SportsCastr - Basketball & More - EP 22: The New Era of Indiana Pacers Basketball w/ Caitlin Cooper of Indy Cornrows
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Basketball & More

NetsDaily's Matt Brooks sits down with experts from far & wide to talk all things NBA

Matt Brooks@MattBrooks

"Basketball & More" is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast with NetsDaily's Matt Brooks. Experts from across the globe sit down with Matt to talk all things NBA, from news and rumors to game breakdowns and analysis. Catch Matt's live stream with his co-hosts twice a week on SportsCastr and be part of the conversation.

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Matt sits down with Caitlin Cooper of Indy Cornrows to detail the Nate Bjorkgren hiring. They also touch on T.J. Warren's ascendance, discuss some of the younger players on the Pacers roster, and––of course––go through some Victor Oladipo trades.

Follow Caitlin on Twitter @C2_Cooper


you're listening to basketball and bore a SportsCastr featured podcast with your host Matt Brooks.
Experts from across the globe sit down with Matt to talk all things MBA from news and rumors to gain breakdowns and ****ysis, tune into the live stream twice a week on SportsCastr and be part of the conversation.
But first buckle in for today's edition of Basketball and More Away Right Welcome, everybody back to basketball and more with your host, Matt Brooks.
This is, of course, a SportsCastr official Vaud cast.
I am joined by Kaitlin Cooper of indie cornrows.
Caitlin, how are you doing today? Are you ready for things to get crazy again? Yeah.
I'm glad that you found me in my tiny corner of the internet for this Nice.
I mean, I'm so I'm, you know, I'm pressed up in a corner to its's Weird.
The Nets have these two stars, and it's weirdly a very small little community.
So I mean, it's it's an honor to have you on.
I've been as I told you before we came on.
I'm an avid fan of your work.
It zit was a joy in orderto like prep for this whole thing.
I got to read a bunch of your stuff from really since, like, I think I went all the way back to, like February and just read like everything because I think this is, like, horrifying. Now.
I wanted to do my research, but you've read more of my stuff than I've read of my stuff.
Like, once that goes out into the world, I don't want to re read it again.
That's kind of how I feel like I'll have certain things for myself.
I'll be like, I'll remember this stat or something like that.
But there's certain things I'm like.
I'll look at things occasionally for whatever.
If I'm referencing something and I'll just be like I have I don't even know if why my name is attached.
So I don't think I even noticed.
Um, So we were going through some pronunciations as well.
Uh, Nate byork again.
Nate byork in.
I'm getting this right.
Right, Greg, your grand, your grand.
I still didn't get it right.
We did all this, but I still don't get it right.
Um, this is the new coach, the Indiana Pacers.
It's something that I think a lot of people are excited about.
You seem to have some optimism about it and without, just, you know, taking away your thunder.
Um, I wanted to let you speak a little bit about the hiring itself, what you think it means for the team and how you think he fits the pieces that they currently have, right? So before we got on here, like I said, I think the Pacers definitely did their due diligence.
I mean, they had ah, long list of names and there's been some stuff thrown out there about, you know, doing a first time higher Is that, like something that's coming out of, you know, kind of being cheap or whatever.
And the Pacers case, like it was solely about money.
I think they would have just, you know, kept paying Nate McMillan, the actually coach, instead of paying, not to coach.
So, like in a lot of ways, I would say that byork and is kind of like new Nate is kind of the exact opposite of old mate, which, you know, you would kind of hope if you're getting a replacement.
So ah, lot of the things that popped for me in his introductory press conference like you mentioned weak side movement.
He mentioned being adaptable.
He mentioned that he doesn't wanna have a set rotation necessarily, and he's gonna be really fluid without just being a risk taker and coaching without fear or extra possessions, like all of that type of stuff.
Wasn't really things that you saw so much with Nate McMillan, who really kind of coached.
He coached every game toe win, and then when you get to the playoffs, there isn't necessarily an extra gear.
Obviously, you wanna pile up wins when you're coaching, But it wasn't always with like an eye toward the future of what type of wrinkles might we need when we get into a playoff? Siri's and they didn't always get to that.
So I think that's what they saw a byork and is kind of a released.
They're hoping that he's gonna be the next Nick nurse in terms of stuff that he's just willing to throw out there.
Wouldn't that that would be nice.
I think everybody's looking for that.
Um did you kind of get the feeling that this is where they were going? They were going to really switch things up because I mean look like Mike D'Antoni was rumored like there was a lot of crazy, you know, things that were flying around, did it? Did it sort of feel like they were going to go somewhere really new, right? So there was a lot of momentum.
I mean, I had heard rumors about Mike D'Antoni for a while.
I had heard people mention that clear back to December, so I don't know what exactly happened there.
If that was, you know, Mike D'Antoni kind of showing interest in the Sixers.
I know for a long time that was kind of reported is kind of being his job to lose.
So I don't know if that made the Pacers look even deeper.
But I know that Bjorkman's had a long standing relationship, at least with Chad Buchanan, who's the general manager of the Pacers.
I think you mentioned on a radio interview that they've known each other for like 20 years.
So um, they said that they they weren't afraid to get somebody who wasn't experienced with experience, essentially that, you know, give somebody a first time trying and I'm in favor of that.
Like I I've said that exact phrase.
Many times that I wasn't overly concerned with somebody who is going to be experienced with experience.
So is it just a sort of, like move one direction or the other? Because it was it Or is it just again, like, just try something new? Oh, well, I think if you look at the Pacers presser when they let go of Nate McMillan, it was a lot about the playoffs.
I think you know, if you're gonna put somebody's playoff record on there with absolutely, you know, no context to put that there were three and 16 over there.
Four years like you better be hoping that this person that comes in is gonna have some extra juice to get you at least some wins in the first round playoff series.
They've been swept three of the last four seasons, so I think that that was a big piece of it.
They also mentioned several times that they wanted somebody who could be a communicator and really relate to today's players.
And there have been some rumblings with that.
With regard to Nate McMillan, where I would say that, you know, maybe Byork and finds a balance of still getting accountability but maybe being less authoritative about it got you.
And I also think like a lot of times, like when you have the authoritative aspect of it, you're also gonna be a little bit more strict.
Like I do feel like Bjork and York Grin is somebody that I'm trying eyes, somebody that is going to be looking for a little bit more of, like, read and react.
I do feel like those kind of tight hand in hand.
I don't know if you agree with that, but yeah, I mean, some of the stuff he mentioned, it was like, you know, is this gonna be Raptor two point? Oh, but without Toronto's roster, in some cases, I mean, he talked about wanting to change.
Defense is and change.
Defense is very frequently and not be afraid to do that, like not just after a time out.
But, you know, maybe they're playing with an eight point lead, and that's the perfect time to throw this curveball and get into a different formation.
Now, I do have some questions about whether the Pacers can feasibly do that, too.
I from reading you, I I it was Yeah.
I mean, is there.
Is it just gonna fall flat on its face if if or do you think it's gonna be kind of in moderation? Right? So last year, I don't know how many people know this, because the Pacers, especially with Dan Burke, is the defensive coordinator who now moved over to Philadelphia.
They've run, um, or conservative scheme for a lot of years, like their preferences to play drop coverage.
But midway through, probably e think it was around in February, the Pacers had about a six game losing streak and the defense just looked pretty wretched.
And so they mixed in 32 zone and beyond, just like kind of masking some weaknesses.
Malcolm Brogdon doesn't have great defensive positioning at the point of attack, and they were having some problems with weak side rotations as well.
They mix that in.
They also started when Victor came back.
They did some switching with like size defenders, with Brogden and Victor and T. J. Warren out there.
Then they stopped kind of icing side pick and rolls to and square those up.
So they were trying some different things, but it was it was farm or from we need Thio protect against our own weaknesses and when you listen to be orca and it sounds like you really wants this to be an attack mechanism, and that's kind of where I fall short with it.
Because even when they were running some three, to which Toronto played mostly three to some 23 that you would see right away that whichever corner the big was in the team is going to go after that corner and load up and try to get a numbers advantage.
And if both of them are out there, it became that much easier to, you know, part the Red Sea and and get shooters in both those corners and be able to defend.
So if you're doing that and it's really the same thing with triangle into two, you're gonna have those same types of weaknesses and even throwing out a full court press like I just don't see Myles Turner or Sabonis being, you know, in the past calc aacm role, where your hard trapping the sideline and then still being able to retreat and intercept and advanced past like I just have some questions about how some of that would work out.
But I agree with Nate Bjorkman's philosophy like I think you have to show, eh? NBA teams today, lots of different looks.
I just don't know if they're going to be great at cycling through those with their starting lineup on the floor, because my question is always like I mean so far is like, Who's gonna be the CIA? Come right now on that roster, I just I don't I don't know who that would be, but I mean, I mean, if there is somebody, you could get away with it or you could have people play that in stretches, but it is.
It's a It's a tricky spot for them.
Um, what elements would you like to see from? And you do think are easily transferrable from what the Raptors were doing.
Well, it's kind of interesting because he talked about, you know, wanting weak side movement, and I watched one of your shows where you mentioned a Victor Oladipo trade with E O.
I don't remember who you're on with that I think it was a trade with the Lakers and you mentioned Danny Green and I was really tossing that one around and I was like, Well, any green does have some experience with the Raptor system, and I do like the Raptor run quite a bit of stacked, pick and roll.
Or they did during their championship run.
And the Pacers, like, never got to that not a lot of three player pick and rolls and one wrinkle that I like is they'll have Kyle Lowry set the back screen, and if they've gotten into that so many times, he slips out immediately to the wind.
So if you're a team that doesn't switch a lot, I feel like that's a nice little curveball.
Um, defensively.
One thing that I liked, um, is that they, um, use kick out switches or some people call him scram switches on the perimeter so that if Malcolm Brogdon is like getting toasted, as some people might remember in the heat Siri's, they were really having trouble staying in front of Goran Dragic and several fourth quarters that instead of him having Thio, you know, lock and trail or our rear view pursuit, he's running exactly to the wing, and the wing is bumping him off and jumping in front of Goran Dragic on that pick and roll defense and I think that's definitely something that the Pacers could implement and should implement.
Obviously, that's not gonna be your base defense.
But if you can throw that in opponent here and there, I think that helps Malcolm Brogdon not to be like dying on the vine of every pick and roll.
Sure, it's just little elements of things that you're doing and just and I mean, like, one of the things I really like that you describe this.
How much like when? When the announcement was made you to describe how much he fits things to his, um, to his personnel.
There are other things you'd like to see outside of the kind of the way that he's been.
I guess Toronto's use their guards and something that you could see for the Pacers.
There's anything like that for other positions.
Yeah, you mentioned that is interesting because, of course, the one coaching profile I didn't right at the very one was about Native Yorker and the week where they need to hire.
I had watched so many of his Gee league games from all four squads and I was working on writing a profile and then it got reported that Chris Finch was the front runner and I was like, I don't need this.
People are gonna be like, Why are you publishing this piece about Nate Yorker And and so I had some of that in in, um, backlogged and my clips.
And, uh, yeah, all of his team's look different.
That was the one take away that I had that it was very much about what pieces he had, but, tellingly of the last team from Bakersfield, right before he got hired as an assistant with the Sons.
They ran a lot of role replace sets and they had to centers.
And it's like the Pacers rarely got to that one time at the end of a Blazer game, you'll see that they got a game winner.
Myles Turner hit a three out of it, but they did not run it often, so he clearly has some experience with making two bigs work.
I mean, I do have some questions, like when you're running role replaced with a four and a five.
If you run that a lot, it's gonna be easy for two bigs to switch that unless you're really good with your timing.
But the Pacers didn't run a lot of sets where both Myles Turner and Sabonis were active, cutting an equal but opposite directions at the same time, or even just involved in the offense.
And he said that they're gonna be active parts, which, you know.
You could see that with Marc Gasol, especially during their championship run, that how important it was for him to be a guy that, you know, even before he got the ball, knew where the ball needed to go as being a playmaker.
And if they could get even a little bit out of that with Miles a za trigger man.
Maybe in some of the minutes when Sabonis is on the court, that would be a boon for his development.
How do you think he's gonna use T.
J Warren? Um, because I think, interestingly, with something you wrote about in your five details column from I think that was like right after the seating games, you mentioned sort of, that he was using a little bit of a screener.
But just Maurin pick and roll.
Do you kind of expect that? And you think that's something going to be implemented with the to bigs that are currently on the roster right now.
Now you're talking my language.
I want the Pacers to run more screening combinations.
This is this'll is my, like, big talking point cause so much if you look at, you know, the Pacers time of possession they have, Like with T.
J. McCollum and Malcolm Brogdon.
Those were two of the highest time of possession players last year because they run so much through a point guard so much.
15 pick and roll.
And I think if they could get more screening combinations, that would have given him or options, especially when they're in the playoffs against Miami.
Like I think they said, I saw a stat where Malcolm Brogdon had run like 130 pick and rolls and 41 of those were Run it bam! Which was kind of like, you know, a bird running into the same glass window over and over and over again.
But at the same time, like you kind of got why they were doing it, because when they were involving bam in the pick and roll because they didn't have Sabonis, he was shrinking the floor like he really wasn't paying attention to Myles Turner as a shooter.
It was shooting over and stunting toward the nail pretty consistently if they weren't occupying him.
But yeah, with TJ, it's interesting, cause I mean, ah, lot of this is gonna play out.
Maybe over the weekend.
I mean, it sounded like from the Pacers perspective that they're prepared to roll with the current roster like they talked at the introductory presser that they said they asked candidates, Um, what would you do with the current roster? And Nate brought up things that he would do with Miles and Sabonis.
But if one of the two of them isn't there, then obviously T.
J is your four.
And maybe you're looking at more 45 pick and roll.
And maybe you're running mawr than you would if you had both Biggs in the lineup.
But certainly, I think in the bubble that it showed that TJ could doom or than just finished plays or come off a screen.
But he did.
He was used as the ball handler.
He was getting opportunities in transition with a much greener light.
He was shooting pull up threes.
They were bringing him off.
Iverson cuts he even dabbled in the mid post a little bit, so there's a little bit more diversity in the ways that they can use them.
I think is a definite positive take away from what happened in the bubble games or the seating games.
I mean, do you feel like he has the most to gain, or is there somebody else that you're looking at? I personally feel like he's got a lot to gain from, from just being used in different ways and working Mawr in combination with the players around him.
Yeah, and again, that's kind of, you know, it goes back to what? What is their plan with Victor like, we don't know exactly where that stands because in some of those bubble games, because he's played so like obviously what 20 months removed from this injury at this point, But he still hasn't played a lot of game.
So I think you could kind of get away with in those seating games of like, Okay, Victor, you're gonna take, you know, a third player role here, like a tertiary role, like the only game.
But the one game when T.
J and Malcolm didn't play, he took.
He was like, 7 to 25 from the field is a primary option, which is obviously a little bit, you know, not great.
But, um, Victor is any closer to being himself than what he waas like.
How does that shake out, like is T.
J still getting the same volume of shots? If you're reincorporating Victor and playing Mawr from the perimeter, I don't know, but like, but yeah, I think that TJ showed the most promise that he can get thio to another level.
I just question what the pecking order is gonna actually be, depending upon who they bring back.
So the obvious question is, who are they? Are they bringing miles back? Do you think they're bringing all the depo back gun to your head for both of them? Well, the interesting thing with miles and I had a long conversation on our podcast over any corners about this with one of my colleagues is that ah ah, lot of the time when navy York and was talking, he would mention like, Well, when Sabonis and Miles air out there together at times and when they're out there one at a time, So it You kind of got the impression that they would make somewhat of a split decision and stagger the two of them.
But last year they were already averaging more minutes apart than they were together.
And for me, like if if you need to stagger them to be productive or they're not finishing games, that almost feels like a little bit of a mismanagement of your money.
At that point, you're speaking my language.
This is the conversation I've had with about the Caris Levert thing on this side of the world.
It is the same thing, right? And you're not getting like what I just said.
You're not going to run 45 pick and roll with Miles and Sabonis, you're not going to do some of those other things.
And while I do think it would, I think that they'll probably look better under New Yorker and because I think he's gonna put more of a focus on involving both of them.
I mean, hopefully Miles has a little bit more clarity and his role than he did a year ago, but I still question what the overall ceiling of it iss.
I mean, if I had to do like an over under.
I guess I would probably say that Miles is back.
Just because I think trades are always less likely to happen than they are toe happen.
But I do I question it somewhat about, you know, is this the perfect moment in time to take advantage of what the market currently is? Because, you know, a lot of teams don't have cap space, so how are they going to get better other than with trades? And, um, I don't really get to agree with this overall line of thinking, but I've seen a lot of people out there, you know, we need to be able to play bigger to match up with the Lakers.
So if a team wants somebody who can play bigger and and while also spacing the floor, Miles might be a good option for them.
But, um, yeah, I think I would land towards E.
I mean, the more likely scenario is that they come back, But you try to piece together the victor clues, and you tell me what you take from all of that like that has been a fairly wild ride over the last two months.
You said I trade it in for Danny Green? We could be Oh, let's see, just here we go.
Um, yeah, I don't know.
It's weird because it z tricky On the Pacers side, it's also tricky finding like the right spot for him to go for another team because there is a lot of risk involved like you.
You kind of have to be a team that's a little established and without questions, where you're like, you know what? Like if the floor of what we're getting is somebody that defends really hard and you know you'll get offensive output occasionally, maybe not all the time.
Maybe not as much as you like then that makes sense.
But if you're looking for, like, a really deal star player, it's like it's a big risk to make like it really is.
And I don't know how many teams like out, you know, are out there like that, right? I've said for a while that like, if it were me, and obviously I don't know what offers or even out there, they clearly have a better sense of the market than I dio, but I think I would probably take a somewhat measured approach with it and let him recoup some of that value because I'm guessing that it's kind of pennies at the dollar, pennies on the dollar at this point with what you're gonna get, because I mean the bubble games, especially even in the playoffs.
He finished with more more turnovers than assists.
He took 60% of his shots, his threes, and he isn't getting to the line.
The one game he did get to the line somewhat, but it was like off ball fouls and then the other two trips all happened at the end of the fourth quarter, when the game was basically out of reach anyways.
So I mean, there was even one play that I've cited many, many times, but it was early in the first quarter of it might have been.
It was either game one or game, too.
But he got a favorable switch against Tyler hero.
The whole left side of the floor was empty.
Instead of attacking that, he took a step back three, which isn't something you would have seen him do during his 2017 18 season.
And, you know, to borrow an economic term.
I've also said this several times, but like it's almost like he's battling stagflation a little bit.
Like which thing do you attack? Because you need to be able to get to the paint to whether his kind of natural highs and lows from three.
But he hasn't shown a lot of consistency from three to the point where I looked up this number on synergy, that 19% of the time opponents air ducking under on pick and rolls for him, which has been making it harder for him to get into the paint.
So, um, it's both things, But he's only in his 2017 18 season.
He shot 67% around the rim, which is like other world like really good, but his first four seasons before that.
We're all between, like 55 60.
And then before he suffered the injury in 2018 19, he was at 60 to 60.2.
You wanna take a guess at what he was this year? How bad was it? Was he around, like in the mid mid fifties? Lower than that? Yeah, 45.7.
Yeah, That's what he was at the rim this year.
So then you kind of have to question like he's had one year where he's been over 60% around the rim.
But like clearly, there's been a little bit of a drop off and you could see that because when he gets into the paint like a lot of times like his, I would categorize him as being like, very cut and dry.
He doesn't.
He skips the pleasant tree and cuts to the chase when he's coming off a pick and roll.
So he's either.
If he gets a switch, he's gonna reverse dribble back up and spring for a three.
Or he's gonna attack and go straight to the rim or take a mid range shot.
And a lot of times like it was, his brakes weren't quite there like you would get over into the mid range area.
And then he was jumping off of his left.
Which is right is his surgically repaired um, quad attendant, and he was always jumping off the left for like a floater.
So he wasn't getting a lot of on target layups, which I think contributes to why his room percentage waas what it waas.
But I mean and he's also barely getting to the line like he wasn't drawing contact because probably because the way he's driving, like the way he's driving off, like in a completely different manner.
What is it? So what is he if he if he doesn't recover that first off, Do you think he gets back to that? This is such a hard question.
Because, like, we're not totally is it totally is like, yeah, I need, like, a biomechanical Give me some insight here.
But, like, this is why I think is, um extension Negotiations would be so hard, like, I have no idea what number to put on there or even when you're looking at trades like, I feel like that's doomed to get miss evaluated in retrospect, because either it's gonna look like the Pacers got this like incredibly shoddy return, because maybe he starts to look more like himself.
Or it's gonna look like Why did that team think he could be a second or third option on a contender? Because, like, maybe he you know, maybe this just is what he is.
But I mean, the one thing I hold on to his like I said, he still has not played a lot of games and it feels like there's like this rule of thumb for teams in a new season that it's like we're not going to jump to conclusions about what this team is until they've played, you know, 20 plus games.
And for Victor, you'd only played 13 games before the bubble started, and even then he was in and out of the lineup with, like me swelling and an ankle injury.
So I'm not gonna like completely pana and say that he can't get back to what he was.
But I do have questions if he's going to get back to the All Star level that he was in 17 18, because he already wasn't quite that before he suffered the injury in 18 19.
Like you could tell it teams regarding him or like an All Star.
He was seeing three defenders when he was coming off a pick and roll and he doesn't He wasn't handling the increased attention super well that second year, so I don't know if he would get back to being that, but I think if a team was interested in him, the one thing they could hold their hats on his.
I think his defense is still look pretty good, like the one thing that he really has going for him is I always point out, like if a team runs an empty corner, pick and roll, he's the type of guy that can come over and tag from the weak side and still zoom all the way up on an X out and contest a three because he has that degree of closing speed.
And that's still been there.
Which, by the way, makes a lot of sense.
If you're doing like this, like sort of raptors, you know, whatever influence system.
So, in a sense, it kind of sounds like it makes a lot of sense to just retain him because A when he's probably gonna add to whatever the Pacers air doing defensively and what it seems like they're going to do and then be just like to recoup a little bit of value, right, because I mean, what's the risk reward there, like if he comes back and he still looks more of the same or the offer is going to get that much worse than what they currently are versus if he comes back and looks better than hopefully that you can get a better return than you would in the here and now, unless something just completely blows them away next week around the draft.
Um, do you feel like he's gonna get extended or oh e no.
Even ***uely up there in New York, reporting mid season that the Pacers had offered him four years, 80 on.
I remember at the time we recorded a podcast and I was like, Oh, that seems like a really low ball offer like, Is this going to come back and backfire and negotiations over the summer? Because it's less than what he currently makes? It's less than what Malcolm Brogdon makes like what that attention are you creating there? And now it's like, you look at that number and you're like that might even a full extension number like the uh remember, I think Bobby Marks mentioned this ANZAC close podcast like the full extension number.
Being 1 13 just makes me so nervous.
Like I don't know if I were the Pacers.
I don't know what I mean.
I don't think there's a deadline on when they can extend him.
It's not like it's the Supermax and Johannes, so I don't see the harm.
And once again, going with a measured approach and seeing what he looks like before you're willing to put a price on what he is, right, right? That makes a lot of sense.
So So you're not.
I mean, you could also just offer it now and just, like, see what happens.
Like just at least have a preliminary conversation.
Because because the Mars that air right, the rumors that air emanating about him all over it's like one minute he he's not so concerned about money and he wants to play for hardware.
He wants to win championships, and then the next minute he wants him act deal.
And then I know the Miami Herald had like, Well, he actually doesn't mind being in Indiana, but he wants a nice new big contract.
And I was like, I think part of that might tie into maybe just seeing, like, what? What's been out there, what's been floated out there in terms of like, what is really gonna what he's gonna bring back in a trade or something like that, or just even talking with other teams.
So, yeah, it's a tricky situation, but it does seem like we do have a little more.
Like I have more confirmation in terms of like, what I think is gonna happen.
So my Danny Green Dream sometime.
Needless to say, um, let's switch to free agents a little bit.
Justin Holiday.
Dzhokhar? Samson? Uh, here, I'm gonna do it.
Eliza Johnson e was a, uh, on Brian Bowen, who is back of any of I don't know if you know this, but I have a very pro holiday agenda.
Unite the Holiday Brothers all under one roof with the Pacers.
So, like, I'm hoping Justin Holiday.
He's one of my favorite role players in a very long time.
Like just all the different hats that he had to wear for the Pacers last year, he played for for them off the bench.
They ran a lot of nice, you know, delightful swirling motion of them and Doug McDermott with um Sabonis acting as a hub.
And and I think that he's probably over extended guarding force.
I mean, you could see that in the playoffs or Kelly Olynyk kind of burying him in the lane.
Or, you know, even just like Carmelo Anthony up in Portland.
There was a specific instance up there where you know they're posting him up in.
Sabonis is having to double in.
The patients already are in a great rebounding team, so now they're giving up offensive rebounds.
So I think he's better suited getting bumped up to a two or a three year old, where he's guarding twos and threes.
But like just how consistent he was with his shot last year giving them another shooter, giving them another wrinkle that they can run and floppy with with Doug McDermott.
I think that, you know, and I know that the Pacers have expressed interest that they want him back.
So, hopefully teams.
Yeah, yeah, I really did tell somebody that somebody brought up like I don't know how many columns I've seen that Justin Holiday fits him like, because literally fits on every team.
Like I don't know, one of the teams there was like We're Justin Holiday wouldn't work there.
I'm guilty of it.
I can't even lie.
I'm like, you know what? I just I don't even know if he's exactly what The Net City, But my goodness, like he's Yeah, he's great.
He's a delight.
Um, they could I don't know.
Do you feel like so they would have to bring him back with They don't have his birds.
Bird rights, correct.
Eso would have to be with the full m l e Do you get the feeling that would be something that would be tossed out there, Right? So I mean, I think that I mean, I don't even think that they if they unless they pay the tax.
I don't think that they can offer him the family.
So, um, yeah, I mean, I think that he's not important what they do.
I mean, I know that it's been reported and then the story in other places that he's like their top priority, they wanna bring him back.
So I don't really know what they plan on doing toe kind of fill their.
I mean, they definitely have a hole at the four spot for sure, because there's no great answer, because if you're playing both Biggs, you're giving up some stuff defensively and then offensively, there's obviously, you know, fighting for elbow room there.
But if you play Justin, you're giving up against size.
You know Michael Porter Jr is the other people were.
Try as he might, is just going to give up too much heft against those types of players, so I don't think they have a great answer there.
Death Do some up.
What if if if things did not go, maybe the way you'd want them to, who would you be hunting for? You have any names circled for free agency, maybe to replace that spot or other spots? Well, one I, to be honest with you.
Like the Pacers, they don't have a first round pick, and they don't have, like, any cap space.
I really haven't had to devote much brainpower to this, but not a great class.
E was very underwhelming doing it myself.
One person, which I have no idea why he would opt out of his player option.
But if John Michael Green opted out of his player option, I think that would make some sense for the Pacers.
Somebody who can hit a three, play the four spot, maybe swing to the five, depending upon if they wanted to make a trade, you know Myles Turner.
Then they could played you, Michael Green it back up five or playing next to go.
Garcia Bonus.
I think you would make a lot of sense.
I liked him a year ago, so that's one guy I would look at.
But I don't know that he would turn down his player option with the Clippers to come sign with the Pacers, especially if he's in line for somewhat of a roll of create.
I feel, I mean, depending upon what happens with Harold, but I do feel like that's kind of out there.
Anybody else you have circled or just really, it hasn't been a major point of emphasis for you just yet.
No, I have.
I have barely scratched the surface of this because every day I'm getting inundated with fake trades.
Matt, does that mean I have to cross out my fake trades part of this? No.
No, you can definitely throw those out there.
I'm screwing up left and right here.
I can't pronounce anybody's names.
Um, before we get into, like, a few more of, like, the more like, fun, lighthearted questions.
Um, you wrote a column about the Pacers youth in the bubble and I, which was great, by the way, Um, and I just I like reading things like that.
I also I kind of I tend to gravitate towards, like, younger players and and sometimes probably extrapolating things and and trying toe see where it fits in the where they fit in the future.
Um, who do you think's gonna see the biggest role increase next year? Who do you see being, Ah, a bigger part of the rotation next year, right? So it's kind of interesting because this particular year, I feel like, isn't going to be great for rookies and sop****res in general because, like if you look at Geauga like, I think you would benefit from getting developmental minutes, obviously, and I like his overall potential.
But, like, where are those minutes coming from? When you have Myles, Turner and Sabonis, If you're staggering them, there's no minutes left at the five.
Unless you want to play like Giant with him at the four.
And you know this.
He already didn't play in summer league last summer because of a visa issue.
There's not gonna be Summer league this year.
Who knows what's going on with the G League? I haven't really seen much details about that, and if it's a condensed schedule, um, when is his practice time coming? So I have a lot of questions about where goggans developments going to come from.
But I think, um, trying to remember who all I included in that article.
Did I include Aaron Holiday in that article? Yeah.
So then definitely Aaron.
Like, I think, um, last year, Nate McMillan kind of lean towards T.
McConnell in that backup role because he's kind of a steady hand and really was, like wheeling and dealing with the bench unit.
But they didn't have to make too many choices between him and Aaron because, unfortunately, someone was always hurt, whether it was Victor or Jeremy or Malcolm.
So the two of them played together quite a bit, even though that was kind of a size disadvantage of times.
But I think that if there's a choice where they need Thio pick who's gonna be playing Maura backup role, it's gonna be Aaron because even though he has lower lows, he also has higher highs and needs to get more more reps with the ball in his hands.
He's kind of an undersized combo for combo guard.
It was interesting in the bubble because he really shined.
I thought at times when they were playing that smaller lineup in the off ball roll and driving from the slot from or of a spot up, Um, hey, just doesn't make great reads in the point guard position.
And that might be in part because he just never has any.
I mean, one minute he's starting in place of Malcolm Brogdon, and two nights later, maybe he's playing behind T. J. McConnell.
Maybe he's playing beside T.
McConnell, so he's never had much consistency in his role.
But that's kind of the one guy that I think that the Pacers need to get for development out of, because if if if they're not going to change their roster, then the only other place they're gonna be able to get better is with internal development, so right who did? Urine is the answer.
Would you feel like he played like, what lineup did you feel like really brought out his his skills the best, right? So their bench unit, um, was actually really good with McDermott and Justin and Sabonis and Aaron and T.
McConnell together because TJ took mawr of, you know, the responsibility to really get the ball where it needs to go and be able to pass people open.
And then you're playing your surrounding them with shooters.
And then Sabonis is just so good acting as a hub and running dribble handoffs.
And so it's kind of containing where, Uh, Aaron can sometimes try to do too much.
Or he's kind of like a boat rolling against his own current when he's when he's making a pocket fast at times doesn't quite know if he should shoot or he should pass.
So when he was playing beside T J.
McConnell, that helped.
But, you know, if you're playing it, you know, against the Miami Heat in the playoffs, in your up against Tyler hero or Duncan Robinson and bench line up said.
They're just shooting over the top of him because he's smaller or they were hunting switches pretty actively to get Jae Crowder mismatches and and the Pacers weren't looking at screaming him out of those, so he got into foul trouble and two or three of those games.
Let me end with this before we get into it.
Oh, inundate you with fake trades.
What's what's the ideal outcome for this next year.
What do you like? If if this is a happy ending or happy ending of just this year, what's the thing you wanna have? Take away waas, right? So I wouldn't be too surprised because this is such a tight turn around.
If things for the Pacers have to kind of And I use the word bad loosely, but like if they have to get bad before, they could get good like, because they're just gonna be implemented implementing a completely new system.
He wants to be fluid with lineup.
So it feels like they're kind of looking at things with an eye toward the playoffs more than they were in in prior years where Nate McMillan's really gonna pile up regular season wins.
But then where do you go from here? So if I'm the Pacers and like I said earlier, if I'm gonna put somebody's playoff record on a press release, then hopefully you're going to get at least one win in a playoff game.
Like I think that they need to show that they could be Yeah, they need to be competitive in the first round or they need to get out of the first round.
Otherwise, there definitely needs to be changes made to the overall roster.
Sure, but it would all be roster base.
It wouldn't be anything to major like institutionally.
Well, that's a question all on its own, because, um, I remember Kevin Pritchard had a comment where he was basically like, you know, it was very classy and Nate McMillan to take the blame for why the team didn't get out of the first round.
But, like, give me that blame.
I'm going to take it while in the same breath I'm firing Nate McMillan.
So it's like, You know what blame are you taking like if you're not going to change the roster right now and you know who knows? Maybe well, But if you're not going to change the roster right now and then you didn't retain Nate McMillan.
Then you know, maybe some of the blame does fall there in a year.
I mean, I would be shocked if they made a change there, because I think overall, Kevin Pritchard's been pretty good at his job.
Aside from the draft, I think they've made smart moves.
They've kept, you know, the books relatively clean and won quite a few of the trades that he's been involved in pretty handedly so and remain competitive, which should not go unnoticed at all.
So 100 percent.
All right, let's do trades like before we even before I throw anything your way.
Is there anybody on? Because I usually try toe we put on our GM hats, pretend that we are, you know, representing the teams that we both cover.
Is there anybody you even like on the nets, Ross, that you think makes any sense? Or could we just cut this right here? Um, is this an all A depot trade? I don't know.
I'm leaving it open.
I'm leaving it open.
Uh, like I mean, in some respects, I think Oladipo could make sense for the Nets.
I don't know what their stomach is.
I don't know what their stomach is for.
You know, uniting three players with pretty sorted injury histories like that would make me a little bit nervous if I if I was if I was Brooklyn.
But, um and I kind of doubt that they would be willing to give up Levert and and that type of a deal, but it's interesting because, I mean, hopefully I don't sound completely ridiculous to somebody who covers the Nets day in and day out.
But like when I look at Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris Levert like for me, liver is like he needs to be like the number one or number two guy.
And then the question is, can he be that number one or number two guy on a good team? Whereas what Spencer did what he I see him as more of an easier plug and play malleable role player who played like more a lot of hats for the Mets this year, whether he was running offense when Kyrie Irving was out or he was coming off the bench.
And I think that he could help the Pacers.
I mean, he's elite, elite driver.
He gets to the free throw line like the Pacers were dead last in free throw attempts last year.
I think that that would help them, Um, and then if he's out there with Malcolm Brogdon, I could see a situation where because Spencer is good at getting his own shot, that would be helpful because the Pacers really don't have a lot of one on one options and a playoff situation where you could just throw a guy a ball and hope that he could go get a basket.
And he is the better shooter off the catch.
Like Paris's numbers off, the catch really flummoxed me.
I don't I don't quite three percent.
I believe it's like 37 a half.
I believe I'll spot ups rather than if you if you do wanna play this like disruptive defensive system.
You know, I think Paris has higher highs on the defensive.
Him, like he does have lapses.
Tough does have lapses.
But you know, there might be a game where he has, like four steals.
Like I don't think that's completely out of play for him.
But, like, I don't think I think Spencer did what he would make some sense for the Pacers if that was there.
I do think it's interesting because both of them play with them rollers so much like and caress really to me, wants to decelerate and then take a step to get his defender on his back.
So how that would pair with Myles Turner? I don't really know, but, um yeah, I think Spencer Dinwiddie Okay, So what could we do? Ifit's Let's throw all the depot there.
Would it be like a din? Witty Had to try to make salaries match like Prince.
And would that get it done or something like that? I do throw prints and everything because he's salary filler.
Taurean Prince is like the strangest player because you look at him and you think that's gonna be a prototypical defender and he has so many defensive lapses like attention issues.
But I don't know, I didn't look at the rest of the net salary book.
What about cool groups? Would that be matching? Yeah.
How much is I? I know everybody. Sellers on top.
How much is Oladipo making next year? 21.
So you could do because you do din witty.
You could do Garrett Temple if you if he If the team picks up his option in the maybe karaoke said I think that would work.
I should have probably done this, that I had other ones here, but I don't even want to do now.
Um, could that work? Yeah.
I mean, I don't I don't hate it Like some of some of the trades that are out there.
I I I'm like, Oh, Kendrick Nunn like that makes me kind of sad.
Are are Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma like? It doesn't really I'm never living this down.
I mean, the thing with Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma like Kyle can obviously stockpile points at her like, you know, you're gonna be able to get scoring for him.
But it's the question of when he isn't scoring.
What else are you getting for? The Pacers like that gives them to more like, basically, spot up options where you're not getting another shot.
So I feel like that could be a hurdle because Malcolm Brogdon had the highest time of possession in the first round of the playoffs.
Second toe Onley Luca because they just didn't have anyone else to handle.
So I don't really think Danny and Kyle helped them so much in that regard, even though the Pacers clearly would have minutes for Kyle at the four that the Lakers don't really have.
And like I said before, like Danny, Green has experience in a Raptor type system.
So in some regards, it does make sense.
But I'm not overly excited, so I've done a better job this time around is what you're telling.
May waken phone And I kind of like that because I mean the dignity thinks tricky.
I if you if you honestly, like if you gave me truth serum, I would much rather retained in witty over Liberte.
And I get that.
It's very different variables of cost, but I totally agree, like, and they used him and set the minutes like they him and Kyrie, where a large positive together in the limited time that they spent together.
So I I do think he's a little bit better of, ah, of a piece that makes a little bit more sense.
And then, conversely, Kyrie and Caress were atrocious again.
Small samples, So we have no idea.
But that was the net season.
This year, I'm sure you can relate.
It's just small samples and guys always being injured.
Yeah, and terraces like tantalizing at times in the bubble for sure.
Like, and I didn't really remember him having like a post game.
And yet Jacque Vaughn was like posting about times.
He made some plays.
He made some plays out.
Yeah, out of some of those sets, like I love the one where Joe Harris comes off like the triple screen and uses a little daughter stuff like Love That Play.
I cause I actually watched quite a bit of Bubble Nets plays when I was writing the piece on when the Pacers were interested in John.
So yeah, I mean, his field goal percentage is like the thing about Paris is he has quite a few drives, but then a lot of his shots coming.
The non restricted area on.
I looked like he takes 29% of his shots in the non restricted area, but he only shoots 38% of those which that went up quite a bit in the bubble to give him credit.
And some of that might have been the injury, like some of it might have been the injury, but he was floater happy and and one of the big things for him to is that he the way he played like he was just Mawr directive.
Like he he wouldn't try to show his entire bag because that was what he was really guilty.
He just made his move.
I think part of that was the way Von used him he just put him in different places on the floor.
Yeah, but it leads to him being somewhat of a variable score.
But like we said, like, it's gonna be a roller coaster with him.
So, like I said, I don't know how, how hungry or how much of an appetite the Nets would have for Victor.
But, like I'm not opposed.
Thio Spencer Dinwiddie.
I don't hate it.
I don't hate it.
It's been a weird.
It's been a weird roller coaster with dignity, which I feel bad about, because I think, uh, I don't know he's in.
He's in a lot of trade rumors, and I do think there's a way to make it work.
But I mean, what can you do? It's the nature of the industry, and they are they.
I mean, he's a free agent next year, so it might make more sense for him.
Um, let's start.
Let's end with these two favorite quotes of the year, or it can be of the New Year, since we are getting new quotes coming out like day by day.
Well, now, because I have to get out my phone so that I don't misquote who I was talking about.
So yeah, this is definitely gonna be an offseason quote.
And let me tell you that I was pretty tempted to throw out Victor's I'm a Pacer quote because, you know, that was a classic.
But instead I'm gonna end it on a higher note and it's Navy or Qurans Presser and he says, will be a fun team to watch.
You're going to see a lot of movement on both sides of the ball, different guys handling the ball, pushing it up the floor.
We want to utilize the three point line.
My approach, the defense is you can change and change quite frequently between quarters after timeouts.
So to me, that shows that the Pacers are gonna be a different team.
And I think that, you know, right, very anti Pacers and and and even just hearing him talk about it on several the radio interviews he gave it sounded like, you know, this is almost gonna be like a season of television.
Like I want people to be excited to tune in and watch what we're gonna dio from game to game.
We're going to treat every game differently and how we guard players one game might be different when we play him in the next one.
And like to me, for somebody who writes a lot of excess and stuff, that's exciting.
Yeah, I think that the Pacers are gonna be far more watchable for people you know.
Need a league past team pick the pace.
And conversely, like when you are in like, you know, whatever, I I don't know what the calendar is anymore, but I would say like January basketball, when you're kind of hitting the lull of it like that is exciting for sure.
Favorite stat.
This is such a question.
I feel every time like this is so, e have some really, um, random ones that I'll keep to myself in an effort to not look completely nerdy or naked.
Eso I think I'm gonna go with the fact that T.
Warren attempted seven threes per game in the bubble like I did not.
That was not a thing that I saw coming.
In fact, like right before they played in the bubble, I wrote a piece about how he needed to get rid of taking, uh, mid range to baseline to like if he could eliminate that shot because he wasn't shooting them at a high rate.
And so often he was, like, decelerating.
Like if a team was ice icing him, he was just dribbling to the baseline and taking like a chuck, too.
And sometimes even the Pacers were like running place for him to take these shots when he was shooting in like the mid thirties on them.
And then, like I'm just blown away when he's in the bubble.
And he's like taking pull up threes, hitting daggers over Anthony Davis and the Laker game.
And so, um um, he said it was Nate McMillan.
Like interesting enough People didn't think Nate McMillan could change, and he said that he told that Nate told him during the hiatus that like, Hey, we're gonna need you to start shooting more from the three point line Because at the start of the season, uh, Michael V.
Pena Espy Nation interviewed UH, T.
Warren when they were playing the Nets and asked him about, you know, during your last season in Phoenix, you have been taking, you know, whatever it was like close to five threes per game.
And now you're not anymore.
And he liked, bristled at the question like I'm just gonna take the shots that are open and, like, I don't want to talk about this type of thing.
And then so to see him taking seven threes per game in the bubble was was probably my favorite.
I mean, everything he did in the bubble was probably my favorite portion of the season.
Quite frankly, like that was the only good thing about 2020 that zits.
Funny how many coaches just got, like, a reset.
Like it It just like some timeto like be locked in the house just like fully re re vamp Certain things, It's it was more than just the Pacers.
It seems like almost every team in the bubble was kind of in that situation.
I loved it.
I'm disappointed.
You've really only hit me with one fake trade.
I thought we were gonna have just like this slew of trade that I was gonna have to turn up.
I've done this too much.
It's been too many fake trades with something like, I talk about something else.
Like tell me about E.
Didn't even get to the one that I actually liked.
Which one is it? I don't hate the idea of trading something with Dallas.
I don't hate like I like Maxie, and I think it sounds ridiculous, like if you're looking back at this in retrospect, and you're like they gave up Victor Oladipo for that, like it might look somewhat ridiculous.
But I think that that would be like a clarifying move for the Pacers in some respects, because Maxie could play some for for them.
He can shoot, and he's a better like this is gonna sound wild.
But I think he's a better perimeter defender and able to switch out better than what Miles Air Sabonis are right now.
And the Mavericks have some nice role players.
So, like a role player deal and get there.
I think they have what number 18, like get number 18 when the Pacers don't have a first round pick.
Like if if the Pacers no.
And I say this with Onley, the respect of like if you've had a conversation with Victor and he's just like, definitely I'm not coming back and it's just not even a financial thing like I just don't want to play for the Pacers right now and I don't know that that's happened or that that's going to happen.
Like I think you could do worse.
I like that one.
Would it be? Would it be like Finney Smith or somebody like that involved? Or would there? Would it be? What's your What's the full package? Right.
So I'd have to look it.
I mean, I don't think they're gonna toss you Maxie and Seth Curry, but if they want to do that, I'm not turning it down because you could use death would work with Malcolm.
He's a great defender on the perimeter.
You could use them as 1/6 man.
I think that both of those two people would actually make the Pacers roster make a little more sense.
Even though you're looking at it, it's like, Oh, yeah, you know, to role players, What's your second favorite? Since I'm just I'm tossing these in and like the overtime right now.
Another trader.
You brought it up.
Let me just say, Well, I wrote down a bunch because I figured you're gonna ask me about this.
Uh, e don't I don't really love it.
Like I I don't think that I would necessarily do this one.
But I'm surprised that nobody is bringing up the Sixers in this conversation.
Like, I'm a little surprised that that isn't out there, because don't you think that Victor in some regards is like a Bilos star move that Daryl Morey might be willing to make because he can like, theoretically, he can do things off the dribble and create his own shot, which is definitely a shortcoming that the Sixers have.
And like I could see the Pacers being like, you know, Josh Richardson, like, if you're doing this with Josh Richardson, he's somebody that would fit into this disruptive defensive system.
He has a player option and, uh, next year.
That isn't.
I doubt he's going to take it, because I'm sure you could get more money later.
So it's not like a long term commitment, But But he kind of seems like a guy who might like over performing a Pacers reform like the Pacers are good at finding those types of people.
And then, you know, I think you'd have to throw in like Mike Scott or something for salary matching purposes.
And then, you know, I would hope that they would either throw in 21 or six or fans, we're gonna get really mad.
I would hope that they would throw in Matisse with Thio like I think they're like everything.
Like Matisse in some respects is like the Native Yorker and poster child of what he said he wants to be.
So I think that they're kind of holding out there to use Matisse's like a sweetener toe.
Unload Al Horford.
But I don't hate that.
I don't know that I would in the wings.
That's pretty good.
That's pretty good.
I like that one better than the Dallas one.
That's pretty good.
I don't think that I was surprised that the Sixers having at least been brought up like I don't know, that that would be the working of it.
But it just seems like something that Daryl Morey might consider doing because I think Victor, if he's closer to 2018 19, Victor before the injury, like if you could get back to that level, which I would say is a tear down from All Star first year All Star victory that makes sense around Joel and be that makes sense with Ben Simmons and and the Sixers keep hiring people from the Pacers.
Dan Burke works there now, who coordinated the defense for the Pacers? Peter Dinwiddie works there.
Popeye Jones works there now.
So that's my only other one.
I have one. Good.
I just love Matisse.
Type of being a facer.
That makes so much sense, Thio.
It makes so much sense.
Um wow, that one was good.
You blew me away with that one.
That's the one right there.
And that's your by the way.
It Josh Richardson is your Justin holiday replacement if need be.
Kinda. Yeah.
I mean, he didn't shoot it all that well.
This Yeah, shoot in a cramped eso i e I don't know.
I'm I'm willing to give him a little bit of leeway.
Um, So, um yeah.
Thank you for coming on.
I wanna let you plug away anything you you have coming out or or just plug away that you're relaxing.
That's okay, right? So, yeah, for the rest of this week until you know, everything in the world hits the N B A all at the same time with drafts.
I'm kind of taking a bit of a step back, but normally I have one or two pieces a week at Indy cornrows and then also like, I just wanna pay this forward because, like, I love your stuff, it nets daily.
I think explanations changed quite a bit, but I think there's still a lot of great writers that continue to write up the team sites there.
And then also, um, like the King's Harold 213 hoops the Strickland.
I am a friend of the Strickland.
Uh, and I'm working on something for them right now, which is exciting on and N D N v r.
Two that are covering these teams that used to be with an explanation like Go follow all those guys.
They're all very good at covering their their squads.
So get ready and geared up for this.
Definitely follow you.
You are literally one of the best doing if anybody is watching this from my side of the world Fall.
Caitlin, she is amazing.
Everybody's gotta listen to this and be like I'm never reading anything, right? Why didn't have her on of all of the people, 40 minutes of scram switch is like, this is great Halen.
Thank you so much for coming on.
I hope to do this again, so yeah,


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