SportsCastr - One Giant Podcast - Jason McCourty visit, Mel Kiper throws shade at Andrew Thomas
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One Giant Podcast

with Adam Armbrecht & Andy Mackiewicz

Adam Armbrecht@OneGiantPodcast

“One Giant Podcast” is a SportsCastr Featured Podcast all about the 4-time Super Bowl champion New York football Giants. Your hosts, Adam Armbrecht and Andy Mackiewicz balance the emotional roller coaster that is being a fan of Big Blue with cold hard numbers and analytics to give any Giants fan an expert’s perspective on their team.

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Adam and Andy discuss the value of Jason McCourty after his visit with the New York Giants.
They also discuss Andrew Thomas' redraft value, if a switch to RT is possible, and what the would mean for the Giants scouting and draft grades both retroactively and going forward.


Ah Yes.
Friends on a monday morning.
It is O. G. P.
One giant podcast coming to you live on Youtube as well.
Whereas we know I am adam arm wrecked and over there joining me the healthy, the wealthy, the wise, Mr Andrew mack.
What's how are we sir? I am.
Well it was a little bit of relaxation over the weekend.
I actually saw a bunch of my family um for the first time since everyone has been vaccinated.
So it felt normal to have the kids outside running around life is feeling creativity.
Good adam As well. It should.
Yeah we've we've gone back and forth of this a few times where I feel like some of our episodes start with, the weather's coming around and it's usually **** before there is a drop off as far as you know then it was 50° for two days and it was rainy and cloudy.
So uh I had a good Sunday with Courtney.
We went, we got out on the town by which I mean driving around in the car etc.
So, but it was nice though, just sunshine, went for a walk at the reservoir to be outside.
So it was a good weekend was had by all as we like to say.
We do come in though.
Um you know, we had said previously that the, the doldrums of this low before the NFL draft officially kicks off next week.
And by the way we were just talking probably monday and Wednesday of next week, we're going to really get into our mock draft scenarios what we think the Giants should do and what they will do right? Well we, we want them to do if we're in the room and then what ultimately the choices they may make as they try to finish constructing this roster for the upcoming season.
But in this low the Giants are still entertaining some guests, They're still having some sleepovers, a few slumber parties.
And that is one Jason McCord who came in for a visit with the Giants on friday.
Obviously a veteran in the secondary.
What's your perspective on his visit? I mean, does he get that move the needle for you? Does it get you excited? Adam we, we know it's a veteran depth piece.
He's not a spring chicken.
But do you think there's value to adding a player like that? Well, what I, what I think is most interesting about this is it does feel like the giants are now becoming a destination for veteran players where you know, usually a guy like McCord who is 33 years old has been with the Patriots won super bowls.
He's looking to say, where can I go to to get another ring? And you know, the fact that he's coming in visiting with the Giants now granted he has play, uh, significantly slipped in 2020.
But you look at the last four or five years before, that guy that had a pro football focus grade in the high seventies consistently.
You know, if we, if we could turn back the clock a little bit and maybe maybe get a little bit out of him on a veteran free minimum deal, the Giants are not spending or allocating assets like a first round pick on a cornerback.
Then I'm excited to bring this veteran leadership championship pedigree into the room.
The leadership.
That's what, that's what I would be excited about with him, right experience and leadership in the locker room.
But from an on the field standpoint, his best years I think are behind him and maybe arguably even his, his mediocre years might be behind him too.
And I'm not, I'm not trying to knock, but again, 33 years old, you've seen the diminished play from him over the last couple of seasons.
So you know, I look at it from from that standpoint, yes, veteran and probably at a good price tag and I also think this can be a little bit of an indication that the Giants are just seeing bring players in setting themselves up for draft is next week, who are guys that we're gonna want to already had conversations with? Right? Listen, we're going to wait to see how the draft goes, but if we don't find the right piece for ourselves in for the Giants, you know, fourth round or sixth round because you're not going to go for a secondary piece in the first or second, Jason expect a call from us, right? You, you want to feel like you've already established relationship and obviously there's the joe judge connection there as well from his time in New England.
So I think this is checking boxes, I'm not getting over, hyped on on what Jason McCord would be beyond good veteran presence.
And I think to your point about destination, if players want to come here and even some guys in their prime and we're giving out some big contracts to do so, but it does mean that you want to be a part of the upswing for something and Jason McCourty may like the idea of being a part of the surging giants as they try to get a division win here in the upcoming season.
So we'll keep an eye on it.
The last piece I'll say about the Jason McCourty thing is we're, he's also, you know, if he ends up coming into the Giants were not asking him to play the lead role in the movie right? Like he, he's going to be a complimentary piece where situationally can he come in and play some good defense and help the Giants get off, get defense, get off the field.
We already have our lockdown corner and James Bradberry, we already have our emerging 25 year old cornerback number two and adoree Jackson.
We wouldn't be asking according to play every single snap, Every down against another team's number one wide receiver.
Bring him in.
I'm sure you'll see his, his play on the field and uh, you know, his grades and how he ends up looking, looking significantly better.
Yeah, you're right to write, put him in a less high stake situation.
He's gonna look better because he could still play against the third or fourth wide receiver or situational football.
So that's true to, um, the other thing.
So, and well, obviously that's just we'll see how it plays out.
I don't think, you know, famous last words, I don't think we'll hear anything about him being added to the Giants roster before the draft plays itself out.
But who knows? We'll see if anyone else comes in for visits.
The other thing that that you brought up that I thought was interesting is obviously Mel Kiper, you know, all the all everyone's doing their mock drafts, but they're also kind of reflecting on where some of these prospects would match up from last year or vice versa.
Right? Trevor? Lawrence.
Well, he would have been the number one quarterback in any of the last three draft classes.
But for us and a player and Andrew thomas, Mel Kiper came out and said when he looked back at it, Andrew thomas would be if you if you came out this year, the third best offensive lineman in the draft.
And the question that maybe I wasn't sure what your thoughts would be on it.
Is this, is that a knock or a compliment? So basically Mel Kiper is just taking his victory lap in terms of saying I had Andrew thomas as the third ranked offensive lineman last year.
Oh, shocker.
You know, tristan worse and it will look better than Andrew thomas did.
I'm gonna take my victory lap and say, I didn't think he was as good as those guys last year.
I still don't think he's as good as these upper echelon top tackles that are in this draft and that's fine.
You know, his batting average is probably right around the Mendoza line anyway, when, when it comes to to whether or not he hits or misses on these players.
But to me look if Andrew thomas is a good left tackle, I'm happy like the Giants needed to do something.
You and I both agreed that we thought Andrew thomas was was the tackle that the Giants needed to take in the draft.
We were fist pumping and going nuts draft night when it actually happened.
And look worse, was worse, look better last year.
Playing for the Tampa Bay buccaneers also helps to have tom brady back there, getting the ball out pretty quickly.
You know, George will's looked a little bit better in pass blocking than Andrew thomas did.
So there's there's no two ways around it.
Andrew thomas did not look like the best offensive tackle last year.
Mel Kiper is just kind of accentuated that and saying, and even if he came out this year, he still wouldn't be the top one on my book.
Because I was I took it from the standpoint of put all these, put all these tackles into this year's draft class and thomas would be the third best on the board, you know, as opposed to if only thomas got put into the next.
But I think, you know, again, I just, I also think too, and we said this before about different players.
It's hard for me to take a look at a guy and objectively saying, Jed rick wills and christian worse really.
And you were big on him at certain points last year, when we were talking about the draft class coming out.
Uh, it's hard to have referendums on the, on these players after one year, you can get a real good sense of them.
And when it's positive, when a player comes in and really performs early and performs well, that does excite you right.
But when you look at the teams that they were playing on, for example, Tampa Bay, there's a lot of talent on that team.
There's a lot of talent on the offensive line.
So I think it always puts rookies, young players at any position in a great spot to have early success when we talk about Andrew thomas last year.
And you think, well, who do you have next to him? Well, it was Will Hernandez until he lost his starting job to our fifth round selection in Shane Lemieux.
And then you, and then you go down inside and you say nick gates as well, new position center.
These are, these are, you know, mild excuses at best because you can go back and watch the tape and see how thomas just flat out struggled early in the year even when it was just solely based on what he was or was not doing and also he got better.
So if if clipper wanted for I will say this taking a victory lap.
You know just it seems like an odd thing to do the following, you know, the year following around a player and all I guess I can say is I hope that thomas comes out and reminds Mel Kiper what, where all the hype was on him.
Predraft how people felt about him as a prospect including himself, Mel Kiper.
That is and they didn't shift gears on him until the combine when worse really flashed there And then the opinion started to swirl and we ended up getting him at four obviously and the rest of it, as they say is going to be history.
I don't know what else to take away from it.
Other than that, I don't think this is something you can write the final chapter on yet.
Look, the Giants desperately needed a left tackle that could at least protect their quarterback.
And by all accounts, Tristen works was a little bit more athletic.
Jevric Wills was a little bit more athletic.
But the, but the whole idea was Andrew thomas coming out of the draft last year was the most polished and ready to start at left tackle of any of the tackles in the draft.
So, you know, his upside may not have been as high as if Tristan works, you know, realizes all of his value, but going into it, we needed to stabilize the offensive line and I still think Andrew thomas can be an upper echelon offensive tackle.
But you know what worst case scenario with Andrew thomas, he is a starting tackle.
What if he's just on a different side of the line? You know, moving on in the future and Andy that brings us to our next topic.
What a transition pro's pro as they say.
Andrew Thomas and the potential move to right tackle at some point here.
So wind the clock back here to 2020 when the Giants do take Thomas, you're taking him high in the draft.
So you obviously, I think your instinct is to say we wanted to play starting left tackle for us.
The other piece though, that we said going back to last year, that scouts started to kind of come out and say teams look at tackles as tackles, it's not necessarily blindside.
You know, it doesn't matter right or left, we just want a quality tackle to be at the end of our line.
Obviously you wanted to be a good one covering the blind side for your QB.
But ultimately it's about having talented players when we look back and for whatever Nate soldier has or has not been in his Giants career.
He opts out and we even set it back then.
I think yes, when you take a player high in the draft like you did with thomas, you expect them to start.
But also We didn't set the threshold is being, he immediately has to come in and be a day one starter.
There could have been a grace period for him as you're building them up.
And I think at the time we were really speaking to the idea of not a lot of training camp.
Right? COVID-19 all the restrictions.
So do you want to throw a young rookie into the fire like that soldier opts out? You end up with the issues that we mentioned along the line there as well.
And suddenly he's thrust into it.
First question for you would be, would it be a is it, would this be a referendum negatively on the Giants if Andrew thomas A 4th overall pick was moved to right tackle.
Is that a black mark? That should you not have been taking him that at 4? Uh Yes, but do I care? No.
Like for me, I just want the Giants offensive line to get better.
So if that means moving Andrew thomas, the right tackle then move him there.
But I mean as of right now Andrew thomas is our left tackle.
I still believe in his ability to mature.
You saw the progression over the second half of the year, the last four or five games, He really started settling in at left tackle, seemed more comfortable.
But again, if ***** Sewell ends up falling to the Giants somehow.
At 11, everyone said he's a transformational tackle, like if you truly believe that I have no problem moving Andrew thomas to right tackle.
I don't care what that says about the Giants, what it says about us liking Andrew thomas more than the other tackles in the draft.
None of that matters because the offensive line would be better.
So if you're telling me there's a there's a tackle available that is better than Andrew thomas to play left and he has to slide over to right and he becomes a top five right tackle in the league.
I'm happy because it means the Giants offense and offensive line specifically is getting better.
Yeah, and it's tricky right? Because I think, you know, it does make me think about the Ikhwan Barkley draft, right to overall.
Could you have traded back, Could you have gotten more draft assets? What could it have looked like I've done this with pessimistic mike a number of times where we say you could have taken Quentin nelson there and then taken nick chubb in the second round.
How would you feel if that's what you have gotten in that draft as opposed to take one Barkley and what ended up being Will Hernandez? But again, that's all, you know, retroactive thinking, knowing and we knew that Quentin nelson was supposed to be a really good prospect, but knowing that that worked out and knowing that nick chubb worked out and that Will Hernandez didn't work out, you look back and go, boy, they should have done right.
I think it's the same thing with thomas now, where you say, would you go back and change your mind? I probably wouldn't.
I do.
There's some level of hesitate a reservation around saying yes, I I just want to get offensive line to your point, right? And it ends up being moving thomas, that's fine.
The scenario you said about Sewell falling, I think that would be very palatable because you'd be saying, remember Sewell is regarded as a generational left tackle talent that's coming out this year.
So when you draft someone like that, potentially, it doesn't indicate anything about thomas or how you feel about him.
It's just saying, boy, now we have really nice bookends, but if it isn't him and we're going to get into some of the draft here a little in a little bit.
If it isn't him though, then it does maybe make me wonder.
So, for example, what if you end up taking an offensive tackle in the second round and you feel like, so we can kind of transition into this, into this draft conversation.
What if it's essenberg in the second round at a Notre dame who everyone highly regards, but he's a pure tackle and a pure left tackle.
That's the way he scouted.
This. Isn't a guy that kicks inside.
Would would you how would you feel if you were saying our second round pick is now are starting left tackle and our number four overall pick is now are starting right tackle.
Would you again, would you still come back to that same point? I'm happy I'm satisfied.
Or would you feel like at least I guess the big picture doesn't matter, but in the short time ago.
So did you f up? Is that what you're telling us? Did you make a bit of a whoopsie daisy? Do you wish you had taken worse last year and had a guard and not, you know what I mean? And not worried about tackle even though it was a glaring need? Or did you push the panic button and say we need someone to protect our quarterback and we're going to take thomas in spite of reservations around his game.
But see for me adam, like once they're on the Giants, I really just don't care where they were drafted, how they got here, Who's making more money? Who's not like, none of that matters to me at all.
He told me that all throughout training camp that matt Perk had put on 30 lb of muscle and was the most athletic he's ever been in his entire life and he looks amazing and you are considering moving him to left tackle.
I have absolutely no problem with it.
Like I just don't care.
Shane Lemieux is 1/5 round pick.
Will Hernandez was a second round pick? Did I care at all last year when I'm clamoring to put in the fifth round round guy.
It doesn't matter if it, if it's a knock on the person that drafted, Will Hernandez or not, the Giants just need to get better.
What I will say though, is if we do draft offensive tackle and they end up do doing moving Andrew thomas to the right tackle and bringing that person into left tackle.
My biggest challenge behind that whole thing is, well, now we're another rookie left tackle for the second year in a row and we know it takes a little bit of time.
We know that you need a little bit of experience to understand the speed of the NFL game.
That's really the only thing that would concern me.
But at the end of the day, I don't, I don't care, give me Andrew thomas, Give me matt per give me Nate solder.
Give me slater, give me stool.
Whoever is going to keep Daniel jones upright.
I want them at the left tackle position.
Yeah, that is ultimately how I shake it out too. And I think you're right.
This idea of and by the way, you can say, you know, better NFL teams hit on more of those prospects, right? They do a better job finding their way to success in the early rounds of the draft, right? So when you miss on them, or when you're number four overall pick ends up being your right tackle.
It does indicate something about your scouting department, in your ability to evaluate talent and having generally more success than a failure because now you're saying, well, hopefully Shane Lemieux, 1/5 round pick ends up being or even hurt a third round pick, right.
The percentage chances of these guys being successful are far lower or should be far lower, but the net result is, is the team getting better, are you improving across the board of these positions? So you mentioned though the draft there and you, you highlight a couple of names like Slater when we look at the NFL draft and we're gonna get into this next week.
So listen, there's gonna be a lot of moving pieces here. A lot of moving parts.
Do you have clarity around the 11th overall pick? There's been so much that swirled around well, if waddles there, the value is so high, where is he on your board? Is he worth taking Parsons and his maybe off the field issues? How does that affect the Giants perspective on him and how far back no back would you go into the draft class to say well our guy is quickly pay And he maybe 24th on the board, but he's 16th on ours.
So you know, five picks too early.
That's fine by us. We want to make sure we get our guy.
Have you crystallized anything in regards to the draft? I have.
So watching a little bit of film, trying to think about the Giants and how this draft can play out the depth of different positions.
Um you know, for me, I'm gonna be honest and there's, there's really only two ways the Giants can go about this.
Um, one is offensive line, you know, if one of the two offensive linemen is there maybe even Elijah vera tucker if you, if you really have him highly regarded.
I feel like that to me is the clear cut number one choice for the Giants And number two for me, if the giants are going to stay at 11 Is take whichever of the wide receivers is still there.
And I, I've been a guy that has said we don't need to draft a wide receiver at 11 are wide receiver group is good as is, I mean it could improve, it could get better, but we don't necessarily need to spend a high end pick.
But adam, when I look at what else is out there, we talked about patrick certain being there, you know, at cornerback is not necessarily an area of need for us.
So I feel like we just be over drafting their, you know, we talk about Micah Parsons, I have my concerns about, about him.
Um, not necessarily his play on the field, but everything else that goes around it.
Um, and then also I just look at all these edge rushers and why I like quitting pay more than some of the other guys.
I just feel like we're overreaching at 11 for guys that I'm not really that excited about, that should be drafted in the, in the 25 in the thirties and maybe we're probably better off getting a defensive end or edge rusher or outside linebacker in the second round or third round and spending the draft capital that way.
So for me, it's it's really down to offensive line or wide receiver and everything else.
I'm kind of just like not excited about it all.
That's interesting.
You know, the theory, thinking of waddle specifically, I would say, because by the way, you can go down a layer deeper and say, well, okay, fine Slater is gone.
Do you want to take waddle? What if models are gonna take Devante smith as rumors say that they've got them and they really like him if I'm gonna have to swallow a pill, you know, and these are all talented players.
I said this before, I'm going to be happy with whoever they take it 11.
It just maybe my opinion about where they could or should have gone.
If they take waddle, I can really wrap my head around it and get very excited if they're taking Devante smith.
I have serious questions just about the decision of the value at that particular spot in the draft.
Overall though, I always say I'm surprised, but I do disagree though.
When you come into this draft, you come into free agency, you bring in Kenny Golladay, obviously bringing Adoree Jackson.
So you show up to these big holes, the Giants two biggest glaring need for offensive line and edge.
Those are, those are the two biggest needs.
I don't see if this is a different year and the depth that wide receiver is not as healthy and strong as it is in this draft class, then maybe I get it and you go, well, listen, if we don't take a bottle at 11, we're stringing ourselves out potentially and we may not have a chance in the second round to get somebody I've, when I walked through these and it's gonna look different probably next week.
I'm gonna keep running Meck scenario as we say.
But in a zero trade down scenario when the shots later, Sean slater is there, you 100 take him at 11.
I think you lock into it.
And by the way, even if he's gone, I can be convinced and not take that much that they're a tucker is the player to take it 11 because a lot of boards You're seeing him go by 20.
So that's not that's not enough of a margin for me today.
I couldn't possible here if you do that second round opens up to guys like Perkins for an edge rusher, even joseph Asai who are pretty high on.
And even if you said let's hold off and wait for an edge rusher because you brought in veteran guys, we, you know, we have a lot of talent in that linebacker edge rusher room.
You can go with a wide receiver like Miami Brown that I've highlighted before and he's a dynamic talent that can do things out of every position in the wide receiver room, can blow it out over the top, can do it in the slot.
And is he a waddle? Maybe not that level, but also he's gonna be a pretty big impact player and you can do, you know both and value in both rounds and still accomplishing it. Me personally.
And this is something I said in our uh pre show that I have come back around in a no trade down scenario to a friendly face that you may be familiar with.
I highlighted previously guys like almond ross Ain't Brown and um Diane Brown won't be there in the third round.
Maybe I'm in Roscoe Brown could be maybe Thailand Wallace could be a guy that started to rock back up after falling a little bit.
I'm starting to sweeten on is your boy josh palmer.
I think that there's a scenario where you could walk down Russian slater, joseph O.
And then palmer in the third round.
And then when you get to the fourth round you have an opportunity to go back into the linebacker group.
Maybe look at Ohio State, we talked with J.
Stevens, a guy like Justin Hilliard, so there's some real value to be had in the 3rd, 4th round.
And just again, you tell me take a wide receiver in the first round.
I'm going to get excited about what he brings to the table.
But when you check those boxes in free agency, now check the next boxes before you don't double dipping, don't be double dipping into the wide receiver waters before you at least check one of the two big ones and that's why a diameter around in the second round.
I get my head around, but you have to solve one of those two problems.
I keep coming back to time and time again offensive line, offensive line, offensive line because you you don't know for sure if Lemieux is definitely the starting left guard and you have a question mark there and at least a mild question mark with pert, you're saying maybe two or 3/5 of our line is still in a state of flux.
So I need the quantified talent that I plug in and say yes, he is our guy.
Well, well, well welcome back josh palmer.
That that is one of my guys.
As you know, um you know, I thought he was going to be maybe 1/5 or sixth round selection.
I think teams are starting to warm up to him more and more and you're seeing him start to move into the nico Collins kind of situation, which is that that middle third round is kind of his sweet spot because they like what he can do.
I have no problem with the offensive line approach.
It's my preferred situation in the first round.
The problem is if you know the top two offensive linemen are not there and the Giants aren't sold on vera tucker, then we got to think about what we do and I understand you said edge rusher is an area of need.
It absolutely is.
But for me it's like if you have waddle as like your fourth or fifth best player on the board and you have um, oh, gallery as your 31st best player on the board and you're sitting there at 11 and you're like, man, we could get a top five talent in this draft and put him on the chessboard and allow Daniel jones to have an embarrassment of riches Or we can overreach on a position of need just to say that we check that box and filled the need.
That's where it gets a little dicey for me.
And while I do 100 believe the giants need to get an edge rusher and outside linebacker.
However they want to do it in the 34 defense.
I just don't feel comfortable Reaching 15 or 20 picks too soon for a guy when there could be a top five talent out there, that could be a game changer game breaker for the offense.
And we've and we've often talked about this, right.
What is the margin on like to your point if ocr lorries 31st and you're picking at 11 and the fifth best player on your board is there? You know, you're getting tremendous value on the guy that's you know, quote fallen to you or your reaching back to fill a need and maybe not in the best.
And earlier you mentioned as well as far as the edge rusher position and does go a layer deeper on this because when you think about say even Parsons or anybody in that ilk, when you look at him, you say yes, can you go out on third downs to the edge and rush? Yes.
But initially you love what he's gonna do it inside linebacker for you. Okay.
Lari flip it, you love what he's gonna do on the edge for you and other things are going to come in time for him.
But I do think it's a valid point when you talk, you know, quickly pay is a different mold.
It kind of feels like a throwback style guy off the edge for, you know, a lot of ways.
But then you get into uh oh a out of penn state, right? And you think about to try on that we've talked about before more into the second round, but I don't know what that what is that margin right between some of these guys and these talents that are, you know, if if you're all facets that's great.
But if you're, if you're at least initially as a rookie, a one trick pony, Well, it's hard for me to lean into that in the first round and especially at 11, right? As opposed to seeing how things fall.
There can be those scenarios where you move up and try to get it to the top of the second round or back end of the first because you like a specific player.
I think that that's a valuable option that the giants could look at two and that's again where I keep coming back to it.
I don't that's a fair point.
And I think if I was constructing it, I would say offensive line trade back then wide receiver.
If you couldn't trade back.
So if waddles there, I'm getting excited because I'm saying, hey, who wants him Chicago, Chicago, your boys calling? You know what I mean? And maybe I can get some real value out of that, dropping back to 20, pick up the extra pick and then start to look at edge rusher and inside and outside linebackers and supplement the supplement the roster a little bit move around the board.
But it's fair and listen, we've, we've kind of taken our slings and arrows over how we feel about what the giants need or should do at 11.
Valody seems to by and large fans think it should be waddle almost 1000% if he's available for you there.
I just think as we've seen in the past, going back to last year, you bring in quality coordinators and then it's about providing weapons and filling in these need areas and right now the Giants still have a couple and I just, I get excited about a guy like joseph aside by the way or Perkins.
Perkins in the second round.
That's a player who had a plus 90 rating in both rush and passed defense, joseph asana plus 80 in both categories.
So these are guys that can do both things, not, not one trick ponies, you've got to balance these books somehow.
As we say, we'll be back in.
Uh, next week, we're gonna back in on Wednesday and on friday.
But next week we'll really start to break down some of our mock draft scenarios and probably the rest of this week we'll talk about, here's three guys in the second round that could make sense for an edge rusher and then your task Andrew mca wits.
Find me the guy in the third round, find me the edge rusher in the third round that provides real value, real value that you could say go wide receiver, then go offense The linemen and wait until 76 because by most metrics, if you're not getting an edge rusher in the top 50, you're getting a dart throw.
That that is very true.
I think I think you talk about the disparity between the positions and where you have people ranked.
I think that's gonna be ultimately obviously what the Giants are going to look at because I do think they're going to add water receiver.
I do think they're going to add an edge rusher.
I do think they're going to add an offensive lineman in this draft.
We just don't necessarily know the value that they're placing on each of these positions.
But we're sure going to try.
That's it, my man.
We will be back in on Wednesday will break some things down.
There's names that I haven't even begun to tantalize the fan base with that.
I think again, first three rounds specifically and then even that pick at 1 16.
I think one of the things we'll talk about later in the week is, you know, 1 91 96 2 oh one, what can you combine to get value out of those two positions as well and maybe move up the board a little bit as we always remind you, you can follow us on Youtube live every monday Wednesday and friday.
You can follow us on social media, one giant podcast, follow the podcast, leave a five star review.
If you're so inclined to appreciate the support across the platforms as we continue to grow the beast, that will be one giant podcast.
But as Andy Mackerel, it's wants needs and demands that, you know, as always let's go big blue.


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