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We are excited to begin rolling out SportsCastr’s largest and most important update in our company’s history: Virtual gifts and tips.

Our new virtual gifts and tips makes it easy for broadcasters to earn revenue from their streams, and empowers viewers to directly support their favorite SportsCastrs. 

Virtual gifts and tips will be in beta until we complete the roll-out. 

How It Works

When you are watching a live-stream, you are now able to:

Purchase Tix: Use your credit card to purchase bundles of Tix. You will need these to purchase digital gifts and tips. Tix packages start at just $2.99. Purchase Tix here.

Send Virtual Gifts and Tips: Once you have Tix, you can either send sports-themed “Virtual gifts” or “Tip” the broadcaster you’re watching with any amount of Tix that you choose.

When you send a virtual gift or tip, your SportsCastr member name and the gift you selected (or tip amount) will flash on the live-stream for all to see. You will also be listed on the Tip Leaderboard for that stream (so that others can see your generosity!). 

Note: Don’t want to see the virtual gifts or tips being sent during a live-stream? Simply head over to Settings and turn off “Play Animations” and “Play Sound Effects” in the new Tips & Gifts configuration area.

Cash or Crypto

Each time a broadcaster receives a virtual gift or tip from a viewer, they are rewarded with either “Bucks” or SportsCastr’s own cryptocurrency (known as FanChain or the “FANZ” token). The amount they earn in either is based on the value of the tips or virtual gifts received during their live streams. It's up to each individual member to decide if they want to receive their earnings in Bucks or FANZ, and this option can be changed at anytime in Settings

Bucks (USD)

Bucks can be converted to US Dollar at a ratio of 1:100. This means that 100 Bucks = $1 USD. Once a broadcaster receives the equivalent of $25 in Bucks (2500 Bucks), they may request a PayPal payment. 

FANZ (Crypto)

The FANZ token is a unique cryptocurrency developed by and for SportsCastr. Later this summer, FANZ tokens will be available on a third-party cryptocurrency exchange. To cash out FANZ tokens, members will be required to send their FANZ to a supported exchange. More information on this process will be available in the coming weeks. In the mean time, learn more about FanChain and the FANZ token at

Note: The default method of payment is FANZ. To toggle between being rewarded in Bucks or FANZ, head to your Settings and select your preferred method.

Meet Your New Wallet

The new FanWallet keeps track of all your earnings and purchases in one place, and is seamlessly integrated into SportsCastr.

From the FanWallet, members can see their Tix balance (or purchase more Tix), request a cash-out via PayPal, or send and receive FANZ tokens. If using FANZ, all transactions take place on the public blockchain. This means that transactions may be slightly delayed while they are processed. 

Click here to visit your FanWallet.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, we will be launching other major enhancements to SportsCastr and FANZ will be listed on a third-party exchange. In the mean time, please let us know of any issues you may encounter during this beta period. We're here to answer any questions you may have. Stay tuned and see you on SportsCastr!