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Public Beta Overview

SportsCastr.com is currently in public beta. This means that the platform is open to the general public while we fine-tune existing features and roll-out more features.

You can help us develop the best live-video platform for sports by letting us know of any quirks or bugs you encounter, or by simply sharing your thoughts and feedback on what you’d like to see in the future.

Where We’re At & What To Expect

SportsCastr.com is currently ideal for producing live streams that are shared on existing social network accounts, like FaceBook and Twitter. With that being said, content-discovery and searching features are currently under development.

To build a following at this stage, users are encouraged to share their broadcasts on these platforms. Of course, all streams can also be shared via email and messaging.

Although much of what we’re working on right now has to be kept under wraps, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect once we leave beta in Fall 2017:


Content discovery

Discover other broadcasts directly from within the app… and follow your favorite teams and match-ups to be notified when someone’s calling a game you’re interested in.



Innovative ways to find content and users, complimented by the ability to browse recommendations from us.


Social Engagement

Invite friends and contacts easily from within the app and tap into better social media integration.


More ways to stream

Stream with external cameras or go live in stunning portrait-mode in addition to landscape.


... and much more!

Get In Early!

Throughout the summer, we will be highlighting the best content across our own social media channels, and will be running exclusive promotions and contests that will only be available to early-users.

With the field wide-open, there couldn’t be a better time to stand-out from the crowd and start building a following.

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