leonard Williams? We're going to get into all of that, of course, but But as you accurately said Andy, it's worth looking around the league and the players of note that did or did not receive the franchise tag and what that might mean for the Giants and potentially targets they could have been in the market for Well, while we're in the mood to talk about who got tagged, because that's probably less important because it means there's no chance of them being on the Giants.
The two noteworthy names I think that are important for Giant fans were, uh, Bears wide receiver Alan Robinson and Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin both got the franchise tag placed on them.
Uh, they will make a crazy amount of money on a one year deal.
Um, two names that were floated about as good potential targets for the Giants have are off the board.
Does Does anything surprise you? Is anything like, Oh, shucks.
I wish one of them was available that so we could pay them $22 million a year.
Well, I'm curious, you know, I don't know if the Giants how, you know, invested they were going to be in these wide receiver waters given, given the big price tags they were gonna come with, Godwin was supposed to maybe be a more achievable targeting free agency.
The younger wide receiver options.
So, you know, if you're him young enough, he can take that tag and still reset his market.
On the other side of it, though, is Alan Robinson.
I mean, he's probably pretty ****ed because I think he wants to be out of there.
I know it's a big check that they're going to cut him.
I just wonder if this is ultimately, are they still going to try to give them a long term deal and keep them there? Or is this treading water to try to find a trade market for Allen Robinson and get value back from another team? Yeah, and keep in mind the Bears quarterback situation is in flux.
Severe guy like Alan Robinson, who's getting into his late twenties about to approach one of his last biggest contract chances.
The last thing you want to do is toil away on a one year deal with with a backup quarterback.
You know, there's been talk of Russell Wilson.
You know them doing everything they can to bring Russell Wilson.
There is Shawn Watson is another name that's thrown around.
It's interesting to know what the Bears will do with Allen Robinson, considering he's not gonna play if they don't have a marquee guy behind behind center.
So you know something noteworthy.
To keep him focus on with Chris Godwin would have been great.
Seems like a position that the Buccaneers didn't necessarily need someone that could have probably signed.
Um, you know Antonio Brown and some other people a little bit cheaper, but he's such a young talent that they wanted to keep them in the building.
And having that two headed monster of Evans and Godwin together for the Bucks makes them, you know, a top 23 team to to return back to the Super Bowl next year.
Yeah, I think if you're Tampa Bay, you look at that and say, You know, do we catch a little bit at lightning in the bottle with what we got out of, not even just Antonio Brown and these older wide receiver has been in and out of the game.
But that even a player like Gronkowski, right? So if those weapons are going to be diminished or go away as you come to the next year, you want to keep those other two really young, talented wide receivers weapons really around Tom Brady for his duration.
And then, you know, who knows even beyond Tom Brady, right? One or one or both of these guys could be in that franchise long term.
The other side of it is the guys that weren't tagged, like you said.
And there's there are some notables here from a giant perspective.
Or at least guys that you thought should or could be on the Giants radar.
Yeah, so now the first two are actually on the defensive side of the ball.
And, um, you know, first one is Cardinals Hassan Red**** and the other one is outside linebacker Matt, You know, one of the Baltimore Ravens, so both of them, uh, seem like they could be good fit fits on a giant offense that needs to pass rush.
Desperately Giant fans should be familiar with Hassan ready because I think he had five secs in one game against us this year when Daniel Jones went out there hobbled and should never have been on the field.
Um, but, you know, you look at those types of guys that are hitting the free agent market.
Both of those two are going to cost a ton of money.
Now we've talked about needing some pass rushing help, and someone like Matt Judah is going to cost anywhere from 18 to $20 million a year on a multi year deal.
You know, the Ravens decided that was too rich for their blood.
Those to hit the open market.
Does either one of them speak to you a little bit more about the fit with the New York football Giants? Yeah.
I mean, I know that Judith is kind of the obvious one.
I was 28 years old, so he's still, you know, writing that prime of his career.
He said the price tag that he's going to come with, I would almost think that that Red**** might be the better of the two.
It just in terms of Yeah, I don't want to take away versatility from Gordon, but I think you bring in Judea and you're saying there's the edge right? That's what we want.
That's the player that we want to add to this defensive mix.
Whereas with Frederick, I think that there's more flexibility there and at just 26 years old, if you're going to spend big money, I've been a fairly big proponent of this.
If you're gonna spend big money in the free agency market, it should be on a guy that you feel like is just about to hit the prime of his career, and you're going to get the absolute maximum value out of a contract.
So, you know, out of those two, I think maybe, actually, in spite of the maybe the fans of Giants fans, you know, having Jude on on their mind for the last couple of seasons, I might actually go the other way and say that Red**** would be the more attractive option you don't like.
Paying for past performances at um, is that what you're saying is mostly what I'm talking about? Yeah, it sounds like it.
Well, when we talk about past performances, there's one other guy, and that is Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay.
He was not franchise tag by the Lions in somewhat of a surprising move, knowing they're going to rebuild and and they're completely overhauling their wide receiver room.
Kenny Golladay is someone that giant fans beat writers and others have talked about as being a great fit for the New York Giants.
Granted, he will be expensive.
You know, there's early reports out there saying the Dolphins have the cap space.
They're they're planning on going all in on Kenny Golladay.
Multiple beat writer writers have come out and said.
The top two teams for Kenny Golladay services are the Dolphins and the Giants, Your thoughts on Golladay being available and what that means for the Giants themselves.
Yeah, listen, go back to the start of last season.
I've been a fan of Golladay his entire career. I love them.
Everyone knows you're listening to a podcast that I love big bodied receivers.
I love guys that can go up and attacking at its highest point.
And listen.
Danny's versatile.
You can line them up in different in different spaces on the field as well.
Then there's the hip injury right, and it at least raises some level of of a flag about being a little bit concerned.
Remember? You know he's 28. Gonna be 29.
I think it's 2028 years old.
You know he's not For some reason in my mind, I always had him younger, but he's, you know, entering the last couple of years of really quality prime football for the top end wide receivers in the league.
We know that drop offs can come fast and furious.
I, uh this isn't me diminishing the idea.
If the Giants were to go out and get them.
I would immediately be ecstatic about it and excited about it.
I just again everything goes through the prism of where is this franchise right now.
What are the holes that we have? And if you're spending money in free agency on a wide receiver like holiday with a big price tag, you know you're losing other pieces somewhere else.
I just I look at the draft and I say, I know there's talent, you know, at the skill positions on the offensive side.
I don't know if I can sign on for 18 1920 million and let alone if there's other teams that want to go all in like the Dolphins.
And they have the money where we said this before on any any target.
We're always going to be behind the eight ball because we don't have the cap room right.
And that's the biggest thing in the biggest takeaway is.
Of course, we want Kenny Golladay at a reasonable price.
But just because we want Holiday and maybe Golladay might have mutual interest in coming to New York doesn't mean that we're going to land him and he's going to take a discount to come to the Giants.
You look at someone like the Jacksonville Jaguars, you'll get someone like the Miami Dolphins.
They have enough money to open up the bank and be able to pay some of these different free agents, whether it's someone like Matt Juden or someone like Kenny Golladay.
And so when you're talking about Kenny Golladay at 20 million, that is such a hard number for the Giants when we're in such a cash strapped year against the Cat, especially with the news of our man Leonard Williams.
Correct, sir.
So, as we said, that's the big news.
The Giants end up applying the franchise tag for Leonard Williams.
Now, Andy, you have correctly pointed out a handful, maybe last week, handful episodes ago that because he was coming off of a franchise tag last year from the Giants, this franchise tag actually cost 120,000,120%.
Excuse me of what Williams made the year prior, or roughly $19.
35 million.
Now the contract is expected to be north of 18 million for him on a long term deal.
They now have until four PM on March 17th, the official start of the new league year, to maybe figure out a long term contract.
What was just your initial thought here? Because this again, I think, comes back to how the league and how the Giants would like to label Leonard Williams as a defensive tackle as opposed to a defensive end and what money he would be entitled to.
I'm this is a little bit from, you know, initial take a little bit of smoke here.
Possible fire? Well, yeah, that's another piece of it.
You know, Leonard Williams obviously filed a grievance to as well to be able to change his distinction from a defensive tackle to to an edge or defensive end.
Um, that changes his franchise tag number from 19 and change to 21 75 I believe, which is a couple of million dollars, which is not insignificant for anyone other than Jeff Bezos.
So you know, when you when you I think for for Leonard Williams, that's because it also means when he goes out to the open market, he can already say, I'm making this much.
This is the position I play.
This is what I'm worth.
It also make sure and wipes away any ability for anyone to franchise.
Take him again because that number would be astronomical.
But what I do find interesting is it does keep sounding like Leonard Williams does like playing in New York.
He does like playing for the Giants.
He would like to figure out a way to get a deal done.
Sounds like they were negotiating up until the last couple of hours trying to make something happen.
All of that is encouraging to get Leonard Williams, uh, tied up in a long term deal.
The biggest problem is, as you're seeing with what happened with Dak Prescott signing a four year $160 million deal.
Is there some of these? Yeah, imagine that Cash.
You know, you think about Leonard Williams being 25 26 years old, in his prime.
If he has one more good year, he's in to be the highest defensive played player in the league, like that's how things can change.
So for him, it's like, Do I really want to shortchange it and just take the guaranteed money now, or do I risk it better myself again? Have a tremendous year and I'm getting $25 million on the open market.
It's It's a really tough situation if these players continue to bet on themselves.
And don't take the security of the long term deals anymore.
Yeah, I had to say he is a New York football Giants, so feel free to take a step back and just acknowledge that Giants fans.
We have one of the premier defensive players in the NFL.
That's what this franchise tag indicates.
It's what the market that we that everyone expects to be out there for him if he were to have been able to reach the market.
That, by the way, you can make the case to the Giants applied this tag as a way of saying, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You're not getting anywhere near free agency, right? We're not even gonna have these waters be tested in any way, shape or form.
Now the flip side of that, as positive as it is to have a player like this on the team now, they have until that date March 17th, the new league here.
They need to free up money now, though, because they need to get underneath it.
So one of the things and this as you mentioned about the holiday and you know, dolphins, the Giants are are eyeing him.
So there's a couple of things that happened here.
One, we already highlighted the Zeitler.
I think obviously that contract is gonna get moved off of one way or the other because of the money it frees up.
I'd be very curious, though, as we have highlighted the soldier contract and, oh, that post June 1, flip the script and actually save more money.
I don't know if the Giants will be able to afford to wait that long for it.
We know that Cody Core He was cut, so that saved about $2 million.
They also restructured to Ulloa, even though the numbers haven't come out.
You think it's gonna be veteran minimum, so they probably save an extra one or 1.
25 million on that as well, Like they're going to have to make a lot of moves here in order to free up the money, at the very least, for the franchise tag for for excuse me for Leonard Williams and then anything else that they want to accomplish and I just you know, I don't know if we talked about it last time where the Giants on a long term deal with Leonard Williams they can give him a $20 million signing bonus and then pro rated over the life of the contract So I can end up costing five million a year over a four year deal, and then they can back load the contract so that the first couple of years aren't that big of an actual cap hit.
But I I don't know if that's going to be the case.
If they can get to that point great.
And you have money to make other moves.
But this is all predicated on being able to do it.
Otherwise, this is a we brought back letter Williams and then some other satellite moves.
You know, it could be Goodbye, Dalvin Tomlinson.
It could be no to any free agents, wide receivers or otherwise.
I don't know how this unfolds right now for the Giants, as far as free agency is concerned in the short term.
Well, the Dak Prescott situation was actually pretty interesting because it illustrates exactly the point that you're bringing up so Doc was going to get franchise tagged as a placeholder until they could try to figure out a longer term deal.
The big problem with the franchise tag is that cash is the cap hit, right? Like that is what they cost.
And you don't really have any flexibility on that.
The way that they've structured the Dak Prescott deal with this $66 million a signing bonus and all this crazy, um, structure that they have Dak Prescott's cap.
It is like 22 a half million dollars this upcoming year.
So the difference for the Cowboys is yes, they had to swallow, giving Dak Prescott 100 and $60 million deal over four years.
But they moved their cap hit this year from almost $38 million down to $22 million.
And like so, when you think about it, having $16 million of additional cap space to be able to go make moves is the most important, important part part of this whole thing.
So, you know, with Leonard Williams, he's gonna count 19.
5 against the cat.
The Giants can find a way to give him that signing bonus pro rate, some of the some of the pay that they owe him.
They may get that cap it down to 8,000,007.
9 million, something like that, which actually frees up the Giants to go get a free agent.
So I think you know, to your point at him, it's gonna be really interesting to see what the what the what the team does by the 17 they gotta get under this car.
They got to sign him on come or else some of these people will have to be cut right away.
Yeah, so let's walk down this road a little bit.
Let's say that they can pull that off with Leonard Williams because, to your point, listen, you can only take people at face value, So I'm going to believe when Leonard Williams says, Listen, I was a high draft pick.
I made a lot of money in my career.
It's not necessarily about the payday, though.
We all know I'm not gonna take anything less than market value, but it's ultimately about the respect around the league, and that's what he's been gaining over the last couple of years.
So structuring a contract that's beneficial to the Giants might be something that he'd be open to if they accomplish it.
Do you think that that, let's say holiday? I mean, do you think that the Giants are going to try to attack getting that weapon in the door immediately? And that's going to be the big moves that they make this year? Or, you know, does Alan Tomlinson still have a place? Potentially.
Is it just the reality of balancing the books and we're gonna lose him? Do you look at if you can't get a long term deal done with Leonard Williams? How many? How many other players do we shed? We beat this drum before we're on, you know, two different sides of it.
But Evan Ingram is $6 million right? So what? What does that mean? Do you take whatever you can in a trade just to clear the money off the books? Would they ever consider outright releasing him because of the financial bind that they could be in? So, you know, the dominoes that could fall here all depends on Is this a matter of just fine tuning it and getting a long term deal for letter Williams or is it franchise tag? Because if its franchise tag, it's $20 million and the Giants are going to have a world of hurt before they can get to free agency or even the draft class.
So I know you keep loving, loving the idea of shipping out Pro Bowl or Evan Ingram.
But what I will say Adam is Joe Judge came out just in the last 24 hours and said, We need to make Evan Ingram more of a focal point of our offense.
We got to get the ball to him early.
We really got to get him into rhythm in our offense.
And so it sounds like a coach that's talking about encouraging pieces of it, saying that we need to give him the ball more, not less.
We need to have him on the field for us, not for another team.
So I don't know if he's really someone that that you know it's going to be one of the dominoes that falls with the Leonard Williams situation.
I do think that Dalvin Tomlinson pieces actually kind of fascinating because there's also two sides to the coin is if you don't sign Leonard Williams to a long term deal, and you just franchise tag him and you let Dalvin Tomlinson walk next year.
Dexter Lawrence could be the only player from that that difference in front on your roster because you just let Dalvin Tomlinson go.
So there could be a scenario where you do a one year with Dalvin.
Tomlinson franchise them and you give Dalvin Tomlinson the three or four year $11 million with a little bit more guaranteed up front.
And you say, Listen, we're gonna keep Leonard Williams, and if we can find a way to keep them here, we'll do it.
But we need to have some stability for the future.
And if we're not getting it from Leonard Williams, maybe we can find a way with Dalvin Tomlinson.
That's an interesting perspective.
Yeah, maybe you ride out one more year with Leonard Williams, and then he ultimately will walk because you know all the contracts with Daniel Jones and Szechwan Barkley and even a Dexter Lawrence will be on the horizon for this team over the next couple of years.
And and maybe that's what it is.
Maybe it's, you know, 2.
5 years and a couple of franchise tags later and Leonard Williams walk.
It's interesting to think about it that way.
Member Tomlinson, 27 years old, too.
So you know, I think all these things are taken into account.
11 Footnote.
Not even a footnote.
But you mentioned about Evan Ingram.
Uh, we all know we're a fan of Joe Judge on the podcast.
I will say, though, got to find a way to get the ball in his hands.
Listen you through the 109 times.
If he catches more than 63 of those, you're getting the ball in his hands.
Now I I understand that Pro Bowler Evan Ingram.
They tried to get creative with end arounds, etcetera.
The other thing that I would think about here, too, is what would be the impact of how this plays out when it comes to the draft.
Then, right? So, like you said, let's say the Giants are still committed on Evan Engram.
And who knows? Maybe if you want to take Joe Judge at his word, maybe there's an extension that could come for Evan Ingram to lower this year's cap hit and reduce it to a very team friendly number and then give him some money on the back end as well.
Like we talk about with Leonard Williams.
If that's possible, it could free up some cap room for them as well.
But if we assume Evan Ingram is on this roster and we assume one way or the other, Leonard Williams is on this roster.
What then becomes, You know, let's let's let's then take offensive lineman off the table here in free agency.
No matter what happens with Hitler, is this kind of then maybe become the world where we retain Leonard Williams.
Somehow we still have Evan Ingram.
Maybe we do go get holiday.
And now our draft really looks like first round, best available offensive lineman second round.
I don't know, maybe best available offensive lineman like it's hard to kind of figure out how these pieces fit together.
So I've told you before that I I can envision a world where Nate Solder is the right tackle for the Giants because they just don't save as much money with and yet letting him post.
June allows you to keep Nate solder around on the roster to figure out how the draft goes to see what free agents become available.
So there's a There's a world where I don't see the Giants releasing Nate Solder anytime soon.
Like he he will much more likely be on the roster than than Zettler.
Well, I can see a scenario where the Giants have to address in round one a playmaker.
Now, the more that I see it like the more I see all this transpiring, Leonard Williams is going to count towards 20 million.
We've got Dalvin Tomlinson out there.
We've got to figure out if we resign him.
If we do that, there's just not enough money to go get a playmaker.
Like even if we free up all this money on some of these people that we can cut, there is not enough money to go get a Kenny Golladay.
I don't even know if there's enough money to go get a Corey Davis at that point, right? So is there.
Is there a world because I saw this guy mentioned that there was some speculation around.
You know what would make a really dangerous pairing for the Giants offense, Pro Bowler Evan Ingram and then Kyle pits.
So actually, it's still doubling down your theoretically on the same position.
But as we know, hits his regard as a guy that is as much a wide receiver as anything.
Yeah, I mean, I think Daniel Jeremiah said, um, if you pull all of the GMs and scouts from each of the teams, the guy that has the highest likelihood of being a Hall of Famer is Kyle Pits.
Which which, which is is quite interesting to say, um, you know, one of the has a chance potentially be.
You're like, Yeah, sure, every player could kind of be And and also they said the same things about ST John Barclay and to date so far, I don't know if we'd say his career has gone the way that we have expected him to.
Based on his skill set, however, I will say that, you know, I've been a proponent of drafting a an offensive lineman in the in the first part of the draft, the first round of the draft.
It feels like more and more we're going to have to address the defensive side of the ball.
We're paying up for Leonard Williams.
We're not going to have the money to go out and spend on a bona fide number one wide receiver.
The only thing that we have under our control is that draft capital and that first round pick at 11.
There is a 90% chance that one of the Big three wide receivers or pits will be there.
And it's now feeling like that's where the Giants are going to turn, especially if they can't get a deal worked out with Leonard Williams in the next week and a half.
Yep, And that's where I think that the attention as far as other areas of need.
If you're thinking about the defense and getting help over there, I I'd start to earmark the third round as being the time that you start to target it.
Because if it's say it is pits in the first round that I've ran some of these mocks we've Andy has probably rightfully prevented me from from getting too high, heavy handed in my marks on the podcast.
But when you run through some of these second round Wyatt Davis guard really plugs in, nicely replaces the Kevin Zeitler that we may assume we're going to lose here and that you know, even because even if you are going to keep soldier around, you still have to have that question mark about pert and development.
Everything else.
So you know, 1st 2nd round could be that combination of weapon and then continuing the resolution of the offensive line.
And then by third round, you start to add pieces.
So I do wonder.
Are the Giants comfortable? As long as they retain Leonard Williams to say, Listen, we'll rest on what we have on the defensive side of the ball.
We think the building blocks are in place there.
Right now.
The offensive side is where we all know there are.
There are real needs and you can talk about cornerback and you can.
You know, there's there's areas on the defense edge, rusher, etcetera.
And yet we can.
We feel like we can be respectable on that side of the ball right now.
There are clear missing components to the offense to say Okay, now we're going to be a pretty balanced team and be in games, and as long as the game plan is effective, we think we should be able to win some. Not boy.
If only we had then maybe we could right, And that's kind of what I went back before on is saying It's nice to have a pretty good defense, but if you can balance out your team overall, I think that's what the Giants are thinking about doing.
Now we're saying all this on one thing that is just a formality, which is the franchise tag to keep Leonard Williams in the building.
Not unexpected.
So far, they still haven't come to a long term deal, But you've got to start thinking about the ramifications.
If they cannot get a deal done, that is going to force the Giant's hand, because at some of these premier positions we are talking about 18 to $20 million for a bona fide star, whether it's an edge rusher outside linebacker or a wide receiver.
And if the Giants don't have that money freed up, then you know that they have to go use draft capital to be able to go address those positions in the off season.
Last question will get out the door on here and we'll be back in on Friday for our normally scheduled program will break down any news or information that comes on the back end of this, uh, in a world where the Giants cannot get a long term deal done with Leonard Williams.
Is there any world where they based on what they think they need to accomplish this off season ahead of the draft, that they rescind the franchise tag and outright let Leonard Williams walk into free agency? I give that at less than a 1% chance.
I just think he's so the ship.
Yeah, a tremendous talent.
And having him on a one year deal at 19 million is too good to pass up, considering if you had him on the roster for the entire year or for the first 6 to 8 weeks, and he shows out the way that he did, there is going to be a contending team that is begging, begging for something like Leonard Williams to be able to help their pass rush.
One block everything else and maybe Dave Gettleman ended up recruiting that 3rd and 5th round pick that he lost, originally getting Leonard Williams in the building in the first place.
Very interesting to to lay out a contingency plan like that if this season we're not necessarily to be going the way that obviously we all hope it will.
You can, of course, support the podcast by following us on social media at one giant podcast and download rate review and subscribe the five star ratings.
If you're so inclined, really help us move up the charts.
We've we've seen ever since that that great day when we got on with Mathias Kiwanuka.
The numbers have been growing, though, and growing in a way that I think Andy and I are really excited about and feel like the reward for for all the hard work that we legitimately do put in on this.
So we thank you for your support and we encourage you to continue to support us in our efforts to grow the jogger.
Not that will be the one giant podcast until Friday.
Friends, as Andy MCA wits wants needs and demands that, you know, as always, even on franchise. Tuesday.
Let's go, Big blue! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mhm yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mhm


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